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Alexis Hall is back again with another FABULOUS book (see what I did there!?). If you liked Boyfriend Material and Red, White & Royal Blue you’re going to love this!

Our main characters are HYSTERICAL! Definitely a grumpy / sunshine trope and man are those characteristics highlighted well!

Valentine is…not the most sensitive of men. He has to team up with Bonny-the twin brother of his arranged fiancee- who is a literal ray of sunshine to traverse the countryside searching for his betrothed who ran away from him. 

The journey not only brings Valentine and Bonny closer, but also forces Valentine to confront ~feelings~ for the first time. Who will he decide he truly loves?

Such an amazing book. I was laughing the entire time. This is a regency era book but I liked that it didn’t feel stuffy or hard to understand! Alexis is an auto buy author for me and I will definitely be purchasing a physical copy when it comes out!
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MY RATING 3,5-3,75/5 STARS

“You complete… arse. Wait, I like arses. You… you complete something I don’t like. Mustard. You complete jar of mustard.”

I really enjoyed this book, and it had some pretty great moments. However, it did take me a few chapters to actually get into the story, because of the historical setting.

I had a lot of things I really loved about the book such as, Bonny in general just being one of the greatest characters. It was super cute to see him flirting with Valentine in the beginning of the book and calling him “Flower”, and watch Valentine not really know what to make of those flirty exchanges. 

It also featured one of my favorite tropes of only having one bed, and it was a really cute to read about. Bonny and Valentine also had some pretty amazing banter going on, that was super funny to read. 

I absolutely loved all of the LGBTQ+ rep in the book! There were so many queer side characters on top of the two main characters being queer. It was really nice to see Valentine develop throughout the story and going from thinking he’d never find love, to find the one he wanted to spend his life with. Because he is demi he never really thought about the option of liking anyone who wasn’t a woman, so it was really cool to see him come into himself and starting to fall for Bonny.

Another thing I really loved was how it never really seemed to be a big deal to any of the other side characters, when someone turned out to be queer. It was just a thing they were, and it was never questioned or made into something bad.

Some of the things I sadly didn’t like that much about the book was how Valentine got pretty annoying and possessive in thinking he “owned” or was worth more than Belle. He never seemed to dwell to much on how his actions would affect others. Instead, his “solution” to most problems was almost always to tell everyone who would listen that he is a Duke. When people didn’t care to much about that fact, he got annoyed with them very quickly.

In general, I also feel like so much of the drama could have been solved if any of the characters actually talked to each other. It took way to long for Valentine and Belle to actually communicate with each other.

I think the ending helped with really tie everything together. We got to see all of the loose ends come together, and Valentine realized that his and everyone else’s happiness was important.
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3.5 / 5

It was surprising in parts, writing quite fabulous mostly. But it's the plot I felt was too dramatic. Belle was a really impossible character to like ever and I think she took away some of my joys of reading this book. I enjoyed the ride quite well, but not easily.
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If I could use one word to describe Something Fabulous, it would be "FUNTASTIC". This book was such a treat, and reading it was so freaking fun in an absolutely ridiculous and far-fetched sort of way.

The characters are over the top, dramatic, totally bizarre, and absolutely adorable. It's the most insane combination, and I've never read a book quite like it. Alexis Hall's writing is just the best, and if you love all of his other books, you will find that this one is just as amazing.

The only thing that took me out of the story was Annabelle's character. I was just so unimpressed with her actions and how unreasonable she is. I totally get that she was supposed to be over-dramatic and that's sort of the whole point, but I really could not relate to her point of view at all and just found it really frustrating how everyone seemed to be against Valentine. I adored Valentine's grumpiness and was just sad that he was so misunderstood! Still, regardless of that, I loved Bonny and Valentine together and absolutely loved their adventure.

A great read for anyone looking for something quick, unique, and super fun. Would definitely recommend being in the right mindset because if you're looking for a semi-serious fluffy read, you might be a bit confused. Don't take it seriously, just sit back, give in to the story, and enjoy the ride!
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If you’ve breathed in my general direction, you may know that Alexis Hall is one of my favorite authors. An autobuy author. I’ve impulse reread boyfriend material a worrying number of times and made my way through his backlist this year. One thing his books have in common: they’ve all brought me immeasurable joy.

Something Fabulous is no different.

Something Fabulous is a regency romp following Valentine, a reserved duke who unwillingly proposes to Arabella Tarleton, so horrifically that she flees. in a bid to find her, Arabella’s twin brother, Bonny, gathers Valentine on a cross-country chase but as they bond, Valentine starts to question what he thought he knew about himself and about love.

This was a whole queer party! The campest, wildest, silliest, most outrageously fun book. at multiple points my brain went “am i having…a fever dream?” but complimentary as I was literally in tears from cackling. I joke that Hall is single handedly saving 2021 but am i joking though? This was sunshine in a book. A breath of fresh air. A much needed reprieve.

As always, Hall excels at creating characters you’ll fall in love with. With Valentine - naive & profoundly lonely. watching him challenge what he’d internalized about the world, about attraction, and as he came to understand his own relationship with attraction made my chest ache. With Bonny - wholesome, charming. believing so fiercely in love and yet never judging valentine. I would give my left lung for him. And Arabella - a drama queen with violent tendencies.

This book is delightfully Hall. The wit, banter, feelings, and clever literary references - his voices radiates through. I love recognising it and knowing that there will always be this voice to return to for comfort and joy. What a wonderful voice to know.

✼ thank you to netgalley and montlake for an arc of something fabulous in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was absurdly magical. There’s almost no other way to describe it. I would say it has a Princess Bride feel to it. Wonderfully magical, and definitely ridiculously fun. 

The author did not shy away from making the readers love and hate characters, and then later on, made them change their mind. Valentine had such a journey, he was completely in the dark about so many things. Bonny was an absolute ray of sunshine. He brightened every page he was on. 

“So beautiful that my throat clenches and my stomach flips when I as much as glance at you, and I wonder how the world turns when such wanting exists within it.”

Many of the side characters in this book were absolutely charming, and do hope we see HEAs for them.
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This book is absolutely amazing! I devoured this in a 4 hour flight and could not stop laughing throughout the entire book. I adored Valentine and Bonny's relationship. The entire book was an adventure taking us through the English countryside 

I cannot state enough how much I adored this book - I cannot wait for it to come out in January so I can get the physical copy for my shelves. 

Read this if you like:

- Historical Romance
-Witty Banter
-Chases across the English countryside
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This is a lovely, light-hearted and fun, more full-on silly at times, Regency m/m romance and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's an opposites attract kind of romance, where the MCs go on a wild chase and have the most ridiculous adventures and in the mean time fall in love. 

Valentine, the Duke of Malvern, has my whole heart. He spends most of the story in a state of profound confusion, physically uncomfortable and in deep emotional turmoil. It's not just that his life is completely overturned, his worldview is shaken to its core, his understanding of who he is and what he wants/can have in life is dramatically changed. And it's not an easy journey for him. I wanted to give him the biggest hug and tell him that everything will be all right, that happiness and love is very much in the cards for him. He is demisexual and I loved how that was represented in the story and found it very relatable on a personal level. His whole story touched me deeply.

And then we got Bonny who all light and bright colours and joy. The way he treated Valentine, the way he loved him, it was glorious and sexy and tender and so, so affirming. 

This is truly a warm hug of a book full of queer people in Regency times living fulfilling, happy lives, on their own or with a partner.

I tend to go for high drama, high conflict romance and this was exactly the opposite and it worked brilliantly for me. It's the perfect escape read for stressful times that made me very happy and contend.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Montlake for the advance review copy. All opinions are my own!

Alexis Hall has such a gift. SOMETHING FABULOUS sparkles with comedic timing, dry wit, and romping ridiculousness, yet within its depths is profound emotionality. Weaving in clever, Wildean satire, it was also an achingly tender, vulnerable personal journey for Valentine into deeper understanding of himself, and toward his ability to be seen and loved for who he really was.

Often when authors write historical romance, they shy away from facing head-on the deep privilege enjoyed by white men, the aristocracy, and those participating in heteronormativity, but not Alexis. He slipped in by turns hilarious and poignant commentary on those subjects, and absolutely made me cry with Valentine's grand gesture proposal at the end.

This was a touching delight to read, and I'm beyond thrilled that Alexis is writing historical romance. Also, let it be known when the duel turned into an impromptu pigeon murdering, I laughed so hard I cried.

I can't wait for the world to have this book! Thank you again to the publisher for the chance to early read it.
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This book is a joy. It’s witty, and cute, and feels contemporary (which is something I personally need in order to connect with a  regency book, but that’s something specific just to me:D). Um, yea, that’s it. Read the book.
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I positively cannot stop gushing about this book. It is the most delightful, most extra, gayest, campiest romp I've ever read and I need more like this from Alexis Hall immediately! I was sucked into Valentine & Bonny's relationship from the jump. I ate up the way they talked, argued, and loved. This is such a fun slow burn because it's not torturous...meaning, even when Valentine is denying and not coming to terms with his feelings for Bonny, it's so fun to watch him slowly get there. I really can't say enough about how much I loved this book!
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This book is fabulous! I was laughing out loud at the charm and whit on each page and fell in love with these characters! I'm not a big reader of historical romance, but being a fan of Alexis Hall made this book a no brainer! Reading this book just made me so happy and I couldn't put it down! Everything about this book came to life for me and will be one I reread for many years to come!
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Delightfully witty and charming, "Something Fabulous" is a fresh take on the well-loved Regency romance genre. Alexis Hall has quickly established himself as one of my favorite authors, and this novel does not disappoint. "Something Fabulous" takes the be reader (and the novel's characters) on a journey both geographical and emotional, with excellent results. Highly recommended. 

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a review.
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'Something Fabulous': 4⭐

(Unpaid Review: thank you to @netgalley, @alexishall and the publishers for allowing me to read this eArc copy in exchange for a review.)

I'll admit it. This one I loved way more than Boyfriend Material. You can see a HUGE improvement in writing style and the regency era IS. HER. THING! ALEXIS, THIS IS YOUR THING, GET IT WOMAN!

Loved the ridiculousness in this book, the different sexuality reps and the characters were just hilarious and so lovable! Absolutely recommend!
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Regency romance in the style of Alexis Hall: hilarious, over the top, hot, and ridiculously heartwarming. Grumpy/sunshine trope with great demisexual rep taking place in a kinder regency era world, on a road trip. It was such a fun time reading this and meeting all these lovably absurd characters. Really looking forward to their next adventure.
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I wanted to love this. I adored Boyfriend Material and am looking forward to the sequel. But, this one was sort of tedious. There were some cute parts, some funny parts, some sweet parts. I did enjoy Valentine's evolution. But, I found that I just didn't really care that much about the characters in general and was skimming parts of the story. 

Thank you to Montake and NetGalley for this digital ARC in return for an honest review.
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•••Thanks to NetGalley / Montlake for the ARC for a review•••

My emoji review: 🎩 😠 🖤 🦄 ☀️ 💙 🌼 ☔️ 🕷 😂 🐝 😘 📚 ❤️

My written review:

I read most of this on a cross-country flight yesterday and was smiling and laughing the whole time, and was completely engrossed. It’s a fabulous, ridiculous romp and I loved it so much.

It’s about a Duke and a Dandy who go on a curricle chase across the countryside of England, on a dramatic mission after a promised fiancé, and everyone they encounter along the way. Valentine can’t even put on his great coat without his valet, and Bonny wears 7 rings and a pearl dangling from his ear. Valentine is a delightfully naive “grump” and Bonny is a self-assured and passionate “sunshine”, and they make a compelling pair on their journey to self-discovery and love.

The twins Bonny & Arabella are both romantic dreamers immersed in novels, to the help or hindrance of living in the real world which leads to some super funny moments. This is so relatable, as I constantly have my nose in a book and my head in the clouds and feel like characters are my friends. A love of reading acts as a theme throughout, and is almost like its own character in the story. It’s incredibly charming.

Of course, this book has all the classic HALLISMS you have grown to love: wit, banter, bickering, chemistry, eyelashes, high comedy moments and wild scenarios, kissing, feelings, talking, clever literary references, a love of language and queer rep galore.

I’m so excited for his series of Queer Regency novels because it’s a sub-genre I didn’t realize I needed in my life. Having read (and watched) many classic Regency novels and adaptations, including all of Austen and Bridgerton, this takes the style and modernizes it without sacrificing any of the language, words and culture of the time. If you’re a fan of the Regency period and of queer romance, you will adore this book.

I was also thrilled to meet Peggy who is the MC of the next book in the duology. I immediately fell in love with them and can’t wait to read more.

NOTE: I have about 100 quotes highlighted but will keep them hidden for now for fear of spoilers. Just know they are all fabulous!
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I’m sure that there will be an endless amount of reviews that start off this way, and I’m sorry for also doing it, but not sorry…this book was something FABULOUS. What a joy! This really was a lighthearted and fun read but it still had that Alexis Hall magic to it. 
Something Fabulous has become one of those ‘break in case of emergency’ books that I will go back to when I’m down in the dumps, feeling grumpy and/or not at my best because it’s able to pull me out and just make me feel happy things.
Bonny is the most precious and perfect character that I have ever encountered. I cannot imagine anybody reading this NOT falling a little in love with him. He’s simply the best. Valentine is also wonderful in his own way and I’m so happy that these two characters now exist. Gah, they are just wonderful.
I really enjoyed the over the top DRAMA in this book, too. It is so much fun to read about characters who just love to bring all the drama. It really just makes everything so entertaining. As always, Alexis Hall knows how to create a group of characters that you can’t help but love. 
I will never shut up about how much I love this book and I hope everyone else who reads it feels the same way.
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Very funny with some passages with lovely prose, and a definite HEA at the end.  The narrative and tonal shifts are interesting.  It's an M/M Grumpy/Sunshine pairing.  I found Bonny (obviously the Sunshine character both in his physical description and his personality) to be a delightful, adorable character.  Valentine was more frustrating.  In some ways I almost preferred this world-weary, rather caustic tongue at the beginning to how thick he seemed while he was making mistake after mistake up until almost the very end.  But it was realistic, how Valentine had to figure himself out, and politically it was nice to see the demisexual representation.   

The POV is technically third-person limited, from Valentine's perspective, but in an unusual way because it feels like the POV becomes less tethered to Valentine as the story progresses.  It's interesting being in Valentine's thoughts during this shift because he's by far the character who changes and grows the most.  Also, the humor of the story runs parallel to the growth of Valentine's understanding of himself and others.  The humor at the beginning of the book is witty, but a little cynical and even cruel, making fun of Bonny and the other characters for being dramatic and seemingly too much.  Witty, cynical, seemingly sophisticated and above it all is how Valentine is too, at the start.  But then as Valentine changes , the humor also shifts, becoming less sharp, gentler, making fun of everyone (or perhaps especially Valentine?) more equally.  

Anyway, good book.  I don't think I liked it quite as much as Boyfriend Material (probably my favorite book of Alexis Hall's so far), but I enjoyed it and stayed up late to finish it in one sitting.
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“And suddenly, Valentine didn't care about rain or hunger or being tied to a chair. All he wanted was Bonny to smile. To smile forever. To smile for him.”

Thanks to NetGalley and the Publisher for the eARC in exchange of an honest review.

How can I even start saying how much I loved this? Everything was so beautiful, wholesome, hilarious, marvelous, ridiculous (in a good way). Maybe it was just something… fabulous.

•• What’s this about? ••

After the most pathetic marriage proposal, Valentine Malvern has to chase his new fiancée in a road trip with Arabella’s twin brother, Bonaventure Tarleton (Bonny).

This causes many problems to Valentine, because he has to deal with the most overdramatic, unreasonable and romance-lovers twins. 

During this chaotic trip, Valentine will know more about real life and how he is so wrong about what he thought he had to do in his life. And who knows, maybe he gets more interested in the Tarleton he is not pursuing.

•• What do I think about it? ••

I have so much to say about how beautiful this is, but it is so difficult to put it in words. 
I started reading with so many expectations. And the story, the characters, the scenes… everything really exceeded them.

The story… well it was completely absurd, ridiculous and hilarious. But in the most amazing way. Every crazy thing Bonny said, every ridiculous story he invented, every cute moment between Bonny and Valentine, every moment when Valentine got into troubles because of Arabella. 
E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Was just perfect. I really loved every scene and every quote. I literally have more than 100 quotes highlighted. 

The characters… Oh God, these characters made the whole story even perfect.

Starting with Valentine. In the few days he spent with Bonny, we could see two Valentines. The Before-Bonny and the After-Bonny. And I loved both. 
The first was THE DUKE, the man who had to be perfect, the one who knew anything about the real world where women loved other women, men loved other men and some women enjoyed being men.
The second was a man who was able to laugh, make friends, love and do anything in order to be truly happy. I just loved how Valentine grew during the story.

Then my fav one… Bonaventure Tarleton (I really love his name). Bonny was so… agh, there are so many adjectives to describe him. I think the one that suits the most is, a dreamer. Bonny was a dreamer, always seeing the bright side of life. Always taking care of his sister. Never caring about what others could say about what he wanted for his life. Every scene where Bonny was, I was laughing, crying and loving him, all at the same time. He was so clever, always teasing Valentine.

What else…? Since the book isn’t out yet, I’m just going to say that you are gonna love the beautiful relationship between Valentine and Bonny. It’s not just love, it’s a really beautiful friendship. And a lot of love obviously.

And the most important, do I recommend it? Of course, I would re-read it a billion times. It’s one of those stories where everything is so perfect that you feel safe with it. You don’t want it to end. Every scene is going to make you laugh. And you are going to love all the characters, from Bonny and Valentine to Belle and Peggy.

After reading "Boyfriend Material" I knew that everything Alexis would write It’d be perfect. And I was right. This one goes straight to my top of the year, and to the top of those that I would read and read and read again.

Ps. When you read it, I know you are going to love the final scene. It was FABULOUS.
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