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Loved this sneak peek into the second novel of The Beautiful series. I cannot wait to continue reading the rest of the book, Ahdieh's writing is so addictive and I love her take on vampires, so excited to read more of them! 

Many thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for the chance to preview these books, I can safely say they've definitely been added to my Christmas list!
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I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next with these characters and how the story will unfold
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Loved this sneak peek into the second book in The Beautiful series. I absolutely adore Ahdieh's take on vampires and her characters are all so vibrant and well realised. Not to mention her gorgeous writing. 

Very much looking forward to finishing this one! And thankfully there's not long to wait until the third book is released in December!
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G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers,
Thank You for this #SNEEKPEEKTheDamned by Renée Ahdieh

I fell in love with her work when I read The Beautiful. (beautiful book btw) 
So now I'm kinda hooked on the series. 

The Damned is not only a gorgeous cover but an awesome story and one I instantly fell in love with.
The way Renee can hook her readers is phenomenal. 
I've fallen in love with these characters who make such an impression that I need more of them. 
This author did that. That's an absolute amazing writer if you ask me. 
Just what little bit I did read from.this sneek peek, this is going to be one wild, crazy, beautiful ride. 
And I can't wait to be apart of it. 

Thank you again for the opportunity to peek at The Damned. 
I'm so excited I can't wait for the book!
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I honestly don't know how to keep living with what little I got from the preview.
It was fascinating, enticing, it was just enough to make me desperate for the second one. Which is an issue because I own the first one in spanish and is not out in spanish yet.

I think Ahdieh's vampires and demons are a new kind, all apart from others from regular and modern folklore. I'm very intrigued for how this story will resolve.
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I love the narration style of these books! I'll definitely be picking up both the first and second books from this series. Thank you so much for the sneak peeks, I appreciate the chance to see if they appeal to me.
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"The Damned" – Renee Ahdieh
(Sneak Peek)

Thank you to @NetGalley, Random House and Author @ReneeAhdieh for the sneak peek copy of the review of The Damned, I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Bastien (Sebastien Saint Germain) is now a vampire, turned by his uncle Nico. Now a full member of "The Fallen" and in love with Celiene.

We glean an insight into Odette’s mind and inner musings and the hierarchy of ‘La Cour des Lions’.

As mentioned – this was a sneak peek excerpt from NetGalley.

It’s piqued my interest so this one could well be added to my wish list.

3 stars

#Teen #YoungAdult #YA #Vampire #Shadows #Seductive #NewOrleans #VampireRomance #Murder #Mystery #Romance
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The Damned

This will be my honest review in exchange for the sample of the eARC “TheDamned” that was very kindly sent to me by NetGalley, since I have the physical book I would make a complete review.

As a second book of the series, we find our protagonist Celine not remembering how she ended up in the hospital with amnesia, she only knows what her friends are telling her, but she suspects that there's more, and for some reason no one wants to tell her.
For Bastien, the new world is different and dark, and he feels has lost.
Old matters and unfinished subjects that can jeopardize a brotherhood or what's left of it.

We have a more descriptive background of the species that walk among humans in this world, I like the continuous character building. Celine once more proves to me how strong and confident she is, determined to find answers, she discovers she is no stranger to the world, in fact she belongs to it too. I don't want to spoil it, but I wasn't expecting anything like this and it was a great surprise. Felt that a lot was presented to us in this book and will surely be important to the third and last one.

Once more I loved the writing style, very descriptive and evolving, catching my attention from the start, full of action, but at the same time not exhausting to the point of boring us, this book brought me nostalgic feelings, seeing a world with different species of creatures of the night, seen often before has enemies, vampires and werewolves I couldn't stop thinking, “Omg this is Twilight” but better, don't get me wrong at the time and at the age I read it, it was great, I still like it. But imagine this in the 1870’s no high school… 
I felt very attached to the main characters, and 
It was harder to see the book ending fast. I had to put it away a few times.
#SneakPeekTheDamned #NetGalley #bookreview
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Vampires from the first book!  I really enjoyed this preview.  Talk about leaving me on a cliffhanger.

Although it took me a few pages to get into it, I found myself wanting more.  I had completely forgot it was just a preview!
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This may only be a sneak peek but I am HOOKED. I loved this preview. Definitely going to be buying the full book soon!
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Am so excited about this book!  I have been waiting patiently, well maybe not so patiently for it to come out. Needless to say I was over the wall excited when I was approved to receive an ARC through netgalley!  Happy dance. If, like me, you have been waiting for this one you will live it!!   I was up all night last night reading and reflecting.  Absolutely worth the wait!  If you haven't read anything by this author or are on the fence, go for it!  You will love it!!!  Thank you netgalley!!!
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The sneak peek was enough for me to wanting to read the rest! This series is so fun and so full of drama, I'm all for it!
To be honest, the beginning felt like I was given a bunch of information and I found myself flipping back and forth through the pages, but it started to get interesting and I couldn't stop turning the pages. Now I need the book. Thanks for the preview! I'm excited to read the whole book!
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This may only be a sneak peek, but I'm hooked. I wanted to read more and more. I was really bummed that this was only a sneak peek because I'm ready for the whole thing! The cover looks amazing and the story draws you in. This is a book that will be worth the wait!
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Fantastic read!!! New Orleans and vampires the perfect duo. Renee is am amazing story teller, made me fall more in love witht the Cresent city!! I do not spoil any great book because i belive every reader should always esperience the story for themselfs.
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this sequel was GREAT, the different POVs at the start were so cool, the world expansion was immaculate no complaints in this department, the characters are still hot and lovable, this book had way more paranormal elements which I was definitely thankful for!! The little found family for the supernatural creatures - it was very entertaining haha. 

Overall this book was pretty good
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I read the sneak peek and it was pretty good. I am quite excited about when this comes out. I wasn't fully hooked but I have some high expectations. The cover was pretty attractive and so was the title. They both draw you in.
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I got the sneak peek of this and it was alright. I had a had time really going through The Beautiful so I expected the same for The Damned.
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I seriously cannot put into words how much I love this series ! It was even better than the last and that’s saying something since I am absolutely absessed with it. Renée is a very talented author and I hope she never stops writing these books.
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I absolutely have fallen in love with this series by Renee Ahdieh! I can be extremely picky about books set in New Orleans and Ahdieh has exceeded any expectations I have had.  The book is quick paced making it a interesting and engaging read! It is refreshing to see the use of multiple viewpoints throughout the book written so well!

This series has become my go to recommendation for my library patrons wanting a darker fantasy novel!
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This book was so much better than the first (which was good) this is such a gripping tale, you will be hooked, I read this in 1 day couldn't put it down, story follows on perfect from the first which I love because when book 2 starts later on its annoying and frustrating because you feel like you've missed bits, if you loved book 1 you will love this I can promise you that.
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