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Game Over, ShrinkWithers!

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This was a nice fast paced adventure story! I can see why the kids would have a hard time putting this book down! The problem solving was a great addition for the kids! But also to see Jenny & Branch’s relationship as siblings grow! The love & respect shown in the family was nice to see as well! Overall it would be a great book for any young kids that like fantasy adventure books! Happy reading everyone!
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This was an interesting concept. I have never heard of such a book before. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The book is about a family that have joined a powerful company to fight against the rapid loss of earth’s resources and another company that wants those resources to disappear. We follow Jenny or Jen, Branch, Meg/Mom and Dave/Dad. We see the story unfold through their eyes. Each chapter is from a different perspective. It is a lot of fun and is very easy to follow the story even when we jump from the kids in one place to the parents in another. This book would be a great one to have in a classroom library. It teaches teamwork and that we need to take care of the earth and ads a little bit of magic in to it too.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for an EARC of this novel. The free copy did not influence my review. 

This is a good adventure story about a girl who has to save her family. Jenny is shocked when her parents tell her that she is going to go to a summer camp to train to fight for her planet. She is so surprised that she doesn't even realize that her brother never came home from soccer practice. Her house is invaded the next day by men wearing suits, and she is captured. However, she manages to escape and has to help her parents go free too. She goes on a journey while playing a game where multiple enemies are at play. 

This was very fast paced and a good adventure story. I did like the concept, but do feel that the novel could have been better written. I did like the alternating chapters, but they did make the story very confusing. And I also wish that there was more backstory. However, I am not in the target age range, so young kids might not care. 

Ages 9+
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This was by far one of the best lighthearted reads I’ve read this year. It was a delight. I think growing up it was a rare for me to find books that went into the adventurous side for children. There were so many books set in magical schools and worlds created by make belief but there was never one that I could picture in my mind like this. It was amazing. Everything about the writing and the characters was amazing. While I do have books that have always been my favourite to read, I feel like this somehow sinewy definitely made it to my list of favourites and for that I’m glad. If you’re looking for a fun lighthearted read with an excellent magic system and an unforgettable adventure, then this is 100% the book for you!
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