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Blind Date is a book I think I would change the title of as it is such a very small part of this book, it’s a good book I just feel the title could be better.
Mel is a radio host, when we meet her she is on a breakfast show but very soon afterwards she is moved to the night spot to make way for young talent coming through. This is upsetting for her as she has worked with her two co-pilots since she began on the show. They go out for a end of an era night and Mel is set up with a blind date. Mel has an instant attraction to Malik but he’s a little strange to say the least. When she wakes up the next morning and has no knowledge of how she got there and then finds herself alone and to make matters worse finds out Malik locked her in whilst he went out she does t know what to think but the heart is ruling the head. 
I found this a good read and liked the characters and the storyline, I hadn’t worked out who the person was who had been ringing the night show so that worked well for me but I had worked the rest out. This is another decent read by Wendy Clarke and can’t wait for her next.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Bookouture for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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This is my first read by author Wendy Clarke and I enjoyed this book, even though for me it quite predictable at times I still liked the story and the writing style that Wendy Clarke brings to the table.

We meet radio host Mel who is works on the breakfast radio, she is told that due to numbers being low they are replacing her and she is start on an evening show, to say the least Mel is extremely disappointed by this news.

Mel is set up on a blind date by her friends/co-workers and we meet mysterious Malik. Then the story really kicks off, Melanie has mysterious call on her late night confession show and a woman is attacked. For me there was a slight disconnection as I felt that at times it was like two different stories but this is a good, mysterious novel.

Thanks to Wendy Clarke, NetGalley and the publishers for a ARC in exchange for my review.

I give this book 3 and a half stars.
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I found this to be a complex story with lots of twists. Another great story from Wendy Clarke that will have you turning the pages faster to find out what is going to happen next. Highly recommended.
Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read an ARC
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Chris and Simon have set up their friend, and co-worker, on a blind date. She's just through a messy divorce and not entirely sure she's ready for another relationship.

The story revolves around Melanie, a 38 year-old woman who works at a radio station with her coworkers Simon and Chris: the 3 Musketeers. One day, she learns that she's out of a job and her ex wants her to move out. So the two of the 3 set her up with Malik he seems like the man of her dreams. Being with him is exciting and romantic. But what secrets is he hiding? And could he be the mysterious caller who is stalking her at night? Lots of twisty and turns
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A new psychological thriller from Wendy Clarke meant I needed to know how good it was as soon as possible. I was lucky enough to be invited to the tour so I jumped at the chance. I have read a lot of Wendy Clarke's books and always love them, so I settled down to read. What an absorbing read again. Well done on a cracker of a book Wendy! I read this in a day, I was so intrigued. I did find the setting of the radio station interesting and unique. It was clear the author had done her research, all the different shows, the way they work for the different presenters from day to night and the atmospheric setting of the late-night show with callers who just talk about everything to the night host. The author did a fabulous job of sense of place. I could build pictures of them in my head very easily. 
A believable storyline that was a fast-paced 'on the edge of your seat read. Filled with enough drama and suspense to keep me guessing. Enough twists and turns to almost make you dizzy as the story unfolds. A dark and disturbing psychological thriller that does not miss a beat in the plot. The characters are so real and there are ones you don't know who you can trust too. I found it creepy in parts and jumped at the slightest noise while I was reading. I think that's the sign of a great book and this IS a great book.
Another Bookouture release by an excellent author that I would recommend so easily to anyone who loves a real psychological thriller
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Very intriguing read about a divorced woman, who loses her morning radio host gig and is moved to the graveyard time slot, meets a man her coworker Chris sets her up with. Melanie instantly bonds with Malik and is soon immersed in his presence and feels a magnetic pull to him that she can't escape. But when a mysterious woman, Natalie, calls the radio station and makes a startling confession, Mel sees similarities to Malik. Soon strange things begin to happen to her and realizes that she's in danger - but from who?

There were twists and surprises that I didn't see coming. Mel was annoying at times because she constantly put herself in danger and then would get irritated at her friends when they questioned what she was doing. This was a good book that I was caught up in. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for the opportunity to read this book.
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4.5 Stars

Dark, unsettling and creepy, Blind Date is the unputdownable new chiller from Wendy Clarke’s twisted and terrifying pen.

Mel had been absolutely blindsided by her divorce. She never imagined that she would find herself single and having to even contemplate the thought of dating, but realising that she could not keep wallowing in regret, she decided to allow her best friends Chris and Simon to set her up on a blind date. Naturally, Mel is anxious. With the news full of terrifying stories, she cannot help but worry about the kind of man she is being set up with, but feeling lost and lonely and needing to let her hair down, she realises that she has nothing to lose…or does she?

When Mel meets Malik, the two of them hit it off instantly. Malik is attentive, intelligent and somebody Mel feels comfortable with. Within hours of meeting, the two of them are chatting away like old friends and Mel is so relaxed that she finds herself confessing some of her deepest and darkest secrets. Malik doesn’t seemed fazed by Mel’s revelations about her past and for the first time in a very long while, she feels secure, content and like she has finally met a man who could stop her from dwelling on the past and look to the future.

Giving into the attraction that has flared between them seems only natural, however, things take a very dark turn the next morning when in the cold light of day, Mel wakes up in Malik’s bed with no recollection about how she got there – and no idea where Malik is! Just what on earth is going on here? Where’s Malik? And how did she end up in his bed? Mel cannot take any more shocks and surprises, but her nightmare is only just beginning because the next thing she hears is the sound of a key turning in the lock!

Mel is trapped. There is no way out and nobody who can help her. As her trepidation and apprehension increase with each minute, a terrified Mel wonders just what Malik has in store for her on his return…

You simply cannot read just one chapter of a Wendy Clarke novel because once you start one of her books then you know that you are going to be reading all through the night and Blind Date is no different. A chilling, twisted and shocking thriller about trust, deception and secrets that is cleverly constructed and brilliantly plotted, in Blind Date the fantastic Wendy Clarke does not miss a single beat and keeps you on a knife’s edge with your heart in your throat desperate to uncover the next nail-biting revelation.

Wendy Clarke’s Blind Date is a dark and disturbing thriller that will keep readers guessing until the final shocking twist.
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Review for 'Blind Date' by Wendy Clarke. 

Read and reviewed via NetGalley for Wendy Clarke, Bookouture publishers and Bookouture anonymous 

Publication date 29th October 2021.

This is the first book I have read by this author. 

I was originally drawn to this book by its stunning eye catching cover and intriguing sounding synopsis and title. The synopsis stated that this book is perfect 'For fans of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and anything by Lisa Jewell.' I am a huge fan of 'Gone Girl' and Lisa Jewell so am looking forward to seeing if this lives up to this statement. I must admit I was also biased due to the publisher being Bookouture. I have yet to read a book published by Bookouture  that I haven't enjoyed. Hopefully this won't be the first... Watch this space! (Written before I started reading the book).

This novel consists of a prologue and 49 chapters. The chapters are short to medium in length so possible to read 'just one more chapter' before bed...OK, I know yeah right, but still just in case!

This book is based in the UK 🇬🇧. I always enjoy when books are set in the UK as I'm from Wales and have sometimes visited areas mentioned in the book. This makes it easier to picture where the scenes are set at times. 

This book is written in third person perspective and the main protagonist is Mel. The benefits of books written in first person perspective are as long as they are well written it makes you feel that you are being spoken to by the protagonist and it can create more of a bond between yourselves and them. If there are several protagonists you also get to see more of what is going on.

OMG!!! Wow!!! I was NOT expecting any of that!!! Wendy where have you been all my life?!?! Why and HOW have I never read any of your books before?!? 

Well, well, well Wow!!! What an absolute cracker of a book!!! This book sucked me straight in from beginning to the explosive ending. It was very well written with excellent descriptions which put me straight into the storyline. The blog, title and the cover suited the book perfectly. 

The storyline was very fast paced and filled with drama and suspense. A very believable storyline which kept me on edge throughout. I loved all the twists and turns and throughout it kept me guessing what was going on and who was doing what. I would NEVER have guessed at the ending so a MASSIVE WELL DONE to Wendy. I have read many thrillers and it's getting harder and harder for me to be surprised so great job there. There were so many mysteries in this book it just kept getting better and better!!! It was filled with suspense, romance, tension, friendship, lies and deceit and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout!!! If you pick this up make sure you clear your diaries as you will. NOT be able to put it down until the explosive ending!!! I loved the storyline and just loved everything about it. It was all done perfectly!! This would make an absolutely amazing movie!!! 

THE characters were fantastic, solid and completely believable, or are they?? You just have no idea who to trust and wow was I blindsighted!! They each had their  own unique personalities. You begin to think you know each one but you get proven wrong!!! I became completely invested in every character although I can't say I believed, trusted or liked any. Each character had their own secrets to hide and it really makes you think if you ever really know anyone. They all had such different and strong personalities and all suited the storyline perfectly. 

Welcome to my favourite author list Wendy and congratulations on what is guaranteed to be a huge success!!! I can't wait to read more of your past and future books. In fact I'm going straight to Amazon to add them all to my wish list!!! Congratulations and here's to your next success 🥂!! 

Overall a compelling, page turning, mind blowing psychological thriller that will keep you up late at night

Genres covered in this book include Thriller, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Psychological Fiction and Crime Fiction amongst others. 

I would recommend this book to the fans of the above as well as fans of Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and anything by Lisa Jewell.

332 pages.

This book is just 99p to purchase on kindle via Amazon which I think is an absolute bargain for this book!!! 

Rated 5/5 (I LOVED it ) on Goodreads, Instagram, Amazon UK and Amazon US and on over 30 Facebook pages plus my blog on Facebook. 

Feel free to add me on Goodreads or follow me on my website or Facebook for more reviews 

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I love this author.

This is a suspenseful read from the get go. Everyone suspects everyone with tension building it certainly kept me reading until the end.

Twists and turns around every corner. Secrets and lies being told.

None of the book was predictable and had me guessing until the very end.

Highly recommend
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This was a real love/hate book for me. Some parts of it were outstanding and some were very difficult to read or understand as a complete plot.

Mel is recently divorced and is still enjoying working as part of the Three Muskateers on the radio show the friends Mel, Simon and Chris have presented for years. Suddenly launching into a dubious relationship with Malik and then being ousted from her radio job by a younger female colleague leave Mel feeling vulnerable.

Great descriptions of the workings of a radio show but some of the behaviour of the main characters is so divisive and strange that it seems so out of character and difficult to believe. 

Some good and unexpected parts and I enjoyed the character of Natalie calling in to the late night radio show. The ending was unexpected but was a stretch too far for me to score more than a 3 star rating.

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Wendy Clarke's Blind Date is a slow-burn, creepy and extremely intense psychological thriller that certainly gave me the chills. It's unnerving and dark, and the tension and suspense permeating from the pages make for a thrilling and gripping read. Well plotted and executed, I really enjoyed the parts occurring at night involving Mel's graveyard shift as a radio DJ for Lock radio, which added to its overall sinister ambience. The reader is held in abeyance with indecisions over untrustworthy characters. All told, Blind Date is a fabulous tale that this reader found both riveting and compelling.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Bookouture via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Hoooooo boy, does Mel have a tough time in this psychological thriller. 
She’s already out her man, about to be out of her house, and her career…well, that’s not in such great shape either. 
So, when her co-worker offers her the chance at a blind date, she considers taking him up on it. 
Little does she know how wrong that can all go. 
Although the setup was efficient, it all really takes off when Mel takes over the late-night shift at the radio station. 
The author does a great job of creating a spooky atmosphere through little hints here and there. Additionally, the claustrophobia of a radio booth can’t be beaten. There were times that it reminded me of the 1980s television show “Midnight Caller.” 
Especially when Mel receives calls from a person who eerily has a similar story to her own. 
I had my suspicions about every character at some point. The only ones I didn’t feel added to anything were Niall and Fiona. That seemed to be more contrived to get Mel to the next point, rather than truly having any impact. 
Mel was intriguing. At times, she seemed to bring the drama on herself. Her lack of self-confidence, greatly shaken, added to her being uncertain about where to turn when things got very weird. 
There were a few things that appeared out of nowhere, and I am not sure I buy a couple of the twists and relationships. 
But I still enjoyed this psychological thriller immensely. In fact, I read it in one day – which is highly unusual for me. So, I do recommend it. 
Just be aware that you will not know who to believe and what the real story is until the very end. And I mean the very last page.
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We have all had those immediate click, intense attraction,  obsessive thoughts and must constantly touch relationships.  Do they tank? Sometimes.  Are we blind? For sure. 
Mel is having a tough time. She has just been bumped from the coveted breakfastt radio show to the late show - it's most active hour, True Confessions. 
Meeting her coworkers out for a drink - Simon shares his wife pregnancy, after a miscarriage; Simon his usual drunk self is determined to set Mel up - she hasn't dated since her divorce. 
Then she sees him talking to Chris - Malik.  Instant physical attraction.  
After a night together, someone slaches Mel's tire. Strange sounds in the dark radio station corridor. 
And Natalie's distrurbing true confession. 
Lots of suspense,  drama, friendship complications.  Great read.
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This was one hell of a rollercoaster. It was clear from the outset it had been well researched. There were twists and turns all the way through and even once we found the main perpetrator the shocks kept on coming. It really made you think you can't trust anyone.
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Melanie works at a radio station on the morning show but when ratings slide she's moved to the nightly slot. She's quite gutted and between that and a recent divorce her lucks not going too great. After a rubbish day at work her friends Chris and Simon suggest a night out that ends up with Mel meeting new man Malik. It's a good story...especially the radio show side of it as that's a complete first for me and I was very intrigued by it...Wendy Clarke had obviously researched this well..
Regarding Malik ...the red flags were screaming from the get go,but Mel chose not to see them which infuriated me.
A few little things niggled at me regarding mental health but on the whole it's a good read..and I'm glad I read it. With thanks to Wendy Clarke,Bookouture and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to review it. 
MY RATING: 📘 📘 📘 📘
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This story is interesting, but highly predictable.
I always get frustrated with a MC who can't see what is DIRECTLY in front of them.
When a person acts like a psycho, and you brush that behaviour off?
You will get no pity from me when they come at ya.
Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for getting my hands on the DRC.
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this is such a wonderful thriller! i really loved this book so very much. i'm so glad i got to read this one early and i'm so thankful to netgalley and the author for the privilege.
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Wendy Clarke knows how to write a thrilling thriller!  Blind Date is just as creepy as you would imagine - and more!  Great time of year for thrills and chills!  

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for this ARC!
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Blind Date by Wendy Clarke will get under your skin from the word go.  A delightfully creepy sense of unease burrowed in almost immediately, and did not leave me for the duration of this thoroughly addictive narrative.  

Mel is the co-host of a popular morning show alongside her two friends, Simon and Chris.  Divorced and living with her ex-husband, and watching as he moves on, Mel is in need of a night out.  When Chris suggests that she meet a friend of his, Mel is initially uninterested, until she meets the mysterious Malik and, unexpectedly, sparks begin to fly.  Perhaps she has turned a corner at last?  But a new gig hosting a late night talk show, where she receives some chillingly ominous calls, will have Mel questioning not only her own safety, but the true colours of those who are closest.

I could not shake the feelings of unease as I moved through this tense and foreboding world of late night radio.  The atmospheric elements were spot on, and I can still feel the goosebumps.  Thank you, Wendy Clarke, for yet another gem.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for an ARC.

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Blind Date by Wendy Clarke is.a slow burning psychological thriller.   Sometimes when a book is a bit of a slow burning read I find myself getting a little bored and wish things would speed up.  But this was definitely not the case when reading this book.  I absolutely loved this tense and  at times chilling read.  The author has written this book in such an atmospherical way I felt at times I was there in the actual scene, especially those in the radio station in the late of night.   This story completely got under my skin and had me gripped like a vice.  Another reason for me loving this book was all the characters and there were times when I suspected everyone of them of wrongdoing.   I can highly recommend this book and I can’t wait to read more from this wonderfully talented author.
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