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The Seven Visitations of Sydney Burgess

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A home invasion gone seriously wrong. Although, are home invasions ever right? But I digress. The Seven Visitations of Sydney Burgess kind made me think that this would be about ghostly possession. Couldn't be further from the truth. 
Sydney Burgess surprises a home invader ransacking her home and winds up in the hospital. It seems that she murdered the burglar. In a most cold, calculated and personal way. Of course, Sydney has no knowledge of this. She only knows she tried to run away. But then how was she covered in blood and struggling to make the pieces of that night fit? 
When the pieces do start to fit (Sydney is shown what happened in stops and starts) this former addict drowns the things she can't cope with in alcohol and cocaine. But that was the whole problem and leads to the biggest betrayal in her life from someone who is supposed to love her the most. 
The end was sad and horrifying and completely what I expected from a horror novel. 

*Thanks to NetGalley and the Hachette for this e-audio novel.*
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Narrator 5 stars

Story 2 stars

This story started out strong, but then it went no where fast. At about the 50% mark I absolutely lost all interest in it.
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For most of The Seven Visitations of Sydney Burgess I either felt extreme anxiety or confusion - like I was tripping balls through Sydney’s really bad hallucinations. I’m still not quite sure what I listened to. I feel like this is an audiobook that may have been better for me to read instead and this is the first time I’ve ever said that. 

For one, I had a hard time keeping up with the time frame - which jumped around a lot without warning - and trying to determine what the nature of the story is supposed to be. I’m still not sure if Sydney is actually possessed/taken over by ‘the swimmer’ or if she’s just circling the drain of drug addiction and hallucinating? It all felt fragmented and confusing, like there were whole chapters that were missing. 

I'm really sorry that I didn't enjoy the story but I did enjoy the narrator, Christine Lakin. I'm very familiar with her work and she's a joy to listen to. 

Thank you for the chance to review this audiobook.
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This was a very unique and intriguing book and I have no idea how to rate/review this.  The beginning chapters were immediately compelling and the whole atmosphere was the perfect kind of unsettling and mysterious for me.  If people do not enjoy disjointed narratives or ambiguity, do not read this.  If, like myself, you enjoy nonlinear and disjointed narrative styles, I think you will enjoy this.  Some things were a little too ambiguous for me, and I wish I had someone to explain some things to me.  But ultimately, I loved the creepy and vivid writing and interesting storyline.
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Sydney returned home one day to find a strange man in her house. A battle for her life begun then. She awoke, days later, in a hospital bed, with multiple wounds across her body but, thankfully, alive and hopeful to make a full recovery. The same could not be said for the intruder. He had been stabbed multiple time and his flesh was carved away in deep grooves. Is Sydney responsible for this brutal killing and was it done in the name of self-defence? The police seem to think so and site Sydney's dark past as evidence of what exactly she is capable of.

This was such an intensely interesting read and I became immediately invested in discovering all the many mysteries it featured. Who was the intruder and what did he want? Did Sydney kill him and, if not, who did? Who knows the truth and what other secrets are they keeping? Events only continued to become more horrifying and sinister as Sydney worked towards resolving them.

Asides from this well-penned mystery, this also contained a focus on Sydney's past. She had worked hard to rebuild her life and become clean, after years of drug addiction and abuse. The police seemed determined to never let her forget this, despite the happy home she had built with her current partner and son. Faces from her past also continue to reveal themselves that lead her to also begin to believe that she was not as separated from the person she used to be as she thought.

The narrator, Christine Lakin, did a wonderful job of narrating this audiobook. It brought the story to life and had me hooked on every word it contained.
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🔪 Book Review 🔪

🔪 The Seven Visitations of Sydney Burgess by Andy Marino

🔪 Publication Date - September 28th 2021

🔪 Possession is an addiction.
Sydney's spent years burying her past and building a better life for herself and her young son. A respectable marketing job, a house with reclaimed and sustainable furniture, and a boyfriend who loves her son and accepts her, flaws and all.
But when she opens her front door, and a masked intruder knocks her briefly unconscious, everything begins to unravel.
She wakes in the hospital and tells a harrowing story of escape. Of dashing out a broken window. Of running into her neighbors' yard and calling the police.
The cops tell her a different story. Because the intruder is now lying dead in her guest room—murdered in a way that looks intimately personal.
Sydney can't remember killing the man. No one believes her.

Back home, as horrific memories surface, an unnatural darkness begins whispering in her ear. Urging her back to old addictions and a past she's buried to build a better life for herself and her son.
As Sydney searches for truth among the wreckage of a past that won't stay buried for long, the unquiet darkness begins to grow. To change into something unimaginable.
To reveal terrible cravings of its own.

🔪 I am honestly going to say that this book was just not for me. I listened to this on Audiobook and the narrator was great, changing her voice to each character and putting in the right emotion but I still couldn't grasp the book. I will try again with a real copy and that may help for myself though. 

🔪 The pretence of the story was something I was hoping would grip me from the start, I love a story where the main character is fighting some real demons but it just felt a bit too far fetched for me. 

🔪 The narrative was quite fragmented which I believe is to convey Sydney's mind but instead of pulling me in more it seemed to just make me confused as to what was happening in the story. 

🔪 Each section of the book is of one visitation - which I loved but as Sydney is on a downward spiral it seemed that the book was also on the same spiral downwards.
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Ok, where to start with this one...

This book starts out as a thriller, which I was so here for. I love a good thriller. I also knew going in that it was in the horror genre, but on that front, it wasn't at all what I was expecting. I would also add here that it has a bit of a Sci-Fi aspect which is why it wasn't quite what I had envisioned in my mind going into this one.

Now I love a good genre mashup when executed well. This one was good, but was quite confusing at times. Don't get me wrong, it was interesting, I just don't think it hit the mark by trying to do too much. It felt disjointed and the flow was off. I think the author intended a lot of this, but it didn't quite work from a readers perspective. 

If you look at the story as a whole, it was good. I enjoyed the characters and the thoughts that went through Syndey's head during these posessions. As a mother I could feel Sydney's love for her son. I know she was trying to do her best for him, but her possessions threw her off of all the hard work she had done and I felt so bad for both her and her son while I watched their life come undone. 

The audiobook was done well. I enjoyed the narrator and felt Lakin did a wonderful job in creating character and feeling throughout the story. 

Though this one didn't hit with me, I do think Marino is a talented writer and might be interested to see what may come later from him.

Thank you to Redhook Books, Hachette Audio and Netgalley for a copy of this title in exchange for an honest review.
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Uh. For me a sci-fi novel. But maybe for some lovers of sci-fi not enough. The seven parts were a mix from past and present and told by unreliable narrator Sydney and her Son and her boyfriend. I am not usef ti this kind of formations and was a difficult read. But interesting to try something new.

Thanks to and Hachette Audio for this listening.
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A terrifying home invasion becomes a nightmare of lost memories and accusations of murder in this tense thriller. Sydney has her life on track, good job, nice home for her son and a kind and decent boyfriend. That all goes up in smoke when she opens the door to a masked intruder who knocks her unconscious. When she comes to in the hospital, she’s told she escaped through a broken window and summoned help. Sydney remembers none of it. The police aren’t buying her story, all they see is a man dead in Sydney’s home, killed in a way that makes them suspect she knew the killer and that his death was no accident. All the while, Sydney proclaims her innocence, and the fact that she remembers nothing, but as her memory slowly returns, she begins to realize she might not be so innocent after all
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