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All I Want For Christmas is the Girl Next Door

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Thanks to NetGalley for this one. This was a wonderful read. 

The author, Chelsea Bobulski, can write characters and really bring them to life. I loved Graham and Piper so much. I know that Sarah is the girl Graham wishes for but I really appreciated that she was sort of pushed into the background as you don't really want to fall for her. 

This is a fantastic Christmas book. It touched my heart so much. I agree with another reviewer who said this would make a good Hallmark/Disney movie. I hope to read the other books in the series real soon. Maybe the characters will be revisited from this book as well.
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Book 1 in an interconnected series of contemporary young adult romance novels with a Christmas theme. Each novel highlights the importance of understanding yourself when entering a relationship, having a supportive circle of people in your life, and that true love is bringing out the best in each partner.

Graham Wallace thinks he's kept his decade long love for Sarah Clarke under wraps, especially for the last two years as she's dated his best friend. When he attempts to confess, Sarah gently acknowledges the crush but cannot reciprocate. Embarrassed and alone, he wishes upon a shooting star that he had been dating Sarah for the last two years. He wakes up to find his dream come true, with everyone remembering things as he wanted. Or at least he thought he wanted. People's personalities have changed in unexpected ways. Meanwhile, a new girl in town offers a glimpse of a different pathway to contentment. Highly recommended for ages 12 and up.
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I really love Christmas romcoms and this one definitely did not disappoint. I am looking forward to reading more Chelsea Bobulski!
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Sometimes you just need a Christmas book in April to lift your spirits.

I won't lie... All I Want for Christmas is the Girl Next Door is incredibly cheesy. It's basically a Hallmark movie in book form.... but I mean that in the best way possible! The story incorporates the typical wish upon a star trope that lands the main character in the life they've always dreamed of, only to realize that the life they thought would be perfect isn't. It's predictable, but sometimes that's exactly what I want. It's nice to sit back and enjoy a lighthearted read, and this book accomplishes that perfectly.

This book is part of a series, and I can't wait to read the other titles! I enjoy cheesy holiday romances so much.
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A YA christmas romance is all that I have ever wanted. The best of both worlds. It was witty and warm and a delight to read before the holiday season. The guy who has been in love with the same girl forever without confessing his love, only for her to end up with his best friend made for a realistic plot for a high school experience. Christmas time brings magic and that was on Graham’s side.
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A light, quick read about a little town called Christmas and a teenager who is in love with his neighbor. This book is geared more towards a young adult crowd but definitely shows that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
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I helped with the cover reveal for this book last year and was excited to see it on Netgalley for request. It definitely has a bit of the Hallmark Christmas movie vibe. Though, I didn't personally really connect with the story or the characters. I may pick up the rest of the books at a later time. 

Thank you for the opportunity to review All I Want For Christmas.
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I'm not really sure what the audience is here, but I think I can echo other reviews in saying that Graham does not always sound believably teenaged, while at other times almost feels laughably caricature-like as one.  The germ of this idea is better than its payoff.
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Cutest book I’ve read in awhile.  Sweet love story and characters you connect with.  These books NEED to be on Disney plus
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I was quite disappointed with this after being so enamored with Bobulski's previous book, Remember Me. I could not connect with any of these characters, and the main character didn't grow at all. It was quite uncomfy the way he described other female characters, clearly objectifying them, which was sad to see in a book that advertised itself as Christian.

The plot was weirdly supernatural for a normal small-town setting. It didn't fit the book at all, and the strange event is never explained.

I couldn't find myself liking anyone, and the ending felt very shallow. It also wasn't nice to see how all the relationships developed, as many characters cheated on significant others, led people on, or did other questionable things that weren't really touched upon.
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I really wanted to like this book. I thought the "wish upon a shooting star" premise had a magical touch. But I just couldn't get past the main character's arrogance and lack of empathy for others. He is so focused on what he wants, he has no concern for those he hurts. He is also pretty disrespectful towards his mother, which I found very distasteful. Maybe I'll try another book by this author, as I thought the writing was done well. But this one was a pass for me.
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This story was a festive holiday read with an It’s a Wonderful Life type twist to it. I very much enjoyed how the author explored what would have happened alternatively and how the MC grew through the experience.
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This book was a very cute teenage book. I enjoyed reading it and it put me in the holiday spirit. I would recommend to my students as well!
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Thank to NetGalley.  Chelsea Bobulski did an amazing job in writing All I Want For Christmas is the Girl Next Door. This reminded me so much of It's A Wonderful Life. I highly recommend reading this book. It will make you feel. I am giving this a 5 out of 5 stars. I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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This book is so cute. This is the perfect christmas/holiday book. Even though I am not personally in high school, it was very relatable to what high schoolers go through. A lot of books don't understand high schoolers but this is one of the most relatable books I have read. It was very feel good and yet at the same time addressed issues. I liked the fact that it wasn't all about how when a couple gets together everything is perfect. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a feel good christmas or holiday story and people who love hallmark christmas movies.
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All I Want for Christmas is the Girl Next Door is a YA book told in similar fashion to It's A Wonderful Life and When You Wish Upon A Star.  Graham, a high school student in Christmas, VA, is in love with the girl next door Sarah. Unfortunately, she's been dating his best friend. Making a wish one night on a shooting star, he wakes up the next day with the last two years completely changed. He's dating Sarah, his best friend is a shadow of the guy he knew, and for some unexplained reason Graham feels a pull towards Piper, the new girl in town working at the local bookstore with him. He thought his dream was to be with Sarah but they're like a nightmare together. How can this be happening? This is a cute, clean YA story but the characters were a little frustrating at times. It was a little longer than necessary but the ending was decent. 

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest feedback.
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Graham has been in love with only one girl: Sarah. He’s been in love with her before he even knew what it meant. She’s the only one for him. The only problem is that they aren’t together and never have been. They were best friends growing up and two years ago, Graham’s other best friend started dating Sarah and they’ve been together ever since.

He is so broken hearted seeing them together that he plans to move away for college.

But one night he slips and tells Sarah how he feels. It’s awkward at best.
He makes a wish on a star that Sarah was with him instead.

He wakes up the next morning and it’s an alternate reality. Everything else seems mostly the same but he is the one with Sarah and they have been together for two years.

At first he’s excited, he finally has everything he ever wanted. But then he notices Sarah doesn’t seem as happy with him as she did with his friend. He also finds that maybe he’s having a negative impact on her life.

In addition to this, he starts spending a lot of time with the new girl Piper. She was hired to work in the same bookstore as him and they start spending a lot of time together. It’s weird timing and confusing to him, he suddenly has Sarah as his girlfriend why is he thinking about Piper?

I do agree with the reviewers who found it cringey how Graham acted when Piper was in a skirt. It makes him sound like someone much much older, not a teenage boy.. She’s a cheerleader yet Graham nearly looses his cool because he can see her kneecap. Now, I read this as an arc, maybe the author had second thoughts and removed this part. 
I enjoyed the ending of the book significantly more. I thought this book was going to be mainly about Graham learning to move on from Sarah but it’s more than that. I really appreciated the twist towards the end of what happens in the alternate reality.

Ultimately I thought this was a sweet, entertaining story and I look forward to reading more from the series.

I got to read an early ebook edition from NetGalley. Thanks!
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This was a cute book. Definitely predicable but I think it’s a nice light book to read during the holidays.
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It’s not often that I find myself stuck in a teenage boy’s mind, but here I am with All I Want for Christmas is the Girl Next Door. Graham is your average teenager living in small-town Virginia. However, this town isn’t just any town, but a literal one named Christmas. With Christmas in the air 365 days of the year, Graham is itching to get out.

But that may also mostly stem from his unrequited crush on his best friend, Sarah Clarke, who lives next door.

I love the angst initially as we follow Graham’s longing whenever he sees his best friend and Sarah together. Who of us (mostly) hasn’t ever had an unrequited crush? But with his deep heartbreak after coming to the inevitable realization that Sarah may never choose him, he wishes upon a star in the sky and wakes up the next day in some warped alternate reality. He has been dating Sarah for the last two years, not his best friend.

I also appreciate the message that comes with this story as Graham navigates his new reality. Soon, he realizes that perfection isn’t all that he thought it would be. What if he had fallen in love with the idea of Sarah Clarke instead of who she really was? What if he spent so much time focusing on her and his longing for this relationship that he closed his mind off to the very real girl he was always meant to be with? Maybe love, the real kind of love meant for the long run, is known not by the feelings we initially get, but by how much we make one another shine to our brightest potentials.

This was a fun Christmas story with a lesson wrapped in a bow. It’s light, cute, and the kind of book to curl up with by the fireplace while it’s snowing outside.
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I don't usually give a book a 1-star rating, but this one was something else entirely. I straight up despised the main character, and honestly I felt like everyone in the book was too good for him. This title read like fan fiction of a made-for-TV holiday movie, or worse. Graham makes his wish, and then even when the reader thinks he's becoming more aware of his selfishness, he takes it to a whole other level. Because of his wish, he's ruined all these other people's lives! It was a read in narcissism, and sexualizing teenage girls. Legitimately the only reason I finished this book was because I was trying to make my reading goal for the year.
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