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This is the fifth instalment in Marion Todd's Detective Inspector Clare Mackay series, set in St Andrews, Scotland.

It's Russell Fox's 40th birthday and he, his sister, Gaby and a few mates are celebrating at the salubrious Lamond Lodge. DI Clare Mackay is attending a wedding with DCI Alastair Gibson. The groom is an ex-boyfriend of Clare's which she is finding distracting. Later, DS Chris West informs her of a murder, the victim being Russell Fox who was shot at the Lamond Lodge. Gaby was also a guest at the wedding that Clare attended. In a complex case, Clare and her team must work hard to get to the truth in a case where secrets are being closely guarded and everyone is unforthcoming.

Once again, I was completely and thoroughly hooked by this compelling story right from the start. I think Next in Line would be fine as a standalone, but I recommend reading the first ones in the series as you'd be missing out if you didn't! I fell right into this well-crafted and absorbing tale and I felt as though I was shadowing Clare as she worked at chasing her leads and following her instincts. Marion Todd's writing style continues to be impressive and noteworthy. Clare is a more than competent DI who always strives to look after her team and cares about getting justice. This is a Scottish crime series that I have found highly appealing and engaging, and I look forward to reading the next instalment.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Canelo via NetGalley and this review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Another excellent novel by Marion Todd with her Detective Clare Mackay and her team. The novel starts with the death of Russell Fox, it should have been a happy time for him as it was his 40th birthday celebrations and he was with his sister Gaby, his brother in law and his 3 best friends from primary school, his brother David also appeared who’d been missing for 17 years presumed dead in the Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand. The team have very little to go on and think it is a professional hit because of the manner of the death and things take a turn for the worse when Clare falls sick during the investigation.
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Very enjoyable crime story, part of a series. Though I have not read any of the previous books, I feel that this didn’t hamper my enjoyment of this story as it reads well as a stand-alone too.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my review.
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This is the fifth book in the series and they are all brilliant. Definitely one of my favourite detective series’ with a fantastic bunch of characters and great storylines. I look forward to the next in the series.
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Having some downtime with partner Al is a rarity for Clare but attending her ex's wedding wasn't really her idea of fun. However a call from her team saying there has been a shooting wasn't really what she wanted to drag her away. The victim is the brother of a TV personality. He had been staying at an upmarket lodge celebrating his fortieth birthday which should have been ultra safe with security team etc. Because of the celebrity factor Claire knows that this is going to be a much publicised case.

This is the fifth in the excellent Clare Mackay series and a good addition to the series. As always the reader is led up blind alleys & kept guessing. Overall it as a great read. Thanks to Netgalley & the publisher for letting me read & review this book.
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I have read more of this series about Clare. This was not a bad read, but was not the best of the series. A businessman was shot dead during a party weekend to celebrate his 40th birthday. A group of friends was staying in a large house. None of the friends seemed to be honest about what took place, bit by bit when evidence appeared, they admit to having arranged for a party of women to come to the house and later other facts come to light. The result was that the plot was confusing and confused at times. Towards the end, the suspense built up and the pace of the story picked up,
I liked Clare in the other books, here she was more business like at work but approachable, I am not sure about her personal relationship though, her partner seemed more in the background. The descriptions of places and buildings was great, allowing me to get a good impression in my minds eye of where the book was et.
As usual, the forensic clues were well researched and interesting, building up to a strong case
Thank you to Net Galley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review
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Another gripping, adrenaline fueled and highly entertaining addition to this excellent series.
It's a fast paced page turner, a story that kept me reading till late and I thoroughly enjoyed.
Great plot, solid mystery, excellent character development.
I can't wait to read the next book.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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This is the fifth book in the DI Clare MacKay series… I love that it started with Clare and her partner, DCI Alistair Gibson at the wedding of Clare’s ex, I’m glad they finally got their act together! Clare gets a call to inform her of the death/murder of Russell Fox at Lamond Lodge where he had been celebrating his birthday with his friends. His sister Gaby was at the same wedding as Clare and she is shocked at the news. Clare is finding it hard to delegate as Alistair persuades her to trust her team to start the investigation rolling… 

This was yet another great police procedural story of a “who dunnit”… with plenty of suspects and too many alibis, can Clare get to the crux of the story, a few twists that blew my mind and a great finale, what more could you ask for, I love this series and cannot wait for the next instalment.
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Marion Todd's narrative style is warm and relatable. When reading Next in Line, you feel like you are in the hands of a classic writer who really knows what they're doing. Very impressed!
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This was a very a solid addition to the DI Clare Mackey Scottish crime procedurals. Much of the setting took place between St. Andrews and Fife and I never tire of the descriptions and dialect of that part of Scotland. The set-up to the story is clever and sneaky. Todd has  incorporated some of the major players while simultaneously hiding them in plain sight. The murder mystery was tricky with so many suspects and switchbacks that I kept doubting my cutting edge powers of deduction (can you just seen my tongue in my cheek?)

My only criticism is more of a “How about” softening DI Mackey’s personality just a wee bit to allow herself to not have to handle every small detail personally. Sometimes it is OK to get into the office an hour later.

I totally loved the dedication - that was nothing short of brilliant.. Thank you NetGalley and Canelo Crime for a copy
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Having read the other books in this series, I was keen to read the next installment.

DI Clare Mackay enjoys a rare weekend off attending ex boyfriend, Tom's, wedding with her partner, DCI Alistair Gibson (so nice to see them back together) Unfortunately, they are interrupted with a call about the murder of Russell Fox at Lamond Lodge. He had been celebrating his birthday with a group of friends. His sister, Gaby, is a popular tv presenter and had also been attending the wedding.

Once again, Marion Todd drip feeds information to the reader and the book is well plotted with details revealed at just the right time.  There was a good balance between the new narrative and the original characters. I love the small quirks like Zoe and her baking, Clare's dog Benji and the relationship between Chris and Sarah.

This is part of a really engaging police procedural set and I look forward to reading more by this author.

Thanks indeed to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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Why have I never heard of this fabulous author before now? I absolutely loved this book.

The characters are very realistic.  The plot has many twists and turns to keep you guessing til the end.

I devoured this book in two sittings as I just didn't want to put it down.

Highly recommended and I'm definitely going to read the earlier books.

Thank you Canelo for the ARC and letting me discover a new favourite.
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DI Clare Mackay may have been thinking about finding a good reason to leave her ex boyfriends wedding, but she didn’t wish for this. Sometimes duty calls and in this case, it called her straight out of that awkward situation and into the high profile case of celebrity Gabrielle Fox’s brothers Murder. Now the community of St Andrews eyes are all on Clare and the team to solve the case.

The fifth instalment in this fabulous series, Next in Line is another stellar read from Marion Todd. An atmospheric crime thriller with a touch of romance featuring one of my favourite fictional police detectives, I was immediately embroiled in this latest investigation. I once again found myself transported into the pages where I worked alongside the team trying to solve the puzzle and find the missing pieces. There are plenty of potential suspects and along the way, obstacles, red herrings and twists making for a suspenseful read in the lead up to its thrilling conclusion.

As I say in every review I have done for the other books in this series, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Throughly researched to deliver the reader an authentic story and real characters that are all brought to life with impeccable writing, Marion Todd is at the top of her game and I can’t wait to read what she comes up with for us next.

Thank you to Marion Todd, Canelo Crime and Netgalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Next in Line, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Gaby Fox is known to many due to her successful TV career, so when her brother Russell and his pals hire the salubrious Lamond Lodge for his 40th birthday celebrations, it is noted by the St Andrews locals. A ripple of shock goes round the town when Russell Fox is gunned down on the premises. DI Clare Mackay is attending the wedding of her ex when she sees Gabrielle receive a phone call then flee. Soon after, Clare learns why when the news of the shooting reaches her. Clare gets to work on uncovering the facts surrounding Russell Fox’s death. The guests at the lodge have secrets to hide, but even when Clare begins to unravel the deceit, it doesn’t bring the answers. 
This is the fifth outing for Clare & it’s easily read on its own. I really enjoy this series & look forward to each new book & this book didn't disappoint. There are lots of suspects as well as twists & turns, which kept me guessing. I also love that with each book a little more is learnt about Clare. A well written, engrossing read
My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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Though this was a No 5 in the series, it does well as a stand alone.

A murder takes place in an exclusive boutique hotel, in isolated gardens in Scotland. The victim and his
family are well known and reporters are all over the place. The family had faced tragedy before when they
lost another sibling in the tsunami in Thailand and this murder is resurrecting a lot of old memories.

Celebrating his 40th birthday Russel did not expect to be murdered on his birthday. The marksman who shot him
was an expert shot and Detective Claire has to whittle down her suspects - the immediate ones are cagey, careful
and extremely smart. Further widening her net, Claire discovers many extraneous strands to the initial story
and now she is looking at people far beyond her initial line up.

Family complications galore in the victims family, treachery amongst friends of decades and keen and slow
methodical detection makes this a best seller read. 

The setting too added a lot of atmosphere to the story.
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This is the latest instalment in the DI Clare Mackay and I’m happy to report that this remains one of my favourite series. I saw a review comparing this to putting on a pair of comfy slippers and I totally get that idea as there is comfort in the familiarity of the characters. Clare Mackay comes across as efficient and likeable and we get a good mix of her work on the enquiry and her home life. I highly recommend this book and the series and I hope there’s plenty more to come.
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I've been a big fan of all of Marion Todd's DI McKay books and Next in Line does not disappoint. There are likeable characters, shady characters and a number of twists and turns, making for a really enjoyable read. There's also a great amount of home life story for the heroine, and if you've read the previous books, you're really routing for her to have some good fortune!

I gobbled this up over a weekend, as the pace and the action kept me thoroughly hooked.
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This was a terrific addition to DI Clare Mackay series. All of the characters were more interesting than usual as was the mystery's main premise. Looking forward to the next one.
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The brother of television celebrity Gaby Fox has been found shot dead at Lamond Lodge after celebrating his birthday with a group of friends, are they involved or is it an outsider it is up to DI Clare Mackay and her team to investigate. As the investigation goes deeper into the past and financial history it seems that this is more than just a revenge killing.
Definitely worth a read this series is well written and captures your imagination and draws you in to the book from the start.
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What a clever mystery! 

Russel spends his 40th birthday with his best friends. He wakes up early and goes for a walk. He looks around and admires beautiful Scottish sunrise... and he gets a bullet in the head. 

DI Clare Mackay is on her ex' wedding when the murder is discovered. She'd like to follow the lead when it's hot but she's stopped by her partner. They go to the crime scene the next day and start to unravel secrets... 

I was tricked, and the cover up story was the one I thought is the real one. I was excited when I got to the part when it was introduced, but of course it wasn't the real reason behind the killing. 

Smart plot, twisty, with interesting characters. I liked it so much that when I was half way through the book, I bought all other parts of the series which I was missing. 

I truly enjoyed it and I definitely want to read everything else that Marion wrote and will write in the future.
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