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Out of Time

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Oops .. credibility stretched too far that our detective runs in her fancy shoes and bests crooks and strong men physically .. misjudged everyone around her .. all a bit too contrived. And she's supposed to be top notch .. something about her uncle and her lovers family too .. nope doesnt work ... genial and I can see efforts made ...

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Freaking LHC / CERN *STILL* Trying To Destroy The World! One of the most important websites you can check every morning is HasTheLargeHadronColliderDestroyedTheWorldYet dot com ... and here, in this action-packed continuation of the Delta Devlin series, Matthew Mather gives yet another reason this is true. One I had never even considered - passing data backward through time - ... and doing other things that are certain to go into spoiler territory to name (even without a description of this book to judge "spoiler" by) but which are truly, utterly terrifying. Mather attains the best of the creativity of a Jeremy Robinson type of science fiction writer with the "straight out of the headlines" level current/ near-future tech of a more Michael Crichton type science fiction writer - high praise indeed, considering that both of the aforementioned authors are among my all-time favorites - and he uses this skill to create a tale that can stand up against most any action-based science fiction tale out there. I for one can't wait to see what tech he tackles next in this series! Very much recommended.

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