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Mr. Squirrel Finds A Treasure

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This is a short but 'to-the-point' story about how we're slowly but surely harming and destroying our planet, with littering and the excessive use and improper disposal of plastics.

Told from the point of view of the park animals who "stage" a protest until they gain the attention of people passing by as well as news reporters, bringing to light an issue that affects both humans and animals alike.

A short book with a big and powerful message for both children and adults!
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#mrsquirrelfindsatreasure by #SusanMarieChapman is a short listen with a message. Beware of plastic treasures! #environmental messages for younger children. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thanks to #netgalley for gifting me an #arc in exchange for an honest review. #netgalleyuk #childrensbooks #canoetreehouse #teacherswhoread #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #goodreadschallenge
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This was a really cute book for children!! I loved the narrator and the story. My son enjoyed it as well!
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5/5 Stars for the audiobook.

Children's and middle-grade level books really help my brain wind down after doing a bunch of college work but I usually don't expect much from them. This book though surprisingly had a good narrator and while the performance was quite monotone (expected for kids audiobooks) there were some more "dramatic" bits that would keep a kid entertained for the short bit this book takes to get through. It was surprising that littering was a topic this author chose to write about for a kids book because it doesn't seem very entertaining but I didn't tune out even with my more bonkers than normal adhd today. Teaches little humans a good lesson and would keep them entertained for more than five minutes so 5/5 from me. 

Disclaimer: I got an audio ARC copy of this on Netgalley in exchange for a review. Also should be noted again that this is just a review of the audiobook and not the physical copy and artwork. 

(Also so sorry if any of the grammar/spelling is a bit confusing I tried to fix it but my computer made some weird and wrong corrections here and there.)
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Mr squirrel is gathering things for the winter and comes across a plastic item. Grumpy and green parrot tell him that it is dangerous and to not mess with it. Mr squirrel then gets the plastic stuck on his nose. After this they all decide that they need to let the humans know the the litter is to much. They gather up the litter and spell out stop. After the people and news see that the animals have asked for them to stop littering. This helps them have a clean park, A good story to read the children to talk about why its bad to litter. It is very harmful to animals and the environment,
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Mr Squirrel Finds a Treasure is a short (7 mins long) audio book for children about Mr Squirrel who finds a treasure but this treasure isn't of a good kind.
This book helps teach children about the dangers of litter and especially plastic in relation to animals and humans alike. 
I enjoy these books and find they have great meanings conveyed in them.  We also get to meet Grumpy The Iguana again too in this book! 
This is a great book for children for journeys in the car or even as bedtime story.
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Cute, short and sweet children's book that I listened to the audiobook of.  The narration was well done and I think a child would really enjoy this book.  It also sends a good message about not littering and is a feel good story.  Recommend for 2-3 year old children.
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The narrator is very good and makes the voices sound fun to listen to. The story is also very well written, easy to follow and fun for children.
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So much fun! Great narration, perfect audio for littles to read along with the physical book. Sure to be a family favorite
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Plot: Environment centric
How plastic is dangerous for everyone around us. Even animals can sense it & design methods to avoid plastic usage.

Recommend audience: For children  below the age of 5
The narration of the story & voice modulation is good.

Too small (8 minutes) story for adults.
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A straightforward tale of friendship and environmentalism.  Nice to see such positive actions modeled for kids.  I loved the narration - the voices added a lot to each character and the message.
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Mr Squirrel Finds a Treasure is a lovely but important story, that helps to teach children the dangers of plastic and litter to both animals and humans alike. The audiobook is only 7 minutes long, but it's a sweet story that's well narrated. We enjoyed it and look forward to the next book in the series.
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Fun, exciting and adventurous story, Wonderful ilustrativos,. My kids loved this book and I am sure others will too.,
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I wanted to listen to the children's audio book to see if it would be suitable for my 3 year old granddaughter.  Unfortunately, I don't think it would hold her attention.  The audio book is 7 minutes long, a good length. I did not like the narrator, although, to be fair, the voice changes were okay.  The message is good and the illustrations by NATALIA LOSEVA are excellent!

I give a 2 star rating. 

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Adorable! Susan Chapman has created the cutest little story, this is PERFECT for my niece. 

Thank you for my copy, I can't wait to buy it for my niece as a Christmas gift.
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Great message to kids about why we don’t litter! Me. Squirrel and his friends leave a message to the humans in the park and they help clean it up.
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Mr. Squirrel finds a treasure indeed!! it REALLY a treasure?!? 
Mr. Squirrel, Grumpy Iguana, and Green Parrot live in sunny Miami and it is a sweltering day! 
Grumpy Iguana and Green Parrot help Mr. Squirrel as he tries to dislodge a piece of trash. Teamwork helps get the trash free. Shockingly, Iguana and Parrot realize Squirrel is carrying a PLASTIC bag!! "Toxic!! Not good for the environment", they say. Mr. Squirrel hears them but insists that the plastic will do wonders for him in the hurricane season, keeping his hole in the tree nice and dry. 
All of a sudden, Mr. Squirrel has the plastic bag stuck to his face, and again, with teamwork, they help him get free. All three of them realize. as they look around the park, there is way too much trash that is bad for the environment. 
Find out what happens when they put their heads together and come up with a plan to remind humans that our world is precious and we all need to lend a hand to keep it safe and clean.
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This is a very short story about littering.

The length of this story makes it something easy to incorporate into a classroom- especially for preschool aged kids with short attention spans.

The story was very amateurish. Which is fine for certain age groups. The message is good.

I listened to the audiobook. It is very short- just over 7 minutes. The narrator does a very good job establishing different voices for each character.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This is an adorable book and part of a series that has the characters, Grumpy the Iguana, the Green Parrot, and now Mr. Squirrel 🐿 is introduced. He is in a tree and thinks he has found something great, but Grumpy tells him he has found a piece of plastic and that is very dangerous for the environment. 

The Squirrel does soon realize this and they are all upset. The Green Parrot thinks of a great way to teach people not to litter. 

I love listening to this series. It is a terrific way to teach children about the environment and how it’s important to be careful not to throw trash on the ground ever. The Book is done in a fun and loving way, but sends an important message. 

I like listening to the audio, but am considering buying these as books for my cousin. I would give this 5* if it was in book format, as I love to see the illustrations in children’s books. 

Thank you NetGalley, Susan Marie Chapman and IBPA for a copy of this audio book.
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Received audio copy of. #Mr. Squirrel Finds A Treasure for review from NetGalley. 

The narrator was wonderful, useing different voices for the characters. And the audit is quick, so good for a short drive with young children.

The book has a message about the impact of trash on wild life. 

I shared the audio with my 8 yr old grandson son and he thought the voices were good but was not impressed by the story ( would be better for younger children)
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