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Wow- this was a great read which drew me in from the very first page. I just couldn’t put it down until I got to the very end.
Addy is 16 years old, pregnant  and alone and on the run from a dangerous situation, trying to reach her boyfriend Rafe, when the baby decides to arrive.  Unsure what to do she acts on instinct and hands the newborn to Elizabeth, a first year medical student whom she meets on the New York subway. She then runs off, literally leaving Elizabeth holding the baby.
Elizabeth, herself, is not in a good place as her fiancé has just dumped her the day before the wedding and she is en route to meet up with her friend to try and sort out her life.
Elizabeth hands the baby over to the authorities but cannot get Addy out of her mind. However the story does not end there as some very bad people are after the young mother and they see Elizabeth as key to finding out where she has run to.
This was such a compelling book full of some wonderful characters. Not only was it an exciting, page turning thriller it also examined what it means to be a parent and how one doesn’t have to be a birth parent to feel those natural family ties.
Definitely a five star read for me and recommended to thriller fans who like well drawn and interesting characters as well as a fast paced read.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for my arc.
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Burdette, an author of cozy mysteries set in Key West, turns to hard-boiled suspense with Unsafe Haven. It's a nice departure for the author who is a remarkable library advocate and a deft writer in this genre, whether it's light or dark.
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Unsafe haven by Lucy Burdette.
Sixteen-year-old Addison is on the run. She’s leaving her life on New York’s streets behind for a new one with Rafe, armed with just his phone number on a scrap of paper. She’s taking the subway to meet him in New Jersey. He’ll take care of her. Or so she thinks . . .
This was a riveting read. I was hooked from page one.  Great story and characters.  I really felt for Addison.  5*.
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This is the action-packed drama that you should be reading! Outstanding characters, suspenseful plot and a slew of wrong turns make this the drama you didn't know you needed. Incredibly realistic issues such as underage drinking, human trafficking, underage sex abuse, child mom, dirty politicians and more that stomp through the lives of innocent bystanders who are dealing with their own unique family dramas. I have to say, I think this is Lucy Burdette's best book yet! I don't know how she does it, but I am definitely looking forward to the next book that comes from her creative mind!
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UNSAFE HAVEN  by Lucy Burdette  
A favorite Jewish tale has the repeated message “it could be worse” and that theme fits the developments in this absolutely mesmerizing tale.  Elizabeth’s fiancé calls off their New Year’s Eve wedding two days before . . . terrible.  Med. school is harder than she expected . . . but then she find out how small her problems are in the larger scope of things. Frightened 16-year-old Addy puts a newborn into her arms and disappears in a nearly-deserted subway stop, which begins a frightening chain of events that call upon all their courage, compassion, cleverness, and family solidarity as things do go from bad to worse.
I love when a book makes me care so much that all other pursuits take a back seat and I just can’t stop reading.  I’m told that there might need to be a warning for those who prefer cozier books.  IMHO, it’s worth the stretch beyond one’s comfort zone to enjoy the good writing and to open one’s eyes to the plight of others who need things to get better instead of worse, and deserve some help along the way.
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Addie is sixteen, pregnant, and trying to escape a situation that unfortunately a lot of runaway girls are tricked into. Trying desperately to get to what she thinks is her savior, Rafe. And as if she didn’t have enough on her plate, she’s about to give birth in the subway toilets.

Terrified and not knowing what to do she stumbles out to the subway platform with baby and placenta wrapped in a coat.

Elizabeth Brown should be getting married but that isn’t happening now. Time to go home to lick her wounds and return wedding gifts. As she walks up from the subway a young girl runs to her and thrusts the baby into Elizabeth’s arms with just a whispered,” I can’t take care of her” and then runs.

Elizabeth is a med student and to say she is shocked is an understatement. She finds a phone number in the pocket of the coat and calls it. Something she will soon come to regret. Addie isn’t running from one person, they all want that baby and murder may be the way to get her.

This was an excellent transition from Burdette’s cozy mysteries! She has amped up the suspense and left us biting our fingernails and reading past our bedtimes! Well worth it!

NetGalley/December 7th, 2021 by Severn House Publishers
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I just want to start off by saying that this is a decent read. There's nothing really that turned me off about it. It is surprising that it came from this author, whose previous books have all been cozy mysteries. This one is a bit more hard hitting, however I don't think she really goes far enough to make it truly suspenseful or emotionally impactful.

The premise is intriguing--Medical student Elizabeth is heading on the subway to meet a friend and discuss her wedding that was called off at the last minute. A young girl approaches her and thrusts a bundle into her arms, Elizabeth is shocked to see that it is a newly born infant wrapped in a coat. After relinquishing the baby to the authorities, she and her friend call a phone number found in the coat's pocket and start a chain of events that they can't stop or turn away from.

It's difficult to put my finger on the issues that caused me not to rate this any higher. It moves forward at a decent pace and is interesting enough that it kept me invested throughout. There just weren't any surprises, a large number of coincidences, and I never really understood the motives of the bad people until the very end when they were completely laid out. We just know that everyone wants the baby and the baby's mother, but other than a few vague references and a few things that get uncovered along the way, we don't really know why.

One last quibble--I think that if writers are going to write about teenagers they should make them authentic and believable: for example, teenagers do NOT use Facebook, and the way they speak in this book didn't seem authentic.

Overall though, it's a decent suspense novel with an intriguing premise and should appeal to those who like a fast-paced read.
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So different from Burdette's earlier novels!  That said, I struggled with this one, which I thought needed a dose of common sense.  Elizabeth, a medical student whose fiance has just called off the wedding, is standing on a subway platform when a teen thrusts a newborn into her arms and takes off.  Logic would dictate, well, I'll let you decide. I liked that this is topical and focuses on the plight of homeless teens and predators but there are some plot holes. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  I'm sure others will enjoy this but it wasn't for me.
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This book starts with a punch to the gut. The emotional first chapter grabs you and doesn't let you go. With wonderful characters you can't help but feel for, a plot that is twisty, very unique and so suspenseful I was holding my breath at times. I love how the author delved into many different issues such as runaways, abuse, homelessness and teen pregnancy. They are handled with a sensitivity but the author doesn't shy away from telling it like it is.

This one had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and, with the exception of a few coincedes that didn't work for me, this book felt very realistic. I loved the surprise ending and the writing and dialogue kept me interested throughout. This is my first book by this author but it won't be my last. When you start this one make sure you have plenty of time and plan to have your butt in the chair the whole day.
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Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for an advance copy of this page-turner, my first by author Lucy Burdette. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read, provoking one of those "what would you do?" situations.
The story alternates POV between 16-year-old Addy, a runaway forced into prostitution, and Elizabeth, an affluent first-year medical student whose fiance just dumped her, only days before their big-ticket wedding.
On her way to meet Rafe, her so-called boyfriend, Addy gives birth in a filthy bathroom in the New York subway. Panicked, she hands the newborn to the first friendly face she sees, which happens to be Elizabeth, and then disappears.
Stunned, Elizabeth turns the baby over to the proper authorities, but she becomes curious about the young mother. She notices a phone number in the pocket of the coat Addy used to wrap around the baby, and, against her better judgment, calls it. The phone call was the first of a series of decisions that put Elizabeth in the crosshairs of some very bad people who are looking for Addy, and especially, her baby.
There are a few too many coincidences that help wrap this case up neatly, but it's a wild ride and a terrific read.

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Review of eBook
First-year medical school student Elizabeth Brown is stunned when a homeless young girl thrusts a newborn baby into her arms and vanishes. Addison, a runaway determined to escape her life on the street, is on the run, hoping to meet up with Rafe, the one person she can trust to help her. And so, on the subway platform, she entrusts her newborn baby daughter, wrapped in a dirty jacket, to a stranger, begging her to take care of the baby, before she vanishes into the crowd.

Two days before their planned New Year’s Eve nuptials, Kevin suddenly calls off the wedding, leaving Elizabeth, in turmoil. And now she finds herself with an abandoned newborn and some heartfelt concern for the baby’s young mother. Thus, when she finds a phone number in the pocket of the dirty coat, she hopes it will help her find the young girl and makes the mistake of calling it.

Now someone is after Addy and her baby. And if Elizabeth [or anyone else] gets in their way . . . .


This can’t-put-it-down thriller grabs the reader from the outset and pulls them along as a terrifying chain of events unfolds to threaten a newborn baby, her young mother, and those determined to help her. Well-drawn, nuanced characters populate this complex, intriguing tale of consequences, determination, commitment, and family. Believable, relatable characters, caught up in realistic situations, ratchet up the suspense and keep those pages turning at breakneck speed.

The tension, authentic and palpable, provides a constant undercurrent of uneasiness that keeps the reader on edge as the evolving narrative takes several unexpected twists. As the plot takes some unforeseen turns, it highlights the plight of the young mother in this all-too-real scenario.

Readers will find themselves drawn into the young mother’s predicament even as they can relate to those who would seek to help both her and her child. Courage and compassion play an important part in the story, and, although the denouement is spot-on perfect for the narrative, readers are likely to wish there was more to the story that brings two disparate women together and celebrates the strength of family, love, and doing the right thing.

Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of this eBook from Severn House and NetGalley
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I really like this book, it was tense, twisty, suspenseful and emotive. I was gripped from the start right until the end and it was spinechillingly good. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more from Lucy Burdette
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Thank you Netgalley and Canongate, Severn House for the eARC.
Addy, a homeless sixteen-year old homeless girl gives birth to a baby in a NYC subway bathroom and ends up shoving her into the arms of Elizabeth, a student.  Elizabeth calls 911 and the police take the baby.
I really liked this book and my heart ached for the baby and Addy.  This story tugged at my heartstrings and the tension was at times unbearable, I just couldn't put the book down.
There are some really bad characters that are trying to get the baby, killing whoever is in the way.
The main characters who are concerned for Addy are very likeable and the ending is perfect.  I was left happy, but didn't want to say goodbye yet. leaving me hoping there would be a follow-up ... I'd like to know what happens to these people next.  Maybe there's a chance of a follow-up?!
Definitely recommended!
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Well this book should come with a warning  " Do not start reading unless you are prepared to stay up all night " 

YIKES! Way to go Lucy Burdette! This has made for netflix written all over it ! 

Unsafe Haven follows the life of 16 year old Addison, a recent runaway. Having lived her life on the NYC streets she is ready to start anew with Rafe. Addison believes Rafe is going to take care of her and shes ready for a new life in New Jersey. 

Elizabeth is consumed by the recent break up with her ex-fiance. As shes day dreaming of the life she once had at the subway she has a baby thrown into her arms. What just happened? 

When the baby was thrown into Elizabeth's arms they were wrapped in a dirty coat. Inside the coat is a phone number. This is going to send Elizabeth on a wild ride because someone wants to get to Addison and to the baby and they will stop at nothing. 

This is a story you do not want to miss with a twist you will not see coming! 

Due out December 7, 2021, everyone needs to add this to their to be read pile .
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16 year old Addy is in a terrible position, homeless,frightened, running – and not only pregnant but in labour.  She gives birth in a filthy subway toilet and uses her coat to wrap the new born baby.  She is trying to escape and needs to meet Rafe her boyfriend who is taking her to California.  She knows she needs help and her eyes meet Elizabeth who is about to alight from the train and she thrusts the baby into her arms and runs.  So starts Elizabeth’s entanglement in this fascinating, exciting and compelling novel.

I cannot recommend it enough if you like good characters, great plot development and are prepared to accept that sometimes fate sometimes uses coincidence to her own ends.

Thank you to the author, publishers and NetGalley for providing an ARC via my Kindle in return for an honest review.
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