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This is the third book in the McKenzies of Ridge Trail series and is Madison's story. I do recommend you read this series in order, as each story picks up from the previous one. Detective Crosby Albertson kept crossing paths with members of the highly trained, suspiciously well-informed McKenzie family. He always knew they were breaking the law and meting out vigilante justice. He has left law enforcement, so Parish McKenzie, the family patriarch hires him to work for the family in security. This brings him and Madison together again and allows the romance that had begun to show some sizzle in the last book come to a full boil. There are also some bad guys to catch and some women to save.

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed by Madison in this book. She has one bout of saving the day, but otherwise, I did not see the badass Madison I was expecting. This book also had Parish finally showing interest in another woman. His wife and mother of his children has been dead for several years, so this was an unexpected development. I liked the characters of Silver and Hannah, Crosby's daughter. The bad guy was one that I easily detested and couldn't wait to see him get what he was due. I will warn you that there is talk of trafficking, sexual assault and physical abuse, although it is not graphically described. I liked the slow burn romance between both couples and could feel the heat developing. I enjoyed this book and need to go back and read the first one that I missed.
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Watching Over You is the third and final book in the McKenzies of Ridge Trail series. I had been looking forward to Madison's story from the beginning of this series. Happily, I was not disappointed. This one is Madison and Crosby's story. Someone is targeting Parrish, the patriarch of the family. As they investigate, ties to Crosby and his secret life begin to unfold.

I loved the pacing in the story. The action started from the beginning and didn't let up. I loved how this wrapped up. Madison is by far my favorite character of the series. She is smart, tough and has not had a conventional childhood. Yet she maintains a cheery and positive outlook on life. She was the perfect fit for Crosby. I adored the slow burn of their relationship.

We are also treated to another romance. I won't say who, but it was sweet. I only wish that it was fleshed out a bit more. I wanted to see more of them together. It was fun to catch up with the characters from the first two books. The relationship that Madison has with her family is fun. I'll be sad to see these characters go. I highly recommend this one as well as the series. Lori Foster's books are always a great way to get me out of a reading slump. I'm never disappointed.
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I thoroughly enjoy Ms. Foster's books.  They are so well written and keep you on the edge of your seat.  They contain the perfect amount of suspense, drama and steam.

The McKenzie's have been a favorite family to read about from the very beginning.  Watching the relationship between Crosby and Madison has been incredibly entertaining.  They've gone from dislike, to wariness, to interest to love.  Their trust and confidence in each other has grown as well.

Family is definitely what you make it.
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The McKenzie family works outside of the law to fight against human traffickers. Madison is the youngest McKenzie who is also the tech and surveillance expert in the family business. Madison finds herself attracted to Detective Crosby Albertson. Madison is intrigued by Crosby. Crosby has recently left his job as a detective to work for Parrish McKenzie as Chief Security Officer. Crosby has a big secret of his own that even Madison couldn't dig up with her mad skills, a daughter he rescued and adopted. Another "rescue" of his, Silver, lives next door and watches over Crosby's daughter while he is working. Parrish and Silver find themselves attracted to each other, but Silver is wary of Parrish's intentions. What happens when a human trafficker bent on revenge against Crosby goes after Madison? Will Crosby and Madison act on their attraction to each other? Will Crosby and the McKenzies eliminate the threat to Madison before she gets hurt? I absolutely loved Watching Over You by Lori Foster. The chemistry between Madison and Crosby is scorching hot. Watching Over You has drama, suspense, danger, chemistry, family dynamics, and happily ever afters. Madison is strong while looking like weak to others, and Crosby is the strong alpha male who will stand by her side while still wanting to protect her. I would highly recommend getting Watching Over You and the other books in The McKenzies of Ridge Trail series by Lori Foster. I received an ARC copy of this book, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest review.
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I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of pretty much anything that this author writes, but I’m partial to Lori Foster’s romantic suspense offerings over her sweet romances. The McKenzies of Ridge Trail definitely fell into the suspenseful category. By the time we got to Madison and Crosby’s story, I adored every member of the McKenzie family, which to be honest, I never really expected when the series began. ❤

Madison grew up the lone girl in a family of strong, protective men. That didn’t mean she was weak because even though her brothers and father kept her clear of the more dangerous aspects of the family business, they made sure she was capable of taking care of herself. That lack of weakness, along with her obvious beauty and intelligence were just a few of the reasons why Crosby was so attracted to her.

Although Crosby knew that the McKenzies worked outside the well-defined lines of the law that he had to follow, he was still intrigued by them. They had secrets that he wanted to unravel and readers learned in Watching Over You that Crosby had a few secrets of his own.

I loved how this story played out and even though the romance between Crosby and Madison was a long time coming, it was totally worth the wait. There were things about this story that I adored, but I don’t want to give anything away. Let’s just say that in Watching Over You, we get to see an entirely different side of more than one character.

Watching Over You was a great ending to the McKenzies of Ridge Trail, but it was still a series that I was sad to see come to a close. I loved getting to know these characters and although we did get glimpses of the rest of the McKenzie family in Madison and Crosby’s HEA, I would still have loved to spend more time with them. *sigh*
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I read Watching Over You and LOVED it!!! I started reading it at 9:00 at night and was up until 4:00 A.M. before falling asleep, then woke at 8:00 A.M. and went back to it. I literally couldn't stop reading (and wouldn't have if I hadn't fallen asleep). I don't know how, but Lori Foster's books just keep getting better!! I was happy to see that one of the main characters throughout the series finds love again! Can you tell that I become immersed in her stories and the lives of her characters? It takes real talent to create characters that people can care about! It's why Lori's books are on my must-buy list and I'm one of her biggest fans!! Thank you, Lori Foster, for so many hours of enjoyment! You're awesome!!!
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I throughly enjoyed the third book in this series Watching
Over You. I like books with suspense and romance. Lori
Foster gives this in spades. Things get hot between
Madison and Crosby, however secrets have a way of
coming out, will it bring them closer, or ruin their new
romance? Read it, I dare you, you won't regret it. I was
given this book as an ARC review.
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Madison has liked Crosby for a while now & even though he's been intrigued by her he has kept his distance as he has always been a by the book police officer while her family goes to their own beat. Not only did I love the relationships that Madison has with her father, brothers & their wives but also the family that Crosby has with his friend Silver & his little daughter. Madison is a huge computer whiz who can find out pretty much anything online through possibly not so legal ways but it helps to catch traffickers. When a past nemesis comes to light Crosby has to work with the McKenzie family to help bring him down. This was such a great conclusion to the series.
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4 star

I was pulled right into this story. The story has secrets, suspense, and heartbreak.

Before reading this story please read the below books first
No Holding Back (McKenzies of Ridge Trail #1)
Stronger Than You Know (McKenzies of Ridge Trail #2)

This is Madison and Crosby’s story. Madison is the technical wizard behind the family. She is all outspoken and at times sems a little crazy. What she does for her family is private and secret. When Crosby starts digging, she knows she has to go to any lengths to protect her family while keeping what they are doing a secret. But rather then him doing the chasing she did the chasing. Some of the times she was talking in this book she seemed a little crazy. Very abrupt and cringe worthy in her pursuit of him. He was fine with her personality and really that is all that counts but I found her to be lacking. She just with the way I thought she would be to the way she was it was a little weird. I could not connect with her. The reason for the four stars is I enjoyed everyone else in the story. All the family and friends alike I just didn’t really connect with her.

I recommend this book.
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Watching Over You was so good! I loved catching up with all of the McKenzies and enjoyed the bonus love story for Parrish.
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I’ve been dying to read Madison’s story since I met her in book one. She is so spunky and strong willed the perfect female McKenzie woman. I loved every interaction she had in each book. Madison seems to be the brains of every operation. In every Lori Foster book she never plays the women off to be the weaker sex they are always equals and the men do not treat them any other way. Event though they may want to cuddle them and protect them, they realize the women are fully capable of handling situations on their own. I really enjoyed her story ARC in this book with Crosby and both of their situations.

Crosby was so confusing in the previous book, I figured he would be Madison’s love interest but I wasn’t even sure I liked him. My whole demeaner changed a quarter of a way into this book when all the story started to unfold. Crosby’s whole story is amazing, I almost enjoyed him more than Madison. He’s got such a gentle soul which you wouldn’t of thought previously, and I like that he thinks differently than the McKenzie’s which I noticed each of the new spouses bring a new perspective to the family.

I loved the add on characters in this book as per usual the side characters always turn more into family than just a fleeting side note. I hope to see more of them. This series kind of has a underlying serious tone to it bringing to light a real problem human trafficking and how it does need to be stopped. I enjoy how the author didn’t make light of it, and hits it straight on and makes you stop and think about it.

This is author is an auto buy author for me, I have yet to read something I disliked from her. So thank you to Lori Foster, and HQN for a copy in lieu of my honest review.
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I've been waiting for Madison and Crosby's story. It blew my expectations. I just gobbled up this book. I read it in a day and half. I just couldn't put it down. Those McKenzies have me hooked. I feel like part of the family. This book gave me some really delightful surprises. This book ended up being one of my favorite troupes! That made me one very happy reader. This book has all the heart, but enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat. Once again some nasty characters need justice served. The characters are so well written that I was so invested in them. They definitely stole my heart. This is a must read!!
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Madison McKenzie lost her mother to suicide after human traffickers kidnapped her. She grew up learning how to fight and defend herself as well as a tech genius. She's a calm, confident, brilliant, woman who isn't afraid of going after what she wants and protecting those who can't protect themselves.

Detective Crosby Albertson struggled growing up but found a second father that guided him to a path of protecting and caring for others. He's dedicated to family and doing the right thing.
Madison has been intrigued by Crosby from the moment she met him. She's isn't afraid to put herself out there and ask for what she wants. I liked her confidence but the beginning felt a little stalkerish. 

Crosby has people to protect and secrets to keep. He left his job as a detective for a more stable job as a corporate security manager for Parrish McKenzie. He isn't sure he can fit a relationship into his life, not to mention dating the boss's daughter is usually frowned upon, but he can't stop his feelings.

Once these two stopped circling they were fun to get to know. Crosby admires Madison's badassery and she is fascinated by him. They were perfect for each other and made a great team working together.

Foster delivers heartwarming characters and two feel good romances as they work to find who is targeting Crosby and Madison's family.

On a side note, that cover doesn't do the story justice.

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Watching Over You was a great conclusion to the McKenzies of Ridge Trail series! (At least I think it's the last book!) I couldn't wait for Madison's story and I was not disappointed. She's so feisty and strong, which we saw in her brother's books, but I liked seeing a more vulnerable and caring side to her as well.

The McKenzies are still doing their best to eradicate as many people as possible involved in human trafficking in their area, while still keeping things as private as they can. And now Crosby, the detective Madison is completely intrigued with, has entered the picture, causing some concern for the family. But the good detective has secrets of his own, making Madison more determined than ever to to get to know the man.

I really enjoyed this book, it's my favorite of the series. Crosby is definite book husband material, that man is ideal! I know Madison might be much for some people, but I like female characters like her- tough, smart, determined, able to give as good as she gets. She and Crosby were a perfect complement to each other.
I love how the McKenzies work together, they all have their strengths. It made me happy how willing they were to bring Crosby into the fold, once they got to know him and learned more about him.

Things moved pretty quickly in this book, from the romances (get it Parrish!) to tracking down the last lingering trafficker who had it out for both Parrish (the patriarch of the McKensies) and Crosby. This addition to the series focused a little more on the relationships, with the suspense being more of a side "character". I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this book, Ms. Foster did a wonderful job bringing everything full circle.
I'd definitely recommend reading this series in order, it'll give you a better appreciation for everything that's happened up to the start of Watching Over You.
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"Watching Over You" (McKenzies of Ridge Trail Book 3) by Lori Foster is a fantastic read. I loved Madison and Crosby's story. This was a wonderful addition to this series. This story was packed with action, romance, passion, twists, entertaining and interesting characters, family, and more. I can't wait to see what happens next with these characters. Highly recommend it to all fans of romance, action, and series.
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I absolutely love this family! This is a fantastic story! Madison and Crosby’s story is a real page turner with some twists and surprises thrown in. A strong alpha male who matches up perfectly with an equally strong and determined female, both of them with soft hearts. Don’t miss this one!
I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher, however, I voluntarily wrote an honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.
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The McKenzies of Ridge Trail, Book 3


ISBN: 978-1-335-62098-9

December 28, 2021

Contemporary Romance


Ridge Trail, Colorado – Present Day


Ex-cop Crosby Albertson is aware of the McKenzie family and their reputation, though much of what is known is secretive. The only daughter of the family, Madison McKenzie has a secret crush on Crosby. One night, she follows him to a small grocery store. She walks into it and discovers it is in the middle of being robbed. Madison decides to help Crosby out by bopping one of the robbers. The bad guys are captured, and Crosby gets to meet Madison McKenzie—and finds himself attracted to her. But she is interfering in his investigation into a human trafficking ring. Then the McKenzie family offers to hire him to help them with their own investigations into the same crimes.


Madison is seen by her family as the weaker sex because she is female. She is part of their investigative team, but her skills are utilized on the computer. She can hack into just about anything. Having Crosby join their team is a bit disconcerting for her due to her attraction toward him. Instead of watching him discretely, they will now be working together. How will this change their relationship? Will a mutual attraction develop? Madison may have delved into Crosby’s past, but she doesn’t know everything. Then, the family and Crosby are targeted by a human trafficker looking for revenge. What does the guy want?


Readers have known Madison throughout The McKenzies of Ridge Trail series and she finally gets her own story. Madison, along with her brothers Cade and Reyes, and their father, Parrish, concentrate their investigations on human trafficking by rescuing the victims and bringing the bad guys to justice. Of course, they’ve made some enemies along the way and could use additional help, so their father decides to hire Crosby. WATCHING OVER YOU has the human trafficking mostly run in the background, as this tale mostly focuses on the burgeoning relationship between Madison and Crosby. They want each other, but should they explore a sexual relationship? Complicating things a little is that Crosby is going to have to be a step ahead of Madison as she digs deep into his background. Will he tell her everything? What about the bad guy who is planning to attack the family “business” one way or another?


If you haven’t read the prior books in the series, I suggest you pick up the ones currently available: NO HOLDING BACK and STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW. While WATCHING OVER YOU can read as a standalone, reading the books in order gives a good insight into what the family is doing—and why. Turns out that Crosby’s reasons are similar. They are modern day vigilantes. One can’t help but stand up and cheer for what they are doing. The relationship between Madison and Crosby helps build up the final suspenseful confrontation. Who will win the battle?


Madison and Crosby are likable characters and can stand their own against others. But falling in love shows their vulnerability. Watch as they unravel the tenacities of their growing attraction and create a future together. Don’t miss WATCHING OVER YOU.


Patti Fischer

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Crosby has been trying to keep his private life private so he is concerned that Madison’s interest in his life and his past could have a dire result.   Although he enjoys his job as a police officer, circumstances have changed and he now requires a career that will give him a more regular schedule so he agrees to work security for Mackenzie family even if he believes they take their attempts to help others too far.

Madison and her family have crossed paths with Crosby in the past and she is intrigued by the man.    She hasn’t been shy about her interest in him however after his most recent refusal she has decided to take a step back until fate has other ideas when not only is he working for her family but they find out that he and her family are being targeted by the same person.

Madison is strong, fierce and exactly what the protective Crosby needs in his life.   There is a great balance between romance and suspense, and I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Crosby and Madison unfold as well as catch up with the characters we know and love and meet some new ones who will capture your heart as well.
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I really enjoyed the Madison and Crosby story. The attraction between these two is hot, but things keep them apart. Crosby has secrets and Madison is determine to unveiled them. I love all the alpha males in this story but Madison can hold her own too. That ending had me sitting on the edge on my seat. Loved it.
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3.5 stars
Watch Over You is the final book in the series surrounding the McKenzie siblings and while I feel like the book “did it’s job” in giving Madison a story, I didn’t feel like it was as dynamic as the previous books in the series.

As the final book in the trilogy, Watch Over You also seemed to rely heavily on the previous two books for set up and backstory. The timeline here is sequential to the previous books and the assumption appears to be that if you are reading this book then you have read the others as well.

I enjoyed seeing a softer side to Madison. Her interactions with Crosby were entertaining and surprisingly sweet, but again, I felt like opportunities were missed in exploring the conflict between how they do things.

Overall, this was a book I enjoyed, but didn’t love. I would definitely suggest a reader start with one of the other books in this series before reading this one.
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