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The Sailing Days Of Bianca Drake

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Bianca has the job I wish I had thought of getting right out of college. Traveling the world and meeting new people was right up my alley. The story itself reads like a travel blog, which was very interesting; I loved seeing new places through her eyes. The story lost a few points, though, with Bianca's slapstick-y antics. She never seems to learn from her mistakes and it makes for a very repetitive book. Also, while I realize that some spellings are more British than US English, proper place names should be spelled the proper way: Pearl Harbor is not Pearl Harbour, regardless of common spelling in the UK. Still it was very easy to read. Definitely recommend this book for those who enjoy travel stories.
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I almost read this book to the end, but I found myself struggling to finish. I expected something more from such an interesting storyline. 
The lead character did not grow and kept making mistakes, for which she never took any responsibility (even making excuses for her age).
It does cover a lot of countries and special things that are symbolic to those countries. It was not a book for me. 
If you like globe-trotting books and are not put off by a lead character, I would still recommend this to you.
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This is a Women's Fiction book. I could not get into the storyline or make myself car about the characters in this book. I try to pick this book up three times, and I just could not get into it. The writing style of this book was not for me. I am not saying this is a bad book, but I am saying it was just not for me. I received an ARC of this book. This review is my own honest opinion about the book like all my reviews are.
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i wanted to enjoy this book but it was so bland. it's also written in like europe language. with like the words and stuff and i just didn't feel like reading that. so no thanks.
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An enjoyable read set on a cruise ship. I liked the characters except for the Cruise Director and from my own experience as a cruise passenger the entertainment team would be far larger and talented than described in this novel. Hope there is a sequel.
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DNF @ 40%

This was a great book, at first. Light without being frivolous, an insight into the life of a twenty-something year-old woman on her first job, that too on a cruise ship. Louisa McGee did a stand-out job setting things up, but the plot got repetitive very quickly, the protagonist was barely interesting, and the writing very, very thin. It just didn't seem worth the effort to keep ploughing through.

This is probably the only DNF I actually feel completely conflicted about, because the style of the book is something a lot of people will like, and the problems I had with it are far too specific. So I'd suggest reading through a sample to see whether it's your cup of sea.
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An entertaining read with a feel good factor following the adventures of Bianca and her friends/staff on her first world cruise where she secured a job as PA but things aren’t as glamorous as the seem. So laugh out loud moments I enjoyed this book
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The Sailing Days of Bianca Drake catalogue a young woman's journey on an established cruise ship called Lady Anne where she has recently become employed. Throughout this story, Bianca goes on numerous adventures in foreign countries and creates lasting relationships with her colleagues. Perhaps what's most important is that Bianca is able to see herself in a new light: a woman who can take on anything she puts her mind to. 

Rating: 5 stars ⭐️

I absolutely adore this book. The plot is so refreshing and right up my alley. Give me allll the books set on a cruise ship with likeable characters, drama and a few high-profile guests thrown in please ✨🌊🛳🖤 I was not expecting the ending to be a cliffhanger but once I got over my initial surprise I kind of love the idea? It seems like the ending will flow perfectly into the next book (which I am already anxiously waiting for). I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in this story and would recommend it to anyone as a quick light-hearted comedy that will have you laughing out loud at points.

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My sincerest thanks to NetGalley, Cameron Publicity & Marketing and Louise McGee for providing me with this copy to read in exchange for my honest review.
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This was a fun story of Bianca joining cruise ship crew and her escapades. She worked hard and played hard and managed to get herself into mostly amusing predicaments. 

I would call this the best beach read, not only because of the story but also the chapters were short. My only complaint is the ending was a letdown. There was a conflict of sorts and a build up to the resolution and I wish it had ended there. Possibly the ending is setup for a sequel. It didn’t ruin the book for me, still an interesting story. Thanks to NetGalley and Cameron Publicity and Marketing for allowing me to read this book.
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Whilst I did enjoy this book, I found the never ending scrapes the main character got into a bit repetitive,I also wasn't really sure why she felt so hard done by from her work point of view as she seemed to be off on shore at every port of call, that said the characters were warm and engaging apart from the scary boss lady,
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As I had stated previously I love books about being on the water such as Asrft, Titanic ect so this title instantly caught my eye
Twenty-three year old Bianca Drake is about to embark on the biggest adventure of her young life, leaving home for the very first time and joining the crew of the 'Lady Anne' on a six-month cruise around the world. But Bianca's whistle-stop tour of the seven seas doesn't always meet smooth water.
It was so much fun reading about this young women’s journey cruising around the world. It is so cool to vicariously live through this young girls adventures and what she encounters will keep you turning the page on the edge of your seat! I really enjoyed this one! It reminded me a bit of Shailene Woodley from Adrift.
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