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“The Mystery of Albert E. Finch” by Callie Hutton the 3rd instalment in the " Victorian Book Club Mystery". What an amazing follow up to book two, This is my favourite historical mystery series. Book releases on January 11, 2022  

Bath, England, 1892. Celebrated mystery author Lady Amy Lovell is set to tie the knot with Lord William Wethington, a fellow member of the Mystery Book Club of Bath. Amy's great-aunt, Lady Priscilla Granville, has offered to host their wedding at her stately Derby Manor House. But on the eve of the ceremony, the festive air in the drawing room is marred by Mrs. Alice Finch's argument with her husband, Albert, in another room. The next morning at the wedding breakfast, Alice falls face-first into her breakfast—dead.

The story pulled me in right away, I was so engrossed in it that I read in one night.  

I like how there were several stories woven into this mystery but they flowed seamlessly together.  I liked the inclusion of the disappearing parrot, Aunt Margaret’s Othello, and Amy’s dog, Persephone, that added some tension to the already on edge household.  Plus what’s happening with Michael and Eloise …

The mystery itself was well plotted, entertaining, full of twists and turns as well as a few surprises at the end.

I can’t wait for the next instalment!

I highly recommend this series to all my cozy loving friends.

I requested and received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my OWN.
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Bath, England, 1892. Celebrated mystery author Lady Amy Lovell is set to tie the knot with Lord William Wethington, a fellow member of the Mystery Book Club of Bath. Amy's great-aunt, Lady Priscilla Granville, has offered to host their wedding at her stately Derby Manor House. But on the eve of the ceremony, the festive air in the drawing room is marred by Mrs. Alice Finch's argument with her husband, Albert, in another room. The next morning at the wedding breakfast, Alice falls face-first into her breakfast—dead.

When Amy and William's favorite detectives are summoned to the house, they see two champagne glasses in front of Mrs. Finch and none in front of her husband. Did Albert give his wife a poisoned drink? Always looking for the easiest solution, the detectives charge Albert with the murder.

But Lady Amy is not convinced that Albert is guilty. There are too many things that don't add up. In the hopes of being able to leave Bath and begin their honeymoon, Amy and William once again take things into their own hands.  Suspects begin to pop up, but nothing takes them more by surprise than the discovery of a second body.  
Stuck in Bath until the whole poisonous predicament is solved, Amy and William are anxious to collar the perfidious poisoner and be on their way to their honeymoon. If they can't catch the killer, not only is their newlywed bliss under threat, but they may not live to see happily-ever-after at all.
 A laugh a minute mystery. 
Callie Hutton has written another winner. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley. This in no way affects my opinion of this book which I read and reviewed voluntarily.
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The Mystery of Albert E. Finch by Callie Hutton is set in 1891 in Bath, Somerset County, England.  Taking up where the earlier installments of this series left off, this book begins with the wedding of Lady Amy Lovell to Lord William Wethington.  Although the ceremony comes off without a hitch, the young couple are soon embroiled in another murder when a cousin of the bride dies during the wedding breakfast being hosted by a great aunt.  

As with the previous books, this murder is investigated by Detective Ralph Carson and Detective Edwin Marsh are called into action to bumble their way through this investigation.  The detectives inform the newlyweds that they are not to leave town and so they commence their own investigation so as to, hopefully, be able to go on their scheduled honeymoon.  In addition to the occurrence of the murder, Lady Amy's family residence sustains flood damage during a storm and her father, brother and aunt temporarily move in to the Wethington home with the newlyweds.  In addition to this stress, the detectives focus on the husband of the deceased as their primary suspect.  After he is arrested and charged, the barrister that Lord Wethington recommended for him is able to arrange bond for him only if the Wethingtons are willing to assume custody and responsibility for him.

Throughout this book, the author keeps the reader guessing as to the motive and therefore the culprit behind the murder as various suspects are brought to light especially after the husband of the deceased is also found dead while in the Wethington home.   Because the newlyweds are not comfortable with the "easy" solution proposed by the detectives, murder and then suicide, they continue their investigation and are asked to provide assistance to the police after their chief investigator felt there was more involved in the cases.

After several twists of the plot, the mystery is solved in an unexpected turn of events that keeps the reader guessing until the very end.  I truly hope that there are many more books ahead for this series and these characters.

I received a copy of The Mystery of Albert E. Finch through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Book 3 in the Victorian Book Club Mystery was a stumbling block for me. I read the first third, skimmed the middle part, and picked it up again near the end. The story was slow with too many ‘tis and ‘twould for my liking, and if tea were an addition, every character would need rehab. The who-done-it part had an interesting twist, but Callie Hutton had taken way too long to get there.

Not sure this is a series I would consider continuing. I enjoyed the first book, A Study in Murder, wished there was more banter between Amy and William in A Sign of Death, and book three was on the dull side.
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I will start by saying love this series!!

William and Amy have and their family have become very dear to my heart as they go about their sleuthing adventures.

In this latest installment they are celebrating their wedding and one of their guests falls face down in their plate due to poisoning.

Reminds me of another series I love that always starts with ‘Face down…’ by Kathy Lynn Emerson but I digress.

So our sleuthing duo are detained from leaving for their honeymoon by the local bumbling police who are not nice to our couple.

In order to get permission to leave our couple has to step in and solve the murder.  Along the way Lady Amy’s family has domestic issues and family pets Othello and Persephone keep disappearing and reappearing.

Our duo has to go their a ever increasing cast of suspects to solve the murder(s) and regain domestic tranquility.

5 stars and I can’t wait to their next adventure.

This is an honest review for ARC I received by NetGalley.
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Secret mystery author Amy and her new husband William have stumbled on dead bodies before, much to the disapproval of the local police. They are barely married when one of the guests at their wedding breakfast dies during the meal after drinking poisoned champagne. Suspicion immediately falls on the victim's husband who was seated next to her.

Amy and William can't help but investigate, even though they'd much rather be in Brighton Beach where they had planned a honeymoon trip. A lightweight, pleasant read with a fairly interesting mystery.

Two big minuses: hopefully the **19** instances of "smirking" characters gets caught by an editor before publication. And the honeymoon jokes get a bit repetitious after a while. Thanks to the publisher and to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Crooked Lane publishing serves a a real “go to” for those who like their mysteries without too much violence and yet with a story, characters and settings that engage the reader. This was one that I wanted to read as soon as I saw the words “Victorian Bookclub” in the subheading. As a further bonus, the story is set in Bath, a place that I have loved ever since spending a junior year abroad there.

Uh-oh, there is a murder at a wedding. The victim had been in an argument with her husband but is he the culprit? What else is going on here? Read this delightful title to find out. This book is part of a series but can be read on its own. Fans may want to look for the other titles though.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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This is the third in the Victorian Cozy series by cozy author Callie Hutton. I enjoy this series for its historical aspects. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher. My review opinions are my own.

This next in series centers around a wedding and a  murder. The sleuth was interesting to conclusion, the setting of Victorian England fun and the charcters likable. I will continue this series. It is a enjoyable  fun read for all that enjoy historical reading .
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Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the ARC. Did not realize this was a series. It was easy to follow and the characters were all likable. Will recommend
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A Wedding Afoot…?
The third outing in the Victorian Bookclub Mystery series and a wedding is afoot. When the prenuptials include a murder, however, mayhem ensues. If the real killer cannot be found in time then the nuptials may well be off. Enjoyable, lighthearted cosy mystery with a fun storyline and a colourful cast of characters. A worthy addition to the series.
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Again a very interesting story by Callie Hutton.  Once again set in Victorian England - in Bath.  Not the Victorian England I learned about from older relatives and in history at school.  I looked up Callie Hutton and found, as I thought, that she isn't English.  England has always had its quirks and odd ways, which seem to small to note, but stand out when they're not written into a book.  Like putting cream into a cup of tea - not done even by the gentry.  Partly, I think, because English cream and American cream are quitr different.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher I read a free advance review copy of the book.  This review is voluntary, honest and my own opinion.
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In Callie Hutton's latest Victorian Book Club Mystery, Lady Amy Lovell and Lord William Wethington are getting married! But during their wedding breakfast, one of Amy's relatives falls face first into her breakfast - dead! When her husband is arrested, Amy is sure they have the wrong person. Meanwhile, the newlyweds are forbidden by police from leaving Bath for their planned honeymoon in Brighton. If they ever want to start the new life together properly, it will be up to them to find the real culprit. I enjoy the characters in this series so much, they are fun and quick witted. This is actually a series I found on NetGalley and am so glad I did! Thank you to #NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of #TheMysteryofAlbertEFinch.
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I general, I love historical cozies, set in England.  Given that, I should have enjoyed this book.  Instead, because of what felt like clumsy plotting, I ended up disappointed.

The book opens with Lady Amy and Lord William getting married at Amy’s great-aunt’s house. During their wedding breakfast, one of the guests dies, poisoned.  Enter the police, Detectives Marsh and Carson.  Here’s where the book started to lose me.  These two are very antagonistic to Amy and William, yet they are assigned to the case despite having had issues with Amy and William before.  They are rude, upsetting both Lady Priscilla and Amy, causing Amy to faint.  They then demand that everyone remain at the house overnight, including locals, disrupting Amy and Williams’ honeymoon plans. 

And no one complains or questions it! These are members of the aristocracy, with titles and lots of wealth.  No one threatens to go to the detectives superiors.  No one talks about pulling in their friend from Scotland Yard whom they went to school or served with.  Later, the detectives demand that Amy and William postpone their honeymoon and not interfere / investigate.  Given that’s exactly what they did in two previous novels, one would think that the detectives would be in a hurry to get Amy and William out of town, not give them incentive to investigate.  Then there’s a few scenes that feel like they were added just for the author to demonstrate she had done some research of the period rather than adding to the plot.  Overall, it feels like the author rushed through the book, decided to rely on the detectives to push her characters around, rather than developing a more logical reason.  

I will add that having characters doing illogical things to advance the plot is one of my pet peeves; based on other reviews I’ve read, I may be over sensitive?  And some of my complaints may have been covered in early books that I have not read.

I received a free copy of this book from and voluntarily chose to review.
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Cozy, comforting murder mystery set in Bath, England, 1892.

This is the first in the Victorian Bookclub Mystery series by Callie Hutton that I've read. It was a pleasant, sometimes humorous, oft times mysterious read. It's told in the third person, past tense POV of respectively Lady Amy Lovell, late 20s, and her new husband, Lord William Wethington.

At their wedding breakfast hosted by Amy's great aunt, Amy’s cousin, Alice Finch, slumps dead at the dining table. Mr and Mr Plod, the 2 detectives assigned to the suspicious death, Detectives Carson and Marsh, go about their plodding way, irritating the newly married couple and everyone else, and making no headway at all. With barely any detective work, they arrest Alice’s husband, the eponymous Albert Finch, on suspicion of murder.

Amy is a successful mystery novelist, and she and William do their parallel investigation, under the Plods' radar. As to be expected in a murder mystery, there's a second, more surprising murder. Soon William's and Amy's home is shared with Albert Finch on home arrest under the Wethington's guardianship, Amy's brother. Michael, father, Franklin, Aunt Margaret and her Shakespeare-quoting parrot, Othello, and Amy’s dog Persephone. Far be it from going on their honeymoon, the new couple, are hemmed in at all sides, at all times, by people, pets and mayhem. This makes for humour and a light touch.

Amy and William are likeable characters, the reader is rooting for. The other main characters include Alice Finch's twin, Anabelle, Amy's best friend, Eloise, a set of relatives, a line of suspects, household serving staff and a couple of lawyers.

Some of the mannerisms and language seemed shoe-horned for late 19th century England, especially women's limited place in society; and the elegant manners of the gentry seemed overstated. The contrast of William's liberated views on feminism, was refreshing. Detective Carson's boorish, debasing views of women just paints the Plods in the couple's opposite corner.

Their solving of the murder was somewhat long-winded, due to a paucity of clues. The revealed culprit was not obvious but on my list of suspects.

Then there was the delightful mystery of the disappearing parrot, Aunt Margaret’s Othello, and Amy’s dog, Persephone, that added a measure of intrigue and frisson. Nicely resolved too.

Not so good was the repetitive nature of the suspect list, the slow investigation, and the continual references to the delayed honeymoon, which wasn't as funny as it was supposed to be. The tiff with the Plods also became predictable. The case's resolution seemed like it fell into their laps rather than good deductive work.

Amy, William and the cast of characters are entertaining, and I look forward to reading more books in the Victorian Bookclub Mystery series.

Thanks to Crooked Lane publishers, #Netgalley and the author for my advance reader copy in exchange for my review.
#TheMysteryofAlbertEFinch #NetGalley
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This is the 3rd in a series of Victorian novels set in Bath, England (1892). Normally I prefer books set in our current time, not historical and not futuristic.  This is the exception. I feel that I have gotten to know all the characters, and adore them.

The story starts with a wedding. Lady Amy Lovell is going to marry Lord William Wethington. First there is a small wedding ceremony at the local church. Then the bride & groom travel, along with their guests, to the home of Amy's great-aunt, Lady Priscilla Granville for their Wedding Breakfast. 

Before the wedding cake can even be served Amy's cousin Alice falls face-first into her breakfast—dead.

The local detectives charge the husband, as it's the easiest way to 'solve' the murder. As their investigation ends, Amy and William's investigation begins.
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This book was enjoyable.  It seemed to be a cross between Jane Austen and 
Agatha  Christie, having elements of both reflections on Victorian society and mystery.  And also, like  Austen's characters , upper crust people are featured.   As the story moves along, more dilemmas are presented to the reader concerning the identity of the murderer or murderers.  I highly recommend this book to other mystery readers.
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First off, thank you for letting me review this book! I really enjoyed the story and the characters of this book! The storyline kept me reading until I finished! I loved the characters and how well everyone connected
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This book is the third in the cozy mystery series set in the Victorian era and the two main characters are getting married when a cousin falls dead to the floor. They set out to find out who did it. 
First, I want to say that even though the book references the two previous books (which I haven’t read) I didn’t feel like it would be necessary to pick them up other than to read them for their own stories. 
I truly enjoyed the story and characters, all of whom had their own personalities and quirks—except, which is becoming a trope in cozies, the police who blunder about. I’m happy that their boss got a little mad at  their incompetence too, that makes it more of a fun thing. 
The era was also written with a finesse that didn’t make the language/customs/facts too overbearing, and it was a breath of fresh air to find such a well functioning romantic relationship that didn’t, at any time, take over the plot. 
I usually find out the killer in mysteries early, and this time, I did too. I’m not sure what tipped me off, but there wasn’t a doubt in my mind, yet, I enjoyed seeing the other clues and such laid out.

Toward the end, (around 80% on my kindle) I feel the story got a bit bogged down, but after the reveal, there’s a satisfying ending.
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I really enjoyed the previous book from this series so sat down to read this one with great anticipation. Somehow this one just didn't quite come together for me. The story seemed to be quite circular and also just a little too repetitive at times, eg  revisiting the list. of suspects, engaging in the stereotypical conflct with the police, feeling thwarted as there was to be a honeymoon. This time it felt more luck  than the investigating that resulted in the murderer being caiught.

Amy, William and the aunt are lovely characters so I'm sure we can look forwaard to  many more excting adventures in the series.

With thanks to Crooked Lane publishers, #Netgalley and the author for my advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
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*I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

Can I say just one thing? I am in LOVE with this series. This is the third book in this series and it is as good as the others before. This series is incredibly constant in the mysteries as well as the private lives. Again I could not put this book down!

In this book the big day is finally here. Lady Amy and Lord William are tying the knot. At the wedding breakfast one of the guest suddenly collapses and is found to be dead. All the indications are there that her husband is the murderer. But as always Lady Amy has doubts and the detectives have ordered for them not to go on their honeymoon. So Lady Amy and Lord William dive into another investigation of their own and uncover quite some hidden secrets.

But in their new home life as newlyweds everything isn't going that easily as well. As a married woman, Lady Amy now lives with Lord William, but water damages see that Lady Amy's Father, Brother Michael and Aunt, together with Lady Amy's dog Persephone and Aunt Margaret's Parrot also move in, which gives for some amusing scenes! But what is happening between Michael and Lady Amy's best Friend Eloise?

The ending made me feel knocked out as I had no idea who actually did it and why. This person was on my list, but I dismissed this person quite quickly. I highly recommend this series! It is so, so much fun and so incredibly well written!
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