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First Girl to Die (Detective Morgan Brookes Book 4)

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First girl to die by Helen Phifer is another fantastic episode in the Detective Morgan Brookes series and the fourth book.
When Morgan Brookes goes to investigate a suicide of a schoolteacher that had fallen of school roof. She discovers it is her old school friend Brittany that she hasn’t seen for years. When she discovers that Brittany wasn’t acting her usual behaviour and was mumbling incoherently something is not quite right. When the tox reports come back they discover that there is high level of a poison herb in her blood. That is linked to an herbal tea that her Aunt Ettie sells. 
When another of her old school friends Sienna is found naked and acting strangely in the nearby caves and intoxicated with the same herb. Everything is linked to her Aunt Ettie. Can Aunt Ettie be a killer? What is her motive? Or is this linked to a tragic day years ago when their friend Brad fell to his death.
Thank you Bookoutre one again for a copy of First Girl to die by Helen Phifer.
This is another gripping episode in the series from the author. I liked the way that it is a police procedural but also has a bit of a supernatural element to it regarding Aunt Ettie. It has a great storyline and I like how the story delves into Morgan’s past and find out who Morgan is and showing a bit of vulnerability in her. Police are not perfect they have their own problems to bare. The only question I have. Will Morgan get it together with Ben or not? I can’t wait to read the next book to find out. 5 stars from me.
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An incident from her past comes full circle in this thriller. When friends from her school cicle start dying Morgan must try to revisit her school days. An enjoyable read
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This is the fourth book in this series and they just keep getting better and better.

Old school friends of Detective Morgan Brookes are dying. As the investigation begins, Morgan’s convinced it has something to do with an incident involving the friends when they were teenagers. As she delves into the past, can Morgan discover who wants them dead and why?

Another good addition to this series. Fast paced with plenty of twists to keep you guessing; this is a compelling read. I am looking forward to the next one.
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Yessss, a new book starring Detective Morgan Brookes was next on my list and that certainly can be considered a treat (one of the many LOL).

She is a police officer in her hometown and unfortunately this means some of the victims she finds on her way are people she know, but this time she seems to know them quite well. It's indeed a case that is very, very close to home. Maybe a bit too close to home. 

Morgan has always been and still is a bit an odd one out. She does not really belong, does not really have friends, likes to be on her own, but from time to time, she does start to feel lonely and longs for some company. 

I admire her. She does not change her looks in order to become part of a group. She is the way she is and who does not accept her for being who she is, tough luck. :)

People do like her, do accept her, do love her. There is of course the connection she feels to fellow officer Ben, but it seems like it's more like an elastic band. It looks likes they are growing closer... Oh, no, it's seems they don't really... Oh, yes look, they do... ;)

A book I enjoyed a lot. 5 stars

Thank you
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Although this is the fourth book in the Detective Morgan Brookes series, it was the first book that I’d read and that really didn’t disadvantage it at all. I will definitely be going back to read books 1 – 3 though purely because I really love Helen’s writing style and the main characters many of which are reoccurring throughout the series.

I also love a Crime Thriller that keeps you guessing right up until the end and this book did exactly that. Unexpected twists and turns are the key to keeping the reader interested and there were plenty throughout. I’m already looking forward to the next publication in this addictive series. I especially like the back story coming through of Morgan’s past too. It doesn’t detract from the main storyline but instead compliments it well.

We are so honoured as well that the name of our bookish shop has been featured in this book – keep an eye out for Tea Leaves and Reads!
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I was gripped reading the new crime thriller from this unique writer Helen Phifer, book four, D C Morgan Brookes is back with another amazing story that will have you hooked from the start.
Rydal Falls police station and what is instore for Morgan and the crew today in this small town she picks up her college Ben Matthews and heads up to the Priory School its going to be a busy day and this case will hit her hard, with lots more to follow, as you read on lots of accidents are happening to people from her past and they not a pretty sight, I love this series and this has to be my favourite so far. your heading into some gruesome cases someone is out there for revenge. I loved it.
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Wow! Just wow! I was patiently waiting for the Morgan Brooke series to come out soon and finally it came and boy, I was not disappointed at all!

Though I did not leave a favorable review on Book 3, I must say, Book 4 is so much better that I enjoyed it so much!

Detective Morgan Brooke was called to a school where her old friend from school, Britanny, after taking in the herbal tea and apparently muttering to herself jumps out of the window, dead. A few days later, Sienna, another friend of Morgan from school was found naked inside a cave in the woods, with no recollection of how she ended up naked in a cave although she too had taken the herbal tea as well. All these herbal teas are purchased from Morgan's aunt Ettie who becomes the viable suspect. But Morgan believes that these things are connected to an incident that happened many years which involved the death of a student...

From the first chapter to the end was intense and intriguing that I was literally hooked from the beginning to the end.. This was actually an unusual homicide case and I couldn't help wondering--is Ettie Morgan's aunt the killer? Or is someone else responsible? And for what???  This book is such a page turner filled with unexpected twists and turns and the ending was a OMG moment!!! There were some funny parts in the book which was laughable and Morgan Brookes has become a favorite female protagonist in my book. 

So I'll summarize the whole book in one go

--intriguing, intense and a complete page turner
--fast paced, twisty with unexpected turns--a plus sign for a good thriller
--You'll soon learn to love Morgan Brooke and her partner Ben (not love partner, work partner)
--AND love the plot

Overall, I give this book five stars!

Note:- If you really want to read this book, do you have to read book 1. I think I'll recommend reading book 1 before jumping directly to book 4. 

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.
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I love and hate this series in equal measures. This book just like the others are fast paced with good storylines. But seriously!! How much bad luck can one detective have? It's starting to grate a little and detracts from the enjoyment.
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Right now I', wondering what is wrong with people who have not ready the Detective Morgan Brookes series, and why they are not stopping what they are doing to get their hands on the latest book in the series. Even if I'd try, I could not praise this book highly enough. It is "stop the press" good!

Morgan's old group of friends seems to be in trouble. One "commits suicide", another one is found going insane where an old friend, and crush of many, died years ago. However, turns out there is someone who is trying to murder them one by one.

Another excellent addition to this crazily addictive series. The writing is extraordinarily good, and the story is so enchanting that I had to read it in one sitting. Hail to the queen of detective stories! Utterly gripping! Made me wonder why I do anything else in life than read.
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This was brilliant, such a page turner - stayed up well later than my bed time to finish this. I really cant say much more than this as it was so good but if I say anything I am going to spoil it. 

Do yourself a favour,  discover this series and read the books. 

I was given an advance copy by the publishers and net galley but the review is entirely my own.
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Morgan, Morgan, Morgan…. Trouble finds this girl without her even looking.  In this 4th book, Morgan is called to a primary school where a teacher has locked herself in a staff room.  Before Morgan and Ben are able to resolve the situation the teacher throws herself out the window.  Morgan recognizes the woman as an old high school friend and so starts the latest adventure where Morgan’s best friend crew is dying under mysterious circumstances.  This is a solid book in this series.  The will, they won’t they or Morgan and Ben is becoming a bit much and will hopefully become clearer in the next book.
All in all a good solid read.  Look forward to the next one.  Thanks NetGalley and publisher for the opportunity to read this book.
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Another fantastic book in the series. I was hooked from the first page, a fast paced read, full of twists and turns. Fantastic characters and a few laughs along the way. Perfect book
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Detective Morgan Brookes, despite her short time on the force, seems to be a magnet for murder and mayhem. When she and her boss are called to a local school to handle a teacher acting crazy, Morgan is surprised to find that she is an old school pal. The teacher throws herself out of a window and dies on impact, and the search for answers begins. When another of her high school mates is found wondering in the wilderness half-naked and a third dies while dancing in the middle of a road at night, Morgan believes that the cases are linked to the "accidental" death of a young man from years ago. All the current victims were part of a camp out in high school where the man died. Morgan would have been there had her father not grounded her. Can she solve the mystery before anyone else, including herself, dies? Complicating her life is the attraction between Morgan and her boss. Will Morgan ever have a social life?
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Great read. Loving the books. Fast paced. Great characters. Can't wait to see what happens in the series.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review
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First off  like always I  want to say a  huge  thank you to the publisher Bookouture, the author  Helen Phifer, and to NetGalley for the invite to join this blog tour as well as letting me read and review it. As soon as I saw this I knew that I was going to say yes because its part of a series that I'm 100 % loving and after reading book 3 I knew that I had to have more of it . I mean come on the publisher is Bookouture and thanks to them I've found a lot of new to me series, authors and have been able to continue with series that have since became some of my all time favorite books to read. And this book was just what I needed at this time since I've been in a some what reading slump and as you knew if your a reader those aren't fun at all. So picking up a book from an author that i liked and part of a series that I love , as well as by Bookouture I knew that I would be in the ride of my life, and I was right , because the story line a fast paced page turner that I couldn’t put down or even want to put down the entire time I was reading it, I kept telling myself when I started it that I would read to just 25% and then I would stop for the day but the next time I checked to see how far I was into the book I found out that I was already at 48% , that's how hooked I was. I loved how the author used the information about toxic herbs and how used in a shorting way they wasn't consider harmful but used in other ways they could be deadly . I was also happy to see more of Morgan, Ben and their team as well as more about Morgan's past before she became a cop, and I will have to say that my new all time favorite character is her Aunt. Because even though the topic was serious there was times her Aunt had me smiling and just laughing at what she said to Ben. With that said I can't wait to see what happens next.
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Another great wild ride. I really like Morgan, she is wicked smart. And if it’s ok I would like to kick Ben. lol

This was all about secrets from the past clashing with secrets from the present. I’m really I retested to see where this series is going.
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What an enjoyable police procedural that was.   Well written characters and although it’s the 4th in the Detective Morgan Brookes series, I hadn’t read the others and, it read well as a stand-alone.  

Briefly, when Morgan and her colleague Ben are called to the scene of a possible suicide attempt Morgan couldn’t know that an old school friend was about to jump out of a window.  Before she jumped her erratic behaviour made it appear as though she had been taking drugs. But Morgan is convinced that this wasn’t suicide.  Shortly afterwards she is called to another scene where another friend from school is close to death, she had also been exhibiting signs of erratic behaviour. When traces of poison are found in both victims Morgan starts to look back at her school days for clues as to why they were targeted.  Why are her friends being poisoned?  Can she prevent further murders ?

I love the relationships between the various police officers and the way Morgan and Ben are clearly skirting around their mutual attraction. Someone needs to bang their heads together.  Enough twists and turns kept me guessing pretty much until the end.  This was a great read and recommended 4.5⭐️

My thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture and the author for an ecopy arc in exchange for an honest review
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i so love this series , they always keep you gripped and wanting more .Detective constable Morgan is asked to go to a school as they cant get hold of ben to be a negotiator at Priory Grove School a teacher is threatening to jump out of a window ,Morgan gets a shock when she gets there as it is her old schoolfriend Brittany . Ben manages to get there to but hungover its would have been his wife s birthday , but its to late she jumps before they can talk to her the other teachers say she was acting so strange ,Morgan is so shocked as Brittany had said Brad s name who died tragically the night she was not allowed to go with them .is someone out for revenge what did happen that night will Morgan and Ben finally get together you will have to read to find out loads of twist and turns so dam good
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Book 4 in this terrific series.So well written so many twists turns and surprises.Helen Phifer never fails to draw me in ,involve me and keep me turning the pages late into the night.Looking forward to next in series#netgalley#bookouture
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Wow!  First Girl To Die was a fast paced page turner that I couldn’t put down. 

In this fourth instalment of the Detective Morgan Brookes series we see Morgan try to catch a killer who is targeting a group of friends from her past. As Morgan connects with people she hasn’t seen in years, and more people become targets, we are sent on a ride chasing a killer as Morgan is left wondering who will be next. 

Just like all of the books of this series pieces of Morgan’s past are woven into the story as we learn more about her. 

I love how this series has built on the characters in each novel. I also love how this series has moments of humour you don’t often find in these thrillers. 

First Girl To Die is page turning read that keeps you guessing until the very end. Unlike the last instalment of this series, where I knew right away who the suspect was, this one kept me second guessing. 

Can’t wait for the next one.

Thank you to Net Galley, Bookouture, and Helen Phifer for this ARC in exchange for an honest review. As always, all thoughts are my own.
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