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ALEXIS HALL WRITES DELIGHTFUL BOOKS. But in case you're wanting more information, read this book for its:

- demisexual hero
- sunshiney love interest
- road trip vibes (in curricles and carriages)
- one and only bed
- sexual awakening moments
- honey bees
- valet named Periwinkle

If you don't mind ridiculous, over the top antics, this book will definitely make you smile so much your cheeks ache. I flew through it in less than 24 hours because I loved Valentine and Bonny so much.
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This book was a fun escape.  I LOVED Valentine and Bonny - they were such great, endearing main characters.  The story was unique but predictable.  However, I found myself getting pretty bored throughout.  There was so much potential here with what the author calls a "big gay regency romp about a overly dramatic beautiful rainbow sunshine unicorn + a overly dramatic demisexual grumpy duke, going on a cross-country chase." I love regency romances and the grumpy duke is one of my favorite tropes but I just found myself not that eager to get back to it, but I did LOVE the characters. 

*Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an advanced copy.
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Erin’s Take
Heat Factor: I don’t think I’ve ever read (highly enthusiastic) rimming as the first interlude, and it was a refreshing change of pace 

Character Chemistry: In its essentials, the grumpy one is soft for the sunshine one. Or, rather, the rigid one is soft for the free spirited one. 

Plot: A very bad proposal of marriage leads to a road trip of personal discovery

Overall: I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more, and then I sighed with happiness

Holly’s Take
Heat Factor: Unexpectedly explicit about arseholes

Character Chemistry: Utterly irritating, utterly captivated

Plot: Valentine finds himself the villain in a gothic novel

Overall: I found the silly first half a slog, but my heart went pitter-pat in the end

I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. We disclose this in accordance with 16 CFR §255.
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I had a good time reading but the writing was a little bit too much for me. If you wanna funny and cute romance, this one is for you!
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Alexis Hall can do no wrong for me! This writing was over the top and dramatic, which might not be for everyone but I loved it. Hall's dry sense of humor shines!!
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This is described as a campy romp, which it is. It's HILARIOUS in parts. I can't remember the last time I busted out guffawing this much at a book. It's also so touching and tender and validating -- it contains multitudes. It is about exploring to find your true self, uncovering incorrect assumptions, and freeing yourself from external expectations. It's a literal journey across the countryside and also a journey of self discovery. And, it contains such queer joy that my heart is bursting with happiness. I hope you can tell I loved this.
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In Something Fabulous, Alexis Hall utilized their trademark wit, over the top storytelling, and a healthy dose of fun making this book a great weekend read.

I found myself being a bit... addicted to the book, which I didn't foresee. I seriously couldn't put it down! The plot is so much fun, and the writing so ridiculous which made for a unique reading experience. 

I did find the characters to be a bit annoying at times; Bonny is written kind of immaturely, which made it hard for me to like him. Valentine was my favorite character, but Bonny was honestly badgering him a lot, and I didn't love them together.
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Ok, I would be lying if I said that there was banter here that did not make me laugh out loud. I did laugh out loud quite a few times reading this. It is so ridiculous that it is hilarious at times. That said, while I was fairly amused, I did not quite connect with it. I think this may be because Bonny and Belle are fairly unlikable, and really I did not want Bonny to end up with Valentine because I thought Valentine deserved better.

I mean, the ending is incredibly sweet and I also would be lying if I said it did not bring a smile to my face but... Valentine deserved better. That is my stance and I am sticking with it. I mean, I am all for ridiculous characters and over-the-top situations, but not at the expense of treating a perfectly nice character poorly.

Thank you to Netgalley and Montlake for this read in exchange for an honest review. It was amusing if somewhat disappointing.
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A queer Regency romance that is both hilarious and heartfelt. A duke and his intended's brother chase the women's he's supposed to marry across the country but along the way find themselves very much attracted to one another despite the scandal such a relationship would cause among society. Recommended for fans of Cat Sebastian. Much thanks to NetGalley and Montlake for my advance review copy!
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This book was pure delight! I cannot recommend it enough.  It fully give it 5 stars out of five stars. I don’t usually reread books but I can see myself coming back to this one for a good comfort read.
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Do you like books that are absolutely bonkers and hilarious? That are improbable and fun? That take tropes and spin them until you don’t know which way is up?

Pick this one up for:
-Silly, fun chaos
-Regency romance
-Grumpy/sunshine to the max
-QUEER regency romance
-Aspec MC and a host of other queer characters
-Classic Alexis Hall witty banter

It’s trip, y’all. And I love that Alexis Hall just leans into the silliness of all of this, and manages to give us something that still feels sexy and fun in the midst of the hilarity that ensues.
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This book was the most wonderful fluff. Hilarious and silly and sweet and so joyfully queer, it's a book that never felt the least bit stressful to read, but still inspired lots of feels. I read it in a day because I was having so much fun with it. It's one of those books I just want to crawl inside and hide from real life in.

I loved both of the MCs so so much. I always love a grump, and Valentine was just the sort of grump I adore. And BONNY. Bonny is so completely, unabashedly himself in a way that won my whole heart. We should all be more like Bonny. And there's little I love more than a sunshine MC giving a grumpy MC an incredibly SOFT nickname.

All the scenes between the two of them were just perfect. There were so many scenes that had me grinning the biggest grin and that I couldn't wait for friends to read so we could gush about them together. And the BANTER. Ugh. So good. Just an outstanding comfort read and guaranteed good mood book. I can't wait to read Peggy's story in the next one!
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Thank you Montlake and NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

This book was in one word a RIOT. If you look up the word shenanigans in the dictionary it would have "Valentine & Bonaventure's Adventure to Recover Valentine's Sort of Fiancé" listed. And it would be the only listing, as these two couldn't go 10 feet without running into a shenanigan on this journey. A journey that included only one bed, a duke with no money, a case of mistaken identity and being tied to a chair, crashing into a stream, an accidental gun shot wound and so much more. Just misadventure, after misadventure with this discovery of feelings thrown in (and some steamy fun!). This was my first queer historical regency romance and it definitely won't be my last as Alexis Hall has delivered such fun with this one.
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I greatly enjoyed this book. Like many other readers who have left reviews here, I loved the unabashed fun and exuberant queerness of the world the author has created. Both of these make Something Fabulous an engaging read for those who otherwise might not enjoy regency romance, a subgenre that many publishers have not historically done enough to diversify. For that reason alone, this book is a welcome addition. 

For more avid readers of historicals (of which I consider myself one), this book still has a lot to offer, including a great deal to think about, for such a lighthearted romp. It's an ode to common tropes of the genre, but looks at each one of them with a fresh angle: sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes both. 

I get the sense that Belle might be a challenging character to many readers, and I can see why. However, I loved her. A lot. I think her presence in the book asks readers to take seriously the ramifications of forcing young women into marriages they don't want - a common regency romance plot device. Without ever seeming like she doesn't belong in the madcap universe of this story, Belle also read like a provocative invitation to take regency women's supposed "hysteria" seriously, and to see it for what it often was: a desperate and deeply understandable revolt against social disempowerment. Something Fabulous is a fun book, but it's a smart one too.
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Alexis Hall calls this book “ridiculous,” which is an absolutely 100% accurate description. It’s also a terrific read and loads of fun.

There’s lots to love about this book. It’s exuberantly queer, with gay, lesbian, nonbinary, and demisexual characters; cishet people might almost not exist in its world. As you might expect from a book described as ridiculous, the story is very funny, with comical scenes and witty banter. Just when it seems like complete fluff, however, the author will produce some wonderful prose to remind you what an excellent writer he is, like this bit when Valentine admits to Bonny that he’s never been kissed before: “The words first kiss hung a moment in the still air. Then broke like a flock of sparrows and were gone.”

The romance between Valentine and Bonny is lovely. For all the general silliness, Valentine’s journey to understanding his own demisexuality as he falls for Bonny has emotional depth. Already isolated by his rank, Valentine is also aware that he’s not quite like other men in terms of his feelings and desires, which has caused him to withdraw from the world in the belief that love and passion are not for him. Bonny is the catalyst who helps Valentine appreciate that while he may be different, he’s not broken. They share some extremely sweet moments as Bonny guides Valentine through experiencing love and lust for the first time. (Also, the way Bonny calls Valentine “flower” throughout the novel is simply adorable)

As much as I enjoyed the book, however, I did find myself longing for the story to be a little more real and a little less over the top in some respects. The most egregious example of excess involves Bonny’s sister Belle, who acts like Marianne Dashwood from Austen’s Sense and Sensibility on steroids. Belle finds her life boring, so she prefers dramatic pretense to humdrum reality. When Valentine asks her to marry him, Belle assumes the role of a Gothic heroine, with Valentine cast as the villain of the piece. Her insistence on treating Valentine as villainous quickly became more annoying than funny to me, especially when every other character indulges her in her histrionics even when she’s clearly going too far. I might have been able to empathize with Belle’s desire not to be forced into a marriage she didn’t want if she was written more like a real person than a melodramatic ninny. As it was, though, I just found her mostly intolerable.

I may have some quibbles with it, but I think readers who are in the mood for a historical romance that is often silly and occasionally absurd will probably love this novel.

A copy of this book was provided through NetGalley for review; all opinions expressed are my own.
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This is a book that has the humor you would expect from Alexis Hall, and a bit more. It's fun, silly, and filled with characters that will have dying of laughter. Though there was the whole mess surrounding the sister and I think that's where it detracts from the book. Or at least, the glaring one. 

I'd say this is still a book that will be enjoyable on that day you just need a wild ride of a book.
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There is something uniquely incredible about queer historical romance. Alexis Hall is my favourite romance author, and this absolutely stood up to their other work. Hall has an amazing capability to make my heart ache in fondness for tender and sensitive characters as well as make me laugh out loud at their antics. This book will be loved by all fans of romance, historical or not, and made me unbelievably happy,
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Saying this book was something fabolous sounds cheezy, but it's true! This book is phenomenal.

Me, who doesn't like historical romance, meets this book which is indeed, historical romance. Perfect match?! Yes. 

Loved everything about it, but the best thing is the Alexis Hall magic over this story. The snark and innocent hotness between the characters. Funny scenes with bees, fear of spiders, wearing a gardener's coat while you're a duke - come on! A duke! How dare, LOL.

Bonny was the pure sunshine of the story and I loved how positive and hilarious he was. Loved his obsession about being a twin and having a twin sister. Loved how adventorous he was and straightforward with everything. Let's be clear, Valentine hadn's stood a chance against him, it was a lost battle from the very beginning, haha.

Valentine. Oh sweet, sweet flower. I know that Bonny is the sunshiny unicorn of the story, but I fell hard for Valentine. Probably because I connected with him at the start. If that's not a hell yes answer to my demisexuality question, I don't know what is. So thank you Alexis for creating Valentine and writing him the way he is, becuase he is perfect. Perfectly imperfect and crazy and I love him.

This book is extraordinary. One of my favorite read (last year). I probably will buy it in paperback too, because I need it on my shelf.

Loved the book and HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. I didn't know a book could be this perfect. 

Alexis Hall did it again. 

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I dnf’ed this pretty quickly because this writing style is reallllllly not my thing at all and made it difficult to enjoy the story. i’m still giving it a neutral 3 stars because I love Alexis Hall and will support anything they write but this one sadly didn’t work for me personally
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Thank you @montlake for a copy of this fun historical romance. This was a fun m/m romance between Bonny and Valentine. I loved the adventure of catching up to Arabella before she makes it to Dover to depart to America. 

Arabella’s disappearance got a bit repetitive and I got tired of her behaving so selfishly and not really talk things through. 

Overall, a fun read.
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