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This case started out a little odd. Faith was called by an old family friend to help investigate two murders. Of pigs. But what started out as pig deaths turned into much more. The more Faith searched, the more clues she found, but this also increased the number of unanswered questions. 
A read that captured my attention from the start. A great addition to the series.
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A gritty mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end! Texas Ranger Faith McClellan is contacted by her grandmother’s friend who reports two murders in McCulloch County. She arrives to find that it was hogs that were slain, yes hogs. The slayings were savage and there is concern that the killer may next target humans. Faith agrees to investigate and that is only the beginning of the twists and turns that she faces. Faith is planning her wedding to Commander Graham Hardin of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. Well, her mother is planning and Faith is trying to do as little as possible and keep the peace. With a mother and son missing, a young teen devastated at the murder of the hog she raised and the possibility of more murders, Faith has her hands full. When the case turns serious and deadly, will the killer come after her? I so enjoy Faith’s character…her strength, humor, and her compassion for the victims. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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Texas Ranger Faith McClellan gets a call from her grandma’s best friend, talking about the murder of Samson, and the Sheriff not doing anything. Faith rushes out to find out Samson is a pig, and to appease her grandma’s friend, and to not deal with wedding prep, sets out to investigate this “simple” murder. Well, it is a lot more involved than the murder of a pig, especially when the pig is a YouTube star.  
This was my first introduction to Faith McClellan and I am looking forward to many more!
Thank you to NetGalley and Severn River Publishing for letting me have a early read in exchange for my opinion.
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A perfect Halloween read.. Its like a comedic horror movie. A+ for story that just get weirder and darker with a mind blowing ending.
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A fantastic addition to the Faith McClellan series. Loved everything about it! Fast-paced read that leaves you wanting more.

Thank you #netgalley and #severnriverpublishing for the eARC.
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Holy Smokes!

 What a crazy train of a ride. I mean hellloooo. I did not see it coming at all. I really love this author. 

What a tangled web. So many twists and turns. I’m gobsmacked.
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When your Gran's dearest friend asks you to investigate something, you don't ask any questions except where and who.

The who, in this case, is Samson the pig, raised by teenager Kelsey from a runt destined to be culled, a la Charlotte's Web. Samson, as it turns out, is a YouTube star, and Kelsey's videos keep the entire family afloat. A note here: Samson the Pig is said to have 40 million subscribers. That would make it a larger channel that The DoDo - one of the largest channels devoted to animal videos -  which has somewhere around 16 million the last time I checked. So that part rang a bit false, but pulling down 200K a month did not, based on the (imaginary) size of the channel, and assuming a gigantic number of views per video.

Texas Ranger Faith McClellan, in her fourth appearance, dutifully goes to talk to the family. Mom and the son, Kyle, are not home -she's told they've gone off to a hunting cabin. The housekeeper, with an accent that comes and goes, Kelsey, and her (a tad strange) father are able to answer some questions, but many remain - who would do this, and what possible motive could there be? Kelsey, of course, is brokenhearted.  

McClellan walks around the house and the scene of the crime, finding a rather large secret of the son's rather quickly. She learns that the killing was particularly vicious, with blood everywhere and the killer also decapitated the head (now missing). The carcass she loads up in her truck and takes to the morgue for the coroner to look at. She discovers another hog was also killed, although his head was not taken and the family broke down the body and cooked some of it, the rest going into the freezer.

Meanwhile, McClellen also has to do a bunch of wedding0related stuff: dress, caterers, etc. Her overbearing mother is helping - and by helping, I mean basically taking over all of it. Her fiance Graham is assisting her with the case, which she worries might be the beginnings of a serial killer, and that the killer will move up a bracket to start offing people.

The case seems to have a ton of possible suspects: the brother, a jealous girl from school, the father, the boyfriend/not boyfriend. As McClellen fears, people start dying,even as she and Graham start to get a grip on the case. About halfway through it became obvious to me who the killer was, but it was still an enjoyable ride watching McClellan and Graham make their way through to (livestreaming) denouement.

No terrible slow spots, and in this instance, the bad guy infodump at the end is warranted - it is being livestreamed, after all.

Solid four out of five stars. Plus a desire to go back and read the first three in the series, to see how McClellan came to this version of herself.

Thanks to Severn River and NetGalley for the reading copy.
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I received an ARC of this book, and as with all of Lyndee Walker’s I didn’t read the synopsis. Well, let me tell you, I was in for a surprise! Ranger Faith McClellan is at again. This time, Faith and her soon to be hubby Graham are caught up in a murder mystery, with a twist. When Faith receives a call from a family friend about murders going unnoticed in her small town, Faith rushes over immediately to get to the bottom of it. When Faith gets there, things aren’t exactly what they seemed. Soon Faith realizes that Kelsey Marie, teen YouTube sensation, is in danger and she’s determined to do everything she can protect her. When another murder occurs, this one even more brutal than the last, Faith knows she’s got to find out who’s behind the killings before it’s too late. 
This one will keep you turning pages and guessing until the very end.
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Thrillers are not my usual reading choice but there some authors, I just can't resist and LynDee Walker is one of them. The tension ramps up slowly at first but long before I finished reading it, I had to put the book down every few chapters just to breathe. Ms. Walker is kind enough to balance the worst of the intensity with alternate action and such interesting characters that I can't keep from jumping right backing into the amazing world that she creates. Twists and turns pile up as the murder seems to get closer and every track that Faith follows dead ends. 
If you have read the description of the book, you know that the suspicious deaths that she is called on to investigate are in fact pet pigs but like all lawmen, Faith immediately reflects on the fact that murderers, especially serial killers, usually start with animals. While she expects teasing about investigating the death of a pig on a pig farm, the ranger with a perfect record takes the situation seriously even before the first human body lands in her lap. The LEO with a perfect solve record is determine that the 4-H president, YouTube star will not be a victim any more than she already is.
My thanks to NetGalley and Severn River Publishing for allowing me to read and share my enjoyment of the 4th outstanding book in Faith McClellan series, Nowhere to Hide.
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LynDee Walker provided perfection in her latest Faith McClellan Novel.  It was so unusually gripping from the very first page, with an underlying devotion to old friends and loved ones that is the mark of Faith's life as a Texas Ranger.  Quirky quickly descends into truly horrifying as we are safely walked through terror by Faith, Graham and Archie.  Walker's writing is so crisp and descriptive that the reader is completely along for the ride.  I highly recommend 'Nowhere to Hide' and the entire series. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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I really enjoyed this and am happy to have a new series to read!  This is the first book I've read by LynDee Walker and I'm looking forward to reading more.

While Nowhere to Hide is the fourth book in the series, I was able to jump right in and thoroughly enjoy the story. Yes, you'll be missing some relationship and character development from the first three books, but it is still a very enjoyable read.
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Ranger Faith McClellan is back with a case that starts out as a pig murder and develops into a potential serial killer. With their wedding not too far off, Faith and Graham are doing what they do best -- chasing and catching perps. Thanks to a call from one of her Granny's friends, Faith gets involved in a case of a murdered pig that happened to be a YouTube star, along with his owner (Kelsey Marie). While digging for clues behind this violent act, more deaths (human and animal) start piling up, and the case has more twists than a good roller coaster. Is Faith's angst about her wedding dulling her investigative skills? Could this be the one case she doesn't close? It's an interesting plot and keeps you guessing till the end. Can't wait to see what happens with Faith and Graham in the next book.
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Thank you Severn River Publishing and NetGalley for another one Walkers extraordinary novels! 

I fell in love with LynDee Walker when I discovered her her on my Kindle Unlimited and read Fear No Truth the Faith McClellan series. That novel blew me away and I've been a fan ever since! 
So when I seen the newest book to her series I had to jump on it! 

Again the Texas Ranger Faith is back with her badass self. 
The characters are interesting. And pull in you into their story like no other.
I thought Nowhere to Hide was a fast-paced page turner filled with suspense and action from the first page to the last.
I love how Walker can grab you from the very page and send down this spiral hill full of twist and turns you never see coming! 
If you love suspenseful mysteries, with great plots and characters, check out this series!
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Nowhere to Hide by LynDee Walker is one of the most original police procedurals I've read this year.  The story revolves around a murdered pig.  Samson the pig is internet-famous, which makes it all the more upsetting when he is murdered and then the murder video is streamed onto the Youtube channel that made him famous.  Faith and her fiance Graham investigate by interviewing the owner of the pig and the manager of the Youtube channel, 17 year-old influencer, Kelsey Marie.  Who could have murdered Samson?  Was it someone trying to get to Kelsey Marie?  And what will happen if the killer moves on to murdering people?

Here is a chilling excerpt from Chapter 1:

"Murder is easy. 
It's getting away with it that's the harder part. More on that later.
Most people - probably nine out of ten - kill because they feel it's necessary. Self-defense, revenge, greed - they can all push an average person over the line. But in the aftermath, most people regret what they've done. The mark of a true predator is lack of remorse.
Think of it this way: in the animal kingdom, survival of the fittest reigns supreme. Strength and cunning prevails, and life moves on."

Overall, Nowhere to Hide is an unputdownable addition to the genre of serial killer thrillers.  I had to keep reading this book to find out who the killer is, and I ended up finishing the book in a day.  As mentioned before, one highlight of this book is the original premise.  I know that serial killers often start with animals, but it was super interesting to read about how a police officer deals with the investigation of a murdered animal.  Another highlight of this book is the main character.  Faith is an extremely relatable protagonist.  She's supposed to get married to her fiance Graham, who is also a police officer, soon, and it's great that we get to know about her personal life as well.  If you're intrigued by the excerpt above, or if you're a fan of police procedurals, you won't regret checking out this book when it comes out in November!
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Wow! What a crazy and kind of sick story! Lol this book had suspense, action, intrigue, and a bit of a gory storyline! It was a great who done it tho!! Big big surprise at the end! Didn't expect that at all ! Its definitely a book I would recommend, its well worth reading! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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LynDee Walker is an author that I found on NetGalley. There is a twist in every novel and it's always shocking. I can't wait to read every single one of her books.
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