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The Untold Story by Genevieve Cogman is the 8th and possible final book in her fantastic historical fantasy, The Invisible Library series. Refresher:  Irene Winters, our heroine, is a Librarian and a professional spy for the mysterious Library; which collects all kinds of important works of fictions from different realities.  Irene is one of the best there is, having very powerful abilities as a librarian to use to protect and defend; she has great abilities using her voice (special language) to do amazing things, such as open or lock doors, make people do what she says, drop books down on attackers, disable bombs, etc. 

In The Untold Story, we finally get answers to many questions, especially who are the true origins of the library.  The story starts when Irene finally gets Lord Silver (Fae) to agree to the Fae, Dragon, Human charter, and returns home.  Irene is quickly sent on a mission to find and take down the traitor, Alberich (who is her biological father); she is secretly ordered to play rogue from the library.  In a short time, as she with the help Kai, her lover (Dragon), Vale (best detective), Catherine (Fae apprentice), to find the villian, Alberich, as well why the worlds are disappearing.  Along the way, secrets are unveiled, the danger is intense, and a conspiracy needs to be unraveled.  Who can Irene trust?

What follows is an intriguing, exciting, intense, action filled adventure that pits Irene and her friends in danger quite often. The group try to find clues, but walk into a trap, as everything falls apart, and Irene must deal with Alberich, and keep her friends safe.  From start to finish, the action was nonstop all the way.  To say too much more would be spoilers, and that would ruin it for you; especially with this possibly being the finale.

The Untold Story was a fantastic amazing, fun, exciting story, that was very well written by Genevieve Cogman, and kept me glued to my seat util the wonderful finish. Irene Winters was a wonderful fantastic heroine, smart, savvy, brave, and loyal.   The end was a wild climatic finish, which if it is the finale, was very well done
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One of my favorite series, and this installment was no exception. As it is the finale to the series, it brought a VERY satisfying conclusion to the ongoing story lines.  The origins of the Library are finally revealed, as Irene, Kai, Vale and new apprentice Catherine hunt down Alberich. 
Though there are no plans to write more in this series (right now) I would love to see more.. maybe from Catherine's experience? Or more from Irene moving up the Librarian ranks? I'm certainly not ready to leave The Library behind.
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I have thoroughly loved the Invisible Library series. These characters have made such a home in my heart and it's in my top list of longer fantasy series to recommend. It's perfect for new fantasy fans, for ones who love mystery almost spy-like stories, and who enjoy an episodic approach (like a TV show). One of my favorite elements have to be this world of archetypes and stories. How we, even in our lives, want to believe in character types. In sweet and noble heroes, in grump and gruff but secretly sweet love interests.

And I love that Cogman not only leans into this idea - this premise of us all wanting to be the main character of our story - and the ways our lives deviates. From a world building perspective, I am obsessed. In The Untold Story,  Irene, Kai, and Vale have to face the wide reaching consequences, danger, and intrigue from the previous books. This latest installment delves into Irene's revelations about her parenthood and her relationship with Kai. It also deeply dives into the past, into the very foundational building blocks of our world, selves, and loved ones.
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First of all, I can't thank the publisher enough for allowing me to review the last book of my favorite series of all time.  When I first discovered The Invisible Library series a few years ago, I was intrigued by the lovely characters, witty writing, and original ideas.  I had no idea that each book would be even better than the last, and that the series would end up becoming my favorite series.  If you haven't started this series yet, pick up the first book (The Invisible Library) right now!  Thank you again to the publisher for this opportunity!

The Untold Story by Genevieve Cogman is the eighth and final book in an amazing adult fantasy series.  Writing this review is bittersweet, because I am sad that there won't be any future books, but I am so happy that the series ends with a bang!  The story of the final book revolves around Irene, a Librarian, collector of books, representative of the Fae-dragon peace treaty, diplomat, and now, Library-sanctioned assassin.  After the explosive secrets revealed in the previous book, Irene is deemed the best candidate to take down Alberich, notorious traitor and enemy of the Library.  Along with her dragon boyfriend Kai, great detective Vale, and Fae apprentice Catherine, Irene must track down Alberich and dodge various dangers, while unveiling secrets of the Library along the way.  Who can she trust?  Can she even trust herself?

Here is a fantastical excerpt from Chapter 1:

"The snow hissed against the windows, flakes visible in the harsh spotlights which ringed the building. Irene could dimly make out the well-groomed gardens outside and the faint outline of the ornamental lake—and beyond that the guard outposts, the high walls and everything necessary to keep this manor house and estate private and undisturbed. The trail of darkness across the white lawn—fresh blood, left behind by the corpse which had been dragged across it—was rapidly being covered by the snow.
She couldn’t see the Siberian dire wolves, but she’d been assured they were out there. To be honest, she wasn’t even sure that dire wolves were or could be Siberian, but as the saying went, Don’t contradict an autocrat on his own territory unless you have either a very good reason or a very secure escape route.
At this precise moment she didn’t have either of those. While the mansion did have a library, it was one of the few rooms she was strictly forbidden from entering. A logical precaution—after all, they knew she was a Librarian, and she could use a smaller library in any of the alternate worlds, like this one, to enter the secret interdimensional Library that was her home. A place that was, at the moment, very far away."

Overall, The Untold Story is the explosive and dynamic conclusion to what is, in my opinion, the best adult fantasy series of all time.  All of the ingenuity and originality of the previous books are present here, and they're heightened to new levels.  There were moments when I had to stop reading and just marvel at how much of a genius the author is.  One of my favorite aspects of the series has been the slow reveal of the origins and history of the dragons, Fae, and the Library.  The author definitely delivers here.  All of the answers are finally revealed, and the action-packed, tension-filled conclusion had me unable to sleep.  If you're a fan of the series like I am, you won't regret checking out this book when it comes out in December!  And if you haven't started this series yet, I highly recommend that you add it to your TBR list right away!
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I liked The Untold Story better than I did The Dark Archive, and if this is the final book in the series I will be satisfied.

This may seem like a strange thing to say about a fantasy novel, but this entry was a little too fantastical for my liking. Within Cogman’s fantasy world, the events that took place in the Library were a little too out there for me. There were also elements that were too reminiscent of other fantasy works. <spoiler>army of the dead, anyone?</spoiler>

I did like that we got lots of time not only with Irene but with Kai, Vale, and Catherine as well. Also we got some answers that have been long coming.

The series overall is still a definite recommend.
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In this installment, Irene must figure out who she really trusts. Is Alberich an insane killer or is the Library the problem? Who are her real friends? Conspiracy upon conspiracy needs to be unraveled before Irene can decide where her loyalty should go.  I love this series and The Untold Story was definitely a must read. It felt kind of like an ending… hoping there are still more to come?!
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Book 8 in the series finds Librarian Irene unsettled by the idea that Alberich is her father. She is requested by the Library to kill him. Alberich offers a truce, he proposes that they meet to sign a treaty that says he will no longer harm any Librarian or try to destroy the Library. Irene is hopeful but she still wants to find out why he originally betrayed  the Library.  With her companions endangered and her loyalties strained she must search through Alberich's past  to find the founders and why he sought to destroy them. It is a story that has never been told completely and collecting the pieces may destroy everything Irene thinks she knows. 
This is another fun and exciting read! I enjoyed this book immensely.
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Genevieve Cogman does not disappoint in this latest book in the series.  I love the characters and their evolving personalities and the quirky and innovative story line.
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I believe this is the end of the Invisible Library series and I think that is best for everyone, the characters included. This series confuses me because I don’t love the writing style (it feels forced) and I truly don’t like the main character, yet I can’t stop reading it. In this book we finally see the end of so many random story threads and dive into the founding and behind the scenes of the library - which even after reading, confuses me. There are all the adventures you expect and Irene being unnecessarily stubborn. It was very in keeping with the rest of the series. However, it finally ended with a sense of hope and forward movement that I feel has been lacking in the past several books.
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I didn't know this would be the last book (for now) in the Invisible Library series.

As this is a pause to the series, enemies are defeated, and the true ruler of the library gets discovered. 

I'm glad I didn't know this was the last because it starts slowly with Irene running around and collecting information. Then when she meets Alberich, the story goes from its normal breakneck speed. The ending is an excellent conclusion to a part of the series.

Irene and Kai's love and partnership are still some of the best things about this series. 

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Another great book in this series.  While Irene is trying to come to terms with the fact that Alberich is her father, there are strange things happening inside and outside the Library.  Worlds are disappearing, strange shadows are converging.  Irene solves it all and saves the Library from its history.
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Wow, now that is what I call fun... for me, that is. Not really all that much fun for Irene and her motley crew. No, not fun at all for them. Really, the exact opposite of fun.

Big developments in this one. HUGE ones. Like super uber ginormous. With vast repercussions for the library and every single world.

I really want to be a Librarian, just so I can explore worlds and use the Language. But maybe I'd like it a little more AFTER the events of this book, considering.

I know, I know, I'm beating around the bush a lot. But I really don't want to spoil anything.

Pick this one up as soon as you can, but only if you've read the rest. This one is the culmination of a SERIES WORTH of storyline.

Highly recommended.
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The plot thickens in the latest entry in the Invisible Library series. Shocking disclosures about Irene's past have come to light, and the Library is not above using them to put her and her allies, Kai and Vale, in harm's way if they can get rid of Alberich's influence once and for all. This book follows the same general structure as previous books in the series: some interesting setup followed by a breakneck adventure. In addition, at this point in the series, we are so well-acquainted with the characters that it feels like reading about friends. We were very pleased that Vale takes on a starring role here (we have to admit that we were Vale shippers - no offense to Kai!) after his absence from some of the previous books. 

What The Untold Story does that's new is a further exploration of the Library's origins. It turns out that it's not as neutral as Irene (and we readers) have thought. Since this is an adventure with a bit of mystery, we won't give away what happens, but it's a satisfying read with familiar characters and some new shocking reveals.
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The Untold Story is an excellent continuation of the Invisible Library series. I don't know if you can read this one as a standalone title, so this review might be a little underserved. If you like the previous entries, then this is definitely a must read. If you haven't read them, read them. If you don't like them, this story is probably left untold.
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This one didn't jump off the page the way the rest of the series did, for me at least. That said, I'm 90% sure that was just my brain behaving badly and no fault of the book. Still a completely readable installment that answered a ton of lingering questions.
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My thanks to NetGalley for making an eArc copy of this book available to me.

A very enjoyable conclusion to this series, it manages to answer enough of the Big Questions to keep us satisfied, yet leaves enough open so that a return to this world at a later time can still be imagined.  Now we can look forward to whatever new series the author has in the works.
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I was both elated and depressed reading this book because it's so good and I believe this ends the series for a while. As usual, it was great to catch up with the characters and _finally_ (after 7 books) to get some concrete answers. There are still a few mysteries left if the author chooses to come back to this series. Highly recommended, but if you haven't read this, start at book 1 for best results.
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Fans of the Invisible Library series will revel in the latest entry, which pulls together plot threads from previous books to set up an intricate grand conspiracy that threatens to knock the foundation out from under Irene, make her question everything she believes in, and put her in an impossible position where she will have to fight with all her strength to save herself and her friends and allies.

A great story that fans of the series will love, but newcomers will absolutely have to read previous entries to make sense of some of the things happening in this one, so don't try to jump into the series with this one.
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