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The Power of the Healing Field

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I wasn't sure what to expect with The Power of the Healing Field but I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed most of the book. Some of the parts were more complicated to get your head around than others and there are some words I've no idea what they meant but it was still a good read. 

The way the book discusses different energy healing styles is very interesting. Some are things I'd heard of before like EFT and Reiki but didn't know much about and others were more obscure and things I'd never heard of but were fascinating to read about. I like how the stories in the book from real events help with the understanding of how energy healing can have a big impact on physical and mental health as well as the effects of ancestral trauma. 

I think this book requires a certain level of understanding of spirituality from the reader so the book doesn't sound completely ridiculous and outrageous but if you are willing to accept that energy healing is possible then it's a great way to see the massive effects it can have on peoples lives and how the past can leave lasting trauma. I'd recommend reading this book but I think how much you enjoy it will depend on how open minded you are on some more untraditional healing methods that you can't always physically see.
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I found this quite interesting to read, with some interesting theories which make you really need to have faith and trust in things. I do think it was a little dry though
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I found this to be a very interesting read. As someone who deals with chronic health issues 
I’m always looking for new ways to heal and this book focuses on “Exploring how energy healing works through multilayered and interconnected fields of consciousness” it is a very interesting concept and although some of the literature is a little out of my depth I did appreciate learning about this type of healing as I have heard many positive things from friends ect how the value of how our energy and how we channel it  affects our health.
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