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I love it when a book hooks you so much you dont want to put it down. Lori Fosters Watching Over You , did that . Crosby is a swoon worthy hero in my opinion. Ex detective Crosby Albertson kept coming up against the McKenzie family in his line of work. With a secret of his own in the form of a cute little daughter. The McKenzies and Albertson have very different ways of approaching work. As a former detective Crosby is very by the book. Where as the McKenzies dont mind crossing lines to get things done. When Parrish ends up with a problem , he requests Crosby's help in finding the culprit. Crosby ends up joining forces with the McKenzies, much to the delight of Madison McKenzie who has been researching Crosby. Watching Over You has it all suspense and romance. I really enjoyed all of the McKenzie family , great strong characters with integrity. We also got a mini romance with Parrish and Silver. Watching Over You is part of a series. Would be best read in order. Highly recommended for fans of romantic suspense. ARC recieved via netgalley. This is my voluntary review.
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I have really liked this series with the alpha males and the women who are strong enough to take them on.  There is so much more to Crosby than he lets the world see.  Madison has a thing for Crosby and she goes after what she wants.  Crosby is afraid Madison will put his family in danger if she keeps investigating him.  Crosby has an unconventional family and will do anything to protect them.  Madison wants Crosby, but will he fit in with her family?  Will he be able to understand the lengths Madison's dad will go to help others?  Or will he want to do things his way?  They have some things to work out so they can be together.  They need to figure it out fast because there is someone stalking all of them.
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I am a big Lori Foster fan, but I was a bit disappointed in this one. As the third in a series there isn’t much character development, which is ok if you’ve been following the series from the start but if you oick this book up first you don't get more than one dimensional characters. Madison is the girk in a family of big tough guys and has always worked hard to be seen as equal to the rest of the family, often making her pushy and overly annoying in her efforts to be seen as an equal even when she is being treated as an equal. The chip on her shoulder is more like a mountain. But she also has incredible computer skills and tracks down all kinds of information that way, which leads to her crossing boundaries and pretty much stalking cop turned associate and business partner Crosby. He knows everything she can do but even when he flat out asks he to not pry into his life anymore she doesn’t see why she shouldn’t. If the roles were reversed we would be screaming ‘creepy stalker’ so I’m not sure if we were supposed to see this as a teachable thing for Madison where Crosby gets her to interact on a personal level instead of computer level or what we were supposed to take away from that. 

Crosby is your basic alpha male trying to protect the innocent, and his privacy, which is impossible with Madison’s family. We get lots of talk about the chemistry the two have, but I never really felt it. The threats from the bad guy fell a little flat. Overall, a book that could have had promise, but was definitely not Foster’s best effort, in my opinion. 

I received an Arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
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This third book in the McKenzies of Ridge Trail was another twisted, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat, trafficking, McKenzie family romance! 

Author Lori Foster writes wonderful romantic suspense! I enjoyed the ex-detective, Crosby, and the only McKenzie female and tech specialist, Madison…who can’t seem to keep her nose out of Crosby’s life. 

Watching Over You continues on with the human trafficking story line, but there are secrets that even the patriarch of the McKenzie family didn’t uncover before taking on his new employee. 

This can be read as a stand-alone, maybe? But it continues on with the family and storyline from the previous books, and I would highly recommend reading those first! This book is full of HEA’s, secrets, and twists! 4.5 stars!
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Watching Over You is the third novel in Lori Foster's, McKenzies of Ridge Trail series, and I'm sad to say that having read and thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the series, I liked this one a bit less than the two previous novels for a number of reasons, and am giving it 3.5 stars.

Madison McKenzie, the heroine in this novel, is the family tech genius, and I found her a bit much to take. She's a bit too alpha for this reader--tall, tough, smart, and usually going her own way with or without any input from her widowed father or her two alpha brothers, as they often skirt the law in order to bring abusers and human traffickers to justice, or simply end them--certainly a noble, if not always lawful pursuit. It's Madison's chance to also find out all she can about the enigmatic detective, Crosby Albertson, who was introduced in the previous novel, and who thus far has managed to keep her at arms' length.

It's at this point I should warn you that there a multiple triggers in this novel, and if domestic abuse, rape, suicide, human trafficking, graphic sex and graphic violence are issues for you, I suggest reading something less edgy.

Madison has been attracted to Crosby, for some time, but they've been skirting around each other, mainly because the McKenzie family often skirts the law in pursuit of justice, and often skirts the police department as well. In this novel we learn that not only has Crosby left the police, Prentiss McKenzie, the family patriarch, has hired him as a Chief Security Officer for one of his companies, putting Crosby and Madison in close contact--contact which leads to a whole lot of heat between these two, and some surprising revelations about the otherwise stoic former detective.

It turns out that Crosby has secrets that not even Madison's mad skills on-line have ferreted out, after checking him out electronically. He has a 4-year-old, rescued and adopted daughter, Hallie, who absolutely steals every scene in which she appears. Another member of his private little family is Silver, another one of Crosby's rescues, who lives next door and acts as Hallie's pseudo-grandmother, and whom for the first time since his late wife's death, sparks Prestiss McKenzie's interest.

When Madison follows Crosby into a small market, she ends up in the middle of an armed robbery and shakedown, and she deals with the criminals in short order, something that irks the heck out of Crosby, but her skills impress him as well. And this is where I began to have a problem with this novel, because while I really liked the dynamic between Crosby and Madison, as well as that between her dad, Silver, Hallie, Madison's brothers, and even Bernard, the McKenzie's butler, in this purported novel of romantic suspense, the suspense in this novel took a back seat to the personal interactions between the characters. The bad guys in this novel just didn't seem bad enough, or dangerous enough, and they all seemed to be way beneath the skill set of Crosby and the entire McKenzie family.

It's not until the very end of this novel in which we get the expected HEA trope, which, for this reader, left me somewhat dissatisfied with how abrupt it all was. This was not a bad read, it was certainly steamy, well-written, and entertaining, but I've come to expect more from Ms. Foster's ability to deliver a much more dangerous and suspenseful read.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this novel. The opinions expressed are my own.
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This series is a MUST!  This series had me from book 1.  I just love the dynamics of the McKenzie family.  Crosby tried fighting the attraction for Madison but he couldn’t win this one.  I love the way Madison went for hers.  She tried at one point to not go after what she wanted, but heck NO, she wanted her man!  I love it that Lori Foster also added a love story for Parrish McKenzie, their dad.  You have alpha men, strong women and a cute little girl in this series.   I am happy Crosby and Madison got their HEA as well as Parrish!

Lori Foster never disappoints me, which is why I love her books!  Keep it up Lori!!!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved it! Crosby and Madison are great together, I had a feeling in the last book that they'd click and boy did they! Great continuation of the series, I wish it didn't have to end. Great mystery and some surprises pop up, mainly some things we didn't know about Crosby - and no I'm not revealing them! We also see another side of Parrish, which I really liked. I think this one is my favorite of the series.

This review is based on an ARC from NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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This story was...WOW. I'm not always a huge fan of slow burn stories, but I absolutely loved this one.  Madison has been clear in her fascination and attraction to Crosby, well he never stood a chance against his own attraction in return. As expected the Mckenzie clan takes Control or tries and and of course Crosby isn't too happy with that. As Crosby tries to protect his family and the Mckenzie's adjust to cooperating, Madison's overbearing brothers and a bossy dad this story is full of good banter and more. One ex-detective and his story just might be more intertwined with the Mckenzie's than he thought. Parrish finds a surprise in this story with Silver , you'll see a side of this man that shows why he has such incredible children, is wonderful father and man. This book is packed with action and love. One of the best parts of this story, is that Parrish just might get a taste of what it feels like to want to be in love again. Ms. Foster and her stories never disappoint me. This one is sure one of her best. As this story and series comes to an end, it was wonderful to see the threats taken care of as these families came together. That finding love can happen anywhere and this story shows just that.  This is my honest review of a book I volunteered to read
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This 3rd book on the series was my favorite. Madison has been interested in Crosby since she first became aware of him at a job they were involved in. As a cop she investigated, the information she uncovered intrigued her, especially when Crosby asks her to stop to protect him (and the secret family he has that she knows nothing about).

As they grow closer and he accepts a job with her father's company, he ends up telling all of them as their enemy is closing in . He needs all the protection he can get to keep his family safe and sound. As Crosby and Madison explore their new relationship, issues with their friends and family keep them on their toes.

There's suspense, romance and a bit of mystery in this latest blockbuster from Lori Foster. You'll want to read it. Although part of a series it can be read as a standalone, but reading them in order helps to understand the family business and history between Crosby and Madison.

I received a Free ARC eBook from Net Galley and the author in exchange for my honest opinions.
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This was a great conclusion to this series, and I adored this couple!

Madison McKenzie is the tech whiz of her family, and she helps them in their ultimate mission to eliminate sex trafficking in any way possible. This is a personal mission for her family, and they all work together to do all they can to help victims, and punish perpetrators. Lately, she has taken more than a passing interest in Detective Crosby Albertson, after their paths crossed on a case (in book 2). She has learned all she can about him electronically, and she has made her interest obvious, but so far, he's not biting. She's trying not to be upset about that. 

Crosby Albertson has retired from the police force, for reasons he isn't willing to discuss with anyone. He needs a new job, and he thinks he might find it in Parrish McKenzie's organization. The man is loaded, and is dead set on interrupting human trafficking in any and all ways. If only Crosby wasn't so drawn to Parrish's daughter, Madison, which could make working with her problematic. Crosby has a lot going on in his life, some of which is secret (no spoilers here!), and he doesn't have the bandwidth to deal with his attraction to Madison, or the consequences of acting on it. But, how long can he hold out, if he's seeing her at work every day?

Madison was so forthright, and I loved how honest she was in her feelings toward Crosby. Their chemistry was sizzling, and their connection was so strong. They were both real adults, with real responsibilities, and I enjoyed watching them navigate those, both together, and apart. Once Crosby admitted that their interest was mutual, there was no looking back for either of them, and I loved that! 

Madison's family was a delight, as always, and I really enjoy the teasing rapport they all have when they're together. Also, Bernard, the family chef/butler, is THE BEST and I adore him! I really enjoyed Crosby's chosen family too! Everyone fit together perfectly, and I felt warm and fuzzy about it the whole time.

The suspense plot here was a little less involved than in the first 2 books, but I didn't mind that. It was nice to focus more on the characters and their journey to each other. My only real complaint here is that I would've LOVED to see more of Madison's dad, Parrish's love story play out! It was a secondary plot here, and it was lovely, but I would really enjoy a novella or something with them later on! I need to see more!!

Overall, I really enjoyed this story, and this series! I would highly recommend it, along with many other choices by this author! Her romantic suspense stories are so satisfying!

CW: violence, mentions of human trafficking, mentions of domestic violence (in the past; side character), death of a parent (in the past)
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This book has ALL the action, ALL the romance!

I fell in love with this author through the first two books in this amazing series, but this third one is the best of all.  We not only get to see more of Cade and Reyes and their lovely wives, but we also get more of their dad, Parrish, along with a full backstory on Crosby as his flirtation with Madison shifts into overdrive.  

The action and tension are exquisitely paced, intriguing and suspenseful and perfectly balanced against the simmering attraction between Crosby and Madison.  Their love story is full of combustible chemistry, yet it moves at a slow burn as they focus on the threat that is mounting against both their families.  

I adored the secondary romance, too, which started with one of the most memorable meet-cutes I've ever read!  No spoilers here, but I loved the way the author handed out HEAs like candy, making sure everyone is blissfully happy by the end of the series.  

This series is one of the best I've ever read in romantic suspense, and I highly recommend all three volumes.  Together, they tell a tremendously satisfying and timely story about the McKenzies and their mission to do whatever they can to fight the kind of evil that had once destroyed their lives.  I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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I received an electronic ARC from HARLEQUIN - Romance (U.S. & Canada) through NetGalley.
The third book in this series shares Madison and Crosby's story. Readers meet them shortly after the second book finishes and become part of their challenges and commitment to work through trust issues. As expected from Foster, both are strong characters who come with baggage and passion for their causes. Each shares their strengths and flaws with each other and readers. Foster continues to make a strong social statement against trafficking - kudos to her! There could be trigger points depending on a reader's background but references are handled sensitively as characters' stories are shared. 
Looking forward to joining the McKenzies for further adventures.
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Enjoyed Madison and Crosby story which has been a build up from the previous books.  It can be read on its own but the dynamics of the family and their story In my opinion reads better if you know everything. I definitely recommend this book as well as the rest of the series.  I received an ARC from Netgalley and my review is based solely on my own opinions.
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This is the third installment in this trilogy and WOW once I started it I could not put it down. Madison is the digital guru of the family and she has not met a device she cannot hack but when she came upon Detective Crosby Albertson in the previous book she was hooked. She, and her family, including her two brothers and father, are elite in fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves and specialize in human trafficking. Both brothers have now met and married their wives and Madison just wants to be an equal in the "business." When she sets out in a snowstorm to follow Crosby she doesn't plan to follow him into a hold up but that is what happens but she holds her own. Before she knows it they have taken down the three robbers and she has met Crosby's family, well the man who helped raise him when his mother couldn't. This is when she finds out he is no longer a police detective and soon to be going to work for her father. Things really get going when Parrish tries to break into Crosby's home only to be met with a shotgun and a beautiful woman.  This one was so good! Watching Crosby and Madison find their way, two strong-willed and independent individuals who just want to do good. The extra bonus is Parrish finding love again.  This trilogy could not have ended better.  This one can be read as a standalone but seriously get the first two.
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Reading Lori's books is like getting together with a best friend! Her books are just so awesome that you can open the cover and just dive right in! As soon as I finish a book I am ready the next one. Thank you Lori for always writing such great books that make us want more!
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In the minority here but definite mixed feelings.
This book is not a standalone story and I usually don’t have an issue catching up in some stories when they are a part of the series. This one was pretty easy to catch up with even though I had not read the prior books.

With that said, one issue I did have was connecting with the female lead character. I did not like her. Because of that, maybe she skewed the results of my overall feelings about this book.

Madison was outspoken, which is fine. However, she was extremely forward and demanding of her “man crush“ and was darn near embarrassing had this actually been a real life story. I really had a hard time warming up to her.

Maybe that’s my fault because I had not read prior books. I usually really like a strong female lead, but she was absolutely annoying when it came to stalking her man crash and I have a hard time finding that an attractive trait in a woman.

The story itself was very enjoyable. Great supporting characters. The plot was believable and interesting with a lot of romance floating around. Foster added in a good amount of tension and suspense which balanced the book nicely.

Overall, the story is entertaining with a nice balance between the characters and a lovely blend of emotion. The ending, however, really caught me off guard with its abrupt closure. I really wanted more wrap-up.
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This is such a fantastic series.  I received an advanced readers copy and I’ve already read it twice, it’s that good.  I love how quickly Madison and Crosby fell for each other, the heat level is scorching.  But will he ever understand what her family does?  They’ve put away so many traffickers but do they cross the line?  Loved staying on edge, who is threatening their families?  I had some tears close the the end, my heart melted when Crosby finally he realizes how much he loves her.  Loved the second romance between Parrish and Silver too.  Loved how they all got a very happy ever after.  I highly recommend this book.
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We are back with the McKenzies of Ridge Trail. A wealthy family that dedicate their lives to stopping human trafficking, frequently “coloring” outside the lines of the formal authorities.
Detective Crosby Albertson seems to be constantly crossing paths with this family. A family he is suspicious of, and whose youngest sibling, beautiful Madison, is a woman that fascinates him. Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s also a computer wiz that appears to always be a few steps ahead of the police.
Needing to spend more time with his daughter, Detective Cosby  leaves the force and accepts a job with the patriarch, Parrish McKenzie. A job that will have him spending time with Madison .
As the attraction and relationship intensifies, so does the danger . A man that has caused a great deal of damage to both families and those taken against their will is threatening them.
Will Cosby be able to come to terms on how the family operates? Will he open his heart to Madison and find a way to work with her family and his attraction to her?
The story was not only an action packed story, it was also a reminder that human trafficking is sadly a reality in our nation. It is also a story about family, new beginnings, and finding love.
I was entrusted a copy of this book by Netgalley.. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
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Watching Over You is book three in the McKenzies of Ridge Trail series.  This story is full of suspense and romance.
     Madison and Crosby’s attraction was teased at the end of book two but it was worth the wait! Crosby finally confesses to Madison what his reservations have been. While trying to navigate his commitments and their relationship, they also have to figure out who is trying to send her father a strong message.
 This book was a great way to wrap up the series .Lori Foster has an amazing talent that keeps readers engaged .
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This book is so good.  It is the third book in the McKenzie series.    This series deals in human trafficking.  It is well written.  I will warn you that once you pick it up,  you won't be able to put it down. 

The characters are all lovable and I will miss them now that I have finished them.

I highly recommend this book and the 2 before it.

Thank you Harlequin and Netgalley for allowing me to read this book for an honest review.
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