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I’ve got a lot of time for this style of comic book! I absolutely loved the lyrics in the speech and how the entire story is set up like a rap battle. 
I’m a big hip hop and rap fan so I really enjoyed reading the bars in beat and laughing at the classic digs made.

The art in this comic was super vibrant, colourful and fun. I really enjoyed the art style, the characters and the uniqueness of them all. 

I really enjoyed this one!
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Man, this series is so much fun! Mad respect to the author for enforcing the integrity of the Library and the sacredness of the books! Clear and bright drawing style and the coloring is on point. The lyrics are funny without being cheesy and cleverly age appropriate. I really enjoy the fact that they entire family and neighborhood is part of the action; it definitely takes a village to raise a family.
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Eh... some parts were pretty nice, some not so great. It took me a while to finally get a tempo and speed that people would be rapping to with their words. Probably would've been better with a little music. I like how out of this world and campy the whole thing is. Everything's so weird but fun to embrace. I can get behind some character depictions including D, Uncle Rashaad, and Cooky P. Everybody's got stuff they gotta do and wanna do, plus some characters manage to find some understanding and common ground. Some people are just awkward with how they handle things. Including that one argument the main hero Wax has with Cooky, that practically came out of nowhere. This felt like it could've been great but was held back by something. Maybe it would be a little better with music, wonder if Mercado would consider a playlist on Spotify.
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Sci-Fu Vol.1 was a hit in my Media Center and this sequel is bound to follow in its footsteps. 
Wax, training to be a sci-fu master, returns safely from Discopia, a planet chock full of aliens.  It's an exciting story when Wax returns to Earth, specifically Brooklyn, and the fun takes off from there.  
The book is beautifully illustrated and  vibrant colors abound.  What's especially unique and exciting is the dialogue in the book.  A combination of hip0hop and sci-fi will keep readers engaged from the first to last page. The dialogue is sharp, witty and deftly written..  
The message of relying on your friends and family resonates throughout the book.  Delightful!
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This is certainly a unique graphic novel. The colours are vibrant and engaging, The cast of characters is diverse and unusual. There is fun, adventure, super heroes and big baddies. However, I wasn't keen on all the rapped dialogue and found some of the puns a bit cheesy.

I think this would still be of great appeal to its target market, but is just not my genre.
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