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I really enjoyed Laura and Jeremy's story. It was fun watching these two together and how they navigate her "Lady Sterling" personality.
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The h has dedicated her life to helping others, so she takes on an assumed name never expecting the real man by that name to come waltzing in her life. There is plenty of action, humor, and chemistry. Overall, this is a really good book!
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If you are a fan of both regency and spy genres then Better Off Wed is a book you need to read. It blends both genres seamlessly, creating a fun, romantic and intense read.
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Nice try to add the spicy of a spy story to a regency romance
nevertheless the plot has hole and jumps from here to there 
the writing needed more revision and the credibility of her freedom is a not sustainable 
Nice banter between H and h 
not smitten with this one :(
Better Off Wed by Susanna Craig. #BetterOffWed #NetGalley
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I absolutely loved all the excitement and adventures of the romance with Laura and Jeremy. I thought the action was moderate and very entertaining. The characters are charming and funny. The romance was kind, sweet and very intimate.
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This was a more successful version of the avenging angel trope than Bombshell by Sarah Maclean. I liked the code cracking hero too. It wasn't anything amazing but I continue to enjoy this series.
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This historical spy series is just tons of fun. I particularly enjoyed this installment, following Lady Sterling in her quest to right wrongs. There were multiple tropes at play in a really fun way.
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This unconventional story about an unconventional woman of that era was refreshing! Lady Sterling was a heroine at her time for defending women who cannot defend themselves from their abusive employers. After a few success, she met the real Lord Sterling, since Lady Sterling was an assumed name. I was amazed on how the author got the idea and entwined her story, but it did made me made time to read the romance amidst my packed schedule. Can't wait for the next in the series!
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No one in Laura's life knows she is the infamous Lady Sterling. Women, often those in servant positions, write to her about mistreatment from men in their life, often their employers. Usually these women are pregnant as a result of this mistreatment. As Lady Sterling, Laura dons disguises and steals an item of value from these men so she can send the women off with something monetary to improve their lives and the lives of their children. Laura also leaves her calling card and an implication of some sort to alert the man in question that she has dirt on him that she can release if he retaliates in any way.

Jeremy is a spy for the British army. His general's curiosity is peaked by Lady Sterling, who possibly could make an excellent spy - or a feared enemy. He instructs Jeremy, who also so happens to possess the title of Lord Sterling, to find Lady Sterling and bring her in. Jeremy finds himself on Lady Sterling's trail, and a clue puts him on to the fact that Laura is the person he's looking for. When he can't help himself and murmurs her pseudonym in front of her next target, Laura pretends to be Jeremy's run-away bride. His shared title is a fortuitous coincidence.

The two spend the next days in the household of Laura's target as she recovers from an injury caused in a carriage accident. There, Jeremy can't help but become involved in Laura's work as she is too injured to go about it herself and he's been sent to gather information on her anyway. Jeremy and Laura deduce that the man she is spying on is committing treason. In their act, the chemistry is undeniable. But while the two fall in love, danger follows them at every corner.

This was a sweet and steamy romance with a ton of slow burn. I appreciated that the hero and heroine are both virgins but also very sex positive. While we don't get the "major" love scene until the last few chapters, there are plenty of steamy moments after the 50% mark. I also feel this is my most feminist read from Craig yet. I really loved the ending and how Laura and Jeremy continue to work to help women and veterans. This was a 4 star read for me and I look forward to book four in the series. Craig always teases the premise in her epilog and it sounds so promising!
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I had a difficult time getting into this book. There was nothing interesting about the characters. They were quite dull and boring. The plot had a lot of holes in it that made the story feel very far fetched.
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This is the third book in a series.  The tropes are Spies, Forced proximity, Only one bed and Fake relationship. This was a light hearted, easy read with a beta hero and a strong heroine.  Jeremy was an interesting, multilayered hero, sand his personality came off as very gentle and definitely more of a beta hero, but also had a strength and competence to him that was endlessly endearing. He was a celibate, almost virginal hero, which made for an interesting read. Laura was an intelligent, independent heroine, who knows her own mind but is never shrewish or hateful to the hero.
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A cute story but it didn’t work for me . I anticipate others will quite enjoy it, how we mystery with regency romance doesn’t seem to be my thing tbh
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Disappointing read, I just could not get into it.  I got less than 20% in and just lost interest in story and the characters.  Surprising as I enjoyed the previous instalments in the series.
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4.5 stars rounded up.

Rather than pursue a husband as most girls of her station do, Miss Laura Hopkins’ unique circumstances permit her to use her charm and fortune in other ways. She disguises herself and uses the alias of Lady Sterling to help mistreated young women escape from abusive employers. Laura is happy to meet out justice, even in a small way. She prefers to work alone, but that policy is challenged when her efforts against her latest target bring her face to face with none other than Lord Sterling.

Captain Jeremy Addison, reluctantly titled Viscount Sterling, prefers his work as a spy and codebreaker for the Crown to any sort of societal obligations his unexpected title brings. He’s been a part of various and sundry dangerous situations, but they haven’t left him quite as prepared as he’d like for the complication that is Lady Sterling. When their circumstances force them to pretend to be newlyweds in the home of an earl under suspicion, Laura and Jeremy are surprised to find they make a good team. There’s a real connection developing beneath the façade they’re putting on for the earl’s household and soon they begin to wonder if their risky pretend affection could become the real thing.

This was such a fun book. I’m thoroughly surprised by how much I enjoyed it given that I found the previous books in the series to be just okay. Jeremy was an interesting, multilayered hero, since he mostly came off as very gentle, more of a beta hero, but also had a strength and competence to him that was endlessly endearing. Laura was that rare breed of intelligent, independent heroine, who knows her own mind but is never shrewish or hateful to the hero. In fact, she went for everything she wanted, which included not shying away from her feelings for Jeremy and her desire to see if they could build a future together, even as he insisted he was unable to marry. Jeremy walked a fine line with his self-deprecating tendencies, but his mother set him straight in time for me to not be too annoyed by him and I loved that Laura stood by him and recognized the sweetness and gentleness that were inherent to him as a person. I also loved that we got a celibate, possibly virgin hero here, and though there wasn’t much of it, the intimacy between Jeremy and Laura was very sweet and felt very much integral to the development of their relationship, and I loved that both wound up being honest about their feelings for one another. This plot had plenty of intrigue to keep me entertained, but I was never stressed or annoyed by an overabundance of angst. This one is definitely my favorite of the series thus far.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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When the famous thief Lady Sterling met the dashing and real-life Lord Sterling, what could have gone wrong?

I must commend the author for choosing the names of this unlikely couple. So cute! 😁

Laura Hopkins, who goes by night as Lady Sterling, helped young women who were mistreated and compromised by their employers find justice.

She got the attention of law enforcement, particularly where Captain Jeremy Addison was assigned as a spy for the Crown. He loves breaking codes and working underground.

When he was assigned the mission of determining who Lady Sterling was and what she knew that could endanger the country, he never imagined that they would act as a married couple with a passionate connection. But these two are not believers in happy ever after! 

This is an exciting and entertaining third installment of the Love and Let Spy series by Miss Susana Craig. Congratulations! I can't wait for Mrs. Drummond to step into the spotlight in the next story! ❤️

Thank you to Lyrical Press and Netgalley for the ARC!
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Susanna Craig's Love and Let Spy series is a good time guaranteed with each and every book. The perfect blend of romance and mystery and adventure, the books will grab you and make you forget about the real world for a couple hundred pages.

Laura Hopkins is the mysterious Lady Sterling, who takes revenge on men who have mistreated or compromised their female employees. Some may call it theft, Laura sees it more like getting justice for the women and their illegitimate children who have been tossed aside by the men. On the case of yet another horrible man, Laura runs into Captain Jeremy Addison, aka Viscount Sterling. Posing as a newly-wed couple, Laura and Jeremy are thrown together at the home of a horrible earl. Their alliance leads to passion, but could that passion lead to love in those stressed circumstances?

I just love that the guy in charge of the country's security in the middle of a war with France is more focused on matchmaking his officers. General Scott might be my absolute favourite character in the entire series. That's not to say that Laura and Jeremy aren't great characters too, but I think General Scott is the true hero.

The story balanced progressing the relationship between Laura and Jeremy with progressing the mystery a lot better than in the previous instalment, where the mystery was forgotten about in favour of focusing on the relationship. The story was a lot more compelling because the mystery and romance were balanced so well, and it was very easy to finish this book very quickly because of it.
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Having heard a lot of good things about both the preceding books (this is book 3), I had high expectations for this book and somehow it managed to deliver. It's a chaotic caper of deception and manipulation, some of it against each other, but it's also full of witty banter and steamy tenderness, with strong characters and a reasonable plot. There are contrived coincidences and ONLY ONE BED.

Basically, it's a well-written trope fest with Regency spies and so if any of that sounds good, pick up this book.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley; all opinions are my own
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This was fine, this series just doesn’t grab me and that’s ok. I am sure others will really like it, but the mystery aspect just doesn’t work for me.
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Craig continues to deliver on this series for me (I love the whole concept of a spy organization run by a commanding officer who basically just uses it as a way to set his agents up with potential romances, unbeknownst to them), and this was one of my favorite installments yet. Laura has established herself as the mysterious "Lady Sterling," avenger of women and righter of men's wrongs, but now the British have caught on to her antics and they want to recruit her as one of their own. Enter Jeremy Addison, code-breaker and spy, who's tasked with bringing her in — and it just so happens that his formal title is Lord Sterling. A fateful meeting not entirely by chance leaves them in the unexpected position of needing to rely on each other by pretending to be husband and wife, but then they like pretending even more than they thought they would. Only one bed + sickbed trope (Laura injures her ankle at the beginning of the book and needs to be cared for for a while) + fake married + spies = a pretty winning formula for me, and I also appreciated that the couple didn't even really undergo any major strife or experience a dark moment on-page in terms of splitting up from the relationship; they only recommitted to each other once they knew their feelings were real.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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I liked the premise of this story, I even liked some of the characters but it just fell flat in many areas and left me with some questions. 
First off the main storyline here has to do with spying and yet this is precisely where the story falls short. There was never any thrill to this story it just goes along nicely. It is a good story don't get me wrong, it's just kinda all that though- a good story that doesn't seem to thrill. 
I liked Lady Sterling (Laura) and her mission in life to bring down men who abuse women. When she ends up in a compromising situation, Jeremy comes to her rescue, I did like the premise of them being newlyweds, it is always a fun situation to read. 
Now, why would the author name the two main characters the same? This made for really confusing reading and wasn't pulled off as well as the author wanted it to be. But I did like Jeremy and Laura together, they made a cute, caring couple. But again, the story is just that, a cute romantic story without any thrills or adventure. It could have been so much more than it was written and it just frustrates me that the author wouldn't put these two in some sort of adventure given what their occupations are. 
Im not discounting the writing in this because I actually thought it was good, but overall, the story didn't live up to its hype for me as the storyline blurb promised. 
I received an advanced copy in exchange for my review.
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