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Where the Bones Lie

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The bones lie everywhere in post WW2 occupied Berlin, barely covered in the rubbish piles. Bones of citizens left behind by the losers of the war whether they supported that regime or opposed it, and abused by the winners, especially their old enemies the Russians. The remaining citizens are impoverished, homeless, hopeless, scavenging for anything to eat or barter. Except for the plotters and occupiers. And the rare American journalist, Charly, who is too determined to give in or give up in a time long before women got any recognition for anything they did outside the home. Jonas was a bodyguard for Churchill and is now more than a bodyguard to Charly. Together the get deeply and dangerously involved in the intrigue. Gripping, riveting tale about a time of disgrace.
I requested and received a free temporary ebook copy via NetGalley.
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It’s a good book, lots of detail, easy to read.  I was expecting a different type of story, however, this had 
It’s moments and ended well.
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