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I thought this book was incredibly creative and inspiring! The illustrations were unique and really helped visualize the story. The content was easy to read and on a level that all children could understand. The message about Oliver’s anxiety and fear around public speaking due to his stutter was one that many children can relate to. His ability to accept and love his unique trait was very empowering!

I found this book absolutely delightful and appreciate that the author wrote it with her son!
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My daughter and I enjoyed reading this book and found that it gave a clear, effective message about accepting differences in ourselves and others. It opened up interesting discussions about avoidance and masking emotions. We found the font a little tricky to read in places.
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I stutter
Great to see a child be a child and be who they are, I have a 6 year old that stutters a bit, and worry a bit that it might hold her back, this is a good child's book to show her that this is me be proud you are you

books succeed.
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The fabulous artwork, the representation, and the message should bring 'When Oliver Speaks' to the hands of many children.  I do wish the prose was more 'show' instead of all 'tell' but kids and adults will equally love this little picture book.
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This book, in addition to some very cute illustrations, addresses an important topic, the stutter. Oliver is a stuttering boy, and on the day he has to present a work to the class, he is scared until his mother makes him see that the stutterer is part of him.
It was a pleasant surprise!
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A great story about a young boy who is scared to give an "All About Me" presentation to his class because of his stutter, but in the end embraces his stutter as a part of who he is. The illustrations are lovely and pair so well with the touching story.
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A lovely story for children to learn to love who they are and that they can do anything if they are brave enough. Oliver isn't perfect, but that doesn't make him a bad boy; he's cute and energetic and brave!
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3.5 Stars
Ah, I’m quite conflicted about this book. The message is fab and shows that there’s nothing wrong with stuttering. It’s just a part of the person/ child. 
Oliver is one such seven-year-old with a pretty regular lifestyle- school, home, games, imagination, etc. But he stutters and thus doesn’t speak, avoiding it as much as possible. 
When his teacher announces an ‘all about me’ project, Oliver confessions his fears to his mom. She helps him understand and guides him in creating the presentation. The book ends with Oliver overcoming his fears and speaking in front of his classmates. 
We never know how they react. That’s very important when you teach a kid to go on and talk about things that make them feel bad or different. Maybe another page or two showing that his friends responded kindly would have helped. 
Now, coming to the illustrations… They sure are good, but seemed a little too much. No issues with detailing. However, Oliver and his multiple faces (that too in pretty big size) take away the focus from the topic. At a couple of places, I felt as if the expression and the emotion didn’t exactly match. 
That said, the book deals with an important topic, so rounding it off to three stars. 
Thank you, NetGalley and Indigo River Publishing, for the ARC.
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I requested a copy of this book from NetGalley because of the fact that I work with many speech therapists and thought this might be a book to add to their arsenal of tools when working with children.  The only requirement for me was to read and offer an honest review. 

I am definitely sharing this book with my SLP friends and will suggest it for parents who may have children with a stutter. It’s a great book to build self-esteem. This could be a good foundation for many books about visible differences that children are dealing with - ie, birthmarks or alopecia.
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This book is very sweet with an important message for children who stutter and those around them.  I remember all too well my school years where children were ruthlessly bullied and mocked for being different.  I have never had a stutter, but I can only imagine how much worse my being bullied would have been had I had one.  Children can be downright cruel.

I loved the color palette for this book, gentle colors, important message that wasn't told in a preachy way and a sweet ending that made me tear up a tad.  

Definitely a book I recommend for children of the age for picture books who have a stutter or who have someone in their social circle who does.  

4, shining sweet, stars.    

My thanks to NetGalley and Indigo River Publishing for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.
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This is an excellent book with a clear message. Every child with a stutter would love reading this, knowing that they are not lonely and there are other children just like them. Lovely!
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A unique book promoting inclusion and building confidence in children with speech and language challenges. I would include this in my classroom library for children to read whenever they wanted to.
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I really loved the idea of this - and I love the inclusivity! However I felt one part of the book - where seeing hearing and tasting made him who he was - missed the mark. As a book about inclusion and diversity it felt… flat when it missed an opportunity to be inclusive to deaf and blind children as well. I don’t believe it was intentional! But I don’t think that part was needed for the story honestly and it would feel better without it. 

BUT I am always happy to see more diverse children’s titles!
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I loved this book! Thank you NetGalley for this early ARC to review. Oliver really spoke to me in his book, and it showed those who read it the importance of accepting those around us for who they are, and to love ourselves as we are. My son was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate, and I love finding books that help teach kids who to be confident in themselves and how to teach others to be kind. I would buy this book for my shelf at home and classroom for kids to read.
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This true story has an inspiring and positive message.  It assures you that you can do anything you put your mind to.  It doesn't matter if you are different from others ... ... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU! 

Oliver is a little boy that excels in most things he indulges in.  The one thing that challenges him most is that he doesn't enjoy speaking because he stutters.  "Stuttering is a disruption in the product of speech sounds; also called "disfluencies".  

His class is expected to present an "All About Me" project and Oliver is full of worry and anxiety to present because of his speaking disability.  He has so far gotten out of it by going to the bathroom just as his teacher Mrs. Bakersfield is about to call his name and another time when he feigns stomach pains and escapes to visit the school nurse. 

His teacher notifies Oliver's mother asking if he is alright as he is spending a lot of time in the bathroom and in the nurse's office. Olive shares his feelings of anxiety and doubt to his mother and together they work out a plan that not only enables Oliver to proudly stand up and do his presentation but also accept that his disability is part of who he is.  Oliver learns to bravely accept himself without shame or embarrassment.  This heartwarming book with its wonderful illustrations would be a lovely classroom addition and also earns a spot on a school library shelf.  I highly recommend this book.
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A sweet book about overcoming stuttering! This is important for all kids to understand what stuttering is
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This was so so cute I loved it. I read it to my nephews and they loved it just as much. This was really perfect for me I had lots of fun with my little nephews just as much as I did!
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I really loved this! I think Oliver is a great role model for kids who have a stutter (or another type of invisible disability). He faced his fears and accepted himself. I also really enjoyed the art work. It was nice and clean and has a great style too it. It's also great to see a POC represented in a children's book!
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This book is wonderful for helping kids accept their stutter and to explain to others what someone may be experiencing if they have a stutter.  Great for teaching acceptance and empathy!
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When Oliver Speaks is a beautiful picture book about a seven year old boy who has a stutter. When his teacher asks him to give a presentation, Oliver runs away and hides to avoid speaking in front of his class. But a conversation with his mother about his stutter gives him a new perspective and he finds the courage to give the presentation.

This is a fantastic picture book to read with children who have a stutter, or simply to explain to a child what it means and feels like to have a stutter or speech impediment. Oliver is first presented as a seven year old boy who loves basketball and reading, which I think allows the reader to relate to Oliver and consider his stutter as only a small part of him in addition to his personality and hobbies.

The conversation that Oliver has with his mum, where she encourages him to give the presentation, demonstrates a great way to think about speech impediments and how they impact a person. I think this scene will be particularly poignant and helpful for children who have a stutter and offers a great opportunity for them to discuss what having a stutter means for them with an adult. Personally, I would have liked to see Oliver come to his own conclusions about his stutter and giving the presentation, rather than simply accept what his mum told him, but I think it's a good message all the same.

This book is most suitable for a parent or teacher to read alongside a child so that there are opportunities for the child to engage in discussion and ask questions. I think this story would be a fantastic choice for children with a speech impediment, or who know someone with a speech impediment.
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