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This is a quick, fun mystery read. Lucy, a librarian, is a likable protagonist who discovers a dead body in the allegedly haunted historic home that she and Connor, her fiancé, recently moved into. While trying to determine how and why the dead body wound up there, Lucy learns some interesting facts about her home and its prior inhabitants. The characters in the book are quirky and entertaining. Charles, the intuitive library cat, plays a cute role as well. The storyline is relatively easy to follow even if, like me, you have not read any previous Lighthouse Library Mystery books. If you like books that read like a Hallmark movie, you should give this book a try! Thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the advance digital copy of this book.
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Thank you Netgalley and Eva Gates for an Advanced Reading Copy. In exchange, here is my honest review. Death By Beach Read comes out 07/Jun/2022.

A Summary (No Spoilers)...
Lucy and her fiancé, Connor, have bought their dream home in Nags Head Beach. Things are looking up. Little does she know that a mysterious murder in her own home is about to wreak havoc on her life. Ghost stories, famous classics, and real life collide and Lucy must figure out what is fact and what is fiction before it is too late.

Jo's Recommendation
Fans of cosy mysteries will enjoy this one as a light read. The characters are simple but loveable, like characters from a fairytale, and the plot is easy to follow. However, as this book is part of a series, don't expect that all loose strings will be tied
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What could be better than a library in a lighthouse and a haunted house on the beach with a long family history?  Yet another wonderful mystery from Eva Gates!  With characters that are well-developed and very likeable, this book in the series goes the distance.  A challenging mystery with lots of family history added to the mix.  It definitely had a twist I did not seeing coming.  Can't wait for the next one!
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I have read this series from the beginning and have enjoyed every one and Death by Beach Read was no exception. This was a fun read with Lucy and Connor buying and fixing up an old house that they bought from Ralph and Jo Harper.  It was their family home.  Lucy works for Bodie Island Lighthouse Library in Nags Head and Connor is the mayor and dentist.  There are all the other characters from the other series as well as the added new characters. The story takes off when  Lucy and Connor  come back from dinner to  find a murdered man in their kitchen. The victim is finally identified as Jimmy Harper, Ralph's twin brother.  They are surprised when they discover how Jimmy got into their house through a trap door in the pantry. Other strange things start to happen with the old house that Lucy has to figure out as well as to who killed Jimmy and why. Dianne Uppiton  has returned to town and is hoping to be part of the community again.  The reader is kept in the dark until the very end who the murderer is.  

I look forward to the next in the series to see what adventure Lucy and Connor have as well as what happens to the other characters that remain in the story.

Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Publishers for this ARL.
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Delightful cozy mystery, the 9th in the Lighthouse Library Mysteries series. I have not read any of this series before and it was an easy stand alone read. I have an abundance of relatives but, this book surpasses me by far. There are over twenty characters at only 10% into the story. There are many more to come. My favorite character is Charles, the library cat! Once I settled into the sand and the library at Bodie Island Lighthouse with Lucy, the pieces came together. Lucy works at this unique library setting.
Lucy is engaged to Connor McNeil, mayor of Nags Head, NC, also a dentist. They've purchased an “unpainted aristocracy” house and are restoring it. Jimmy and Jo (brother & sister) had grown up there and are the sellers. Ezekiel Froomer was their crusty grandfather and his fabled ghost might still be haunting the house.
The seaside fishing community has quirky, gossiping neighbors. When Lucy finds a dead body on their new kitchen floor, she delves into the history of the family whose secrets haunt the old house.
The result of a childhood prank, jealousy and greed has Lucy playing detective with many suspects. This was an enjoyable and suspenseful read. The one small character issue would be about Connor and Lucy's relationship. They were supposed to be in love, engaged and planning a wedding. There was little romance, just one kiss in the book. They seemed like an old married couple, not young and in love. I know this is a mystery/suspense and I didn't expect sex, but their relationship was blah and dull.
Thanks to Netgalley for the advance digital copy of "Death by Beach Read" by Eva Gates, and to Crooked Lane Books. These are my thoughts and opinions given voluntarily.
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Lucy and Connor are renovating their unpainted lady and getting ready to begin their life together as a married couple.  While the house had been left empty for over 40 years, it still has great bones, and a ghost, or so local rumor has it.  While Connor and Lucy don’t believe in ghosts, Lucy has to wonder what is going on when she is woken up at night after hearing sounds in the house.  Luckily Charles is on the job and has Lucy’s back.

Upon returning home one evening, Lucy and Connor find a man dead in their kitchen.   It appears the dead man knew a secret entrance into the house as he was the brother of the family that sold the house.  The man hadn’t been seen in years, so no one knows why he was there.  It turns out he was looking for the treasure his grandfather left behind.  Another murder in Nags Head.  Another dead body that Lucy found.  Since the murder happened in their house, Lucy can’t help but try to figure out who killed the man, and it brings its own set of problem for Lucy.  She just hopes she can finger the killer before she becomes the next ghost rumored to haunt the house.

This is one of my favorite cozy series.  Between Charles, Louise Jane and the others, there is a full supporting case of quirky and caring characters with deep ties the area.  These ties allow for a lot of connection throughout the community, to both the past and the present, and a lot of red herrings that make the whodunit even more fun to try and figure out.
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When Lucy and Connor buy a historic cottage on the edge of Nags Head they didn't expect the murder and mayhem that follows. Jimmy Harper is found dead in their kitchen but how did he get there? Strange sound and mysterious figures haunt Lucy when she is at home alone. Who is behind all this? Lovable, believable characters take you through this enjoyable cozy mystery. A great book to relax with.
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This book was sent to me on Kindle for review by Netgalley.  I enjoyed this book, a quick read…the protagonists are characters one likes and keep the story moving quickly…here are no parts that are horrible to read…the language is fine…not just fluff reading but fun reading…mystery and intrigue abound…an old house with secret exits…hidden staircase…old books…this book kept my interest to the end…which was so somewhat surprising…
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Lucy and Connor have purchased their dreamhouse on Nag's Head  Beach which requires a lot of work to restore to it's former glory.  When a dead body shows up in their kitchen, secrets begin to be unraveled about the family who sold the house to them.  At the library where Lucy works, Classic Novel Reading Club's selection for the month is 'The House of the Seven Gables' by Nathanial Hawthorne.  Will the secrets of the house in the novel help Lucy solve the mystery of her new home?

The ninth in this series, every title pulls me further into the world of librarian Lucy, Connor her finance, her family, and friends.  This entry into the series was especially gratifying because the reader was able to learn about the historic waterfront homes in Nags Head.  While I anxiously awaiting the next in the series, I am indebted to #NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this novel..
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Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity. My review opinion is my own.  I found this such a compelling mystery that I read it cover to cover. The author has so well crafted a history of Nags Heads and a historic home here that the mystery was atmospheric and perfectly written.  I have read the entire series since book one and this has always been one of my favorite cozy series. This next in series is my favorite of the series. 

Lucy and Conner have found their dream home and moved in to complete renovations with the help of Conner's Father and friends. The home comes with a history in Nags Head that harbors many secrets. Lucy is busy working at the Lighthouse Library and planning her wedding while working on their new home. The setting of the home is beachfront and the descriptions of the home and beach by the author simply spectacular.

When a mysterious noise is heard by Charles the cat and Lucy while Conner is away on business, she writes it off in the morning as the noises of the old house. But when  signs of a break in are found Lucy and Conner take it seriously. When a  body is found in their kitchen Lucy is determined to solve this mysterious set of events and take back their home .  The mystery deepens and clues abound as Lucy finds out the family secrets of the home are the key to solving the mystery of the murder and the break ins. Mysterious charcters visit and soon Lucy and Conner experience vandalism and fear as the unknown people behind the crimes are attempting to drive them out of their home. 

This mystery kept me guessing to conclusion. The author so well crafted the clues that I was unable to put it down . I highly recommend this next in series for your reading enjoyment.  I love the setting , the charcters and the sleuth. Very well done to the author.
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