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3 stars.*

I haven't read any of Scarlett Thomas' books, so I cannot compare this journey of self-discovery and reflection to her other works.

This is the story of a former child-phenom returning to tennis at 41 years of age just to see what happens.

I found the story itself interesting, though a bit bogged down by the minutiae of tennis.  I felt like there were a few loose ends that really deserved wrapping up and the end surprised and confused me.

*with thanks to NetGalley for the digital ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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Really enjoyed following the authors obsession with tennis as she relived her younger years.It is funny real so much most women will relat to I really enjoyed it.#netgalley #41-love-
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For a tennis fan, player, and watcher -- and also as a female trying to find her way in the world -- this book made me laugh and think in a fun way. I enjoyed every second of it.

Thank you to #netgalley for the copy!
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I am disappointed.

The premise of an "older" woman wanting to get some glory through tennis was an intriguing one.

Unfortunately, the author spent more time on describing and detailing in painful detailing all about tennis.

If I wanted to learn about the sport, I would have purchased a book on tennis.

Slow, slow and not focusing on how an "older" woman  deals with this new phase of her life.

Missed a perfect opportunity.
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One of my favorite book reviews I ever wrote is pasted below. Just pretend I wrote something as good for this book.

by Scarlett Thomas

"The introduction by the author, written eleven years after the book's 2001 original publish date, is mostly perfect. to paraphrase ScarTho, "Did I invent reality tv?! Well? Did I?!?"

Lemme just say that the most obvious influence on this book is inevitability of the author seeing Porno for Pyros at a festival at a formative age. she probably constantly rewound that cassette to hear PETS on repeat.

After all ... Bright Young Things! They Make Great Pets!"

Anyway I couldn't pull the PETS earworm out my brain the whole time I was reading 41-LOVE, but that was fine. Thanks for the galley. This book is 5 Stars.
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I was a big fan of her early mysteries that she doesn’t mention but I’ve read her other work too. 

This book is very tennis heavy (as promised) and she hints at things in her personal life and childhood I would have liked fleshed out more. 

She hints at her thoughts being too obsessive  but doesn’t really flesh that out either. It’s pretty clear she has a serious eating and exercise disorder but that’s glossed over. She exercises compulsively even when badly injured. Her doctors are concerned and she ignores them. It’s hard to read!

I liked the book but it was really about a woman not taking care of herself and compulsively exercising.
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Did not finish. The story is of an Englishwoman who seeks to make a comeback as a tennis player at the age of 41. She has a couple of coaches and hitting partner, and enters several tournaments. She seems to not progress well. Rather than delving into the emotions of aging and the body not being as agile and fit as in younger years, there is more factual writing about the actual matches, the players, the points won and missed. I would have appreciated more attention to her feelings of not progressing as she had hoped, nor receiving the support she craved.
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This combines the love of tennis and a memoir of addiction.  I absolutely love the story and somehow recognize myself. Exercise addiction is becoming more and more prevalent and I’m glad authors have decided to write about it.  Great book.
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