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Yona of the Dawn, Vol. 32

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Another amazing volume in the YOTD series! Herein we get new information that may fundamentally change how we see certain characters. While Hak and Yona's romance has separated, each finds his or herself confronting new hurdles putting their romance on pause. Meanwhile, the Four Dragons take part in a tournament that is at one end entertainment and at the other end, an attempt at gaining intelligence on their powers. Through strategy and strength, they must find their way out of this.  Not to be forgotten, Yun is allowed into the royal library to begin studying medicine! This volume really brought it with the political intrigue and character development, I cannot wait for the next volume. This will continue to be a series I really herald to readers.
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The action-packed artwork truly shined as the Four Dragons showcased their strength in the martial arts tournament. This focused on Gija and Jaeha fighting against Ju-do and Geun-Tae, strategizing their way to stop the tournament to save Yona. I appreciate the careful attention from the flair of their movements as the men in this manga continue to make me swoon. 

I enjoyed the balance of lighthearted moments with the characters developing their relationships with one another as well as the suspenseful moments. It reveals more of not only the characters' personalities and motives, but containing more back stories and the events from Volume One with Soo-won, Yona, and Hak. 

Furthermore, there is political tension with Yona confined in the palace with Soo-won and the general advisor. Plus, Soo-won on the front cover makes complete sense once the reader finishes this volume. There are dark twisted secrets hidden in the palace and an ending that left me gasping and screaming with shock. Readers don't want to miss this!
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I missed a few of theses volumes but this one is easy to pick up it seems to be the start of a new adventure. Lots of action but a lot of talking,
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I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I AM STARTING TO LIKE SUWON!!! I'm starting to see the long term goal here, and I am having a hard time hating him. This volume changed the tone of the entire series for me. I cannot ever get enough of this one, but I can see it is slowly working towards its end. It's hard to know how to feel other than in awe, because clearly the mangaka knew what she wanted from the beginning.
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The plot continues to become more complicated in messy in this latest installment of Yona of the Dawn. New information in brought to light regarding the events of volume one, as well as characters' pasts. We see continued growth from all the main characters, and there is a continued feeling of the story closing, if a somewhat explosive ending. The tension has been growing for the last ten volumes, and it isn't slowing down, as with every volume we gain new information on politics or the dragon warriors, or more backstory and exposition is given.

10/10, another fantastic volume from Mizuho Kusanagi and team.
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Woah! Woah! Woah! That was good! The four dragons are in (and out) of a tournament, Hak joins the Sky Tribe army doing laundry and meals, Yun finally gets to the library to study herbs, Yona is stuck in the palace… and Su-Won… well you will just have to read it to see. 

As the series stretches on, past questions are brought to the forefront. I guess that would happen when Yona returns to the palace where her father was murdered. As always though, there is a lot more going on than what you think. I have followed this series since it's inception and was still surprised by the turn of events. 

Thank you Netgalley and VIZ Media for this ARC. I love this series! It never gets boring and I will continue to read and encourage my students to check it out! I cannot wait for the next installment!
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