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I picked this one thinking it is going to be about a cute grandmother story but it is so much more than that.

This story follows three sisters - Jill, Rachel and Brooke who just recently lost their Nana Rose and now need to come together to decide what to with Nana Rose’s house on Dune Island which they have inherited. The girls used to spend their holidays with Nana Rose and have very fond memories there. Before they could make a decision, Nana Rose has other plans for them. She wanted the girls to spend some time together in her home one last time.

As they settled into their holiday, the sisters begin receiving letters that Nana Rose left for them, each one arriving every day. Each sister is struggling to cope with their own lives but through the letters, they not only learnt about Nana’s painful secret past but they also realised how important they are to each other and learnt to be as strong as their Nana.

This was a lovely story that focuses on the importance of family and strength. I loved waiting for Nana’s letter each day and I love how close the sisters are. The setting was so calm and peaceful that I feel like taking a vacation there too! As much as I loved the story, I wished there were Nana Rose chapters where she told her story in real time because I felt that her feelings and thoughts were not explored enough. I wanted to know more!

Overall, this was an enjoyable and light read for me. Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for the arc.
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Jill, Brooke and Rachel are sisters who spend summers every year at Nana Rose's summer home until three years ago when she became ill. They needed to rent the house on Dune Island to pay for the nursing home she was living in. She has died and the sisters have inherited the house. Nana Rose's final request was that they spend two weeks together on the island before they decide what to do with her estate. She has also written them a series of letters that get delivered daily, sharing secrets that she had never even shared with their father. The sisters have secrets of their own. Will they decide to keep or sell the summer house? Will they share their troubles with each other and support whatever decisions need to be made?

Jill is the youngest of the sisters and looks up to them with their great jobs and wonderful families. She is not jealous, but wishes she had more in her life. Brooke and Rachel are both married with children, but living further away, don't want to spend summers at Dune Island anymore and vote to sell Nana Rose's summer house. I loved the way the sisters loved each other and want to support one another, but when you are not honest, how can you do that. Outward appearances are not always honest. Rachel runs a successful business with her husband but she is penny pinching to the extreme and is pretty adamant to sell while Brooke seems more focused on the arrangements for her wedding vow renewal ceremony and second honeymoon than on what is happening at Sea Breeze Lane. That is, until the letters share some secrets and get the women talking. Kristin Harper has created wonderful characters. The sisters were realistic, and having three of my own, I could feel that love of family and a shared past. I really liked Alex, the arborist who comes to rescue the women when they are trapped following a storm. He became someone that Jill could develop a relationship with. I enjoyed hearing Nana Rose's story and the sisters discussions, feelings and anger at times while reading the letters. More than anything, this book was about family, bonds, secrets, love and what you will do to protect those you love. There was even a light romance, but that was a very small part of the story. Although A Letter From Nana Rose was not as emotional as I thought it would be, I enjoyed the journey the sisters went on during their time at Dune Island and with Nana Rose's story. If you enjoy stories about families and their secrets, as well as love and familial bonds, then I recommend you pick this one up.
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What a great read! Thank you NetGalley for my copy of A Letter From Nana Rose by Kristen Harper. A heartfelt story about three close sisters brought together to hear their Nana’s story.. Nana passed away, but wrote a series of letters to the girls before her passing. The letters outline her life and includes a confession. We also learn a secret from each of the sisters and how they come together in the end.  I will be recommending this book. I already included it in my book club’s list of books to read and discuss.
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A lovely story of a 3 sisters and a letter left from Nanna rose on her passing! Set in a beautiful setting. This book is absorbing and uplifting perfect for a night in, cosy by the fire!
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Title:  A letter from Nana Rose by Kirsten Harper
Genre: Domestic Fiction
Rating: ⭐️⭐️
Verdict: First, let me extend my warmest thanks to @netgalley for allowing me to read this arc but; it pains me to write this, but Whilst I enjoyed the premise of the novel, it didn’t wow me. It became a little predictable, and our three sisters were bland and not very memorable; it reminded me of a budget hallmark movie. The only themes that cropped up were family, friendship and secrets reminiscent of an afternoon soap opera. Nothing stuck out for me whilst reading.
The only highlight of the novel for me was the intriguing life of our fiery nana rose that we saw through flashbacks and the clever use of the epistolary format that broke up the tiresome feelings often reiterated by our sisters. I did, however, enjoy the historical fiction elements and the accuracy, the fact that Nana Rose’s story was exciting and emotionally immersive it was fantastic, and if I were judging the novel on this element alone, it would have been an easy four stars, it was the modern aspects that let it down.
I found this to be a trend in publishing right now regarding the different viewpoints and timelines, and when done well, it can give an overall picture of a  theme, but on this occasion, it just came off as rather clumsy. Maybe I’m just bored with domestic fiction? I don’t know. 
Moving on finally to pace and tension, our author tried to incite drama and romance throughout the novel, and at times it did work, but by the majority, I felt the climax and execution fell flat. This was a significant factor in my review process because l have found that tension is vital for the success of these types of novels.
I would say this is perfect PG reading but if you want some grit, look elsewhere. I respectfully reserve the right to my opinion by no means need to offend. I only critique in the hope that our author can improve.
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I truly enjoyed the novel, A Letter from Nana Rose by Kristin Harper. This book has a mystery that needs to be solved by letters from nana to her granddaughters. It truly keeps the reader in suspense and you can't wait until the next letter appears. This story involves the lives of three sisters and how their present lives affect how to deal with nana's cottage. Thank you to net galley for allowing me to read this novel before it was published.
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Fans of Sarah Morgan and Debbie Macomber will be completely charmed by Kristin Harper’s warm-hearted, witty and emotional new novel, A Letter from Nana Rose.

When Jill’s beloved Nana Rose dies, her grand-daughter was absolutely heartbroken. Having been left the honeysuckled beach house alongside her two feuding sisters, Jill is determined to do whatever it takes to convince her siblings not to sell. The beach house is full of wonderful memories of happier days and cherished childhood summers and Jill is not about to let her sisters sell the home that means so much to her so easily. However, Jill is stunned by what is discovered at the beach house: the promise of a daily letter from dear Nana Rose revealing the shocking family secrets she took to her grave.

Jill can barely wait to receive her grandmother’s letters. Nana Rose’s missives are full of revelations about her own dear sister whom she loved dearly and lost far too early. The more Jill and her siblings discover about their grandmother, the more they wonder why Nana Rose’s earlier life is shrouded in mystery. Why did her grandmother never speak to them about her past? And why did she never mention her sister to them?

At Dune Island, Jill and her sisters are forced to spend time together and as old ghosts are laid to rest and deeper bonds formed, they all realise that they haven’t been this close in years. Things are definitely looking up for Jill as she has even found herself drawn to handsome tree surgeon Alex. Being at Dune Island seems to have been the answer to all of Jill’s prayers – until her grandmother’s last letter arrives and the final family secret is revealed which could end up jeopardizing her entire future – and her relationship with Alex.

Just when happiness was within her reach, fate is threatening to take everything away from her. Can Jill find a way forward with her family and the man she has grown to care for? Or will Nana’s secret end up ruining all of their lives?

Kristin Harper’s A Letter from Nana Rose is an intensely emotional tale about healing from the past, life’s unexpected blessings and forging forward that tugs at the heartstrings and will delight readers with a wonderful blend of humour, poignancy, wit and charm.

Kristin Harper’s A Letter from Nana Rose is an absorbing, uplifting and enchanting tale perfect for snuggling up with on a rainy autumn afternoon.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Set on Dune Island in the present time with flash backs to earlier times. Jill and her two sisters inherit their grandmothers house on Dune Island. Jill’s two sisters want to sell the house but Jill wants to keep it.
Their grandmother requested that the three girls spend a short time in the house for a holiday before making a decision. During the time at the house regular letters written by their grandmother are delivered.
Jill and her sisters eagerly wait for the delivery of each letter.
 I loved the way their grandmother Rose revealed the secrets of her life.
This was about families, grief and secrets.
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Started slowly and things were revealed slowly yet I figured out the big secret early on. This is an up and down story of family
Thank you netgalley and the publisher for this arc
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This was my first read by Kristin Harper and I immediately bought another of her books after finishing! I loved the descriptive setting and watching all of the secrets unfold. All of the sisters seem flawed, messy, and real. Overall it was a great cozy read with a sweet romance being secondary, and the main focus being on the relationships of the sisters both past and present.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I wish I could have read it in one sitting. Fabulous story and the girls await delivery of notes from deceased Nana Rose. I cannot explain more or I will spoil things for the reader. Buy it, devour it with a cuppa and then maybe a glass of wine at the end of a day. Perfect to relax to 10/10
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A Letter from Nana Rose by Kristin Harper is a contemporary women’s fiction title that does have a touch of romance blended into the story. This novel tells the story of three sisters that have lost their grandmother and now need to come together to decide what to do with their inheritance.

Jill, Rachel, and Brooke have found memories of their time growing up and that of what they spent with their Nana Rose. When Nana passed she asked that the girls return to Dune Island, Massachusetts to spend time together in her home that they have now inherited before they make the decision of what to do with the home.

As Jill, Rachel, and Brooke are settling in their grandmother’s secluded beach home in Dune Island they are unfortunately just in time for a storm. With a tree falling blocking them in the sisters settle in and begin reading the letters that Nana left for them, a new one arriving every day. With each sister struggling with their own lives they learn secrets of their Nana’s past they never knew existed.

A Letter from Nana Rose by Kristin Harper was a lovely story about family, forgiveness and the strength of all the women involved. I loved getting to know the characters and more about their lives as I waited along with them to hear more of the past that the letters uncovered. The setting was lovely too as I rooted for Jill to convince her sisters to keep the home they all had memories of as I came to adore their grandmother and her home too.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.
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Another brilliant book by Kristin Harper which I totally loved.  Although an emotional read in places it had me gripped from the beginning and I found it incredibly difficult to put down.

Kristin definitely captivated me, and I was there with the sisters, Rachel, Brooke and Jill eagerly awaiting the next letter from their Nana Rose.

A book that kept me reading into the early hours and then I was disappointed when I had finished it.

I would definitely recommend this, and it is a very worth five stars. 

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the advanced copy and my review is totally voluntarily
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Secrets and family…everyone has something they are not talking about.  
Three sisters go to their grandmothers house after she passes away.  Nana Rose has requested they stay 2 weeks in the family beach house.  Once they arrive, they are told by the lawyer they are to receive a letter a day from their grandmother.  What will they come to discover when reading the letters?  
Beautifully written novel that will have you laughing as well as crying.
Thanks to NetGalley, Bookouture  and author, Kristin Harper, for the opportunity to read this book for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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This is different to what I normally read but I'm glad I gave it a try.

It was a romantic and sweet read and was a refreshing read to what I normally read.

The cover is eye catching and appealed to me too.

Highly recommend
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I enjoyed reading Kristin Harper’s Aunt Ivy’s Cottage and this one was a pleasure to read as well.

Three sisters inherit their grandmother’s home on the beautiful Dune Island. While their memories of their grandmother and parents, all now deceased, are happy ones, will they be enough for them to decide to keep the home. The story is told from the perspective of Jill although not in the first person. Jill is the one fighting to keep the family home and the memories they share intact. But she really can’t afford to pay off her sisters, both of who are very keen to sell for reasons of their own.

Then the letters that their Nana Rose left for them start to arrive and they’re drawn into her story. Will what they learn about their family history change their decision?

A sweet romance and a lovely story of a bond between sisters of two generations – Nana Rose and her sister and Jill and her sisters. How these bonds help them to rise beyond their own needs and put the needs of their sisters and family first.
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Grieving the loss of their beloved Nana Rose, Rachel, Brooke and Jill meet once again at Nana Rose's house on Dune Island, Massachusetts. Filled with happy memories of holidays, and family gatherings, the sisters have to make the momentous decision to either keep, or sell, the estate. It soon becomes obvious that each of the women have different viewpoints and during the ten days they spend at the cottage, Brooke, Rachel and Jill have some big decisions to make which is influenced by the arrival of a series of letters from Nana Rose.

The author takes us right into the heart and soul of the novel and with clever flashbacks we move forwards and backwards through time learning about the sisters, and Nana Rose, in the process. The sisters are a good mix of personalities, sometimes they're frosty towards each other and I smiled at the petty bickering which is so reminiscent of sibling rivalry. The touristy life on Dune Island is brought to life and I enjoyed how the author took us around the place, sampling food from The Clam Shack and delicious sounding almond croissants from the bakery. There's a warm hearted intimacy to the story which makes you feel close to the characters just as if you are settling in, with them, to watch the beauty of the bay and see sunset over Dune Island.

Finding the secrets of the past is the only way to go forwards and in this lovely story, we learn so much more about the sisters as they try to set aside their differences in order to come up with a decision which works for all of them, just as Nana Rose wanted them to do.

Beautifully written with a charming observational style, A Letter from Nana Rose is such a pleasure to read.
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I’ll grant you, A Letter from Nana Rose is not normally the type of book I’d gravitate toward. I prefer mysteries, usually of the cozy variety, or a good fantasy, or maybe a gripping thriller. But sister fiction? Romance? Meh. The hint of a long-kept secret to be revealed after Nana Rose’s death, though, was enough of a hook that I thought I’d take a chance on it.

I am so glad I did!

Nana Rose has been a fixture in the lives of Jill and her sisters, Rachel and Brooke, throughout their childhood. Now, though, Nana Rose has passed away, and the sisters are spending one more vacation at Dune Island at her request. She’s left a letter telling them that they’ll receive a letter from her each day of their stay, and she’s indicated that they’ll be learning things about their family that have never before been revealed.

Jill is hoping desperately to convince her sisters to keep Nana Rose’s house. Rachel and Brooke, though, have what they feel are strong cases for selling the property. As the letters come in day by day, and Nana’s story is told in flashbacks, the sisters learn that Nana Rose wasn’t the only one keeping secrets. Nana’s past is revealed, and the sisters learn things about each other, too.

This story, y’all. There were ups and downs as we learned what each sister was trying to keep from the others and how that might impact their decision regarding Nana’s house. There were moments of frustration when the sisters were apparently at an impasse, and it felt like they were each seeing only their own point of view. And when everything comes out into the open, when all the secrets are revealed, then we see the true power of love and family to unite and heal.

This is the first of Harper’s books that I’ve read. I don’t know if she’ll revisit these characters in another book, if we’ll see what happens with Jill and hunky tree surgeon Alex, if the sisters’ children will bring their kids to the house on Dune Island. I liked this story enough that I wouldn’t mind seeing the characters again in a future book.

If you’re a fan of books that are clean and sweet and give you the warm fuzzies, pick up A Letter from Nana Rose.
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“Three sisters…one summer…one family secret…”

As a psychological thriller and crime junkie kind of girl, it is not very often I deviate away from those genres and read this type of book. Maybe I am becoming a big softie in my old age, as I am starting to find myself gravitating towards these stories more to mix it up a bit.

In the case of A Letter from Nana Rose, I was drawn to this book and knew that I just had to read it and my instincts were right! I absolutely adored this book and I am so glad I read it and to have been introduced to Kristin Harper’s work. It is also not very often that a book really pulls on my heartstrings and makes me shed a few tears, but again I found myself in exactly this position reaching for the tissues.

The setting in Dune Island Massachusetts is magical and had me fully immersed whilst my hometown was in another lengthy lockdown. It really was the perfect escape and I was able to imagine myself there, not wanting to tear myself away. The sisters are real and authentic, each with their own set of challenges and I loved Nana Rose and reading her story.

Beautifully written, A Letter from Nana Rose is an utterly gorgeous tale that will most definitely be part of my best reads for 2021. Now please excuse me while I go and purchase this talented author’s other books!

Thank you to Kristin Harper, Bookouture and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of A Letter From Nana Rose, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Her sisters want to sell. Jill wants to keep it. Their grandmother's house is now in their hands. Will the sisters honor their grandmother's wish and read a letter written for them every day over the course of a couple of weeks in order to make a unified decision? 

From the outset, each of the sisters, Jill, Brooke and Rachel, have different lives and goals. Jill is the only one that is determined to keep the house. Beyond that major decision, Jill appears more nervous than Brooke and Rachel when the letters begin to reveal a secret that their grandmother held onto for decades. What was this secret and how will impact their lives?

Not only do the sisters have decisions to make while learning about their grandmother's secret, each of their lives is at a crossroads. Will the time they spend together pull them closer to each other or will their already strained relationships become even more fractured?

This was a wonderful and quick read, filled with emotion. In this engaging story from Kristin Harper the setting was warm and it was easy to see how Jill, Rachel and Brooke loved visiting their grandmother while they were younger. This brought me back to mind when we would spend time at my great-grandmother's home in Readville, Massachusetts. Those memories I had gave this story extra meaning for me. I loved the sisters and their drama because it gave the story a strong sense of realness, especially as they were able to allow the power of love to be the final factor.

Many thanks to Bookouture and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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