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The League of Gentlewomen Witches is a witty, easy read. I've grown to love historical fantasy novels and this is no exception. It reads like a smoothly running play or mystery novel. The "voice" of the omniscient narrator is also quite funny.
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Holton’s specific brand of absurdity and humor is so enjoyable, and I loved how fresh and exciting this romance felt. There were so many fun nods to regency romance, novels and literary figures of the time, and fun twists on tropes and expectations that made this novel exciting and entertaining in equal measures. Charlotte is a spunky and fierce character, full of wit and charm, and her interactions with Alex were swoony, steamy, and solidly entertaining. There were some slower bits throughout where the plot didn’t quite capture me, but overall a super enjoyable read full of action and laughs.
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This book was definitely a good follow up to Wisteria Society, I specifically really enjoyed the call backs to the first book. They were probably some of my favorite parts. It was a wild ride that made me keep reading!! The chase was amazing and a lot of fun. 

While I did enjoy this book, i enjoyed the characters in the first book a lot more. Charlotte was fun and very badass, however I did not really like her as much as Cecila. Especially in the beginning of the book, it took me a while to really start to enjoy her and see her as more than just the "proper girl that loves Jane Austen" and is experiencing her first romance. By the time it hit about a third or so of the book, I did start to like Charlotte more. 

Alex was probably my favorite character (that does not include Cecila or Ned from Book 1). He was fun and wild, and grew a lot through his time with Charlotte which I really enjoyed. 

While I did not like this book as Wisteria Society, I would still recommend this book to anyone who loves the first! Especially due to all the callbacks to the first book and characters from the first book coming back.
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Bananas! Part Adventure Time, part Princess Bride, part Monty Python. My only issue is that it occasionally dragged, but only for pages at a time.  Very screwball comedy in its inspiration. I should have read the first one, because I missed out on world building, but it doesn’t matter.
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Pirates, witches, flying houses, a magical amulet, literary quotes turned innuendos, tons of banter - what more could anyone ask for in a romance?

I absolutely loved India Holton's first THE WISTERIA SOCIETY OF LADY SCOUNDRELS, and this is a very fitting follow-up. Madcap, gleeful, romantic chaos is the name of the game here, with a delightfully wacky world and wonderful characters. Alex just popped off the page in WISTERIA SOCIETY, and I'm so thrilled he's the hero here. Between roguish Irish pirate Alex and prim but secretly adventurous witch heiress Charlotte, we have yet another match made in rom-com heaven. As they're stuck teaming up on a quest to get back a powerful magical amulet, they (naturally) realize the attraction between them really does need to be dealt with, one way or another. There's banter! There's enemies to lovers! There's Austen allusions that would probably make Austen herself blush! 

This really is one of my favorite series. It's ridiculous in the very best of ways, but it also finds time to be wonderfully romantic and heartfelt - my favorite combination.
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I read this as soon as I finished The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels. I'm glad I did. While I suppose this could be a standalone book, I think if I hadn't read the other book first, the dazzling amount of cameos from the 1st book's characters would have confused and irked me. I was interested to see how Charlotte perceived Cecilia after having Cecilia's viewpoint for much of the first book. 

I didn't find this one quite as stilted in the storytelling as the first one (though maybe I was just used to it), which I appreciated. The sex also starts sooner and there is more of if than in Wisteria Society. By the end I was a little disappointed that it was a repressed female virgin finding herself after some wild adventure (and sex) with a pirate again. I get that part of it is the time period, etc., and I do like the female characters, I would just like India Holton to next write a girl who starts out strong and free, instead of getting there via a man. 

Though it doesn't wound like it, I did enjoy this book. You can't go wrong with pirates and witches!
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Hilarious, bonkers, and heartfelt. I genuinely had no idea what Holton was going to throw at her characters next and I was delighted by every moment. I hadn't realized that this was a sequel to The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels. As soon as I finished The League of Gentlewomen Witches I placed the previous book in the series on hold at my library. I've enjoyed books this year but this title is a delightful romp through the regency era that I wish we had and that we definitely deserved.
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Thank you to Berkley, NetGalley, and the author for this advance review copy—all opinions are my own!

This was such fantastical, romantic fun. Sparkling with witty allusions to Shakespeare and Austen, whimsical adventure, and tenderhearted romance, THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEWOMEN WITCHES is a book lover’s dream come true.

Charlotte Pettifer has been taught her whole life how to be the perfect gentlewoman, prepared to fulfill the prophecy of Black Beryl and become the next prim and proper leader of the Wicken League. But when she crosses paths with the devastatingly roguish Irish pirate, Alex O’Riley, and both the Wisteria Society (who are pirates) and the Wicken League (who are witches) begin a mad chase for Black Beryl’s amulet (the source of great power and a boon to whomever has it in their clutches), her tidy, albeit rather tedious life is thrown into thrilling, adventurous disarray.

Lottie’s journey to discover her true, magical, sensitive, powerful self; the love she finds both for herself and her sworn enemy—a pirate, and Irishman, no less!—absolutely swept me away once again into India’s magical, genre-bending world of swashbuckling and levitation, explosive shenanigans and delightful, fanciful fun. Beneath the romping playfulness of this story is an incredibly heartfelt message of affirmation: that true love loves us for all of who we are, that old wounds can be healed through compassion and the gentle work of building trust, and that our heart’s truth as well as its true love can be found in the most wonderfully unexpected of places.
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Well! India Holton nails it again! The League of Gentlewomen Witches is the second book in Holton's Dangerous Damsels series and I think I love it even more than book one! The writing in these books feels like magic -it's witty and whimsical and wordy in exactly the right way.

The book is half romance and half fantastical Victorian adventure, full of (alleged) witches, pirates, flying houses, and vigorous (ahem) exercise. Like I said, I really enjoyed book one (The Wisteria Society for Lady Scoundrels) but I think I love Alex and Charlotte even more than Ned and Cecilia. Alex is a pirate, an Irish scoundrel and rake who can't help but be smitten with the buttoned-up but secretly wild- Charlotte Pettifer, a witch with a prophecy attached to her personhood. They team up to chase down Lady Armitage (a returning villain from book one) to retrieve a prized amulet and can't keep from falling into bed and into love with each other. It's DELIGHTFUL.

If you need a dose of adventure, whimsy, and love in your life, these books will do it. I plan to get everyone I know to read them and I can't wait to see what else Holton releases. The end of this book definitely sets up another for the series and I am so excited to see what it will be!

In short, read book one and then pre-order this one immediately and I promise you'll have a grand time with them.
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Just as fun as the first one. It reminds me of a hotter version of Sorcery and Cecelia. It isn't Graphic, but these characters do have sex a lot. So maybe would be an ok suggestion for a teen who liked Sorcery and Cecelia. However, I do highly suggest that you read the first book before this one, otherwise the flying houses won't make very much sense. And I will say that the beginning of this one is rather slow, but then flies along at a brisk pace once the amulet is actually stolen. So stick with it and you will be rewarded.
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Fun, witty, adventurous, clever and steamy.

Charlotte is a witch and Alex is a pirate. They are meant to be enemies but end up reluctant allies. Favorite characters from the Wisteria Society return. Lady Armitage is a hilarious villain once again.

I thoroughly enjoyed this second book as much as the first.
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