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Super cute! I played this for my kids in the car while drove and they thought it was awesome.

Thanks Netgalley for my ARC in exchange for my honest review
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#twoifbysea is another #environmental listen from #susanmariechapman #grumpytheiguana and #thegreenparrot head out for an adventure on the sea and the message here is #savetheturtles ⭐️⭐️⭐️ another fun read for little children. Many thanks to #netgalley for gifting me an #arc in exchange for an honest review. #netgalleyuk #childrensbooks #teacherswhoread #readersofinstagram #bookstagram #goodreadschallenge
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In Two if by Sea we are back with Grumpy the Iguana and the Green Parrot for their next adventure.  They are headed fishing but first are met again with pollution in the ocean.  By the time they figure out this is a balloon and not a fish they have veered off course and found themselves lost.  To the rescue is a giant sea turtle who can guide them home, but he has a man-made problem of his own that he needs help with.  With a shout out to the turtle rehab facilities in the Florida Keys the new friends make a plan to get home and get the sea turtle the help he needs.
While the environmental issues are more subtle in this one (compared to Mr Squirrel finds a Treasure) they are still present and great discussion starters with your children.  They may not be as easy for the kids to pick up on depending on their ages without the parent-led discussion, however.
My kids have asked to listen to this one (and Mr. Squirrel) several times since first listening a couple weeks back and I don't see them slowing down on the requests soon.
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My cousin just had her second baby and I want to get her some more books. 2 years ago when she had her daughter, I sent her an adorable animal backpack for young children filled with classic books. She loved it. So now I am looking for some books a little different. She is a math teacher, loves science, was raised on a farm with many different animals, and cares deeply for the environment. Her husband shares these values. 

I got an Audio copy of Two if by Sea, but am really glad to see it is a book as well. I think I will order this one. 

The story is terrific. Grumpy the Iguana and The Green Parrot go out on a Sailboat. They are going Fishing. This is a wonderful way to read to children about saving the environment. At first they think they have caught a big Red Fish, but realize it is a balloon. That is a good thing though, since balloons are bad for Fish and can kill them. 

Next, they find a Sea Turtle with a broken shell. Luckily, Grumpy knows all about an animal hospital that can save the Turtle. I found out places like this really do exist. So, Grumpy and The Green Parrot don’t catch any fish, but save a creatures life. 

So, endearing and adorable characters. Funny, too. I gave it 4* because I had the audio version and would love to have seen the pictures. I liked listening for myself, but would much rather have the book. It was a good way to find out about the book and see if I liked the story. I did. 

Thank you NetGalley, Susan Chapman, and IBPA for an Audio copy. I really appreciate it.
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Gives out an important message and provides you with a scope for having a conversation with your child about it. I was a bit aprehensive at the beginning but the ending got me.
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Two If By Sea is a quaint picture book that does not leave a strong impression, which could either be a good or bad thing. This is definitely a title to check out at the library before deciding on purchasing it.
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Thanks to NetGalley for giving me this advanced copy of this book, and my legitimate thanks to the author, for giving me the opportunity to read his book.

Well, This story, sorry but. It's hella bored. It has 9 min, tho.  It should be noted that it is a very complete history. However, it didn't convince me, it didn't hook me.
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Susan Chapman has done it again. She does a fantastic job of teaching important lessons for our kids in a very cute and heartwarming way. The narrator was also great. He speaks very clearly and with just the right tone.
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This was a really cute audiobook. My kids enjoyed listening to it. I liked how the narrator used different voices for the characters. Great for keeping kids entertained in the car! I received a free copy of this audio book from netgalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
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I am really enjoying these Frumpy Iguana books. They show friendship, helpfulness, environmentalism all wrapped up in cute stories kids will love.
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What a wonderful little story! My 5 year old loves this and we listen to this on repeat most nights! Grumpy &  the green parrot's adventure to on the sea helps us learn a thing or two about pollution & helping others. It helps the children understand how human life is interfering with marine life and how the aquatic beings are being affected. On the other hand, when Grumpy and the parrot help the Giant sea turtle, we understand how important it is to support each other in our community and in turn gain some great friendships!
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A Review of
Two If By Sea by Susan Marie Chapman,
illustrated by Natalia Loseva

I listened to this book with my 5 year old grandson. He thoroughly enjoyed the book and I really appreciated the environmental themes I have found in Susan Chapman's stories. We are fans!

Grumpy the Iguana and his friend Green Parrot go off on a fishing trip. Their adventure does not go as originally planned but they do make a difference by saving some aquatic lives.
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it is so cute and funny, 
I loved the narrator's voice, and the idea that the story is based on.
it is representation of the idea that what matters rather than the end is the journey and company
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Format: audiobook
Author: Susan Chapman ~ Title: Two if by Sea ~ Narrator: Trevor Goble
Content: 2 stars ~ Narration: 4 stars

Two if by Sea is my third audiobook in the Grumpy the Iguana and Green Parrot Adventure series.

Even though this is a simple and short story, I was confused a few times listening to this. I know this is a children’s book, but I believe facts must be reasonable to a certain degree. Why would iguana and parrot go fishing in the first place? Would herbivorous animals go fishing? Couldn’t they go kayaking, or maybe supping? And why was Grumpy born in a turtle hospital? I didn’t find the parrot’s joke funny at the end of the story. What’s with the title?

It’s almost nine minutes long, and it is meant for preschool children. I liked the first two audiobooks in the series, but unfortunately, I didn’t like and wouldn’t recommend this one. The narration is nice.
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Pollution in the sea, oh no.
But all is not lost with friends to be made.
Nice children's book of not to be litterbugs.
Great narrator also.
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#TwoIfBySea #NetGalley
Thank you, author Susan Chapman, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), and NetGalley for an audiobook version in exchange for my honest review.

Narrator, Trevor Goble, does a fun and expressive reading of the story, and uses varying tones and speed of speech to easily distinguish each of the characters.

Grumpy the Iguana and Green Parrot plan a day of adventure and fishing aboard the Pardon Me, but they end up only catching a Red Balloon, after which they lose their way.  Upon spotting an island, they also come across Mr. Giant Sea Turtle who has been hurt by a speeding boat and needs medical attention because he can swim, but he can’t dive.
The three work together to help each other, so that Grumpy and Green Parrot arrive home safely and Giant Sea Turtle gets the help he needs, and they all become friends!
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This was a cute stories about grumpy and the green parrot going out to sea to catch a fish and ended up getting lost and making a friend
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I was given an advance audiobook in exchange for an honest review.  The iguana and big green bird have been talking of this fishing trip and now they are going to quit talking about it and go out on their boat and do some fishing.  They think they have hooked a big red fish. Well I will say it wasn’t the fish that they had hoped for, which was disappointing, but they do make a new lifelong friend which is better than catching a fish anyway.  Yes I would recommend this to a friend.
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I like the idea of two friends, Grumpy and Green, having a day relaxing together and even when things don’t go as we hope they find a way to make the best of it.  I like they that teach caring and helping others, and helping the environment.  Sadly, on the flip side, I was given a audiobook to review thanks to NetGalley and IBPA. The audiobook loses some of it imagination for little ones without the pictures to attach.  Last note, I don’t understand why Grumpy was born in a turtle habitat?
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Narrator 5 stars

Story 5 stars
My 5 year old and 2. 5 year old both really enjoyed listening to this series while they were in the bath. Definitely a book I would add to their collection.
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