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The first in a series of seasonal children’s books, I found the story charming and the artwork outstanding.
We all have that neighbor…the grumpy one who, as it turns out, in a time of need, would actually give you the shirt off his back.
Mr. Grumpf is just that neighbor. In a forest of needy creatures, he always shows up and helps out. In return, will his neighbors do the same for him?

With  autumn toned colors, and beautiful sketches..the artwork keeps you in the Fall theme through the entire book.
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Beneath the Trees by Dav was a heartwarming story about a neighbor perceived as grumpy, yet who is in reality a nice and helpful guy. It's a great story to share with your young pre-school through early elementary aged readers, even tho the comic book style might make for a more challenging read aloud. 
The illustrations however, are absolutely adorable, with a vintage quality to them that remind me of the books I read when I was a child. I will definitely be on the look out for the other titles in this series!
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The story is as delightful as A. A. Milne and the art as charming as vintage Disney. Highly recommended. 

Received via NetGalley.
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*received for free form netgalley for honest review* such an adorable book! love the artwork and story and i love seasonal books!
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I loved this story; I felt immediate empathy with Mr Grumph thanks to the characterisation and to the pictures. Drawing lines are awesome; they make you look in awe to the pages, plot becoming almost secondarily. I have never read anything from this author before but I'm definitely going to read whatever I can put my hands on from now on.
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This is Susch a cute little picture book. I loved the vibrant colors which represent the fall colours perfectly.
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It's Autumn and Mr. Grumpf wants nothing more than to get his front yard swept clear of leaves but his neighbors keep stopping by and distracting him and needing help with things and then it rains and before he knows it the whole day has gone by. Luckily, those pesky neighbors do Mr. Grumpf a big favor to make up for his kindness and generosity.

The first in a new seasonal series, Beneath the Trees: The Autumn of Mister Grumpf is a beautifully illustrated story about a gruff and rough-looking neighbor with a surprisingly big heart that won't say no to helping out his fellow woodland creatures.

My daughter and I loved the illustrations in this story! The main character really stands out and the woodland creature neighbors are super adorable but we also loved the color scheme and attention to detail in the leaves, trees, and other background elements.
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Oh what a delightful book!! 
Poor Mister Grumpf just wants to clean up the leaves surrounding his tree before the snow hit. Trouble is, all of his neighbors seem to need to pass by and both interrupt him AND spread his leaves back around again, and then there are the ones who need help or one last worm before hibernation. What happens next is a good lesson for kids [and adults] to both learn and remember - anger never accomplishes anything, and helping others will result in you getting help back when you least expect it. 

Beautifully illustrated and worded, this is a must for parents and caregivers of children, especially ones who might struggle with frustration and anger. Very well done. 

Thank you to NetGalley, Dav, Michael Kennedy [Translator] and Diamond Book Distributors/Magnetic Press for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to the publisher and #NetGalley for a DRC in exchange for an honest review.

A first in a children's four-book series, each standalone tale will be based on a different season. In this autumn season, the forest community is in preparation of storing food, hibernating, and doing last minute activities before winter starts. The main character is a grumpy badger named Mr. Grumpf and his task is sweeping the dead leaves in front of his house. But with the forest community disturbing him in completing his task, he finds himself building relationships with his friends and neighbors. 

I adore the lush colors and crisp illustrations inspired by classic 2D Disney featured films (THE RESCUERS and ROBIN HOOD). For me, this gives me Winnie the Pooh vibes. It conveys the emotions and the coziness of the autumn season without too much text, and rather, letting the illustrations speak more to the reader.  Mr. Grumpf may be grumpy on the outside, but he is caring on the inside to make his community happy. Little did he know, his efforts will be rewarded at the end. 

I look forward to the next book in the series! This is recommended for children ages 4-8, teaching them lessons about being a part of a community, being aware of their emotions, and how the power of nature can heal us.
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Mister Grumpf, a badger, is featured in this anthropomorphic fall-time graphic novel. It's quite reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh, only if Pooh was a grump who just wanted to get ready to hibernate instead of a bumbling, loveable, kindly bear in search of honey. 

Now, that's not to say Grumpf isn't loveable. In fact, he's quite loveable, despite his grumpiness. He wants to get his leaves raked, but whenever a fried comes calling, Grumpf helps in the ways he can. The ending of this graphic novel is incredibly wholesome, and it made me tear up a bit. 

The artwork is gorgeous, and everything inside is perfectly suited for the target demographic (4-8 years old or so). I'll be buying a copy for my young children.
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A sweetly elegant tale about how a curmudgeonly badger’s heart is melted through the love and attention shown by his neighbors. A lovely “read-to” book as well as for the younger reader.
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A graphic novel style picture book where Mr. Grumpf is so bothered by his neighbors, but their friendlyness chips away a little at his gruffness. Stunning illustrations that do remind you of 2D Disney illustrations. And what a fun book for fall about being neighborly.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Beneath the Trees: The Autumn of Mr Grump, is acute and funillustrated short comic book style book about Mr Grumph. All he wants to do is clear outside of his home from leaves, but he keeps getting interrupted and distracted by his busy neighbours all around him who are rushing about getting ready for hibernating through the winter. 
Mr Grump is grumpy and although he's grumpy, he always stops his work to help his neighbours. 
Mr Grumph returns home after a rain storm to find all the leaves he had brushed away have been blown back infront of his home. He has a tantrum and his neighbours feel sorry for him. They decide to help him and when he comes home he has a lively surprise. 
I really enjoyed this book. The text was very minimal but the illustrations were fantastic. Plus it's about Autumn which is my favourite season!
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This was a delightful book! Fans of the Wind in the Willow books will especially enjoy it, and the illustrations are just lovely!
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Mister Grumpf is a bit of a curmudgeon. He is also a badger. And he has a lot of leaves to rake before winter and neighbors keep interrupting! Which makes him a bit -- grumpy. But deep down inside - Mister Grumf is a true friend who likes helping others. 
I loved the illustrations and I also loved Mister Grumf! He was quite lovable beneath his crusty exterior. I also like the way that the book explores feelings without being overbearing or didactic. Never judge a badger for his Grumpf!

This is a gentle comic that should appeal to fans of Owly by Andy Runton and Ben Clanton's Narwhal & Jelly comics. It would also pair nicely with Cranky Chicken by Katherine Battersby because they both explore being grumpy and cranky but also happy! I am looking forward to reading the other adventures of Mister Grumf and his neighbors.

Thank you to the publisher for an E-galley of the book!
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This story of a grumpy badger who learns about friendship as he tries to clean up his fall leaves was a bit over my toddlers' heads, but is beautiful and I think the comic style will appeal to older kids.
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I received an electronic ARC from Diamond Book Distributors through NetGalley.
Mister Grumph comes across as serious and grumpy. Readers see Grumph cleaning up his front area to clear the leaves. However, he always stops to care for friends when they need it. The contrast between his brief vocal sounds and the way he nurtures everyone will come across as both humorous and loving. This care is returned when his friends clear the leaves and all are prepared for winter. Plenty of humor to finish the book as readers see one final "grumpf" as the season changes.
The artwork captures the character expressions and the connections among the characters.
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3.8 Stars 

As the title says, the book is about Mister Grumpf, who is always grumpy. He’s got to sweep the dried leaves again and again, and that’s bound to make anyone grumpy. 
His neighbors stop by to chat with him, ask for help, and so on. He’s still grumpy, but that doesn’t stop him from helping them. And, of course, when the time comes, they all show up uninvited to help Mister Grumpf clean the piles of leaves blocking his door. 
The illustrations are color with the autumn leaves bright and dancing in the wind. Mister Grumpf has pretty much the same grumpy expression most of the book. I’m guessing that the book is about neighbors who are a bit abrupt and even seem rude but are good people at heart. It sort of reminded me of A Man Called Ove, so I gave the book a few points extra. 
But, hey, did they have to uproot a tree to get a kite? 
Thank you, NetGalley, Diamond Book Distributors, and Magnetic Press, for the ARC.
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This book is adorable. It has wonderful artwork in it, very much in a Calvin and hobbs style art and color but in its own distinct way. It's got a very sweet storyline and it would be very very easy for a child too help you read it because one of the main characters doesn't even speak. But it doesn't take away from the storyline and it actually adds to it. I can absolutely see reading this book to my preschool class and the kids making the noises with me and giggling. I liked that it was a moral book but didn't have an agenda. Just a generalized treat others as you'd like to be treated lesson. I highly recommend this book. It's sweet and innocent and has a simple yet powerful voice. 

Thank you #netgalley for allowing me the chance to read this book and exchange for an honest review.
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This is a well-illustrated book for children. The simplicity of the story is alright. I can say that the vivid colors and cute characters can put one enough to be in the world of  the story. 
Even though that's the case, maybe I am looking for something like a kind of surprise or aha moment in the latter part realizing what has ensued in his departure; a deep feeling to the character that would attach me, especially to Mr. Grumpf or the other characters. 
Overall, it's a quick, short read that would suit the taste of children.
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