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This was the 4th book in the series and it didn't disappoint.  For those who love romance stories, don't miss this one.
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Blush was a nice and quick read.
I've easily followed the storyline even if this is the third book in this series of connected standalone stories.

Peyton and Jack were high school sweetheart, they had a nasty brokeup when all of a sudden Jack decided to leave everything behind and he went to live far. Now some years later Jack and Peyton are back at the same place, they both work at the Crescent Lake Winery, but they are not the same persons they were. Will they overcome their hurt and their pride in order to give their love another chance?

Peyton and Jack are two darlings, I rooted for them since the start.
I liked how they rekindled their relationship slowly, paying the right attention to the kid easy attachment to the man.

There is a triggering episode where it's told a r*pe, but it's written with the right sensitivity and delicacy.
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This book took me by surprise. I expected it to be a quick, fun read with the usual dose of what you  expect from a small town second chance romance but what I didn't expect was to end up liking it so much. This can be read as a standalone but it actually is the third book in the Crescent Lake Winery series featuring Jack Price, one of the Price siblings, and Peyton Brien. I will be checking out the previous titles in the series now... looks promising!

I received an e-Arc of the book from the publishers Author Collective 20/MC Two Press and the author Lucinda Race via NetGalley.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫
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Lucinda Race writes romance novels full of strong characters, especially strong women and has many published books 6 of which appear in the Crescent Lake Winery Series. “Blush” was the third book of the series, however I could enjoy this one without reading the first 2 books since in each book a different couple’s story is told.
I think that telling different love stories in the same town and setting is a wonderful idea, which is very well executed by Lucinda Race! This way, baby romance readers like me can buy and start the book without being intimidated and romance fans can have the same taste they had in the first book by reading the other ones in the series. 
It tells the story of Peyton, single mother to Owen (7years old) and survivor of a traumatic event in the past. She works as a salesperson for Crescent Lake Winery which is owned by the Price family. She and Jack Price were high-school sweethearts but had to part ways when Jack suddenly left the town for work without really telling Peyton, breaking her heart. 
In the meantime Peyton had to overcome many things and became a strong and very hardworking single mother. After many years, Jack is back and Peyton now has to work with him in the winery. They both feel the sparkles and butterflies of the former emotions but will Peyton be able to forgive Jack and welcome him to her life and family (now consisting of Owen) once again? Even if Jack’s regretful, someone from his past still threatens to hurt Peyton’s feelings.
I found this one to be a believable novel with very likable characters. Reflections of Peyton and Jack’s breakup and also those of Peyton’s past trauma had an important effect on the current events which made the story even more realistic. I didn’t find this one hard to read at all.
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Thank you NetGalley, Lucinda Race and Author Collective 20 for the book Blush. This is my personal review.
The Crescent Lake Winery Series is a wonderful series. 
Payton Brien and Jack Price  have known each other for years. They are totally meant to be together, but life has given them both stumbling blocks to happiness.
The story and characters and location are written so perfectly that I could feel every emotion, see every location, and the feel the  love each person in the book had for each other.
This is a once loved then lost and the road back to each other. 
I am excited to read the next book in this series and be lost for hours as I spend time with them all.
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Peyton Brien has survived an event that has marked her but has given her a son. She is comfortable in her life, running the tasting room at Crescent Lake Winery. Yet, her contact with Jack Price, is the only part that is a challenge, Her past relationship with him, threatens to hurt her again, yet Jack seems ready to start again. He finds himself regretting walking away from Peyton. Yet before they can start their relationship afresh, it seems that Jack’s past may threaten any chance they have.
This was a rewarding romance with two very likeable characters. Peyton struggles to believe that her relationship with Jack can stand a chance, so I like that Jack was so determined. Jack’s brother and sister-in-law were a great couple to throw into the story, and even though I hadn’t read any previous books, their story did intrigue me. Overall, an enjoyable and believable romance.
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Love this series and author. If you haven't read this book yet I highly recommend doing so. Read in order
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This was the perfect romantic read to finally let go of summer and gradually fall into the colder weathers so I’m glad I ended with this. I laughed and I cried and I wanted nothing more then the lovebirds to get their happy ending. I really really loved this!
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