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Sydney A. Frankel's Summer Mix-Up

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What I enjoyed



The characters in this novel were crafted well. They read as though they were real people, and that Middle School readers and readers of all ages could relate to them. An ensemble of characters who help her learn more about herself over the summer joins the main character Sydney. What I enjoyed the most about the characters was that they all had unique personality traits which played well together as the story progressed.



The plot of this novel was interesting. Sydney and her best friend Maggie both need to take classes at the community center after their parents tell them they need to meet new people this summer. Sydney is shy, so she is signed up for the dance class to get out of her shell. Maggie is an extrovert who needs help with reading so she is in the reading class. The girls switch places and Sydney learns that she can make friends in the reading class as well.  I loved the story because if the personal journey Sydney goes on.



The writing of this novel told the story well. It was written in a style that was relatable and didn’t take away from the plot or the characters. The writing style made A lighter scene light and fun. Going hand in hand with that, the style of writing made the more serious scenes serious.  I will read more from this author in the future.


The friendship between Maggie and Sydney was so sweet. I loved how each of them cared for each other. The other friendship I enjoyed was the one between Sydney and Ollie, along with the other kids from the reading class. These friends didn’t judge each other, they just accepted each other and their differences.



I loved this story so much. I enjoyed the characters, plot, writing, and friendships. I believe any fan of Middle Grade contemporary would enjoy this.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Lerner Publishing Group for the e-ARC of this book to review. I have to say, this book really grew on me from a 3-star read to a way higher ending, and I'm glad I stuck with it.

I know that I'm still a child at heart because the clueless adult things parents do will forever irk me. I did have some trouble at the start of the book because we meet Sydney and her mom in a standoff about enrolling in some summer classes to help her boost her confidence and break out of her shell before starting middle school. While this is a great thing, obviously, the Clueless Parent thing starts off strong: it's a lot of "I know what's good for you and you'll thank me later, you'll understand when you're older" from the mother when that's not only just so irritating to hear, but obviously not how her daughter responds to anything. Like that's not an effective way to convince her to do anything, especially what she's scared of and not herself into.

So of course, Sydney's not going to do what her mom says, and she devises a switcheroo with her best friend Maggie which I LOVE. I don't enjoy the summer full of lies and deception, but I love that kids will always find a way around their parents' rules while still abiding by the general gist of the situation. It seems like Sydney's parents would have been open to an honest communication but were just caught up in their own goings-on (new baby on the way) - but that also means they should've known their kid would have outsmarted them. (And she mostly *does* follow their wishes and joins a class, just not the one they were trying to force upon her!) See, they'd all benefit from an honest sit-down. But then, where would the fun be?
Without giving away the ending, I love that the characters found their own paths, and did find ways to push out of their shells over a productive summer, just not the ways the adults would have forced them to.
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A fun and light novel which showcases the ups and downs of adolescence, readers will find this book delightful as it explores friendship and family relationships.
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This book is really good. Even as an adult, I found it really well-written and engaging. I liked the inclusion of jewish culture into the book. I think that representation is good and it doesn't always need to be in your face and flashy. I liked the more subtle mentions of it which makes it more normal. I think the story is very good and is a really good  moral for children. It is something that kids can relate to, as I was personally signed up for classes that I didn't want to take over the summer in the past. I think that it is very good and isn't just for kids.
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Sydney Frankel is about to begin sixth grade. This would not be such a problem if she wasn’t dreading all the “public speaking” she’s been told about that comes with middle school. Sydney has trouble breathing when she even thinks about getting up in front of people and talking! Add to this the uncertainty of becoming a sibling for the first time, and it seems to be a recipe for disaster! Will Sydney’s summer class at the rec center help her with her anxiety, or will she push deeper into her “shell”?
I highly recommend this for all middle-grade readers and teachers!  For readers who enjoyed Beverly Cleary’s works as kids, I think they will see many similarities between Miss Ramona Quimby and Miss Sydney Frankel! So hopeful that the author is planning sequels already (have to read about Sydney’s sibling!)
**Thank you, Netgalley, for a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.**
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Soon to be 6th graders and best friends, Sydney and Maggie, don’t want to spend their summer taking classes at the local community center. Sydney just wants to read all summer and hang out with Maggie. Sydney’s mom says she has to take a class and it can’t be the reading class! Maggie wants to dance. The best friends plot a switcheroo and the trouble begins. Fun read with just the right amount of friend dramas and emotional growth. Thanks to publisher and NetGalley for a review copy.
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E ARC provided by Netgalley

Sydney is not thrilled to find that she is expected to take a summer class at the South Miami Community Center before she starts 6th grade. She would rather stay at home and read, but her mother, who is expecting, wants to see her get more activity and get out of her shell. The promise of a cell phone for 6th grade is being held over her head as well. Sydney doesn't like to do presentations because they make her anxious, so her mother is thinking that perhaps a public speaking class would be good. When she finds out that her best friend Maggie's folks want her to take a reading class, the two hatch a plan to switch places. Maggie gets to take dance, and Sydney gets to take a reading class, albeit a remedial one. Of course, there are complications, especially when Sydney makes some friendships in her class but is supposed to be pretending to be Maggie. When the dance class is expected to perform at the end of the summer, will the girls be able to find a way to hide their deception?
Strengths: This included a lot of information about growing up in a Jewish family but did not involve a bar or bat mitzvah, which is a bit unusual and very welcome! Sydney does get some questions about her cultural background, and is able to clear up some misconceptions and stand up for herself, which I especially liked. Friend drama is always a topic my students request, and this has a tiny bit of middle school nascent romance as well. This is exactly the kind of book I enjoyed reading when I was in middle school, so I enjoyed it very much. 
Weaknesses: Are adults really this clueless at summer programs? Stand Up, Yumi Chung and Caleb and Kit also have plots where children lie about their participation and the adults don't catch on. I'm not all that wild about the cover although I love the Florida pastel colors. 
What I really think: This is a good choice for realistic fiction with some cultural connection, and reminded me a bit of Saint Ivy.
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Thank you for the opportunity to review this ARC. This book kept my interest and I enjoyed reading it. This book deals with a girl who is planning to relax this summer. However, her mom has different plans: to take a summer course to get her out of Sydney out of her comfort zone. Sydney and her best friend must figure out what to do S deals with friendship, boys, anxiety and learning to stand up for yourself.
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Adorable book that will hopefully become a series! It's for readers too old for Junie B Jones but too young for Babysitters Club. A great read all around!
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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a wonderful book. It would make a great present for the kid in your life!
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Sydney A. Frankel's Summer Mix-Up
by Danielle Joseph
Pub Date 01 Nov 2021
 Lerner Publishing Group,  Kar-Ben Publishing ®
 Children's Fiction  |  Middle Grade 

I am reviewing a copy of Sydney A. Frankel’s Summer Mix-Up through Lerner Publishing Group, Kerry-Ben Publishing and Netgalley:

Sydney Frankel is soon to be a sixth grader who is looking forward to spending a summer of fun with her best friend Maggie.  Sydney figures she deserves some time to herself to do what she wants before her mom delivers Sydney's new sibling in just four months.  Unfortunately, Sydney’s Mom has other plans in store for her.

Sydney’s Mother is forcing her to take a summer course at the South Miami Community Center. She's allowed to take any class, except for what she really wants a reading course.  But when Maggie comes up with a plan to have them switch places so that they can both take the classes they like, unexpected complications arise.

I give Sydney A. Frankel’s Summer Mix-Up five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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I enjoyed this book! I thought it was the perfect length for this reading age group. I loved the girls friendship and their nickname together "Frankelstein". While I enjoyed the plot and storyline of them switching, I do think the ending could use more of a reaction from the parents atleast acknowledging what they did was wrong. Other than that it was really enjoyable!
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This is one of those stories that wouldn't have happened if the main chracters had been honest with their parents, and spoken up.

However, having said that, I like how the circumstances worked differently than they thought.

The main story is that Sydney wants to spend the summer reading, and her friend Maggie wants to spend the summer dancing, but their parents each think that they should do the opposite because it would be better for them.

So, what do they do, but switch once they are at the summer recreation center.

It is a cute, well done story of what happens when you try to hide a lie, and think you can get away with it. In this case, they almost do.

Generally good middle school story of consequences, and the stress of keeping a lie going.

<em> Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.</em>
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This was genuinely very very cute I loved it. I love anything to do with children’s books because they are always so comforting and this was no exception, I love the way it was written and cannot wait to see what else there is in store for us from this author!
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