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Who doesn't love a book with a doggie match maker. And guess what a family be that of two people who love each other and their dog.
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A cute story about the trials, tribulations, and joys of Zoe. Who struggles with love, strays, and a bad boss. Her deepest desire is to home all of the dogs from the shelter and to get over her fear of love. Just maybe this will happen in a perfect world but will it in Zoe. Read this fun and cute books with you canine best friend.
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And Doggo Makes Three is a book about dogs and love! This is the perfect book for fans of dogs and romance books. Noah and Zoe work together the give dogs a second chance after a chance encounter. Noah wants Zoe to trust him, but she's been hurt before and is slow to trust. Using every trick in the book, Noah works on getting Zoe to put down the walls she has around her heart from the last time someone got hurt by their love.

Zoe and Noah are were made to be, they both love dogs and want to help at the shelter. This was an easy read and was writer very well. All the characters were loveable, with the exception of Zoe's, who does everything he can to make Zoe's job hard and uncomfortable. The dogs were also great, and this is a must read book for readers who enjoy romance and dogs. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a book with dogs in it?!

I rate this book as 4 🌟! 

I'd like to say a huge thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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I will tell you right now, I will read any book that contains a dog, has a dog in the title, or is "narrated" by a dog. Noah and Zoe work together rescuing dogs. Zoe is afraid of love and Noah is trying everything he can to get her to not be. Zoe also works at an assisted living facility with a group of characters. I instantly fell in love with this book and wish it was longer, I didn't want it to end!
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I’m a huge dog lover, so when I saw this book and read the description, I knew I had to read it! And while it was cute and full of some of my favorite breeds, unfortunately I had trouble getting into the story.

At the beginning of AND DOGGO MAKES THREE, it feels as if you’re immediately thrown into the middle of things. We meet the main character, Zoe, a dog-lover from Texas now living in Michigan who works at a retirement village where she wants to implement a fostering program in order to get dogs out of the shelter she volunteers at so others can take their places. All of this is casually mentioned by Zoe and her boss, Ellie in the first chapter along with plans to parade the dogs in an annual fall festival and conversation about another volunteer who is working very hard to gain Zoe’s attention, even though she very clearly doesn’t want to date him for reasons related to her past.

The book is very dialogue heavy, and while this will appeal to a lot of readers, I personally would have liked a bit more show rather than so much tell. Because of this, the characters ended up feeling a bit flat.
However, where AND DOGGO MAKES THREE excels most is in its message that animals are precious and should be treasured, not only because their antics can raise spirits and serotonin levels, but also because they enrich the lives of those who love them and are loved in return.
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I love the concept of this book. Rescue dogs and romance. Also loved the retirement home aspect.  Some of the characters seemed one-dimensional and almost like caricatures but overall this was a cute, quick read.
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I am always pleased when a romance/dog-lover book has more “dog” than “romance”. This one did not disappoint; I absolutely fell in love with all the characters (even the human ones!) If you enjoy reading about rescue dogs and those who campaign for them fiercely, you will adore this book! I am really hoping for a sequel, soon.!
* Thank you, Netgalley, for a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.*
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A cute romance story. Zoe left Texas, and works to help shelter dogs and elderly people. Liked this one, and enjoyed the dogs too. Did get a bit swimmable  in parts, but otherwise highly recommend.
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Cute story about the trials, tribulations, and joys of Zoe while she struggles with love, strays, and a bad boss. Her deepest desire is to home all of the dogs from the shelter and to get over her fear of love.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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A lovely book that was enjoyable to read. I’d like to read more by the same author so will look out for some. Well done.
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Oh my... I'm in love with this book. It's about rescuing dogs. Did I mention dogs? Oh a bit of romance. And dogs.
There are dogs everywhere.

This is like a second chance novel. For dogs. Oh and for the humans too.  It's a romance, but you'll fall in love with the dogs too.

It's a nice pleasant read. Not hard to follow. And it's fun.

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Estou bem rendida. Não fazia ideia do que esperar desse livro, mas reconheço que não esperava gostar tanto. Fui surpreendida com o apego que criei pelos personagens e bichinhos. 

O romance é superleve e a autora trouxe uma intriga para o casal que achei bem compreensiva, fiquei com o coração na mão e com medo de como tudo iria se resolver. A Zoe me conquistou imensamente, entendi o dilema dela e algumas vezes senti vontade de chorar por vê-la sofrendo dessa forma. Ela aguentou uma barra por ter esse sentimento de que nunca poderia viver um amor. O Noah é um fofo, mesmo que tenha ficado chateada com a forma que ele lidou com algumas coisas, entendo também porque ele reagiu dessa forma. Achei todos os sentimentos muito coerentes. E nossa, que casal mais fofo, queria que tivessem tido mais cenas dos dois juntos.

Os demais personagens foram muito cativantes, você acaba se afeiçoando a cada um de uma forma diferente e no fim das contas eles formam uma grande família

A história não tem um foco no romance, ela também trabalha os problemas que pessoas que trabalham em abrigos de animais passam, a dura realidade dos animais que são criados para ser um reprodutor e o assédio no trabalho. Não sei qual dos temas foi mais doloroso de ler, fiquei com as lágrimas entaladas com a revolta e a tristeza. A autora trabalhou muito bem os temas e foram os grandes destaques do livro na minha opinião. 

Os demais personagens foram muito cativantes, você acaba se afeiçoando a cada um de uma forma diferente e no fim das contas eles formam uma grande família. Enfim, a leitura foi incrível, uma delícia. Então está mais do que recomendado!
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❝Sweet, engaging and interesting!❞

This book is such an emotional read for me. If you are softhearted and an animal lover or just anyone, please prepare a box of tissue next to you. I love the premise of this book. ♡♡♡ Reading about animal shelter really grips my heart. It's not really a sad story, more like a heartwarming book that will make you feel touched. A wonderful book about second chance and happiness ❥

How this book explains about the everyday life of animals, especially dogs, really takes place in my heart. Not that I'm being ignorant before, but reading this book makes reality hits hard, like a force. There's a lot of animals in needs of care and love, but SOME people seem not care enough.

As for the characters, I love both Zoe and Noah. They're amazing! The writing is nice for the first half of the book, but become quite not smooth starting the second half. Zoe and Noah interaction feels awkward for me around the love confession. Apart from that, I hate Mr Graham SO much. Ugghhhhhhh. He's a disgusting jerk!

Anyway, I enjoy reading this book. Perfect book for anyone who is in need of some cute and light read with a hint of romance.♡♡♡
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A sweet second chance love story that will have you swooning. 
After reading some intense books, this was the perfect, fictional book to read. Any romance stories with dogs in it is a great book to me. It’s also somewhat of a typical love story, guy chases girl and girl fends off advances until the end. 
If you love dogs and romance stories, And Doggo Makes Three will be the perfect book for you to read. 

I graciously received an advance e-copy from Netgalley for review. All opinions are my own.
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This was a solid 3 star read with some cute moments. I loved the premise of the dog shelter and Zoe’s work with the animals. I felt several of the characters and the plot points were unremarkable. I had a hard time connecting to much of it. Some things were over the top and didn’t feel developed or finished. Overall, not a bad story but not unique or memorable either.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy.
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This was a cute, dog-centric romance in which Zoe, who thinks she's bad luck to any man who gets involved with her, slowly lets down her guard and lets in Noah, a really sweet guy who has totally fallen for her. Zoe and Noah meet initially at the no-kill shelter where they both volunteer time. They bond over their shared love for the rescue dogs that find their way to the shelter. Both are driven by their strong love and concern for the dogs in their care. Initially, Zoe keeps shutting Noah out, feeling like she can't possibly get involved with any man and risk him getting hurt due to her bad luck, but Noah is persistent and eventually gets her to agree to a date, then more.   There were plenty of great scenes with cute dogs of all kinds. My main niggles were that Zoe's workplace difficulties seemed rather over-the-top, and the characterizations and writing style sometimes seemed kind of flat, but otherwise, an enjoyable romance.
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This was honestly a pretty sweet and solid romance I really loved and adored this! It was really fun and truly everything I wanted in a romance book. I loved the characters especially the main female character who was nothing but  pure smiles and sunshine’s so I absolutely adored her. This was perfect’
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I love books about animals especially dogs & this book was just my thing. Absolutely loved it! Thanks for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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This was an adorable dog themed love story between Zoe & Noah their blossoming relationship and their love of rescue dogs! As someone who is a huge dog lover I loved hearing about the special qualities each of their rescues had and how it helped bring them together. Very cute read.
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