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Babe in the Woods

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An introspective romp through the woods in this mid life memoir.  Did not finish, it felt like a weird format?
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This is the second volume of a trilogy by the author. As I said in my review of the first book, the author is an amazing person! Despite a huge amount of setbacks in her early life, she persevered and came out stronger. She lives life totally on her terms. She reminds me of the old-timey frontiersmen that I used to read about as a kid. I don't know how she deals with the isolation and lack of amenities, but she does it well.
Wakefield is such a great writer, you cannot help but fall under her spell. She will draw you in deep, so much so that you won't want the book to end.
I especially like the fact that she seems to open up even more in this book, revealing her regrets and worries more. It just makes me like her even more.
You don't have to read the books in order. This could be a stand alone volume. But I think that you would get a lot more out of it if you read the first volume first.
I can't wait for the concluding volume. I just hope that she doesn't make me wait four years again before it is issued!
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As a mother of two daughters, my heart really went out to the young girl who had to fend for herself all alone in the wild. The story is quite unforgettable and you can’t help but be glad that she’s still alive and well today! One of the recent bestselling fiction books about a child living out in the wild alone came to mind.

Some of the passages sound like they came right out of poems that the author must have written. Some parts were interesting and I found I just wanted to skip other parts.

Still, I look forward to reading how the author progresses from where she stops in this instalment.
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What a magnificent journey into the woods with a woman who is an artist and a do-it-herselfer. Loved this memoir and the rich imagery it evokes. I was able to escape to the woods of Oregon and experience the world through the eyes of someone who lives life on her terms...and that was amazing. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to appreciate art, the outdoors, and living freely.
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