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Lucy Richardson, librarian and one time resident of the Bodie Island Library Aerie, and her fiance Connor McNeil, mayor of the beach town of Nags Head, have bought their first home together. Known as an unpainted aristocracy type of house and empty for over a decade it needs quite a bit of work, but is right on the beach, has fantastic views, and is keeping Connor's dad, Fred busy in his reluctant retirement. 

After a winter of hard work Lucy and Connor have been able to move in, along with Charles, the library cat, and are happily planning for their future until, after a rare night out, they discover a dead body in their new kitchen. Previously owned by the Harper family, Lucy soon discovers its difficult history including reports of the ghost of a previous owner.  With no real clues available Lucy is happy to leave any investigating to the local police but soon finds herself deeply involved against a killer happy to add her name to their list of victims. 

Although this is the ninth in the Lighthouse Library mystery series it's the first I've read. I thoroughly enjoyed it however, and will be reading some of the previous books as soon as I can. I loved the location, the main protagonists, and the inclusion of all the everyday things which happened alongside the murder investigation. 

I was able to read an advanced copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and the publishers but the opinions expressed are my own. This is an excellent addition to the works of a cosy crime author clearly at the top of her game.
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I received this book for free for an honest review from netgalley #netgalley 

I've read all the books in this cozy series and I love everyone of them the setting is so magical instantly puts me at ease. The characters are so familiar, it's like coming home.
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I do love this series! A cosy mystery set in a library that's housed in a working lighthouse. Gold! This book is the ninth in the series so I'd recommend starting at the beginning. It's so worth it. Lucy and her fiancé Connor have bought an old beach house and are renovating it themselves. After they return home one night and find a dead man in their kitchen, mysterious noises and creepy cloaked figures harass Lucy as she struggles to solve this latest mystery. While not as cosy as when Lucy lived in the lighthouse library, and with far fewer scenes taking place in the library, this latest instalment has a head-scratching mystery and delivers a satisfying conclusion.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book.
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Although a multiple book series, this is the first title I have read. Lucy and Connor are fixing up a beach front house while planning their wedding. While neither believe the rumors that the house is haunted, it has been an unhappy home in the past and a new murder threatens to upset their future. Thoroughly enjoyable.
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Death By Beach Read is listed as a mystery/thriller, but it feels more like a cozy mystery to me. This was the first book of the series that I've read (thank you NetGalley for the ARC) and I had no trouble jumping right in. The main character, a librarian and accidental detective of sorts, is likable enough to entice the reader to pick up previous books in the series. I have to say that it had a good twist at the end. I had guessed at a number of characters as the "who done it" and was surprised when the real culprit was revealed.
If you're looking for a good clean cozy mystery this is definitely for you.
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A fast-paced mystery with plenty of action and colorful characters.
Thank you to Eva Gates, NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the ARC of this book
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This is book nine in the Lighthouse Library Mystery series. I normally would have read the first 8 before starting this one but decided to go ahead and read it anyway. I'm glad I did, despite not knowing any back story, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Lucy works as a librarian at the Bodie Lighthouse Library. She is engaged to the local mayor, Connor McNeil. They have recently bought a historic house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The house has stood empty for years and is in dire need of updating and renovations. They waste no time in getting started with the help of Connors father, Fred. Connor has to be out of town a few nights for work and Lucy starts hearing strange noises around her new home. Chalking it up to settling she refuses to believe the rumors of it being haunted. Lucy and Connor go out on evening only to return to a dead body in their kitchen, strangled to death with their cats leash. It doesn't take long to figure out the man is connected to the house and the secrets that are interred there. 

I really enjoyed this book. Another short, cozy mystery in a series that I really must pick up now. I love how the author is able to set up such a rich setting. Her notes state that the places she mentions are real, although the lighthouse isn't quite big enough to hold a library, but I love the idea that one could. If this book is any indication of how the other books are, I'm excited to see what other mysteries Lucy has been involved in. I happily give this book 5 stars.
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I received this ARC via Netgalley and Crooked Lane Books, in return for an honest review. While the ninth book in this series, it is easily read as a standalone.  This series is a delight and I recommend to lovers of cozy mysteries, unique libraries, cats and strong female protagonists.  Lucy is a librarian at the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library and engaged to Connor.  As their wedding approaches, they were fortunate enough to buy a historic, albeit somewhat dilapidated, beach ‘cottage’ house on Nags Head, North Carolina.   Between Connor’s two full-time jobs as mayor of the town and a dentist, it’s a struggle to get all the house renovations completed before their wedding.  Luckily, his dad is a retired contractor, so they are working through the project list.  When Connor must go out of town, Lucy and the library cat, Charles, spend their first night alone in the house.  Charles makes an excellent guard cat and alerts Lucy to an open door and what appear to be footprints in the sand.  Lucy convinces herself that she’s imagining things but decides to contact the former owner of the house about its history.  He and his sister live nearby, although she’s not set foot in the house in over 40 years due to a long-ago unknown trauma.  Things evolve and then Lucy discovers the dead body of their long-lost brother lying on the floor of their house.  Wow!  
This is such a good series for cozy mystery lovers, and I highly recommend this book.  The author uses a delicate touch with the prank-induced trauma while weaving together all the sub-plots and red herrings to create a very satisfying story.  You should enjoy this cozy addition to the series.
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I've loved this series from the very beginning. In this book, the things I particularly enjoy are Lucy's clear-eyed appraisals of the other townspeople, the engaging writing (she's seen "warmer smiles on crocodiles"), and the subplot of the family members of the original owners of Lucy and Connor's new home, one of the "unpainted aristocracy" of Nags Head. Fun plot and satisfying resolution!

Review copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Lucy and her fiance, Connor, are restoring the home of their dreams, a cottage on the beach in Nags Head, NC with a lot of history and mystery.  When they find a dead body in the kitchen with a connection to the previous owners, Lucy is up to the challenge to find the killer.  Charles, the library cat who lives with them, alerts Lucy of an intruder in the house. Days later, when someone sets fire to the deck outside, he wakes Lucy and becomes the hero of the hour.  It is a story told in first person with all the makings of a fun, cozy mystery and a few unexpected twists and turns.
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This was such a cute mystery loved all the summer feels this such a good beach read can’t wait to read more in the series!
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One of my favorite series! This the 9th in it continues the excellence.  The story is engaging. Ms. Gates's characters are rich in realism and highly entertaining.  This is one book you will definitely NOT want to put down.  Thanks #netgalley and #Crookedlanebooks for the eARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.
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In this 9th installment of the Lighthouse Library Mystery series, we get our first glimpse of life outside the lighthouse aerie and library for Lucy (and Charles). While parts of the story do still occur in the library, the main part of the story occurs in the house that Lucy and Connor have purchased to make their home and introduces us to additional members of the town.  The historic house comes with its own mysteries and family history that brings death to Lucy’s doorstep.  The twists and turns had me second guessing myself, a fantastic red herring, and an aha moment I wasn’t prepared for.  Brava!
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for my review.

I read a lot of mysteries. Cozy, historical, paranormal, noir. I do love a good mystery!

Sadly a lot of them are wanting. Poor writing. Conclusions that could not be reached by the reader. Conclusions that were telegraphed on page 7!

Death by Beach Read was an absolute delight! Even though I haven't read the previous entries in the series (an error that I will be fixing ASAP), I immediately felt at home with these characters. I was obviously missing the backstory, but that didn't matter. The characters and relationships were explained and the characterisations were so strong that I never felt lost.

There is a cranky omniscient cat. Enough said.

Our protagonist occasionally doesn't see what's right in front of her, or doesn't tell people what's going on even though she's in danger and REALLY SHOULD. That gets old fast.

The men in the book occasionally dismiss her, but they get called on it pretty dang quick. They aren't really toxic in any other way, which is a relief.

In her writing as Vicki Delaney, the author was quite fat phobic. I'm glad to see no repeat of that here. Nice to see growth in that area.

The story is well-written. The mystery tight. My biggest problem with it is that it's extremely able-bodied, white cis-het. That's why I deducted a star.

100% recommend. Off to get the first one!
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Librarian Lucy’s new historic house comes with a lot of baggage and family secrets. Can she put them to rest or will a killer bring Lucy’s family to their downfall, in the 9th Lighthouse Library mystery.
It’s always fun to catch up with Lucy and the gang. This series is always well written with a fun mystery.
DeathbyBeachRead #NetGalley
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Enjoy this series with Lucy and Connor and all their friends and family. As they work on their new house murder and fire cause them to look into the past of the house and who could be responsible for these incidents.
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Loved this story  by Eva Gates , This is the Light house Series and is one of the 1st. cozy  mysteries that I read and of course got hooked. Lucy and the library cat Charles are the amateur sleuths.  This story is a little different but very good. Lucy and Connor who are engaged bought an old house on the beach that needs a lot of fixing up.  Connor and his Dad are doing the work. The difference in this story is that everything that happens to Lucy and Connor because of they live in the house. That is all I am going to tell to tell you. Please read as it is A VERY GOOD READ. I had no idea who done it until it was revealed. See what Lucy gets herself into this time.
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This was a really fun thriller! The cover is funnily enough pretty misleading because it wasn’t as colourful as the cover of course! This was a really fun mystery to adapt to and I enjoyed myself more then I expected to. I enjoyed the run around with looking for clues and trying to break them myself but alas there are only so many hours in the day I can use up. This was super fun and I loved everything about it. 5 out of 5 stars of course!
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Thank you #Netgalley for the advance reader copy of Death by Beach Read by Eva Gates in exchange for an honest review. Librarian Lucy and her fiance, Connor, are moving to their new old house, a historic cottage on Nags Head beach. After living upstairs in the lighthouse library, this will be a new adventure. Connor and his father have been making the cottage livable. They come home after having dinner to find an agitated cat and dead man on the kitchen floor. Eva Gates is such a great writer. I have enjoyed reading her lighthouse library mysteries. I plan on reading more of her series.
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A cozy with a haunted house, ghosts, murder and a corpse always catches my eye and this book was perfect.  It kept me in suspense and cheering Lucy on in her investigation of who or what is haunting the new house she and her fiance, Connor, bought.  Is it the ghost of the murdered man or a ghost from the house's past haunting Lucy.  

I could not put the book down!  I enjoyed the quirky new characters and even began to like Louise Jane a bit more.  The mystery was full of twists &  turns and red herrings.  A character that has caused Lucy trouble pops up in this book which sets the scene for drama.  Lucy is at her sleuthing best and the wonderful feline detective, Charles, proves he's more than just a handsome "face"!

I can't wait for the next case!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and the opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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