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Rated this book 1.5 stars. I love a good time travel book with some thriller/suspense thrown in. The synopsis of this being a fast pace book, along with mentioned above had me raring to read. It had elements of romance, which isn't my favorite genre, but i was willing to read since it had all the other elements.  In the end it just wasn't for me. I really hated to write this review. I really wanted to like this book. Unfortunately, it wasn't engaging and it couldn't hold my attention.  This was after putting it down for a while, then come back to it. The premise was there, it was interesting,  I wanted to see how it played out.  I cared nothing about the characters, which led me not to care about the situation. I realize that it was a book that required suspension of disbelief, but between the writing style and the overall structure, it just wasn't for me.
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As the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, trauma nurse Lydia Clay still struggles to make sense of the tragedy. When she sees an unusual star streak across the sky, she can’t resist making a wish. It may be impractical. It may be impossible. But that doesn’t stop her from wishing that somehow the attacks of 9/11 could have been stopped and all those people saved.

The next morning, she wakes up in the Brooklyn apartment she called home during nursing school. The date is September 10th, 2001. Impossibly, she has been given the opportunity to answer her own wish. The only question is, how?
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Be careful what you wish for?  What if you can make the ultimate wish to help change history.

A very interesting storyline of the what if trope.
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I received this book as an ARC and this is my review. This book is fantastic! I loved it! I was unable to put it down and read it as fast as possible! The characters are exciting and multi-dimensional. The story is amazingly compelling and I wish it could happen! I totally recommend this book to any reader who would like to wish on a star and have their impossible wish granted.
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An impossible wish. As the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, trauma nurse Lydia Clay still struggles to make sense of the tragedy. When she sees an unusual star streak across the sky, she can’t resist making a wish. It may be impractical. It may be impossible. But that doesn’t stop her from wishing that somehow the attacks of 9/11 could have been stopped and all those people saved. The next morning, she wakes up in the Brooklyn apartment she called home during nursing school. The date is September 10th, 2001. Impossibly, she has been given the opportunity to answer her own wish. The only question is, how? An unlikely alliance. Washington Post journalist Ian Greenberg wants to write about terrorism but according to his editor, it’s a non-topic. With his local politics column due, he needs to spend his Monday writing. But a cagey woman derails his plans when she calls and promises a lead on a terrorism story. By meeting with her, he thinks he’s risking his career, but there’s much more at stake. Because Mystery-Lead Lady doesn’t have a lead for him at all. What she has is information about an attack scheduled to take place the very next day. And she needs Ian’s help to stop it. A race against evil. To undo a terrible wrong, a woman from the future and a skeptical journalist with government connections must turn back the clock on evil.

Another book that I was kindly given permission to read by @netgalley and I reaaaally enjoyed it! I don’t know much about 9/11 (shameful I know) but this book has made me want to go out and do my research which I’m really thankful for. It was beautifully written and there was a lot of fact involved in the fictional storyline which I think is a really lovely tribute to 9/11 and it really acknowledges how horrific it was! My only criticism is it felt a bit slow getting into but overall a really good book that I thoroughly enjoyed!

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Time Travel? Suspense? Romance? You'll find all those elements in Jessi Gage's novel, 
Terror Undone, a fast-paced story that grips you with an unusual premise.  What if one person could stop the 9/11 terror attacks and save thousands of people?

Lydia Clay goes back in time to September 10, 2001, by wishing on a star.  She wakes up in her younger body, as a nursing student, married to her ex, and living in her old apartment.  Realizing this twist and the fact that she could possibly stop 9/11 before it happens motivates her into action.  Having been a 9/11 junkie and read numerous books and articles, Lydia knows all the details and develops a plan.  She contacts news reporter Ian Greenberg and jumps on a plane from New York to Washington DC with only some charts and facts from her memory.  It turns out that Ian was the "journalist who predicted 9/11", winning the Pulitzer Prize and writing four best-selling books in the future.

Lydia lays all the facts on a skeptical Ian who takes her to visit his Aunt Marge, an ex-CIA agent with an influential friend, Socks, who gives her access to top CIA officials.  She cajoles and pleads her case to get a complete plan in motion.  A romance is brewing between Lydia and Ian even though she's still technically married to Tristan, her ex.  

Gage's novel is told from Ian and Lydia's perspectives and is suspenseful and gut-wrenching until the end.  Will Lydia stop the terror attacks, and will she have to relive her past twenty years?  Gage neatly wraps up the story and promises more with her new Turn Back Time series. Can't wait for the next novel!
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Terror Undone by Jessi Gage 
Have you ever gone through a traumatic event (such as a loved ones death) that you wish you could go back in time and prevent the whole thing from happening? Well, that's the premise of this first book in a time traveling series. The main character Lydia makes a wish to be able to go back in time and prevent the tragic event of 9/11. That's what initally piqued my interest and led me to wanting to read this book. Unfortunately after 4 chapters I couldn't read any more of the book. The chapters that I did read were not very well written, they dived right into the main character traveling back in time to 2001 and some of the sentences made no sense that I had to re-read them several times to even try and understand what I was reading. One sentence in particular made no sense to me that it was the deciding factor to put the book down. The reason I gave the book 2 stars instead of 1 is because the story idea had such potential and if it was written in a different way, it could make for a great thriller book. Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this book (well the part that I did) in exchange for an honest review.
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Terror Undone by Jessi Gage drew me in with its premise: a trauma nurse goes back in time to the day before 9/11 so that she can stop the tragedy from unfolding. Wouldn't we all love to see that happen?

I struggled between rating this three or four stars. The plot was thrilling, and I wanted to keep reading to find how she might pull off this feat. I should have known that one must suspend belief when reading a book about time travel, but our protagonist, Lydia Clay, showed some nearly superhuman powers of deduction and memory recall in foiling the plot. Obviously, she had the benefit of hindsight, but some points were pretty unbelievable.

The supporting characters were fun and quirky, but the writing style was not my cup of tea.

I will recommend this to readers who like alternative histories and stories about 9/11.

Thank you to the author, Jessi Gage, the Independent Book Publishers Association and NetGalley for the e-arc in exchange for my honest review.
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There are many things in life that I know I'd like to turn back time and I bet thats the same for you too. But to turn back time to the only terrorist attack on American soil must be a big wish for everyone in the USA. But saying that isn't history there for us to learn and improve on. What happened was horrific but could you relive that?

Well this book answers that question. It's a brilliant book of what if? You know what if I'd turned right instead of left idea. Well a woman does wake up on September 10th 2001. The day before the atrocity. How does she convince people what's going to happen, can she change history.

It is really well written and if you can you should read this. I'm not telling you anymore you'll have to read it to find out.
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I had some difficulty shaking the feeling that enjoying this book was somehow in poor taste, although as the author writes in the introduction, if you feel uncomfortable with the premise, don't read it. The very idea that such a terrible event in recent world history might be undone is compelling, and I suppose it is this hopeful yearning to undo it that underpins the commitment to reading. The main characters are nicely drawn and, although I was cynical about the budding romance between the two central characters, by the time I finished reading I was convinced, and it warmed my heart.

Thank you to the author, the publisher and NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I was hesitant to read this because I decided to read it around the anniversary of 9/11 this year. It was a huge deal for me to actually pick it up and not feel guilty by reading about this horrific attack.

Lydia is a charge nurse in 2021 who just lived through the COVID pandemic. She is divorced and recently moved to her family home in the state of Nebraska with her daughter. Lydia has read every book on the subject of 9/11 due to her fascination with the horrifying events that took place.  

Early in the novel, through a completely unscientific event, Lydia wakes on September 10, 2001. She realizes that she may now have the opportunity to prevent 9/11 from ever happening. The only problem is that she appears to be her younger self; a 23-year-old nursing student with no government ties.

Lydia decides that the best person to help her is a guy named Ian Greenberg who is a fictitious young journalist. As Lydia goes back into her memory of 2021, Ian is credited with predicting 9/11 before it happened and going on to win Pulitzer prizes for his books about the horrible day. 

Did that interest you at all? If so, just pick up this book and read it. It's refreshing to have an alternate ending to such a horrific event. The Author has done their homework on reviewing the events and the details in this story are flawless. I loved experiencing Lydia's determination to be heard and attempt to undo one of the most horrific events in history.
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Interesting, but not unique concept, where a woman goes back in time to change history. In Terror Undone, 43 year old Lydia awakens one morning, twenty years earlier, on 9/10/01, and tries to get someone to believe that the next day the US will experience the worst terror attack on US soil in history. Delicately and sensitively written, the author does a good job weaving the true events of 9/11 with a fictional outcome that develops into an engrossing thriller, and does so deftly without a political agenda. I received an ARC of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I always loved the idea of time travel (Back to the Future is one of my favourite movies) and choosing this particular event instantly caught my attention.

This book was so well-written, I found it suspenseful and tense. This race against time totally hooked me.

The main character, Lydia, is awesome. She is selfless, driven, with a strong personality.
She teams up with Ian, a journalist who will be a wonderful sidekick to her.

This book deserves all the stars actually, but there was something that happened in the story that remained unexplained. It bothered me but I still really enjoyed the book.
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Terror Undone was a phenomenal book which I could not put down - I read it in one sitting. I loved the characters, I loved the writing style, I just loved everything about it.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my copy.
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Riveting page turner that's very applicable at the moment, with the 20th anniversary of the terror faced on 9/11. Keeps you on edge, and engaged in the story. Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Absolutely loved this book, read it in one sitting. This was a book I just couldn’t put down, I needed to know what happened next, each chapter makes the story more interesting, more thrilling. The development of the story in only 300 pages is amazing in this fast paced, exciting read. Such as amazing read cannot wait for more with these characters.
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I love how this book is a mix of women’s fiction and mystery thriller because that’s exactly what it is. And it was excellent, truly. I had a lot of fun reading this actually and really did enjoy every aspect of it. I’m excited to see what else the author has written and any plans for the near future! 5 out of 5 stars!
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Wow! Terror Undone, by Jessi Gage, is one of the best books that I've read in a long while. I absolutely loved the premise of main character, Lydia Clay, going back in time, by twenty years, to try and stop the attacks of 9/11. We live close to DC and my husband, who works in DC, saw the aftermath, that gaping hole in the Pentagon, in real time. So, it just really hits close to home. The story is just handled really well and with so many details to keep the reader's interest. Each of the main characters were necessary to the story. Each one was so well rounded, I could see them in my mind's eye. If you're a fan of science fiction mysteries, you're not going to want to miss this book!
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This has to be one of the best thrillers that I have read this year. Absolutely stunning from the beginning to the end. Packed with nerve-jangling excitement and thrills.
The author has researched her material exceedingly well. She has crafted a thought-provoking story of the events leading up to the atrocity of the terrorist attacks on mainland America. 
I do not know whether readers in America will enjoy being reminded of the events portrayed in the story, but it does make for interesting reading.
The author does not point fingers or cast any doubt over peoples excuses as to why things occurred the way they did. The author makes some clever observations and gives the reader some insight on things perhaps we may have missed.
The main protagonist Lydia was a fascinating character, literally at her wits end trying to convince all and sundry about what was about to occur. She was ably abetted by Washington Post journalist Ian Greenberg and his Aunt Marge, who I thought was brilliant. (I will let the readers discover her part in the narrative.) 
Terror Undone is a proper page-turner, a thriller that will keep you riveted to the very end. I thoroughly enjoyed Terror Undone, and I thank Jessi Gage, NetGalley and IBPA, for the ADC of the book.
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