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Once again Lori Foster gives us an edge of your seat story that will pull you in from page one. You won't want to put it down. Lori Foster is definitely one of my favorite authors ever. Always gives us amazing stories!

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This book was amazing. Loved the characters and I was on the edge of my seat til the end of the book. Recommend.

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Another great read from Lori Foster. Watching Over You is a slow-burn romantic suspense that will keep you glued to the pages. Madison and Crosby's relationship is intense and passionate. Toss in criminals, family and danger and you've got one fabulous read. Grab it today and be sure to check out the other The McKenzies of Ridge Trail books.

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Watching Over You is the 3rd book of the Mckenzies of Ridge Trail series. It is Madison's story and my favorite! I love how strong and self assured Madison is. As the only girl in the family, she has a "backseat" role in IT in the family business. She feels that she has to constantly prove herself to her 2 brothers and Dad, to prove that she is tough and just as valuable in the "missions" that they take on. It was fun to see a different side of her when she falls for former cop Crosby Albertson, who joins their business of rescuing human trafficking victims. Madison and Crosby are quite opposite, so are very interesting to follow professionally AND personally! Lori Foster is a master at incorporating humor, mystery and drama together in these stories with such a serious topic. 5 stars!

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McKenzies make everything hotter, and this book is no different. While the youngest McKenzie of the family, Madison continues her journey to fight evil with sexy Crosby; the Patriarch of the family, Parish, is drawn to a sassy lady named Silver. Between the red-hot attraction surrounding this family & the danger of facing evil threats, the McKenzies entertain throughout!

P.S I’d love to see one more story from the McKenzies… They’re family is dynamic with lots of humor! ❤️

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Heart racing, emotionally thrilling and action packed journey filled with intriguing charters, witty dialog, heart racing twists and thrilling passion...... was a edge of your seat read! I really enjoyed this intriguing adventure filled with so much heart and excitement. Love the McKenzies!

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This book was exceptional. The characters were fabulous and the story had me on the edge of my seat. Loved it!

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This book is definitely not a standalone and I usually don’t have issues getting caught up in LF stories, especially when they're part of a series. This one was no different and I immediately started it and really enjoyed some parts of it.

I really liked Madison, but in this book she went wayyy too far for my liking. If I was dating/in a relationship with a cop, knew a cop really well - I wouldn't go out risking my life when he's a phone call away. I understand the "what you can do, I can do better mentality" but she put herself in unnecessary harm. There is a fine line when it comes to crossing the lines of law and just throwing caution to the wind.

With that said, I did have an issue connecting with the female lead character. I did not like her. Because of that, maybe she skewed the results of my overall feelings about this book.

I didn't mind that Madison was outspoken, blunt and OTP. However, she was too forward and demanding of her man and it was really hard to read.

Overall, the story is entertaining with a great back and forth between the characters and that blend of emotion that only LF gives but it was sometimes too much. I also think that after also reading some other reviews that this could use a trigger warning. This I would say was the first book where I was really scratching my head trying to figure out if the author really meant to end the story so abruptly and have so many open threads left.

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If you haven’t started this series yet, now is the perfect time! Definitely bing read the first two books before this one is released. The third one was definitely the charm with this series! This was my favorite book in the series. Crosby and Madison’s story was absolutely worth the wait. Their chemistry and love/hate banter was teased in previous books so I was So excited to finally read their story. The McKenzie family have their own way of doing thing, they help people and try to keep people safe. They might not always obey the rules while doing it but they get the job done. Crosby and and Madison didn’t always agree on this matter, well things are about to change. Boy do I love these two together! Between the hot chemistry, laugh out loud banter and sweet tender moments these two are an amazing couple. Then you have the side story with Parrish and you are rooting for him because of everything him and his family have been through. I truly enjoyed this series each character was so well written and well developed and each story was so layered and entertaining and everything blended so well together. The subject matter was tough but Lori told the story so well and handled everything with care and tenderness. This was a different direction for her and I really enjoyed and loved what she did with this series. I always Look forward to see what she is going to come up with next.

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Ah Madison, you can tell she was raised by a man. Pretty blunt and straightforward and yet with a heart of gold.
I quite enjoy the exploits of the McKenzie family, their fight for justice and protection. Someone from their has risen his ugly head, determined for vengeance of his own. Their lives and those around them could be in danger. Crosby is an ex cop new to the family business, did he bring danger with him or the other way around. He and Maddison must learn to trust, they're so alike and strong individuals.
All round I really enjoyed this story, it's a wonderful series and I highly recommend it.

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If you are looking for danger, intrigue, secrets, laughter, family dynamics and a sweet yet steamy romance with a woman who knows what she wants and a man who is learning he can have what he wants then - WATCHING OVER YOU is the perfect book for you!

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko for Fresh Fiction

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Watching Over You
The game of cat and mouse between Crosby and Madison has never been more fun. strong intelligent capable yet vulnerable Madison. Strong, sexy, intense, protective Crosby. , secrets revealed, Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking, all the time heartwarming.

This is the third book in the McKenzie’s of Ridge Trail. Crosby and Madison have chemistry, wanting, needing, each tying to uncover secrets. We also get Parrish the matriarch of the McKenzie’s finding love again.

Families aren’t always made by blood, they’re made out of love.

Loved seeing Cade, Sterling, Kennedy, Reyes and of course Bernard again.

If you haven’t read this series, you should. Ms. Foster never disappoints.

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WATCHING OVER YOU is the third instalment in Lori Foster’s contemporary adult MCKENZIES OF RIDGE TRAIL romantic, suspense series focusing on the McKenzie family of Ridge Trail, Colorado. This is thirty-five year old, former police detective Crosby Albertson, and twenty-six year old, tech and surveillance specialist Madison McKenzie’s story line. WATCHING OVER YOU can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary.

WARNING: Due to the nature of the storyline premise there may be triggers for more sensitive readers.

SOME BACKGROUND: The McKenzie family is a force unto themselves working behind the scenes, often skirting the edge of the law, in an effort to save the young and vulnerable. Having experienced, first hand, the evil that permeates the world of human trafficking and sexual slavery, patriarch Dr. Parrish McKenzie, and his adult children, take no prisoners in their fight to take down the people responsible for some of the worst atrocities against mankind.

Told from several third person perspectives including Madison and Crosby WATCHING OVER YOU follows the building romance and relationship between former police detective Crosby Albertson, and tech specialist Madison McKenzie. Madison McKenzie has been trying to figure out our story line hero, having stalked Crosby Albertson the only way she can but the shake down of a local businessman brings Madison up close and personal with our story line hero, and she will quickly discover that Crosby is her father’s new hire, another member of the close-knit McKenzie deep-ops team. When Crosby discovers that the McKenzie family has been targeted, including the woman with whom he is falling in love, our hero begins to connect the dots, dots that lead back to the man himself. What ensues is the slow building romance and relationship between Madison and Crosby, and the potential fall-out as secrets and a lack of communication between our couple create an aura of mistrust for our story line couple.

Evil has claimed ownership of Ridge Trail, Colorado, and the McKenzies have been caught in the net.Having shut down several human trafficking rings, the McKenzie family find themselves the target of revenge in the face of desperation and obsession but Crosby Albertson recognizes a name, a name that stirs up too many memories of what happened and why.

The slow building relationship between Madison and Crosby begins acrimoniously but the palpable sexual attraction between our couple does not go unnoticed by Madison’s family including her father.Parrish McKenzie is considering his own future with a woman he met on their latest assignment, a woman closely connected to our story line hero. As Madison and Crosby work together to uncover the identity of the person (s) targeting the McKenzie family, the relationship becomes more personal as our couple reveal a mutual attraction and desire for one another. The limited sex $cenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top sexually graphic language and text.

The colorful and energetic secondary and supporting characters include Madison’s brothers Cade and Reyes McKenzie, their father Parrish, and his best friend/assistant/butler Bernard. We are introduced to Crosby’s father figure Winston McLean, and his son Owen, as well as Crosby’s housekeeper/friend Silver, the woman who has grabbed Parrish’s heart. The requisite evil is familiar to Crosby, and the McKenzie family.

WATCHING OVER YOU is a story of family, friendships, relationships and love; of revenge and obsession, secrets and misunderstanding, trust and acceptance. The premise is intriguing and captivating; the romance is seductive; the characters are powerful, dynamic and charismatic.





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Watching Over You (McKenzies of Ridge Trail #3)/ By Lori Foster. 2021. HQN Books (ARC eBook).

The McKenzies take down bad people, so Watching Over You not surprisingly comes through on that front. It was nice to revisit the gang and overall the story was entertaining. I hadn’t cared for Madison in books 1 and 2, but those books did leave me interested in learning more about Crosby. Watching Over You does deliver on the Crosby front, but Madison still isn’t a favorite of Foster’s heroines.

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The McKenzie family is on a quest for justice in their part of the world. They try and right wrongs and send criminals to justice. Madison is the tech and hacking expert of the family. Detective Crosby Albertson is investigating a criminal network and wondering why the family is always one step ahead of him. They cross paths several times and Madison is seriously attracted to the detective but needs to keep him in the dark about her family’s operation. This book is suspenseful, dramatic and full of humor and heat.

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Awesome! I loved this book! Full of action and romance. The mc Crosby and the heroine Madison are great and wonderful together. I absolutely loved them. The McKenzie family has always been a favorite for me! I devoured this book! I absolutely am obsessed with this book!

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What a way to end a series! We've seen the sexual tension between Madison and Detective Alberston now it's their story. Crosby is no longer a cop and is now working for Madison's father. This story has humor, strong women and alpha males, plenty of sexual tension and suspense...oh and secrets! Great read!

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Madison McKenzie is the baby of the family. She's as kick butt as her brothers but they still try to protect her. Crosby Albertson quit the police force and took a job with Madison's family. The McKenzie's are take charge people. When they are threatened and in turn Crosby's family as well they take action. As Madison and Crosby grow closer will the McKenzie's let him in? I love this kick butt family. Tough but squishy on the inside for anyone who needs help. Crosby is going to fit right in once he works through some things. Action packed with just the right amount of sweet this book has it all. Enjoyable from page one.

Find out more about this series and Lori Foster here

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Love the McKenzies! Madison gets her turn with ex-cop Crosby as they go after the bad guy who tries to hurt at first Parrish, then the rest of them. Parrish gets a second chance at love too! Madison is a take no crap tech whiz who fits in pretty darn well with Crosby and his daughter. It was over too soon!

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Watching over you is book three in the McKenzies of Ridge Trail series. All books can be read as a standalone but it is nice to read through the whole family. Book three follows Madison and Crosby who we met in previous books.

Madison was crushing hard for Crosby, and she isn't shy about him knowing at all. She is the tech guru for her family's business and can find just about anyone and anything out there in the world wide web.

Crosby used to be in law enforcement but takes a job with Madison's family as head of their security team. He has a secret part to his life though that he keeps tight to the chest.

There was no shortage of action as with the first two books all leading up to a great love story. A great completion to the series.

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