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Oooh lord, that was a fun read! With the Greek names, my mind was slightly reading this as Grecian myths in real life a la Percy Jackson.
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I couldn’t enjoy this at all. I didn’t like the writing style, a bit too clinical and 2D. I found too many characters and the authors idea to “code” the eyewitnesses was an unnecessary layer of confusion. The Savage characters were not all that interesting and whilst I appreciated the tongue in cheek humour of these characters and how they were portrayed I still didn’t find them enticing enough to care all that much what was / would happen to them
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this book is the ultimate beach-read-fluff, and that is both good and bad.

the good:
melodrama, structure, pacing;  immanently readable

the bad (at least for me):
all the reasons i don't typically read romance novels: overwrought writing style, stereotypical characters, absurd plotting & obvious denouement

so, while i breezed through it, i did so with many an eye-roll.
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I love any book that centers around family dynamics/drama & Beautiful Savages did not disappoint! 

The book tells a story about the Savage family who is extremely wealthy & successful. I enjoyed following the love stories (+ a wedding day murder) through the lens of the five siblings. I love books where you are actively trying to put the pieces together ahead of the reveal. 

The story pacing was great & it was hard putting this book down! I'm excited to check out more from this author!
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Beautiful Savages by J. Capulet takes the reader on a wild ride with five beautiful and successful siblings.   There is romance, wealth, secrets and a little murder thrown in too!   And believe it or not this book is funny!   I haven't read anything like this before and I loved it!
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Absolutely fantastic! A veryJackie Collins type story with drama, beautiful people, love and sex! 
The five main characters are easy to fall in love with and I was gripped throughout. Cannot wait to read more from J Capulet!

Thanks to J Capulet, the publishers and NetGalley for allowing me access to this fantastic book.
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This is the kind of ensemble romp that on paper I would like, but like "Malibu Rising" (which this really reminded me of) it's just not doing it for me. I think five characters is one or two too many (especially with all of the peripheral people) and it's not holding my attention. It does feel very cinematic and would probably be a great miniseries. I have a feeling I'm in the minority here because it really is fun, it's just not the can't-put-it-down book I was hoping for. Abandoning at 30%.
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This is more of a melodrama than a mystery--at least I found that the so-called mystery was obvious pretty much from the beginning.

When I grabbed this off NetGalley I thought, why not check out some contemporary mystery and glitz fiction to see how our tastes match up. I should have taken warning from a happy reviewer's claim that it was like reading fiction about the Kardashians. Unfortunately, I think the Kardashians are really, really boring. 

It didn't help that this book opens with a long description of every character, emphasizing their hotness and perfection. That set a tone that just couldn't grab me. I disliked them all, though I can see how there might be a huge audience for this type of story, I found them all to be a bunch of interchangeable pissbiscuits. 

It'd make a great TV show that I would never watch, but I know a lot of people who would. Tastes differ--it was an interesting experiment.
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Modern Day Clue whodunit.

Not my most favorite organization of book, but it was great how even though this was in third party you still could sort of feel and understand where each character was coming from. And those emotions were just tied to the main characters of the book. There was the security guards, the doctors, nurses, the drivers, anyone who might have had a minor role in the main story line was given the opportunity to shine.

Story didn't grab me until about halfway through the book and it had nothing to do with the writing but it was almost like the Savages weren't wholly real people until that point. They talked about their lives and things they did and were interested in but it seemed almost surface level. But then when the love interests started in, they all came to light. They talked about each other with almost reverence. They talked about their parents and their homes. So by 90% through the book I was hooked on everything. I wanted to know who did what. How they all got to this point? I was completely enthralled.

Loved the epilogue and the way the book was wrapped up. Definitely think that this could be a series of books with all their individual stories spread out like a buffet but was completely happy with the way the endings were wrapped up.

If you're looking for relationships and mystery this is definitely the book to get both from.
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The five Savage siblings and heirs are American royalty. Ares the CEO, Apollo the rock star, Athena the bestselling novelist, Eros the movie star and Artemis the supermodel have it all. But what few people know is that they’d trade all the money and fame in the world for one thing.  Here I forgot about my own life and was immersed in the world created by the author. I would recommend this book.
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This was a fun read. I did not really expect the ending of mystery but I loved how the author named the characters after the Greek gods and then assigned personalities to them based on the gods. My personal favourite character would be Athena. And it was nice that all the siblings got happy endings.
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Okay so this is a little different from anything I've read recently. It kind of blends the fabulous lives of these five siblings with murder and intrigue and social media. 

I'll start off with the reason this didn't get 5 stars: it's a little ridiculous. You have to suspend reality a little bit - 5 hot siblings with everything at their fingertips, and some of them do absolutely ridiculous things for love. It's a bit much.

Nonetheless this is a great beach read with a ton of revolving characters and definite intrigue when it comes to a murder at the Biggest Wedding of the Year. It was a little easy to guess what would happen at the end, but it was fun trying to get there in the meantime. I found myself looking forward to this book despite the fact that it's a little over the top, and sometimes the point of reading is just to escape reality for awhile.

Is this the best book I've ever ready? No, it's not on my favorite books of 2021 list. But was it a fun read that I enjoyed? Absolutely. So if you need something fun and a little sexy, this might be a great choice for you!
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Nothing like the books I've ever read, writing and storytelling technique-wise.
It was a fun read with a fun murder mystery. Every chapter has a different POV, and trust me there are many, many characters.
It is a bit overwhelming in the beginning but you do get used to it.
What was a peeve for me, was the trope of the wealthy family that is really talented and everything they touch turns to gold.
If you don't take anything that you read seriously, you will actually enjoy it.
The Savages cannot be your best friends but you can like them well enough.
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This is fabulous, it's like reading a celebrity magazine. I like the little Greek mythology nods with the names. This is full of murder, mystery and intrigue.
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Mystery, murder, ROMANCE. This book was unlike anything I’ve ever read- the siblings named after the gods of Greek mythology are following the tragic death of their parents. This book was RICH and surprising, I was trying to figure out what was going on the whole time. Perfect for fans of reality shows, high- class dramas and murder mysteries. The story moves fast and keeps readers interested!
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This is the return of the boinkbuster (without being extremely graphic)! Seriously - its as if Jackie Collins and J.J. Salem joined forces and wrote an epic '80's chick lit novel. Tons of people, lavish lifestyles, and even if the epilogue is a little unbelievable - an overall terrific read!
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WOW what a book, Beautiful Savages by J Capulet is like opening up and reading a celebrity magazine. Everybody loves reading about famous beautiful people who have problems. Reading this book reminds me of Jackie Collins who I absolutely love, Thank you J Capulet and the publisher for this advanced copy.  LOVED LOVED this book. Highly recommend.
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A quick read that takes you to the world of the rich and famous with plenty of mystery and romance! This is a page turner, I loved the connections, the characters and suspense, well written! 

A huge congratulations to J Capulet, can’t wait for your next book! Thanks so much to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Beautiful Savages by J. Capulet is the first book that I have read in a long time that I absolutely did not want to end! I would absolutely love for J. Capulet to write a follow up on the Savage family. Highly recommended! I just reviewed Beautiful Savages by J. Capulet. #NetGalley
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I picked up this book for its salacious description, but ultimately couldn't get through it.  It was a valiant attempt at a high-society murder mystery romance thrown in, but the execution wasn't my favorite – the book starts with a giant list of all the characters (rather than introducing them naturally as they arise) and social media posts announcing updates that a murder has taken place at the wedding of the year – and it felt like it all started off on the wrong foot.  I was looking for trashy melodrama, but I think in a more elevated framework.
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