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A festive, warm and wrapped in a  hug kind of book. Perfect to get you into the mood for eating/drinking and being merry. 

It’s time for mulled wine, magic  and mince pies and eggnog …….
Flora, absolutely loves Christmas, working in a place called Deck the Halls where Christmas is all around her, she’s in heaven. That is until, her boss whose like a Christmas Scrooge, fires her. Her friend tells her that she’s now got a chance to follow her dreams, and the best place to begin that journey is and where Christmas begins……. 

So, after much thinking, planning she’s on her way, to Lapland, in a campervan-cum-Christmas-shop. So looking forward to her days drinking hot chocolate and taking reindeer-drawn carriage rides, surrounded by snow. 

She was expecting all that, but, one thing she wasn’t was, to meet Conor. For her, a Norse god, making her heart flutter. Flora loves Christmas and everything associated with it. But Connor hates Christmas, thinks she just a waste of time, money and buying stuff. 

Flora thinks up a plan to change his mind, and him what a magical time Christmas can be. Will Flora manage to change his thinking – and finally find someone who can share her life? 

Recommend it.
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Pure holiday fun!  This is a whimsical and romantic holiday story to enjoy.

“Can you name all of Santa’s reindeers?”  That’s Flora’s surefire way of finding out whether a man is suitable or not for her.  Flora has the greatest love for everything Christmas and wants everyone else to have that joy too.  The problem is that most men think Flora is just plain kooky and quirky.  Who wears Santa or Reindeer onesies when it’s not even Christmas?  

When Flora loses her “dream” job of being a cashier in a Christmas shop for being too kind to customers, and then her best friend and roommate takes a job in the states, Flora decides she needs to make a change too.  With her love of Christmas, she decides to join the Van Lifers, start a traveling Christmas Shop, and head to Lapland, Norway.  Everyone knows that Lapland is where Santa lives. But that Hallmark ending that Flora is looking for will take some doing.  First, arriving in the Christmas community in Lapland, Flora in her boisterous and eccentric ways finds that not everything she heard about the friendliness of van life is true although she soon finds friends.  Secondly, even being her own boss, Flora has to answer to Connor, the manager of the community who although a hunky Norwegian, is a Grinch.  He doesn’t even believe in Christmas and thinks Die Hard is a Christmas movie!  With the help of her new friends, Flora makes it her mission to change his mind. She wants to help Conner find the joy and magic of Christmas and win his heart. Flora is looking for that Hallmark ending. 

This is such a delightful read, with lots of giggles and at the absurd situations that Flora creates and finds herself in.  It’s a true holiday romance about finding that magic again and believing in that joy. You discover that Christmas is more than about all the glittering lights and the shiny tinsel on the tree.  

Many thanks to #netgalley #florastravelingchristmasshop #rebeccaraisin #harpercollins for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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First of all... Die Hard IS a Christmas movie lol. I loved the concept of giving it all up and getting away from it all and was impressed at how well Flora coped with everything - it's a brave move. I did find her internal monologue rather frenetic and her entire life is based on complete strangers utterly willing to do things for her out of the goodness of their heart which is... convenient. I love Christmas and I love the idea of being able to infuse someone with the Christmas spirit and I really wanted to connect with Connor and Flora's romance but... whilst the meet-cute was there and the romantic dates were there, it just wasn't fully believable. I think we needed a bit more meeting in the middle on both sides. It was a feel-good book, but more on the friends side than the romance side. But we do leave them to it with grand plans which I hope means they get their happy ever after.
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I love Rebecca Raisin’s books and this one certainly didn’t disappoint! I loved Flora and Connor and the whole atmosphere of the book. If you’re looking for a book with festive cheer, comical mishaps and a  broody, grumpy love interest then look no further because this is perfect.

I really hope there will be more books in this ‘travelling’ series because I’ve really loved them all.
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When I saw this clever cover, I knew I just had to have a copy of the book.  When reading, I often try to come up with an adjective that describes the story.  For this one, it's:  FUN!  Flora is a Christmas addict who always seeks jobs that will let her celebrate and encourage Christmas in some way. When she loses her job at a holiday store, she comes up with the idea to buy a used van and rive it to Lapland to set up her own Christmas shop.  She's been labeled eccentric more than once, but that's charm of her personality.  I laughed at all the trouble she seemed to get herself into.

I admit to being bothered by the frequent use of "your" when it should have been "you're'".  But I did appreciate that the language was mild and not real offensive like so many books nowadays!
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This is not my first Van Lifer read by Rebecca and it certainly did not disappoint! 

In this story we meet Flora who's love of all things Christmas just shines off the page, she even works at a Christmas emporium but a turn of events and a grouchy boss sees her purchasing a van and travelling to a Christmas Market in Lapland, which sounds like an amazing place by the way if you don't mind being cold. 

This is a community like no other, there's very friendly people around but no surprise there's also a mean girl, just to add some drama to the story. There is of course a leading man to add spark to the story and its Flora's task to change Connor's festive outlook. Of course the setting is magical and I was transported very quickly to Lapland. 

'Flora's Travelling Christmas Shop' is about love, believing in the season and developing beautiful and special friendships. I give 'Flora's Travelling Christmas Shop' 5*/5* 😀 

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Flora feels there must be someone out there for her as so far her relationships end with her boyfriends wanting her to change her ways.
She eventually decides to move from London, buying a motor home which becomes her Christmas shop. A delightful book that transports you to Lapland at Christmas time. A real gem with romance along the way.
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Flora loves Christmas, thanks to her nonna who taught her the love for Christmas. She is working in a shop with Christmas gifts, but got fired. Then her boyfriend is dumping her and, ‘all trouble comes in three’, her best friend and owner of the house she is living in, is leaving for America.

Then Flora has to make a choice: What to do with her live. When she finds out there is a possibility to buy a van and start van-life, she is leaving for Lapland with her van full off Christmas things.

A great start of a great novel. I love Flora, she’s real and funny, says what’s on her hart and that is exactly what gets her in trouble over and over. And there is Conner, kind of a god like Thor. He is the opposite of Flora, but there is a chemistry between them that sparkles. One thing: Connor thinks that the hole Christmas is a fraud, a manipulation for people for buying things they don’t need and a bad thing for the earth and the environment. For Flora a challenge to make Connor believe in Christmas.

A very funny story with great characters and a lot of fun. And also a message for keeping the earth save, and above all: finding happiness at unusual places. It’s all possible, or is it the gift of Christmas?

Flora’s Travelling Christmas shop is a great Christmas novel, with a lot of love and laughter!
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I always enjoy Rebecca Raisin’s books and this on didn’t disappoint at all. It was funny and very, very Christmassy.. it was a lovely, sweet read and I was sorry to finish it. This is the perfect book to read on Christmas Eve and I highly recommend it. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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Flora lives in London, rent free with her best friend, has a boyfriend and a job she loves working in a Christmas shop. That is until her boyfriend dumps her, she gets fired from her job for being kind and her best friend is offered a job in USA.
Does Flora get down, no she stays true to herself and follows her obsession of Christmas to Lapland. She takes the plunge and buys a van to sell her Christmas ware in a Lappish Christmas market. 
There she meets Conner, adonis of a man who rescues Flora from her hapless disasters. I unfortunately, Conner leads a nomadic life, doesn’t believe in Christmas or falling in love. Can Flora change that and will he love her for just the way she is?
An easy Christmas read that leaves a warm feeling despite the chilly temperatures of where it is set.
The book did seem to have a somewhat abrupt ending. There was at least an extra chapter in it maybe two returning to the Christmas market until it finished and then Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Flora’s mistake with the male reindeer having antlers was also not picked up on. #Flora’sTravellingChristmasShop #NetGalley
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Another delightful Christmas romance. He is .against  Christmas, as an Eco warrior is horrified by all the waste it generates. . She on the other hand devotes her life to Christmas and everything about it is special. Is this a match made in Heaven? Travel to Lapland to find out.
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I couldn't contain my excitement when Rebecca announced that there was going to be a third travelling book, after having loved Rosie's and Aria's stories so much. This was a gorgeous Christmas read, that really kicked off from the 40% mark - Flora was the embodiment of Christmas spirit, which is exactly what the brooding Connor needed, whether he knew it or not. She threw himself in to so many different scenarios, in which the magic of Christmas lit him up gradually more and more. Whilst Flora was a little too chaotic and unlikeable for me in the beginning, she really redeemed herself by the end and I was thrilled that she finally got her Hallmark movie-esque happy ending.
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I struggled with the first part of this book, I found it slow paced and I just couldn’t get into it. I finally became interested in the story about half way through. I found the main character Flora very irritating, which I think influenced my interest in the book. I also found the character of Connor slightly incongruous., and not a good fit in the story. The best part for me was the reindeer ride and the cabin.. It was sensitive and romantic and Flora’s character became a little more likeable. I just wish this warmth and emotion had been present throughout the rest of the book. There were some interesting descriptions of Lapland and I could almost feel the freezing temperatures. It’s worth sticking with the book to enjoy the ending. Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this book.
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Being a big fan of Rebecca Raisin I was so excited to be able to read and review this new book, and it didn't dissapoint.  I ended up reading most of last night so I'm a bit tired today 😂
When Flora loses her dream job in a Christmas Emporium, her best friend says she is moving away, and she has recently broken up with her boyfriend, Flora decides to by a campervan and become a Van lifer, setting up her own mobile Christmas Shop. Where would a die hard Christmas fanatic go? Lapland of course.

What Flora wasn't expecting was to meet the very handsome Connor, only for him to turn out to be a Christmas Grinch. Can Flora turn things around to recreate a Hallmark Movie worthy happy ending like one of her favourite films?

This has a wonderful combination of the van lifers and a Christmas story, and I highly recommend it - but only if you don't need sleep!
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A sweet festive read about enjoying the feels of the Christmas season. Flora was a great character - fun and feisty and not afraid of being different. The Christmas market in Lapland sounded amazing with all of the different vans offering all things Christmas, and a glimpse of the Northern lights would add that little bit of magic.
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The MC in this book is just plain unlikeable. I gave it a good go, but it as a DNF at around the 40% mark.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC for an honest review.
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Give me allllll the Christmas books! I'm ready for the holiday season. This cover is so cute and so is the book!
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I'm a fan of Rebecca Raisin's books, although I felt that this was one was not up there with her best.
Flora's Travelling Christmas Shop is a feel-good Christmas tale set in Lapland, so the first box is ticked. I found Flora a little irritating though. Can someone really be that quirky, vague and ditsy, yet manage to travel to another country alone to set up a business? Sometimes I wanted to shake Flora!
On the plus side we have a heroine who wants to live in a Hallmark movie, a grumpy but drop dead gorgeous man, lots of snow, Christmas carols and beautifully evocative Christmassy settings.
Relax and read this when you want some lightweight escapism.
Thank you Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Christmas-obsessed Flora is having a bad time - dumped by her boyfriend, fired from her dream job and still looking for her own place. Motivated by her best friend, she is inspired to make a change and become her own boss. So she decides to buy a van and travel to Lapland to do just that.

I thought this book was a bit slow in the beginning, but the pace picked up when Flora leaves London and starts her travels. I really like some of the warm characters that she meets on her van life journey - from the people who help her buy her van, to the people who sell her the stock she plans on selling and the other vendors she meets and makes quick connections with.

She also meets "Nordic demigod" Connor, manager of the market and a stickler for rules. He's not sold on Christmas one bit, convinced that it's a mass consumerism ploy and that's where Flora comes in. She wants to make him believe in Christmas and understand it's about feelings and not just things. 

I found Flora a little annoying at times and think there was quite a lot to cover in the book - how the decision to turn her life around came about, the travelling to get there, the van living itself, working in the market and then the romance as well - and so I thought the love story seemed a little rushed and things moved quite quickly. But I enjoyed the ending and would be interested to know what Flora & Connor decided to do next.


Thank you to NetGalley, HQ Digital and the author for the review copy, provided in exchange for an honest opinion.
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Who doesn't love a warm and cosy Christmas read. This is the 2nd book I've read from this author and it didn't disappoint. Loved the main characters and the snowy Lapland setting was beautifully described. Curl up with a hot chocolate and enjoy
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