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An absolutely enthralling thriller full of twists and turns of a family crisis that is the worst possible environment, heightened scenarios.
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Intriguing plot - a missing wife presumed dead returns to find her husband remarried with children.
Short chapters, a fast paced and easy read - a proper domestic thriller!
If you love unreliable narrators, this book gives you two. 

Thanks so much to #NetGalley
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This was my first Minka Kent book and it definitely won’t be my last! 

Unmissing is a fast paced thriller/mystery that people who like domestic drama may really enjoy. It’s a quick read, doesn’t get bogged down by unnecessary plot lines or characters, and most of the chapters are pretty short. 

The story is told from dual POVs: Lydia, a kidnap victim who reappears after being missing for more than nine years, and Merritt, the current wife of Lydia’s (ex) husband and mother of his children.

For some people, the actions of certain characters will be totally unrealistic but if you can suspend your disbelief or just go with the story, it’s a lot of fun seeing how it all unfolds!

I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much to the author, Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley for the digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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It has been a while since I have read a book by Minka Kent and I am wondering why!  I grabbed Unmissing when a reliable friend posted about it on Instagram and I knew that I had to read it.  I love a good thriller with plenty of twists and this one had so many.  I read this in an evening, I just had to know how it was all going to end and believe me when I say you will not pick it.

This is a really hard book to talk about with spoiling anything.  So much that I want to say that I can't! Basically all you need to know is this.  Luca and Merritt have a great life together - happy, rich, one child and another on the way.  So imagine their shock when Luca's first wife, Lydia rocks up to the front door.  Lydia has been missing for 10 years, and has been declared dead.  And boy does she have a story to tell.  

Doesn't that make you want to read it?  Told from the point of view of the 2 women, this is a book you don't want to miss.

Released February 15th, 2022.  Thanks to Netgalley and Thomas and Mercer for the advanced copy to read.
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Amazing book! Loved this story and highly recommend it! I look forward to more books by this author!
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This book was such an example of how a good thriller should be.  The premise alone was amazing.  I did feel like the unreliable narrator of Merit made me like her better than I would have.  Lydia was in such a bad spot- when she went hiking and got kidnapped but it actuality was kidnapped by somebody who knew her a whole lot better than she thought.  Some parts of the book were very unrealistic even though my knowledge of kidnapping and missing bodies is a bit novice.  I did enjoy the the dual pov and the minor flashbacks.  I would recomend this book to anyone who is a fan of thrillers, because this unique plot was done very well.
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Just picture this: you are a happy married woman with a baby and think everything is fine.
When suddenly...... you get a visist from your husband's ex wife... Okay, so far so good. If it were not for the fact, that she was supposed to be dead. This happens to Merritt Coletto and the mentioned first wife is Lydia who went missing during a hiking trip ten years ago.
This sets a perfect plot for a domestic thriller as readers of Minka Kent expect when they start one of ther books. Having enjoyed all her previous ones this met my expectations full on.!!
Thanks a lot #NegGalley #Thomas & Mercer for an ARC of Unmissing
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I have never heard of Minka Kent. I know I know, how is that possible? I was SO impressed. I am now going to hunt down every book she has ever written. 
I was hooked from page one. That has not happened in a very long time! You become completely addicted to the turn of each page . I stayed up all night to finish this book. Be warned: do not start this book late at night or you will be so tired the next day. 

Luca was once married to Lydia but about 10 years ago Lydia went missing. Eventually, she is declared dead. Flash forward to the present day, Luca has since moved on with Merritt, who is his wife now. Then....Lydia shows back up!

The twists and mystery is the best I've seen. I was incredibly impressed with this author! I can't wait to read more from her and her publisher.
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I did not connect with this title. It did not fit into my reading style and I did not finish the entire book.
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Wow!  I am impressed. Minks Kent didn’t surprise me once but twice in one of my favorite new thrillers. I thought it would just be another one of those generic missing mother/child case that are popular in thrillers these days. Can’t recommend enough
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I was immediately pulled into the story. The author’s ability to set the stage for suspense kept me guessing on what was going to happen next. I was hooked on the premise and thought I knew where the story was going until I was hit with twist after twist! It was a fast and exciting read that had me turning those pages well after midnight. I have read from this author before and will continue to do so!
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What an amazing book that will keep you guessing until the very end. There are so many twists in this book I didn’t want to put it down.

Lydia was kidnapped 10 years ago and now she plans to get her life back. Problem is someone has taken her place and has everything she couldn’t have even dreamed of.

Merritt has the perfect life until her husband’s dead wife shows up very much alive and now her perfect life is crumbling.

I loved this book and highly recommend it.
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i have been a huge fan of Minka Kent since her first novel. She did not disappoint with this newest one.  i read it in a day since I could not put it down!
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The plot of this novel was a very unique concept, so I was very excited to read it. I really enjoyed the perspective of the story being told from alternating characters, as well as the slow reveal of the overall mystery of the story. It was just one shocking revelation after another. My only issue with the book was that the characters actions were just not 100% believable for me. So many of the things they did, just didn't make sense to me, so I had trouble moving past it at times. However, it was still a quick, fun thriller, that left me guessing about the final moments all the way until the last page.
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Minka Kent delivered another amazing novel!! This storyline was so fantastic and held your interest the entire time which is exactly what I like to happen when I read. Fabulous thriller and the characters were outstanding.
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Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC of this title. The first chapter jumped very quickly into a graphic description of a kidnapping and I felt too uncomfortable to continue reading.
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I think I was reading a third of this book when I couldn't contain my curiosity and sought spoilers. What is interesting is, knowing the outcome never deterred me to finish reading the whole story. I believe it's the way it was written. It's a simple narration of the first and second wife's points of view yet somehow the nuggets that make this mysterious thriller is subtly incorporated which gives it a smooth flow without damaging the surprise factor. I'll be looking forward to the new books of this author.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Thomas and Mercer for this ARC! This review is made of my own accord, with no monetary compensation whatsoever from the names mentioned above and/or the rightful owners of this ARC.
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First time I've read this author but it won't be my last. This was a dark twisty story. Just the kind I love with good character development. Highly recommend
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📚 Book Review 📚 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Unmissing by Minka Kent 
(Book is not available for purchase till February) 
Thank you NetGalley for the advance copy!! 🧡

Luca & Lydia are newly married when the unthinkable happens….Lydia disappears! 10 years later, Luca’s 2nd wife answers a knock at the door to find his 1st wife staring back at her 😳 Where has Lydia been…why is she there….so many questions. Merrick is terrified of what this means for her marriage now.

I really enjoyed how quick this was as there weren’t any dull or drug out moments. I have never read this author before and will definitely read her others!
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This is an intense and intriguing mystery with several surprise twists along the way. No predictability in this story. It's not so much a mystery in the who done it sense, but rather the aftermath after the fact. How much of what is being said is truth and how much are lies. Lydia returns to her husband after being held captive for many years, to come face to face with his new wife... his much pregnant wife. After the shock wears off Merritt (the new wife) decides to help the girl. Partially to help her get the help she may need, but also to 'keep your enemies close' and all that after she starts to feel her marriage might be threatened. There are lots of lies. Lots of secrets. Lots of evil. It alternates between the two women's POV, which makes it all the more interesting as we are left to wonder what's going on in the husband's head. How does one deal with having his presumed dead wife come back after he's moved on and started a family with another? Who gets the loyalty? The characters are all unique and interesting, and somewhat relatable (to a certain extent,) keeping you interested in the plot and how all the things will play out. There is a small amount of violence, but there is suggestion of more cruelty have happening in the past, including rape (none take place in the pages,) so if this is a trigger for you, proceed with caution. It has a a heaviness, a darkness that runs through the book. Nothing uplifting here. Even the end has a heaviness about it, though not necessarily a sad ending. 

*I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley.
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