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Very impressive debut for Mandy McHugh. I couldn't put this book down. I love reading about the darker side of social media and the control it has over some people. And I love when the ending is completely different than what I was expecting. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for more from this author.
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This book could be an easy reality in this day and age, it’s about a young internet star who goes missing. It’s told across multiple points of view and has some interesting themes woven in including history with the detective and the stars mum! I love a bit of drama and this gave me all the dark twisted drama I needed along with a bit of a crazy mother which we all love to read about. Enjoyed this one more than I thought I might!
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This book was great! an excellent mystery novel as we try to uncover the mystery of Chloe Cates. Very modern and relevant. good book.
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My Rating: 4.5 stars

Warning: Some graphic moments when it comes to murders, and mentioning of affairs. 

"Do you know what it's like to hope that your daughter has had an accident? That something awful has happened to her, but it's fixable awful? Just so you can have an explanation that makes sense? So your child comes home?"

14 clicks is what kept Jennifer Scarborough from getting a $1000 bonus from her blog. This is a number she focuses on and keeps looking back on throughout the book. The blog is about her and her daughter Chloe Cates (a personality of sorts that Jennifer made for her daughter whose real name is Abigail), and their life. The problem though is that most of the stuff on the blog is fake, or stretching the truth. It's to the point now where Chloe (Abigail) no longer wants to do the blog and doesn't want to take photos for brand deals, all she wants is to be a normal teenager and be able to have friends and a boyfriend. On the morning of a brand blog post and photo shoot, Chloe is missing when Jennifer goes to wake her up in the morning. With her not anywhere in the house and her window open, Jennifer and her husband assume the worst has happened to her. They call the police and that is where things get even more interesting with this family. Once they are working with the police, one of the detectives is someone that Jennifer knew as a child (this makes it all complicated and messy). 

"Clicks. Likes. Shares. People all over the country are searching for Chloe and tagging our accounts."

Everyone in the Scarborough family has been keeping secrets. Jennifer keeps secrets from her husband about the families financial situation and something that happened when she was a teenager, the husband keeps secrets about how he feels about all of this, the brother keeps secrets and helps Abagail have a little bit of normalcy, and lastly, Abagail has secrets as well. All of these secrets make for a lot of revelations to happen while they are talking to the police, and for all of us to see the realities of what it's like to be a child of a blogger who is the star of the show that her mom is directing. 

Overall I couldn't read this fast enough and I loved it. So many twists and turns and almost everyone is a suspect at some point or another with how this all went down. You see this isn't just a case of one missing girl, but by the middle of the book, two missing girls both have similar features and both kept secrets from their parents. These secrets end up leaving one of them dead, and one of them missing until at the last minute the detectives find her. My top suspects throughout the vast majority of this book was of course the mother, but also the brother, and then eventually even the dad. This family though, just wow. And the nerve of Jennifer to go about posting on social media while her daughter is missing and acting how she did about certain things. Just wow (truly left me speechless). So much lying and manipulation was happening, and all for just a few more blog clicks. It's just too much, but I do think it shows the toxicity that can happen in the blogging and vlogging world, especially when children are involved. 

The ending of this book though... I wasn't expecting those last few pages, with how everything else had been going. Still liked it, but wow that took a dark turn at the end and really shows how much two of the characters were alike after all. 

"I never had about being online. She told me I was special, but all I've ever wanted was to be normal. She wouldn't let that happen. She wanted me to be more. All of this is her fault."

I cannot wait to read more by Mchugh in the future!
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Chloe Cate is Missing is the author’s first novel, but it doesn’t seem like it. It’s a very intense crime novel based off the disappearance of Chloe Cate. I highly recommend for crime thriller  fans!
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This book was very interesting and fast-paced, the author held my attention and the plot was very appealing. I would recommend this book to friends.
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Wow is this the embodiment of what putting your life on the internet could really become. It was an interesting ride trying to figure out what happened to a youtube, internet celebrity. 
The book read quickly, like a YA mystery and the multiple format types, which the addition of the diary, was a fun way to bring more depth to the story, I made it fee like a popular podcast. 
While there were some less believable parts, it made sense to add a conversation line or twist in the story. So those could be forgiven. 
All in all, good for those who liked A Good Girls Guide to Murder

Thank you #netgalley for the copy to review.
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3.5 star - rounded up to a 4 

This novel was something that I knew I would absolutely devour or hate because of the premise of a 13-year-old social media star and her momager (*eye rolls*). This book is something that I was able to quickly get through and also question why I kept reading through all the annoying moment with how the police handled the case, and the treatment of this young girl. This book is one of those thrillers where you just get mad at the characters throughout the book, especially the adults. 

I recommend for people who want something quick to read and have a need to get their feathers ruffled by annoying people in society.
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Chloe Cates is Missing by Mandy McHugh is a crime novel surrounding the disappearance of teenage influencer Chloe Cates. 

What unfolds is a look into how internet fame affects communities, families and also the influencer. With so many lies and cover ups, what is the truth?

I really enjoyed this book as it wasn't the normal he said she said between partners that is so common with psychological thrillers.

This ARC was provided to me via Kindle by the publisher and #NetGalley for my honest opinion. Opinions expressed are completely my own
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Found this a bit slow to start and also trying to understand how Abby Scarborough is the internet sensation, Chloe Cates - aka CC Spectaular.

Found it to be quite disturbing that her Mum is the one pushing her child in this way, and thought all of the way through what a dysfunctional family and was saddened by this, especially knowing there are probably some families like this.
Twists and turns through out the book as to a murder of a young girl who is thought to be Chloe and the hunt for Chloe.
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Honestly, this one was not really my favourite. it started off well, but at some point, it really got slow and dull and I struggled through it for a while until I just gave up and started flipping through pages to know what happened.
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I was very disappointed with this book. I read an advance copy from Net Galley and it was riddled with errors. Words with the first couple of letters cut off, random titles appearing in the middle of pages, grammatical errors, etc. I know these Net Galley books aren’t “shelf-ready”, but I’ve never experienced a book in such sloppy condition. That said, I didn’t base my review on any of that. I gave this one star because I rolled my eyes through the entire thing. Jennifer was perhaps the worst character I’ve ever read about in any book. This could have worked in the story’s favor, but it was so over-the-top I didn’t even care about where her daughter was by the end. I also hated that there was no consistency with how Jennifer referred to her daughter. She just randomly switched between calling her Abby and Chloe, which didn’t make sense. If she truly viewed her as “Chloe”, why keep calling her Abby every now and again? The Jennifer/Emmelina backstory was also very unbelievable. They were the last two people with Nicole, but they were never seriously looked into? Was the water tower in use? Jennifer also referenced having been arrested before and having a record, but we never learned more about that. Unless that was in reference to Nicole? If so, when/why was she arrested and fingerprinted? How could they just leave that out? Another thing that bugged the crap out of me was how the chapter with Missy’s mom ended. It ended with Emmelina saying that the mother told them “the story of the autograph”. What was the story of the autograph?!? They literally NEVER MENTIONED IT AGAIN. Ugh. Such sloppy writing. Wish I hadn’t wasted my time.
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Chloe Cates is Missing is the debut novel by Mandy McHugh. This standalone thriller is about a young internet star who has gone missing from home. Chloe Cates is 13 years old and has spent her entire life in front of a camera and managed by her mother Jen and if you, like me, love unlikeable characters, batsh*t crazy mothers and dark secrets then you, like me, will be unable to put this book down.

Shining a very bright and unpleasant spotlight on the perils of social media, this story looks at how far people will go for a “like” or retweet. Jen has turned her daughter into a very profitable business and nothing is out of bounds and no line can be crossed when it comes to posting online about her family. She is relentless, driven and slightly unhinged, having experienced bullying herself as a child. Desperate to be liked, Jen sees social media and Chloe as the only way to be accepted even if it means exploiting her children and family.

When Chloe goes missing one morning Detective Emilina Stone who runs the Missing Persons unit takes over the case, however Emilina and Jen have some history together and it’s not good history!

The story is told through multiple points of view including both Chloe’s parents plus transcripts from Chloe’s journal so the reader slowly discovers the shocking truth behind this “perfect family” and the lengths they go to to portray their public personas.

I literally couldn’t put this down and enjoyed every page of this gripping thriller. Jen is possibly one of the worst mother characters I’ve read recently and she made my blood boil.

I have absolutely NO hesitation in recommending this book for thriller fans.

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I was really excited for this one, loved the cover and idea of social media mystery. For me this didn't quite live up to the expectations I had. I couldn't connect with the mother and constantly felt frustrated. I enjoyed parts of the story but felt the ending was a little far fetched, but it is fiction after all. I think this would make a great netflix mockumentary style of show. Overall, entertaining, but not my favourite read of the year.
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Chloe’s mom needs therapy urgently. I found very unpleasant her behavior towards the child.  A kid that only wants to be a kid, that desperately resents her mom for the way everything has turned out. This book just left me feeling bad for Chloe.
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This is a captivating and intriguing story about a thirteen-year-old social media superstar who turns up missing. Abby Scarborough, known online as Chloe Cates, is the star of the viral vlog "CC Spectacular". She's managed by "momager" Jennifer who likes everything to be filled with sparkles and magic. When her parents discover she is missing, they contact the police and Detective Emilina Stone is brought in to investigate. There's quite a history between Emilina and Jennifer and everyone involved with the case has secrets they are trying very hard to keep hidden. I truly loved this book it was fascinating to see the dangers of social media obsession.
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A very exciting novel, that takes you on a thrilling ride with plenty of twists and turns throughout. I loved it!
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This was one of the best books of this genre i have read in a long time. I found it really fast paced and easy to follow. I really enjoyed some of the twists and turns and found myself struggling to put the book down. It really makes you think about social media and how we use it.
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What happens is a social media starlet goes missing? A stressful 24hrs, I can tell you! Chloe Cates Is Missing promises everything from past crimes to present crimes, glitz and glam as well as blood, and a major serving of tension. I'm glad to say McHugh delivers on almost all of those promises in this tightly-paced thriller. Thanks to Penzler Publishers and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Black Mirror has an episode called 'Nosedive' in which social media leads to a woman's breakdown. It is no secret that social media and the constant attention it requires is having a very negative impact on people in general, not just teens. The need to perform, to be perfect, to be someone you're not, has consequences and it is a perfect cesspit for psychological thrillers to dive into. The danger is that it feels a little too cliché, a little too on the nose. It requires some deftness to really handle it properly, and Chloe Cates Is Missing tries to do so. While I don't think the novel is quite as smooth as it could be, McHugh makes it very clear where she stands on the 'should you put your entire child's life online'-debate. (I'm with her on the 'Please no!' side btw!) It's another great example of how thrillers and suspense novels are a great way to think about social issues. The genre is capable of holding up a mirror to society in the way many others cannot and reveal its flaws.

Chloe Cates is missing. But Chloe Cates doesn't exist. She is the online persona of Abby Scarborough, a 13-year old girl who is the star of her mother's blog and has fans across America. But now that she has disappeared, cracks are appearing in the picture-perfect fairy tale her mother has tried to spin online. The tighter she tries to hold onto the reins, the more her control slips. It doesn't help that she shares a difficult history with the main detective in the case. Chloe Cates Is Missing is full of twists and turns, reveals, and flashbacks, to the point that I found it a little impossible to accept that the novel takes place in a single day. The madness (positive!) of the plot is grounded by the characterization of one character in particular, namely detective Emilina Stone. Far from perfect, she has a good heart and is constantly looking for ways to atone and be better. She is determined, but also empathetic.  Around her swirl a set of characters that are a little too thinly drawn. Abby is very "young" and precocious, her mother Jennifer is very shrewd and cool, her father Jackson is bumbling yet also hot. 

This is Mandy McHugh's first novel and I see a whole lot of potential here! There are some lovely twists and the characterisation of Emilina is great. You get a real sense of who she is, her fears, her strength but also her weaknesses. I'd love to see her return in future books by McHugh, because I'm kind of invested now. While Chloe Cates has its strengths, not everything works evenly well. Like I said above, it's a bit too much plot for a 24-hour timeline. We also get some chapters which are taken from Abby's journal and while it adds an extra layer, the teen-voice of those passages doesn't jell well with the darker tone of the rest of the novel. While it is intended to add, it kind of undercuts the tension with its Addison Rae references and repeated OMGs. 

Chloe Cates is Missing is an entertaining rollercoaster of a thriller. While not all elements work equally well, I'll definitely keep an eye out for more of Mandy McHugh.
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Chloe Cates is missing. The 13-year-old star of the hit YouTube series, “CC and Me,” has disappeared, and nobody knows where she’s gone — least of all ruthless momager Jennifer Scarborough, who has spent much of her daughter’s young life crafting a child celebrity persona that is finally beginning to pay off.
Now that Chloe is missing, Jennifer needs her daughter back and takes to social media to help find her daughter. But people are suspicious, and deep secrets come to light. The detective, Emilina, that is working on the case has a connection to Jens dysfunctional past, and must piece together what happened in order to locate Chloe.

It is a fantastically dark and twisted plot told from multiple points of view. I was onsumed with this book. It shocked me, made me angry but I could not put it down. I stayed up late to finish this addictive book because I needed to know the playout. 

Such an engaging thriller!

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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