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This Boy We Made

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Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review.

I just had a baby boy and was nervous to read this memoir about a mother dealing with her son’s health issues. It was definitely frustrating to read about all their struggles and how they have never really received a clear answer about Tophs. I did not care for the religious sections, but that’s just not my cup of tea. Overall this was a beautifully written book and a sad story - I hope Tophs is doing okay today.
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Wow. This memoir is so powerful. Captures mental health, motherhood, race, health care and educational system with clarity and understanding. Highly recommend.
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This book perfectly captures a mother's anxiety in one of the most anxiety-producing situations I can imagine--not knowing what is causing your child to be ill. It doesn't dive too deep into disability in the US, but it does touch on the intersections of race and disability.
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This is such an unusual book and should appeal to a variety of readers. First of all, she is a Black mother talking about Black lives. Secondly, she is a devote Christian (balanced with a realistic and humorous character). And most importantly she is the mother of a child who is unique--unique because there is no label for what he has and who he is from a medical point of view, though it is obvious to the medical world that he does have a kaleidoscope of medical issues going on.

Harris presents the life of her family and her son in a loving and descriptive way. Tophs is no less than any of her other children. He's amazing, actually. 

She also freely admits to her own privilege and that of her family's privilege due to their education and economic circumstances.

I hope this will be widely read by anyone with a child that defies description. And in a sense, don't we all have children like that? 

It's an easy read and you'll want to keep going until the end. It would be an excellent choice for a book club since there is so much to unpack here. 

And I'm a fan and rooting for this family!!
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