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A Gingerbread House

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Disappointing.. Difficult to follow the plot. Too many characters being introduced. Couldn’t sort out who was who. The pacing was too slow. With so many characters, it kept reverting back to introductions and character development so not much happened in the story to move it along. Lost interest about half way through as I couldn’t understand what I was reading anymore. Gave an extra star because it had promise. The very beginning was delightfully eerie but went off the rails after that. The audio performance was average. I think if the plot had been better executed, the audio would also have been more engaging. I received an advanced audio copy on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A Gingerbread House
Catriona McPherson
This is the tale of three missing women. Ivy is lonely, she has no family or friends and just wants to be loved. Martine is searching for information about her father. Laura wants a family of her own, a husband and children. Each of the women were lured to a house where they were held captive in a cellar for months.
Tash’s family owns a transportation business. When her father becomes ill, she fills in for him. She discovers the company, and her father was guilty of trafficking in humans. She hid the evidence in various places knowing that her father may have her killed once she confronted him. He denied her accusations. She was determined to take control of the business and make it legitimate. 
I struggled with this tale. It was painfully slow moving. It was a struggle to finish it although I did. I found it difficult to connect with the characters and they lack depth. My favorite part of this tale was the setting and the Scottish dialect.
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This was overall a good book. The complicated characters were interesting to listen to/read their stories but I felt there was something missing. I wanted more. I can’t think of anything that could have been cut to allow for more of others, but still wanted more about the characters in the story. Again overall great story I just felt like there wasn’t enough, maybe there will be a sequel or prequel to provide the more.
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Thank you Netgalley!
I finished this book a week ago and am still trying to collect my thoughts on it.  Overall I really enjoyed this book and the writing, but there were a few areas with the plot that I struggled with.  
Cons:. I was very confused in the beginning as to if the women's stories related to the business.  Or if maybe they were different timelines or something.  I think I needed a bit more to tie these together earlier to keep my interest.  
Also, the storyline of the business seemed to end without much of a build or climax.  
Pros:. I loved the storyline of each of the women.   The reader can really connect with them and their struggles through the writing.
I also felt the description of the room and experience gave the reader such a vivid visual of the surroundings and situation.
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Thank you so much to Netgalley and Severn House for the advanced audio copy in exchange for review.
I found this a bit slow to start, but once the plot really took off and I could see where things were going, it really hooked my interest. The narrator had a lovely voice which made for easy listening, although I did get a bit distracted a few times while listening and am sure I missed some key points.
Lonely middle-aged Ivy attends a meeting expecting to adopt a cat, and instead meets a woman claiming to be a long lost sister she never knew existed. Ivy goes to Kates home, a lovely little gingerbread cottage, to have a family reunion of sorts, and is not heard of again. As more women go missing, we start to discover what’s really happening although are not provided with the clearest explanation or motive yet. Suddenly another character, Tash, is thrown into the story and starts to investigate the disappearances of these lonely women with no family or many friends. 
I found the story was very detailed in the beginning, and then less so towards the middle and end, and would have appreciated things moving a bit slower, and then not being wrapped up in quite the hurry. Overall, an enjoyable book, but I think reading a physical copy would make for an easier time keeping track of the characters and the plot.
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A gingerbread House by Catriona McPherson
Narrator, Mhair Morrison
Unfortunately, I had to DNF this book at 38%. This not the fault of the book but this genre is just not for me.
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I was provided an audio copy of A Gingerbread House for an honest review.   I was so uninterested in the book that I DNF it after more than 80%.  The book is too slow for me.
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2.5 stars rounding up to 3 because it had potential.

This one was a real slow burn, so slow in fact it may have sizzled out for me before we really got to the climax.

There was just SO much detail about Tash and her family and their business, and it just didn’t add anything to the story for me. I found the story about the missing women far more compelling, and though the two intertwine eventually, it just all feels too much. I could have done without the Tash story-line all together – or perhaps it belonged in a separate book. It just didn’t ultimately feel connected at all. It’s only barely mentioned in the book description!!!

I think, for me, this is just an example of a book with a great premise that wasn’t fully executed. The best part of the story happened in like, the final chapter in a quick synopsis of events. The reason the women went missing in the first place is the story! I would have loved to see that more fully fleshed out. 

Oh well, I was invested enough to see this through and find out what was happening, but it just didn’t have me on the edge of my seat. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Dreamscape Media for providing me with and advanced copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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Three women go missing in this very odd thriller. I have to say that I really did enjoy it, but the pacing was a little off and I could not really understand the motivation of Tash, the only person seemingly looking for them. 

I seem to be in the minority, but I did not think the book started off slow. I think it told the story of each of the missing women well and I can't think what I would have cut out of each of their stories. I would have even added to the set-up by explaining Tash's connection better. She seems to come out of nowhere and start investigating simply because she once drove past one of the victims. I'm pretty confused there.

Where I think the pacing is off is the last 5% or so of the book. It wraps up way too neatly way too fast.
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This book could have been so creepy.  Instead it was kind of campy and cheesy.  The characters did not feel truly dangerous but instead like cartoon villains and damsels in distress.  I was hoping for more but it was a quick listen and it didn't require a whole lot of attention to follow.
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I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book and I wasn’t sure I loved the narrator. It starts really slow, but I stuck with it and ended up enjoying it. The narrator grew on me as well. The characters were interesting and their backstories were believable. Overall, I liked it!
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I tried. I really did. I just couldn't get into this book. I was confused from the start and nothing seemed to clear up for me. It felt like I jumped into the water with no life jacket on. I couldn't find the motivation to try to to stick it out. My apologies to the publisher and NetGalley but thank you for the opportunity to give this a listen.
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A gingerbread house , scared the crap out of me. I never want to meet new people and especially go visit anyone, ever again
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Interesting take on an old classic. In this book you follow the lives of different women as they’re drawn to this distinctive house on a country road. None of them seem to have anything in common so you’re constantly trying to piece the puzzle together. Definitely some traumatic events that may be difficult for some readers so proceed with caution. I did find myself very intrigued to see how things would play out. If you’re in the mood for a twisted adventure, try this book.

Special thanks to #NetGalley and #DreamscapeMedia for the opportunity to enjoy this book in exchange for an honest personal review.
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This book felt like a dark and gruesome twist on the classic Hansel & Gretel.

This book was appealing since Halloween is coming up and the ending of the book delivered on that dark thriller appeal.

The beginning of this book was so slow telling Kate's captive's (Ivy, Martine, Laura) backstories.  Each story added a bunch of ancillary characters and information that didn't really add much to the plot other than just filler.  I also felt like much of Tasha's story was filler as well.

I liked the overall plot, but felt myself loosing some interest with all the extra drawn out information while listening to the audiobook.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing a copy of this Audiobook in exchange for my honest review.
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I enjoyed the A Gingerbread House by Catriona McPherson. The storyline was different but a good one.
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A Gingerbread House by Catriona MacPherson is a strange tale of missing women. These women were taken, rather, walked into a trap, by the least suspected little woman ever. She convinced them to come to her. When she did, she trapped them in a cellar. February, March, May. April was evidently too careful to fall for it. Tash, on the other hand, had run away with evidence that her father's transport company was smuggling human cargo. Knowing that once she confronted him she might end up dead, she planted the information in places that would eventually be discovered. It was all there. She confronted him, but not before discovering it was worse than she thought: it was trafficking. He denied it, but of course he was guilty. She wanted to keep the company and bring it back into prosperity but was that possible? She ran with a meeting date that he would turn over the company to her, but she was not stupid. She made it so people would know she was missing so they would look for here. That was the problem with the missing women. They were loners, worked for themselves. No one cared, least of all the police. Their loves converge in the most interesting of ways. 

I listened to the audio version of this book and it was a very good job done by Mhairi Morrison who kept the women straight. She was low-key and undramatic, even at the  most dramatic moments.  She let the words speak for themselves. 

Tash was a very clever woman and played to her strengths. The women in the cellar lasted for months and there were plenty of hardships. The reasons for the kidnapping were not made clear until the very end, after Tash joined the others. It was a clever plot and paced perfectly. In the beginning the women's stories were introduced separately, with Tash interspersed, until they kind of came together, and it became all about Tash, until she joined them. It was interesting to see how strong these various women could be. They were not a type, but joined in that trait. I enjoyed listening to A Gingerbread House. I recommend it.

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of the audio version of The Gingerbread House by Dreamscape Media through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #netgalley #dreamscapemedia #agingerbreadhouse #catrionamacpherson
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A Gingerbread House is an eerie mystery perfect for spooky season. McPherson does a wonderful job of weaving together this multi-perspective story. The reader bounces around, learning each abducted woman's story, but we are held at arm's length for the final act. I found this building up of momentum and reset quite heart racing but in a quiet way. I didn't realize what was happening to me until we were following the third and final woman. I found Tash's plot mysterious at first but I think a little more could have been done with her story. It felt too rambling and loose. I did appreciate the fact that she was wrong at times in her assumptions. An infallible protagonist can be a bit of a bore.

Overall, I loved the way this book came together. The writing style and story structure reminded me of my favorite crime dramas. I will definitely be checking out more from this author.  

A note on the audio copy: Great voice, but the narrator should have had a more varied approach to her characters. Too many of them sounded the same.

Thank you NetGalley for an early release copy!
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Fun thriller! Narrator does an excellent job. The stories of the three women captives are well fleshed out and Tash is a great counterpoint to the captive stories. If you like psychological thrillers this one is excellent.
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I want to start by saying that while this book was not for me, I do believe many readers who enjoy thriller/horror will enjoy Catriona McPherson's latest book.  This book is about several women who, one each month, find themselves invited to a fairy tale cottage owned by two sisters but are unable to leave.  I did enjoy the first half of the book as we got to know these women and the personal connection that drew them to willingly go meet these sisters.  The second half of the book was tense and suspenseful - it was hard not to be invested in the characters' well being.  That said, the second half was also overly graphic, a little drawn out, and not entirely believable.  Overall, it was just an okay read for me.

I want to thank the author, Dreamscape Media, and NetGalley for an advance copy of the audiobook in exchange for an honest review.  #AGingerbreadHouse #NetGalley

Rating: 2/5
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