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I still have the hardest time with audiobooks on netgalley but that aside this title was amazing. Korman's storys are always so beautifully written and the characters are all enjoyable. I liked the theme to this book and believe that many kids will enjoy it.
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The book was fantastic! Gordon Korman never disappoints.  I liked Mason a lot and totally related to his plight. It feels like a middle school book. Mason goes back and forth between being 12 and 17. The cover definitely looks like it's targeted toward younger children, but I do feel like it's more a middle school story.
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Mason and Ty are destined to be best friends. Fate brings them together in nerdiness just as a girl brings them apart. Sounds like every cliche out there. Two nerdy guys fall for the same girl. Their friendship is splintered because of it. But what if the nerds were studying time travel? And what if... one of their time traveling theories is made possible just at the worse possible moment?
Then you found find yourself with a copy of Operation Do-Over. 
I love the idea that some friendships are worth saving no matter the cost. Mason has to repeat middle school and no one is about that life... especially not after just being a 17 year old senior about to graduate. No more driving. No impending graduation. No college on the horizon. It's not all bad though. His dog is still alive, his parents are still together and he hasn't lost his best friend yet. I was vehemently cheering for Mason and Ty's friendship to defy fate and destiny the second time around. The more Mason avoids Ava, the more they are thrown together in absolutely hilarious situations. 
I love that Mason lives his best life during his second chance and takes big chances/makes big changes. This book makes me wonder what I would do differently and what I would try to save if I had a 7th grade do-over. 
As with all things written by Gordon Korman, I highly recommend this one! (It was made especially more fun for me as I have students with just about every name in this book this year and I visualized them as I listened to this story which made it even better!)
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If you are looking for a sci-fi that is heavy on accurate science, this is not your book. This is a fun introduction into the sci-fi genre for young readers who typically prefer contemporary fiction. I would call it gateway sci-fi. 

Gordon Korman is so skilled at writing fun, wholesome books that the whole family can enjoy together. However, I think his special superpower is his ability to capture the imagination and interest of reluctant and emerging readers. Operation Do-Over is a classic example of Korman’s writing skill. I know I will be recommending this book to many young people. 

Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for allowing me to listen to a voicegalley version of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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