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Loved this book! It was such a great book and I couldn’t put it down. Simone’s story was a fanatic read. I didn’t care much for Imogen’s but it was still a great part of the story. Absolutely loved this book!
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A brilliant duel timeline story which I could not put down, wonderful characters and set in France during the first world war and modern day, the chateaux links the present and the past but will the tragic story of what happened at the chateaux be revealed
Can't recommend this book enough, wonderfully written and descriptive
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In alternating chapters, we follow two very different women as they cope with life-changing events. Eighteen-year-old Simone is angry at the hardships her family are forced to cope with under the German occupation during the Second World War. Her brother Pierre is ill, but they don’t have the money to pay for the doctor’s visits or the medicine required. There is little food for her mother to sell in her shop and everyone is hungry, except the German soldiers who have taken over her village. 
In the present day, young widow Imogen forces herself to learn to live again, as she takes the brave decision to realise the French dream she shared with her husband. While searching for a simple cottage in Brittany, an abandoned chateau steals her heart, but the more she tries to discover about its history and the fire that destroyed part of it, the more the locals shut her out. 
The characters in this book were strong and likable, with many of them surprising me as the stories progressed. Simone had difficult decisions to make, including knowing who she could trust, but her loyalty, independence and fighting spirit were what shone out for me. Imogen also needed to learn who to trust and whose stories to believe as she attempted to discover the dark secrets surrounding the chateau. Imogen’s character won my heart from the beginning, and I was as intrigued by Laurent’s story and air of mystery in the present day, as I was by what would happen to Simone in 1944. 
I am a big fan of dual timeline, and this book ticked all the boxes for me. Each chapter gave just enough to draw me in deeper, before switching me back to the other storyline. It was one of those books that kept me guessing and quite quickly I reached the dilemma of not wanting to put it down, but not wanting to rush through it either. The benefit of a well-written dual timeline is that it draws out the enjoyment longer and this book was a very good at that.
In places this book is heart-breaking, in others, heart-warming and it left me with a huge smile on my face.
If you enjoy historical fiction and love a book with a good pinch of French magic for the broken hearted, I am sure this book will be a great accompaniment to a cosy autumn evening.
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Thank you net galley for a advance reader copy that this novel.    I enjoyed this historical fiction set in France during WWII.   This was a dual timeline novel set in 1944 and 2019.  The plot was pretty transparent in both settings with the falling in love for Simone and Max and Imogene and Laurent.   I enjoyed the characters and novel overall.
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A dual time-line story set in a small village in Brittany in 2019 and 1944. There are so many novels like this set during WWII, but this was one of the best I have read. Both Imogen's and Simone's stories worked well and were skilfully interwoven, An engaging read that will require tissues in places!
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This is an atmospheric and engaging dual timeline story set in France.  In 1944, Simone had a terrible choice to make. In 2019, Imogen begins a new life in France, still grieving for her husband. The chateau has a dark history dating back to WW2 that links the two women's lives together.

This is a story of courage, forgiveness, loss and love full of emotion and historical details. The setting is vibrant and draws the reader into the women's worlds.

I received a copy of this book from 'Head of Zeus' via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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This was another really good book told with dual timelines. Both stories past and present were equally interesting.
I had a hard time putting this book down. I really liked it and can recommend it to anyone.
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All That We Have Lost was the first book that I have read by Suzanne Fortin. She has only written one other book and I hope to read it in the near future. In my opinion, Suzanne Fortin exemplified historical fiction at its best in All That We Have Lost. The characters were warm and memorable and were easy to relate to. Her research for this book was extensive and impeccable. All That We Have Lost captured the themes of romance, fear, bravery, patriotism, mystery, intrigue and history. It was written in a dual time line and drew me in immediately. 

In 2019, Imogen Wren had been a widow for four long years. She lost her husband James way too young and has had a hard time moving forward. Her grief was still fresh and raw but thoughts of fulfilling a dream she and James shared were starting to take shape in the back of her mind. Imogen and James had once visited Brittany, France and dreamed of moving there someday. Those thoughts started to consume her and so Imogen made the decision that she would sell her home and move to France. Imogen set up appointments with a local realtor to view various homes that were for sale. After viewing a few possible choices, a chateau came on the market. As soon as Imogen stepped into the chateau she knew it was the one for her. There were major repairs that needed to be addressed but Imogen didn’t care. Little did Imogen know at the time of purchase but hidden deep within the walls of the chateau were secrets that had lied dormant for decades. Imogen was determined to learn the history and all of the secrets that the chateau held. Laurent, a Parisienne architect, also hiding his own secrets, offered to help Imogen restore the chateau and uncover its secrets.

In 1944, Brittany, France was under Nazi control. Simone Varon was an eighteen year old girl who was living there with her mother and younger brother. Her father had died and Simone missed him terribly. His words still resonated within her. “Papa always told us that to be brave doesn’t mean you have no fear.” For that reason, she went out of her way to avoid any contact with the German soldiers who were everywhere in her quiet little village. Simone assisted her mother in their shop when she was not practicing playing her flute with her best friend. Her flute had her been her Papa’s and it was her greatest procession. When her younger brother became seriously ill with pneumonia and desperately needed hard to come by medicine and that cost more than her mother could afford, one German soldier secretly started to leave bottles of it at their doorsteps. It was difficult for Simone to avoid the German soldiers entirely. The German soldiers had moved into the chateau and taken over it. Claus, one of the German officers living there, ordered Simone to come to the chateau and play her flute for his guests one evening. She feared he also had other intentions but Max, another German officer was able to protect Simone from Claus’s evil intentions. Max, a former music teacher before the war began, befriended Simone and tried to protect her and even warn her about things when he could. 

All That We Have Lost by Suzanne Fortin was a beautiful but also heartbreaking story that spanned from the years of occupied France during World War II up to 2019 when a war ravaged chateau became available foe purchase. It brought the accomplishments of the brave members of the French Resistance to light and recognized all their sacrifices and acts of heroism. I loved every moment of this book and admired how Suzanne Fortin tied all the pieces together in the very satisfying ending.

Thank you to Aria Publishing for allowing me to read the digital version of All That We Have Lost by Suzanne Fortin through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. All That We Have Lost is available for purchase now.
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I totally enjoyed reading this historical fiction.  The book has two stories at different times which in the end come together.  One setting is in 2019, Imogene Wren from Britain, looses her husband and baby.  She decides to move to Brittany France to find herself as she buys a run down Chateau.  The chateau is like a character in the book.  As Imogene restores it she finds the town ignores her and won’t speak of the Chateau and believes it’s has secrets.

The parallel  story is during WWII when the Germans overrun France and take over the Chateau.  An 18yr old girl Simone Varrone, who lives in the same town tries to avoid the Germans.  The story gives an excellent description of the tragedies that befall the town folks. during the war.   Simone lives with a sick bother and her mom.  A German soldier Max leaves a bottle of medicine for her brother.  Simone finds Max is a man beyond the uniform.  However, the story reveals the struggle she must deal with the A forbidden relationship and wanting to help the resistance and her  country.. Another German soldier finds she plays a flute and holds medicine for her brother unless she plays at the Chateau.  The town thinks she is collaborating with the Germans.

Imogene struggles with the towns issues with the Chateau and while having trouble finding help an architect, Laurent signs up for the job.  However, turns out he is Simones grandchild., and the town mistrusts him.   However, while they must overcome obstacles, they both want to find out what is the story and secrets in the Chateau.
The story has love, loss, courage, and hope.   Eventually, the two stories come together at the end. 

I enjoyed the parallel story and the development of the characters and the historical picture of the times.

Thank you to GalleyNet. And the publisher for allowing me to read and provide my review. For this book.
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I really enjoyed this dual timeline book.  I loved the characters who really came to life.   I loved the history coupled with the romance made this an excellent read.
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A beautiful dual timeline story of a French chateau during WW II and the present. The story of it's inhabitants during the war, the choices that were made there and their lasting effects on the present day. A true gem of historical fiction!
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Thank you to NetGalley and Aria & Aries for early access to this novel! Written in a dual timeline, we jump from modern day 2019 to WWII’s 1944 Occupied France. 
2019.  Imogen Wren, a young English widow relocates to a small French village in hopes of fulfilling a dream she and her husband had prior to his death. She purchases an abandoned, half-burned chateau, discovering a WWII mystery while restoring the old building. What caused the fire, and generations of distrust, all those years ago?
1944 -  WWII, German occupied France. A young girl becomes involved with the resistance after witnessing the execution of her best friend by the German Army. Torn by the needs of her widowed mother, her sick brother, and her beloved country, she guiltily finds herself drawn to a German officer. Not wanting to be seen as an enemy collaborator, she nevertheless does what she must to obtain German secrets to pass on to the French resistance. The consequences of her actions ricochet thru the village, and thru time, until her war-time sacrifice can finally be revealed. 
Though well written, and a sweet story, I personally had a tough time connecting with this novel. I found the ending a bit banal and the intrigue a bit lacking. What WAS prevalent was a vivid picture of what the German occupancy and cruelty to the French villagers looked like during wartime. The oppression and desperation experienced by those under the heavy hand of the enemy were equally horrific. As access to food, medicine, and everyday necessities dwindled daily, the French villagers became (understandably), almost as cruel and judgmental toward neighbors considered collaborators. These vignettes are what I appreciated most about this story. 
In summation, though this may not have been one of MY most favorite reads, I would not discourage others from reading is at they may still highly enjoy it.
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4/5 stars
OMG! I loved this book. The synopsis and the book overall kind of The Last Ride by Nicholas Sparks vibes. However, this takes place in nowadays and the Second World War in France. Imogen's and Simone's stories were heartwarming but also heart breaking. I loved how the author was available to provide two detailed stories. 
I have to admit I cried with this book but loved the way it concluded.
Definitely looking forward to read more about this author.

Thanks NetGalley and Aria & Aries for providing me an ARC in exchange of an honest review.
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The story is told in two timelines. It is 1944 and Simone is a young woman who loves music and catches the attention of one of the German occupants who has her play her flute during his parties at the chateau. The other story is set in 2019 and tells the story of Imogen Wren. Four years ago her husband died at age 29 of an undisclosed heart condition. She can't seem to let go of her grief and decides to live out their dream of moving to France. After looking at homes she becomes enchanted with an old chateau and even though it needs extensive renovations she buys it. The town is not very welcoming to her and she has problems finding contractors and builders to help with her project.

I found Simone's story way more interesting. She was young and wanted to work for the resistance to protect her country but she had a complex relationship with the Germans. She felt she had to go along with them and play the flute at their parties. They were giving her brother much needed medicine that they otherwise could not afford. I felt like the only reason Imogen was introduced was so she could interact with Simone's grandson, Laurent, and reveal Simone's story. She is one of those characters I don't like, grief stricken she impulsively buys the chateau but nothing was mentioned about what she was going to do with it. A B&B? A wedding venue? I thought the character could have been developed more. Laurent seemed like a nice guy but he had his secrets too and when Imogen heard gossip about him she would jump to a conclusion and not let him explain over and over again.

The country side was described as lush and green with all kinds of flowers. In 1944 it was the kind of small town where you walked or rode your bike on errands and it didn't seem to have changed much in 2019.

I really did enjoy the book. It had a good story in Simone. I just wish it was just Simone's story with maybe more depth.

I would like to thank Netgalley and Aria and Aries for my copy of this book.
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Wow! What a book. This historical fiction / modern day dual timeline about love, loss, grief and hope was beautiful and moving. I love this author and her novel, The Forgotten Life of Arthur Pettinger, is one of my favourite reads of the year and I am so glad this one was equally enjoyable. 

She captured the setting of 1944 occupied France so well and I loved Simone’s character. I loved the jumps back and forth to then and 2019, as it meant there was a slow reveal of the past and the facts and it kept me hooked. Imogen, our 2019 leading lady, was equally amazing and I loved her move to the future and growing hope. 

I loved reading this and developed a strong emotional connection to the story, so I ended it with tears streaming down my face. Such a beautiful book! 

Thank you to Netgalley and Aria & Aries for this e-arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Duel timeline novel of 1944 and present day.
Heartbreaking to read what people had to go through to keep their families and themselves alive.  How tragically some were victimized for what happened because no one knew the real story.
WWII historical fiction, romance, loss and mystery…. The author weaves the two eras together in a way that you can’t stop reading.
Many thanks NetGalley, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read this book for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed my own.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Suzanne Fortin is a new to me author and I will be searching out other books from her for sure! This is a fantastic dual timeline story! A move to France, a purchase of a chateau. Secrets are discovered, a German soldier is befriended, tragedy and so much more. The author did a fantastic job with the dual timeline There's a little romance, mystery, and history in this story! I loved it!
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'All That We Have Lost': 4⭐

(Unpaid Review: thank you to @netgalley, @suzannefortin and the publishers for allowing me to read this eArc copy in exchange for a review.)

Another great historical fiction story I found on Netgalley! This book follows a dual timeline: Simone and Imogen, set during the WWII. This was exciting, tragic and very, very emotional. Again, I need to buy more tissues to bring with me everytime I get to reread this story!
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Really enjoyed this dual timeline book. Both characters had great depth although Simone was my favourite. Interesting story
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This emotional read very effectively uses dual timelines to share the stories of two women - Simone in a small town in German occupied France in 1944 and Imogen, a young widow who buys a chateau in the same town in 2019.  Although both timelines effectively merge the storylines, Simone’s story was the most compelling for me.  She showed so much bravery during such a devastating dangerous time in her own community.  I fell in love with Pierre, who served as a catalyst for her heroic actions.  Having played the flute many years ago I appreciated the significance it held to connect the two stories.  Loved the way Simone’s back story and letters connected to the present, 
 Imogen was very independent but there was no danger to her personally.  Her connection to Denise was very endearing.  
Suzanne Fortin truly has a gift for making the characters so very real while making the reader feel as though they are right there watching the events unfold.  I physically felt the slaps and slurs hurled by women who were beyond their own breaking point, misunderstanding events that occurred.  I also wished to give poor Pierre anything he needed to keep his strength up.
I enjoyed the romance involved in both stories - just enough to keep this read firmly in the historical fiction category.  
Many many thanks to Suzanne Fortin, Aria &Aries, and NetGalley for affording me the pleasurable opportunity to read an arc this engaging book, being published today.  Totally enjoyable read and looking forward to reading more from this gifted author.
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