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This author is new to me. What an amazing read! I was on the edge of my seat with each page! I can't wait to read more books by this author! Be prepared to lose some sleep, because you won't want to put this down!!
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I have had the opportunity to read books by this author so I was looking forward to reading this.  The book did not disappoint.  margolins books always seem to have some interesting twists and this one did as well.  The main character was charged with two separate crimes and somehow managed to get through these. With the help of her attorney Robin Lockwood.  Robin was very effective in both cases even with a major setback in her personal life.  The book takes a turn and things change significantly.  I must admit I could see it coming and had my doubts throughout the book. Overall it was a good read and held my interest throughout.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Minotaur Books for this ARC. I've been a long time fan of Phillip Margolin and was not disappointed by The Darkest Place. It's an enjoyable legal thriller, one of my favorite genre's and this ongoing series about legal defense lawyer Robin Lockwood continues to be satisfying to read. I do believe it can be read as stand alone novel. The characters and varying cases Lockwood handles makes this series one I continue to enjoy.
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In this 5th in an excellent legal mystery series, defense attorney Robin Lockwood deals with personal tragedy and takes on a client accused of two crimes in different jurisdictions.

As always, Phillip Margolin delivers a convoluted puzzler, with many fascinating strands, a very appealing lead, and fine characterization. He is a most accomplished storyteller.
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A really good and enjoyable legal thriller by expert legal writer Phillip Margolin. Though this book is the fifth in the Robin Lockwood series, it can easily be read as a standalone.

In this novel, Robin defends a former police officer accused of both killing her husband AND running off with a baby she was supposed to be carrying as a surrogate, in two separate and seemingly unrelated instances. What I love about Phillip Margolin, as a trial attorney myself, is that his courtroom sequences are both realistic and legally accurate, while still being much more exciting and twisty than your everyday run-of-the-mill trial.  This book is no exception! The evidence is fantastically twisty and wonderfully presented, both by Robin as the defense attorney and Margolin as the author. The plot motives at a brisk clip and there is never a dull moment as we try to figure out whodunit. The narrator also does a fantastic job with the audio version of this book. A highly entertaining listen. Margolin has yet to disappoint me. He's a strong legal thriller writer with a knack for twisty mysteries with a strong and realistic courtroom component. I am a fan!

Many thanks to NetGalley, Phillip Margolin and Macmillan Audio for this top notch legal read! Four plus shiny stars!
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When Robin is hit with immense tragedy, she finds solace back home when she is asked to assist with a case. Marjorie Loman disappears from the Portland area after her husband is tortured and killed due to a visit from a couple of goons the same day she is notified of her husband's death. She turns up in Elk Grove, Robin's home town, and makes money by being a surrogate for a local family. But being a surrogate was hard than expected after a mistake at the hospital allows Marjorie to bond with the baby.

While in the throws of postpartum depression, the men she ran from appear at her apartment causing her to take drastic actions. Marjorie finds herself in court on charges of kidnapping and assault while also being searched for by Portland police for the murder of her husband (I guess you should not disappear right after being told a loved one is dead). 

To Marjorie's benefit, Robin Lockwood is in town and has agreed to work as co-counsel on the kidnapping case. The long term question Marjorie needs to ask herself is if this really is for the best.

Because this series is not just about the case but very much about Robin, you do need to have read the previous books for the personal story. However, Margolin does do a short recap of who people are at the beginning and because this one takes place outside of Portland it revolves more around Robin and new characters and less about the ones you have already grown to know. This one was very refreshing and different than the previous books which was nice.
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“ The Darkest Place” by Phillip Margolin came to me to read and review via Net Galley. Thanks to the author and publisher, and Net.Galley

  “ The Darkest Place” is the fourth in a series of courtroom dramas featuring Robin Lockwood, a defense attorney located in Portland, Oregon.. The first few chapters of the book are composed .of the establishment of three separate memes. First, the police go to the house of Joel Logan with the sad duty to tell his wife that  her her husband is dead, murdered.  To the cop’s amazement, Marjorie Logan laughs. The two had been involved in a nasty divorce, with Joel, who was a successful high-flying  financier,  hiding all his assets from his wife. Love was long gone.  Another story thread begins  with Robin Lockwood requested  by the city’s most prominent criminal court judge to please represent a murderer and rapist, a completely vile man whom no other lawyer wanted any part of.  The judge thinks  highly of Robin’s  character and ability, so It was the kind of request the young lawyer could hardly decline. The final set up is  of a childless couple halfway across the country who decide to consult a lawyer who has experience in arranging for surrogate to carry a child. 
  Now,I recommend that the reader carefully read and remember the details of these thread. They will come together to make an interesting story of deception and murder. Robin Lockwood’s life will change forever as she finds herself defending multiple actions involving the same client, a client she begins to doubt.
  The courtroom scenes seem realistic to me, with details of the cases authentic, based on evidence the reader leans from testimony. Robin Lockwood is a sympathetic, likable  character . The author has a sure hand , keeping the story likes Roger and moving the plot along at a good pace.
  “ The Darkest  Place” is a quick read and most readers should enjoy an evening or two of entertaining reading.
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Thanks to @netgalley and @minotaur_books  for my e-arc of THE DARKEST PLACE in exchange for an honest review. This one published March 8, so you can go grab a copy now!

I have now read 3/5 of the Robin Lockwood books. I haven’t read books 2&3 yet, but I own them… just have to read them 😅 While it is a series, you can read them out of order and not be too confused, but as usual, I recommend reading them in order!

I really enjoy this series! Detective Robin is a great MC- strong, smart, always cheers and fights for the underdog, and full of heart. This usually means she is out in situations that risks her own life, but that’s party of her job as a detective. 

The Darkest Place had even Robin fooled as the “Victim” was VERY smart and almost got away with it. But Robin is very good at her job, and figured it out by the end. Even tho Robin is a strong female character, this book shows us that  you don’t have to be the strong one all the time. I really enjoyed seeing this side of her. 

 TW: grief, loss of a partner, death, murder, child kidnapping.
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Thank you so much to Netgalley and publisher for the opportunity to read and review this ARC.  

I'll start out with, I LOVE THIS SERIES.  I had started reading it before I was approved for this ARC and was so excited to get approved for it.  The storylines are engaging, interesting, believable.  They're legal thrillers which has the best of both worlds for me.  Main female lawyer as the lead.  The legal parts are actually accurate (unlike some legal fiction written by lawyers - won't be saying any names).  Nonetheless, if you enjoy legal thrillers and want to start an interesting fast paced series, read these!
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Accountability, ownership, surrogacy, murder 

There is something strange and terrible in Profit Oregon where Robin Lockwood is a high-profile attorney. In addition to her lucrative private practice, Lockwood also takes court-appointed assignments because she believes that everyone is entitled to a good attorney; even the most despicable defendants need good representation. An unimaginable personal loss crushes her, and Robin seeks refuge with her family in Elk Grove. Unfortunately, the strangeness and terribleness oozes across the miles with her. 

“The Darkest Place” unfolds in several separate storylines. In Oregon, a prominent citizen is murdered; of course his wife is the initial suspect since they were in the middle of a bitter divorce. The wife is also a police officer, and the husband has a complicated past and made powerful enemies.  Across the miles in Elk Grove, a couple is seeking a surrogate to carry their child. Things do not go as planned, and the surrogate with a “problematic” background forcibly takes the infant from parents. Lockwood is called upon to give legal advice.  What is the difference between buying a baby and finding a surrogate mother and paying her expenses? Is it kidnapping when a birth mother retrieves her biologic child from the parents? 

Margolin expertly develop these stories independently. As events evolve, the time frame is conveniently listed for readers in each section. The characters are multifaceted, and readers recognize the complexity of the situations.  Details are carefully constructed, and the multiple paths converge with unexpected and tragic consequences.

“The Darkest Place” is the fifth book in Margolin’s continuing series featuring Robin Lockwood, but new readers will easily follow the gripping events and intricate stories. Any needed background information is seamlessly included in the narrative.  I received a review copy of “The Darkest Place” from Phillip Margolin Minotaur Books and Macmillan Publishing. I also listened to the audiobook narrated by Thérèse Plummer. I found both versions compelling, but somewhat different. The print book experience was concise, tightly organized, and persuasive. The complex details were strong and compelling. The audio book was a more dynamic experience, one filled with emotions, conflict, and uncertainty.
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Believe it or not I had not read a book by Phillip Margolin before this one. Publisher Minotaur and downloaded from NetGalley.
This is a Robin Lockwood book. She is asked if she will assist in a court case. There is many facets to this case. 
Well worth your time to read this one.
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Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

I adore the Robin Lockwood series by Phillip Margolin. Robin is such a kick butt character- and there is always a twist or 2 that I did not see coming.

If you haven’t read the other books in the series ( The Third Victim, The Perfect Alibi, A Reasonable Doubt and A Matter of Life and Death) then I highly encourage you to check out this legal thriller series!

What I liked:

I adore the cover. The covers for the Robin Lockwood series are all winners.

Our heroine, Robin. She’s dealt some tough blows in this book and while she didn’t completely shake them off (nor did I expect her to)- she’s a fighter. She’s a strong female lead.

The mystery. I love how Phillip Margolin connects 2 or 3 events in ways that you might not understand at first- but when everything is revealed you are ” that’s a good book!”

Bottom line: This series is an auto read for me. I hope he continues to write more Robin Lockwood books,
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Another blockbuster suspense/mystery novel by Margolin! He keeps the pace moving forward throughout the entire book and doesn't let the reader breath for a minute. I like how he weaves many stories together that end up culminating together in the end.
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Book 5 in the series and an excellent addition! This book took a turn I wasn’t expecting with one of the characters and I’m not a fan of it. I’m invested in the characters and loved reuniting with them! The case was perplexing and intricately pieced together. Fast paced and shocking, it had a twist I wasn’t expecting. I enjoyed this installment and look forward to the next book! 4⭐️
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In this 5th book in the Robin Lockwood series, the defense attorney defends a woman accused of assault, child abuse and other crimes. The book can be read as a standalone.


Robin Lockwood worked her way through Yale Law School fighting in televised, pay-per-view MMA matches, where she was known as "Rockin' Robin." This adds to Robin's fame as a defense attorney in Portland, Oregon, where she has a reputation as a bright capable lawyer.

Thus Robin is tapped by Judge Harold Wright to take the VERY unpopular case of accused rapist Lloyd Arness on a court-appointed basis. The case has tragic consequences, and in the aftermath of the trial, Robin goes back to her Midwest hometown of Elk Grove to rest and recuperate. While Robin is in Elk Grove, she's approached by Stan McDermott, who has a small law firm in the area.

Stan asks Robin to help him with the case of Marjorie Loman, a woman who recently moved to town. Marjorie had been in the midst of a very contentious divorce in Portland, Oregon when her thieving husband was murdered. Marjorie was then threatened by gangsters for $250,000 her husband owed, and - since Marjorie didn't have the money - she ran off to Elk Grove to hide.

Needing an income, Marjorie agreed to be the surrogate for a childless couple named Caleb and Emily Lindstrom. Marjorie was to get $50,000 plus expenses to carry the child to term, at which time the Lindstroms would become the legal parents.

After the Lindstroms' child was born Marjorie decided she wanted to keep the baby. Marjorie threatened the parents, pistol-whipped Emily Lindstrom, and kidnapped the infant. Marjorie is now going on trial for child abuse and assault, and Stan needs assistance with the case.

Robin helps Stan mount a unique defense (which was well researched by the author) and then agrees to represent Marjorie on another very serious charge.

Much of the book consists of courtroom scenes that provide blow by blow accounts of the trials, including opening statements, questioning witnesses, cross-examining witnesses, closing arguments, judge's remarks, etc.

The book is interesting, but reads more like court transcripts than a novel. Still, fans of courtroom dramas would probably enjoy the book.

Thanks to Netgalley, Philip Margolin, and St. Martin's Press for a copy of the book.
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The Darkest Place
A Robin Lockwood Novel
by Phillip Margolin

I am afraid the book was not my cuppa tea. It seemed long-winded and at times confusing. Even a name changed a couple of times.
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Each and every time I pick up a new Phillip Margolin book I know I will be done with it in a matter of hours so engrossing are they. The Darkest Place was not any different. It is the fifth installment in the Robin Lockwood series and still as fresh as the first one. Even though it can be read as a stand-alone I still recommend to read them in order to better understand Robin’s journey. 

At the beginning of this story, Robin’s life could not be going better. Her legal practice is going great and she’s engaged to the love of her life, but a shocking event during one of her trials will put her life in tatters, forcing her to take some time off to put her life back together. To achieve this she will go back to her hometown where an old acquaintance will ask for her help defending a woman accused of assault and kidnapping in a surrogacy case, and soon Robin will discover that the defendant has ties to a murder case in Portland.

Margolin writes in such a gripping and fluid way you immediately get drawn into the story, presenting the legal arguments in such an easy way to follow you feel you are another member of the jury sitting there in the courtroom. The short, fast paced chapters contribute to the feeling of being on the edge of your seat the whole story. 

With a story moving at such break neck speed, sometimes character developments remains in the background and I would have loved for a bit more development especially on Marjorie’s character. It was a little hard to feel sympathy for her when knowing so little about her persona.

Although both cases shared elements, somehow it felt liked two disjointed plot lines that could have worked even better as independent lines. Despite this, the great courtroom scenes (you know I’m a sucker for a good courtroom scene) had me biting my nails until the verdict was reached.

Robin is such an interesting lead. She’s smart, tough and resilient and it’s been nice seeing her more vulnerable side. I like how she fights till the end for the truth even though it may not benefit her clients.

Light and fast paced legal thriller with twists and turns that will keep you turning pages until the wee hours of the night.

Thanks to NetGalley and Minotaur Books for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This was the fifth installment in the Robin Lockwood series that I have read.  I have really enjoyed all of them, and this one is good, but not my favorite.  The main story is about Robin’s legal prowess, but there is a side story where she goes through some difficult times in her personal life when she experiences loss and grief.  I felt like the writer handled this well, and I was cheering for her the entire time. The story was good, and Robin’s client was definitely creative and interesting.  My biggest problem was the ending. It just seemed so abrupt, and I felt like there were loose ends that needed to be wrapped up.  Maybe this client will show up again in Book Number 6.  Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with this ARC in return for my honest review.
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This is the fifth book featuring defense attorney, Robin Lockwood. Robin faces a life altering event that has her returning to her family home to recover. In the small town she is asked to assist a local attorney  with a tricky case. What follows is another riveting legal thriller that keeps you reading until the last page. 
Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I had a very hard time liking either Marjorie or Robin as Marjorie committed a serious crime in kidnapping baby Roy, and Robin wanted to defend her!  I felt like Marjorie's actions were all very unbelievable given that she was a cop herself.  Shouldn't she know better?  Honestly, I wanted to put the book down but I decided to stick with it.  I'm glad I did because Robin grew on me, and I quickly realized that the slow, somewhat jumbled first half of the book was the setup for the second half.  There was a lot going on with the characters and plot lines and Phillip Margolin brought them all back in and tied the pieces together so it made sense..  I couldn't read the second half of the book fast enough!  Kudos for making me dislike characters which kept me from predicting the ending of the book.  

Thank you to NetGalley and  St. Martin's Press, Minotaur Books for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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