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5++! This was a slow burning love story. Madison is smart, tells you what she thinks, and has a larger than life personally and loves Crosby. He is intelligent and cautious and together they made this a fantastic story. I also loved how Parrish opened up with feelings that were not present in the Cabe and Reyes stories. Kudos Lori Foster on a wonderful book and series! You are a truly gifted author!
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I fell in love with the McKenzie family in the first book in this series, and I really enjoyed how this book wrapped up all of the main characters storylines. I have been waiting to read this story since Reyes’ book, when Madison and Crosby’s story began. Madison is a brilliant tech whiz who helps her family take down the bad guys however necessary. Crosby is a by the book cop, who struggles with what the McKenzie’s do.  It was a lot of fun to read their story and watch them interact. There were a lot of surprises about Crosby revealed in this book that I did not see coming!  I really enjoyed this book!  I received an ARC from netgalley, and this is my honest review.
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Madison and Crosby have been sparking off of each other for so long, I’m glad I read this on an ereader! Seriously, I thought she was going to jump him right off the bat! Instead she ends up helping take down a gang, go Madison. 

I mean, Madison is the only girl in a family that takes down human traffickers for a living, and while she may be the tech person of the group, she trains with the “boys”, so we know she can take care of herself, but she shows just how fierce she is throughout this book. And she shows just how much she cares.

And Crosby, Mr. Law and Order, Mr. Cop, talk about a change, talk about Mr. Secrets! I love how he’s been hiding so much, and why. And that he will go so far to save his “family”.

The various storylines running through this are perfect, equal parts suspense and romance, and unexpected love thrown in, it’s exactly what you don’t know what you need, just like certain characters were probably thinking.
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Fell in love with this story and it's characters, Crosby and Madison! Such a great story for our girl Madison, and the perfect partner in Crosby for her! 5 amazing hot stars for this one!
Crosby has always thought Madison was hot, but he wonders if she's the key to the family always being one step ahead of him. When he's asked by her father to join their group, he's weary at first, but on the other hand he'll get to see what goes on behind the scenes. He's got secrets he doesn't want uncovered, will the McKenzie's be the key to keeping it safe?
Madison has always loved to get under Crosby's skin, with her sleuth like computer skills she's been doing a great job, until one day she discovers his secret, how could she not have found this with all the back ground work she's done on him?
When these two come together to join forces, their chemistry and sexual attraction is off the charts! Grab this book on release day and enjoy!
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What a book!! Couldn’t make myself put it done even when I had to get ready to leave for work! 

Madison McKenzie is the baby and only girl of the powerful McKenzie clan. She is the tech genius behind the McKenzie organization finding and shutting down trafficking operations. Madison has been borderline obsessed with hunky detective Crosby Albertson since they first crossed paths and has cyberstalked him ever sense. 

Crosby has been trying to distance himself from the very beautiful and bold Madison McKenzie, she is a danger to not only his equilibrium but also potentially bringing unwanted attention to him and uncovering the secrets he has gone to great lengths to hide. Threats are made to not only Parrish but also Crosby and Madison from an old enemy which leads Crosby reveal his secrets to Madison. The entire McKenzie clan descend to help Crosby protect what means most to Crosby and they team up to hunt and eliminate the threat. 

I loved this book! It really showed what drove Crosby as a character since he was portrayed as a bit of a stick in the mud in the previous book. I also loved Silver and the fact the Parrish gets his own, more subtle, HEA in this story. This book really could be considered the end of the series as it wrapped everything up nicely but I’m sure it could also continue if Mrs. Foster so chose.   *I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader copy of this book.*
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The wait for Madison and Crosby's book was worth it! Great teaser at the end of book 2!
So far this is my favorite in the series. Crosby has secrets that he's worried Madison will discover with her "stalking". Crosby finally tells her about Silver and Hallie and his relationship with Winton and Owen. A past nemesis that "got away", has now set his sites on Parrish, Crosby and all that they love. What was once personal to Parrish, is now even more personal to Crosby. He will do anything to keep his family and Madison safe. Parrish vows the same especially after meeting Silver and Hallie. He immediately falls for both.
Now that Crosby works for Parrish, they form a team and sometimes butt heads. When Crosby's family is threatened, along with Madison, he finally understands why the McKenzie's do what they do. It was fun to see Cade and Reyes and their wives and so satisfying when Parrish found love again. This book definitely kept me on the edge of my seat!
I hope there are more books to this series because I would love to see Winton get his HEA as well as Bernard. Even though Bernard seems to love Chimera and Bob more!
I received an advance copy of this book and this is my honest and unsolicited opinion.
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I was looking forward to Madison and Crosby's story since the teaser in Reyes' book. I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting but it was everything and more I could have wanted for these two. We got to learn more about Madison and her determination to get her brothers to look at her as an equal and we see all of them coming together to show them how much they trust her.

Crosby ... Crosby ... Crosby he is an amazing character. He spends his time taking care of his family and his surrogate family. He knows Madison has been watching him and stalking him, he's flattered but also worried about his enemies coming after his family. Crosby is entertaining as he tries to handle this strong, independent, and capable woman. As a cop he was concerned about how the McKenzie family operated but now he is joining their ranks and it is so much fun to see him interact and begin to rely on Cade and Reyes and they become a family.

We see Parrish finally let go of all his past pain and fall in love again. From the second he meets Silver he is awestruck. Parrish cannot stay away from her and uses every excuse he can find to go and see her. At first he is worried about how his children are going to react, but they're happy for him and encourage him to go for it. I'm so happy he finds his HEA with his kids he deserves it.

The McKenzie family has been through a lot of pain, triumph, and now their HEAs. I loved this family everything they stand for, rescuing victims of human trafficking and setting them up with a new life once the victims are able to reenter society. I could not put this book down and once I was done I was book drunk and did not want to leave this world, these characters. I love the future that Crosby and Madison have setup for themselves, the growing family, watching them all interact with Hallie oh the feels! While I enjoy all of Lori Foster's books, this one was the epitome of her books.

Received ARC in exchange for voluntary honest review from author and NetGalley.
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Watching Over You is Madison & Crosby’s book & it’s amazing!! Parrish McKenzie has become a target of Crow, sex trafficker seeking revenge & when Crosby starts working for him, he also becomes a target of Crow as they were both involved in trying to take him out. In the meantime Madison & Crosby finally get together & get to know each other better making them realize that they really want to be to be a couple & have a future together. I just love this couple, the McKenzie family & secondary characters in this book & you will too!! The book shows how much this family loves & supports each other including the people they love. It has all the feels, action, romance, suspense & you’re missing out by not reading this book and series!!  Parrish also gets his own HEA that he so deserves! Really hoping that the series continues, Bernard & Winton need their own books too! I received an arc from Netgalley, the author & publisher for an honest review.
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I just ate this one up! It's all pure gold as far as I'm concerned. Runs you through a gamut of emotions, surprises up the wazoo, and super tense action. Oh, yeah, and it's still a romance with ALL those feels too.
This, the journey of Madison and Crosby, and a BONUS! Absolutely thrilled with Parris being a bigger character in here, sure didn't see that coming! It had some serious repercussions too. And that's all I got to say about that (wink wink).
First introduced to Crosby in "Stronger Than You Know" I got a glimpse of Madison's feelings for this incredible man as there's not a shy bone in her body, nor much of a filter for her mouth either LoL. Huge conflicts of interest between these two though, and the McKenzie's as well, but the tides change, stuff gets real, gets intense, gets personal, and just keeps going. Fast-paced, yet detailed so well, the story-line is excellent and easy to follow. If only I could've read faster, but I've savored it too now for a few days, still not wanting to let go of this incredible family of justice seekers.
As for the romance, well, there's a lot of lead up, sizzling tension, blue danglies (have to get creative for the word patrols here, ya know), as at first Madison and Crosby don't rush anything, then they just keep getting ... interrupted? Until they don't, and it is pretty awesome with these two strong-willed characters. I have to mention there are bits of humor interspersed which always makes it a better read for me. Furbabies and Littles do too.
A read I highly recommend. It can stand alone, but better with the series, not necessary, but the whole series is a fantastic journey into each of the McKenzies'. And each with it's own happy sigh, feel good HEA.
I have been provided with an early readable edition through netgalley. I am happily and voluntarily giving my own thoughts and opinions on "Watching Over You".
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I have always been a fan of Lori Foster and this book did not disappoint.  The McKenzie family is everything one would expect of Lori Foster characters. This highly anticipating story of Madison and Crosby was a very rewarding read. The feminine force of Madison was a perfect balance to straight lace, protective Crosby. WATCHING OVER YOU held elements of danger, intrigue, suspense, family and love that will be sure to hold the reader's attention. I will be recommending this book every chance I get.
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Another great story about the McKenzies!  I was really looking forward to Madison’s story but Ms. Foster delivered so much more.  For me, this book not only told us Madison’s story but it also rounded out the family.  Madison learned where and how she fit into her family – her brothers have top notch skills, as she does, but she doesn’t feel quite secure in her position, as an equal, within the family.  She sorta feels like she constantly needs to prove herself.  And with this story, her brothers and father set her straight.

And she finally goes after Crosby Albertson!  It’s so funny to see him try to handle this strong, capable woman – who is hawt enough to push all his buttons – but he has a stubborn and protective streak a mile long, and a very complicated family life.  He, too, has something to prove, to himself and to the McKenzies.  Love him!  He is such a wonderful human; the author truly wrote his character with all the “feels”, at least for me.  He has a daughter, Hallie, that is just adorable.  She made me laugh, and sniffle, whenever she showed up on a page.  And her caretaker while her dad works, Silver, is a hoot.  And boy does she give Parrish (Madison’s dad) a run for his money.

We get to visit with Bernard again, and Chimera, and Bob(cat).  Owen and his dad, Winton.  You’ll have to read the story to know who they are.  It’s a makeshift family, all around, and to me, that is the best kind.

Lots of intrigue and tie-ins to the overall story (about human trafficking) from the first two books.  It can be read as a standalone, but I enjoyed the mystery and edge of your seat-ness that this book also had.  The subject matter is a heavy one and it truly never ends; this stuff happens every day in this world.  And it makes me angry.  But Ms. Foster wrote a great story, handled it with care and she got me involved.  Love this family.  Love all the friends.  Love the families that are “made”, not necessarily by blood.  And loved Crosby and Madison.
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Watching Over You was a wonderful conclusion to The MacKenzie series. I'll admit that the first book frustrated me slightly, but the final two were exactly what I needed and what I come to expect from Foster: exciting, mysterious, and sexy. I was very much looking forward to Madison and Crosby's book (from their very first interaction in book 1 I knew that their chemistry would be explosive) and I wasn't disappointed.

Crosby being a family man was a welcome surprise and his relationship with his daughter and Silver only increased my love for him. And what a fun shock to have the patriarch himself falling for Silver. That was delightful to witness. I loved how shocked both of them were to be falling for one another, but also how we were able to see a more human side of Parrish than we've gotten in previous books.

Madison was a wonderful heroine. I was so glad to see that she was a sexual being who wasn't ashamed of admitting or showing her affection for Crosby. No coy women here. And Crosby wasn't turned off by her behavior, but rather appreciated it.  And though Madison was a strong, independent and capable woman she wasn't Too Stupid To Live, like some heroines tend to be--rushing into danger without a second thought. Madison was more than capable of taking care of herself and others.

A wonderful romance that reminded me why I love Lori Foster.
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I love being a Lori Foster fan!  She delivers EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  It is so rewarding to read a good story.  However, when a reader is highly anticipating a story and it is a true power hitter – there is no greater satisfaction.  It also takes the pinch out of turning the last page.  I couldn’t wait for Madison and Crosby’s story.  (Computer nerds always have a powerful connection.)  Madison was certainly a force to be reckoned with but Crosby’s character needed that balance.  I appreciated how her brilliance and her femininity worked in tandem to make this character so endearing with just a rare hint of vulnerability.  I enjoy this series so much that I’m rooting for the butler to get his own story!  I read this book in one sitting because I simply couldn’t put it down.
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This was my first Lori Foster book, and I'm laughing because it's book three of its series.  I immensely enjoyed the action scenes and how everything linked together.  It was slightly steamy but not overwhelmingly so, like when you read a romance book and every chapter is explicit sex scenes, and you're like, this isn't exactly what I signed up for.  The family bonds are tight for the MacKenzies, and their loyalty is even more so. I loved Cosby and Madison's relationship, although I thought they jumped into marriage a little quickly at the end. I understand that they know each other from previous books and that she cyberstalks him, but wow, that was fast. Overall, I liked it, and I am now intrigued to read more of her work.
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Crosby is mostly a “by the book” former cop, a guy with secrets, and an attraction to Madison McKenzie that he can never act on. He believes her family is into some shady dealings. While he digs up information on the McKenzies, Madison digs up information on him.

Madison was instantly attracted to Crosby when they first met, but he doesn’t seem interested in her.  She has secrets of her own that she must keep hidden at all costs. They end up having to work together on a case that affects both his family and hers. But can they trust each other?

There’s danger, intrigue, suspense, great family dynamics, great friendships, and more. 

I was given an advance copy by NetGalley and the publisher. This review is my honest opinion.
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Another fabulous story in this amazing The McKenzies of Ridge Trail series. I absolutely love this bada$$ family! They're just so wonderful. I loved Cade and Reyes and their individual stories but I really loved Madison and Crosby's romance. Their chemistry is off the charts from the beginning but with all the secrets and drama unfolding it was hard for them to work on their relationship but they did manage. And it was all well worth it. This book was a page turner. I could not put it down. I was hooked from the very beginning. And there is some major cuteness and fun factors involved in this story too which I really loved. An overall very satisfying read with a very sigh worthy ending. I highly recommend this story and the rest of the book in the series.

*I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book*
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The novel begins with a rush of adrenaline, and that’s exactly how the Chemistry feels between Kennedy Brooks and Reyes McKenzie. From the beginning they have an obvious connection, a respect, a trusting friendship. But there’s also layers of interest and romantic connection that build through the book as Reyes knocks down Kennedy’s walls. It’s a slow burn to them finally giving in to one another but that’s the way I like it! 

One of the things I love about Lori Foster books is that she finds a way to mesh mystery with romance, and she doesn’t disappoint with this book. There’s this whole undercurrent of danger in the book, to an extent that I had to take breaks reading it at night as my imagination would get away from me. While this is something Lori does so well, this puzzle is specifically very dark, and not something a lot of readers might be able/willing to handle. I did have a little bit of trouble keeping track of who was hunting after who and for what reason, but that issue resolves itself quickly enough. 

I also really love this family, the McKenzies, and their dynamic. The insight into their training, the open hearted moments, all together make for an interesting family you want to see succeed. I do hope babies are in the future for the couples! I also cannot wait for the next book, as the story of sister Madison is teased in this one and I am intrigued!
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I'm not going to be able to do this book justice--it was well worth the wait and Lori Foster even managed to sneak in two unexpected but welcomed surprises. Madison and Crosby's chemistry leapt off the pages of the previous book and burned even hotter in this one. I love that Madison is a strong, smart and determined woman who goes after what she wants full force and she wants Crosby. Crosby is fascinated with Madison but he's reluctant to get involved with her, however a change in employment and an approving Parrish quickly makes denying himself impossible. This one has it all-family, action, heat, heart and wonderful surprises--grab it and enjoy!
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I loved Madison and Crosby’s story! They were made for each other! It was interesting learning about Crosby’s back story and the people in his life. They all seemed to mesh with Madison’s family, especially Parrish. I love how confident and strong Madison is and how Crosby doesn’t hold her back. One of Ms Foster’s best!
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I hated to finish this book! It was so awesome that I didn't want it to end. It is absolutely a reread worthy story. Madison and Crosby were my favorite pairing in this series by far. They were just so well written. I have loved every book in the series but these 2 really stood out to me. I think because Madison was just such a loveable character. Also, I loved what I found out about Crosby. I never suspected his story would play out the way it did. The side stories did not disappoint either. Every aspect of this book kept me engaged.
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