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The Orphan Witch by Paige Crutcher was a magical audiobook! I love a riddle and this book has several. Persephone May is an orphan who has never quite belonged. She’s been this close to forever families but none of them stick. Too much eye contact has lead to horrible things for those around her. Is she cursed or something more. When her life implodes a chance email from an almost friend leads her to a mystical almost magical place. Will she find out who she is or carve out a life here? Read on to find out! 

This book was sweeping and played on a generations long curse. I loved seeing this world brought to life! This book blends fantasy and magic together beautifully!
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The Orphan Witch: A Novel by Paige Crutcher
Narrated by Saskia Maarleveld
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Publication Date: September 28, 2021

The Orphan Witch: A Novel by Paige Crutcher was amazing!!!! I was captivated from the start and did not want the story to end!

This beautifully woven tale features Persephone May (I love her name!!!), who grew up in foster care and anyone who got close to her got hurt. She was alone and afraid to let anyone in because she didn't want to risk hurting someone else. She has been wandering her whole life, running away when strange things happen and it's time to run again...

This book was fascinating and intriguing. The characters are well developed and complex! The storyline is amazing and dramatic and captivating and everything I could have hoped for!

The narration by Saskia Maarleveld was masterful! She has a way with words and tone that was breathtaking!

This is a must read book! You will not regret it!!!

I can't wait to see what comes next from the author! I will definitely be reading her books in the future.

I'm so grateful to Paige Crutcher, Macmillan Audio, and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this ARC audiobook in exchange for my honest review.
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Unexplained things are always happening when Persephone is around. A loner, abandoned as an infant,  she has grown up in foster care and has the hardest time making friends and getting close to people. While struggling to get her adult life together, she receives an invite to visit an acquaintance on an island. Something inside of her tells her she must go. Upon arrival she feels as if she know the place. From there Persephone discovers her heritage and connections are made. 
This is an entertaining and original story. It was a bit slow in some parts and I had to push through, but overall, I’d recommend. 
*thanks to NetGalley for the ARC
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The audio for this book was fine. The book itself was a mess. The instalove was insanely unbelievable and very annoying. The characters all being written in sets of two sisters was weird and the fact that none of the sets of witch sisters ever mentions how weird it is that all the witches have exactly 1 sister is super weird. It felt like the characters were all dumb and easily led around by their noses (or genitals) and nobody used their brains at all.
Ultimately I became too frustrated with the bland story and nonsensical characters to continue reading. At the 60% mark I skipped to the end to see what happened and even then couldnt make myself care enough to pay attention
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I started this audio book and was immediately hooked. The plot was fascinating. I loved the orphan backstory and the idea she had to avoid eye contact. However, the further it got into the story the more lost I got. I really wanted to like it but it ended up falling flat. I still encourage others to check it out. Thank you to MacMillan audio for the audio book. The narrator was great!
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I was really intrigued by title and cover of this book and once I got started I enjoyed the present day storyline. The narrator did a good job but I think found myself getting a little confused by the characters and think this one would have benefited from a cast of narrators.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Five stars.

Persephone May had a lot of strikes against her. Abandoned at just 6 weeks old. A slew of foster homes, and more unexplained accidents she cared for. No family. No friends. She's a loner. But despite all the things life throws at her, she kept her heart kind and open.

I loved the story, and the storytelling. Words are a magic in itself, and the author Paige Crutcher used them beautifully. Also I should mention the fantastic narration by Saskia Maarleveld.

This is a story about family, sacrifices and magic. I really enjoyed it.
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I did not, not enjoy the book, but I missed a little something throughout the whole story. It is fast paced but I couldn't help to be bored here and there.
I did like the characters. They were fun and I enjoyed the growth each of them showed from the beginning to the end. 
The curse itself, I thought not dramatic enough. But that is just my own opinion. When I read about curses, I like them to more substantial.
The book was an enjoyable read, but I won't be reading it a second time.
I did enjoy the narrator of the audiobook.
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Abandoned at a young age and dragged through the foster care system, Persephone May as only ever desired a place to call home. After a transformative moment in her work place, Persephone abandons her life to join a friend on the mysterious island of Wile Isle. There, Persephone is met with four women who call themselves her family, an ancient feud, and a dark curse that threatens them all. The Orphan Witch is a magical novel that examines the role of family and love in an individual's life, and whether or not they're enough to bestow a true sense of freedom. 

I highly recommend the audiobook version.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for the early listen. Narrator did a good job telling Persephone May's story. What a magical, heartbreaking and endearing read. The author and the narrator hooked me from the beginning. 
A strong 4 stars.
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Witches? Check! Mystical library? Check! Hunky librarian to spar and spark with the leading lady? Check! A fight for the world in a good vs evil situation? Check! Check! Check! A wonderfully woven paranormal suspense/mystery/romance all wrapped around intriguing characters that draw you and keep you listening for hours! The narrator does an outstanding job of bringing the characters to life and adding an air of reality to this paranormal story. The plot is well developed and I must say that I will be seeking out other books by this author as their writing really drew me in and captured my attention!
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Paige Crutcher's novel, The Orphan Witch, is time travel, romance, sorcery, and so many other good things rolled into one fantasy novel. Interesting characters and beautifully written text make this book difficult to put down.  If you are a fan of Alice Hoffman and/or Deborah Harkness, then you must check this one out.
When I originally enjoyed this book, it was in the ebook version and I gave it a  solid 4 stars.  I was given the opportunity to listen to an audiobook version and the narrator did a beautiful job.  In this format, I can't help but bump my review to a 5 stars.  While the story is the same, it becomes more of an all encompassing  experience. My mind sometimes wanders with audiobook presentations, but that was not the case with this one. Take a chance and enjoy the audiobook!
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The Orphan Witch by Paige Crutcher
Narrated by Saskatoon Maarleveld
Genre - Fantasy
Book Rating - 4 out of 5 stars
Narration Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

This audiobook was a great way to start my October reading pile off with. It had a little bit of everything witchy. A little romance and a lot of plot twists.

This book is about a witch named Persephone who was abandoned at birth never knowing she was a witch. Strange things start to happen to her and all of a sudden she has found long lost relatives who also are witch’s. They must unite to save the Wile Isle from an 100 curse that can only be broken at a certain time. 

At first I thought this book was going to be a lot like the series Charmed (the original not the reboot) because they kept talking about the power of three breaking the curse. Well it turns out she has even more family and it takes all of them to break the curse and I was pleasantly surprised that it was nothing like Charmed.

The only reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 was because of all the plot twits. I have to admit that towards the end characters were coming out of the woodwork and even now as I write this I have no idea who they were related to and how they fit in the story.
The narrator was great! She kept everything going smoothly and made the characters come alive in your ears. Although I would have rather had an actual copy of the book because I think I would have been able to keep track of the characters better.
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Persephone May is an orphan who grew up in the foster care system and has always yearned for family but is destined to be alone due to her strange powers. That may be about to change when she is drawn to an island where her family may be from.

I have mixed feelings about this book. In general, it is pretty well-written but there are some very strange quirks. That gorgeous cover grabbed me and the first couple of chapters really drew me in. It honestly has some really pretty prose as well. I mainly have two problems with it. 

1. There is no delineation of time. I'm not sure if this story takes place in a day, a month, or a decade. No one sleeps, has a meal, or anything else that would suggest time passing. I could be exaggerating just a bit, but I honestly don't remember any of this happening. It's just nonstop drama. I found my mind wandering a lot for want of some release.

2. Not once in the whole book does anyone tell a single joke, laugh, smile, etc. I need a little humor to break up all that drama as well. I felt like I was living for 352 pages with a dramatic teenager. I just didn't end. It was all high-tension, high-drama, dense seriousness the whole way through.

This strikes me as a good draft. It needs some levity to offset the tension and drama, as well as some way to mark how much time is passing.

Thank you NetGalley for this advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Persephone May is a witch, though she isn’t quite sure what that means yet. That is, until she continues to get persistent messages from her friend Hyacinth to come visit her island, and accepts. After years of causing harm to others, and not knowing why, or how to stop it, Persephone wants a break, and answers.

As she arrives on Wile Isle, things start to make a lot more sense. She beings to learn how to create and control magic, finds friendship where it’s unexpected, and enemies that may or may not actually be enemies.

While working to discover who she really is, and who her family really was, she finds happiness in the most unlikely place. A place that doesn’t usually grant solace. A place, that does grant her answers, and gave her family a name.

With this new found knowledge, Persephone sets about to undo a curse, one that has kept her family apart for 100 years. One, that if undone, may mean sacrificing those that she loves, those who first called her “family”. Decisions need to be made, and fast, before the curse becomes Persephone’s undoing.
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Persephone has lived a life in foster care bounced from foster and group homes until leaving the system. She is beset with a dangerous power that has her keeping everyone at arms length to ensure their safety. 

After an invitation from a friend arrives at a fortuitous time she finds herself on a island and surrounded by family she never knew existed. 

She also learns of a family curse and tries to find a way to break it. 

The story’s end left me a bit unsatisfied but Persephone seems  happy with how it all went. 

One slight annoyance with the recording. The narration of action and inner thoughts was quite a bit softer than the narration of speech. I kept having to adjust my volume to hear properly or avoid being blasted.
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The narrator is great.  I loved her use of accents.  But the story did not engage me at all on audio. I really want it to, so I am going to try the paper version.  Thank you for letting me try!
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Bad things happen when Persephone May is around other people so she is constantly on the move and never makes real connections with anyone, not even eye contact. After a very public display, she leaves again and heads to Wile Isle to stay with her only friend. She finds family secrets and magic waiting for her there. 

I wanted to love this one but I feel like nothing was really flushed out enough for my liking, not Persephone, not the mystery/history, not the romance and not the side characters. There were multiple POVs but I couldn’t really tell the characters apart so I was confused a lot. I didn’t really get invested in any aspect of the story so I can’t say I would recommend it. But if you don’t like all the nitty gritty details then it might work for you 🤷🏽‍♀️ I listened to the audiobook and I can say the narrator did a great job.
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More than a witchy story, this is part mystery and part coming of age novel. The narration was fantastic.
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What’s super cool about The Orphan Witch is how it really feels like I’m reading about a day in the life of a modern witch. Calling on the directions, crystal magic, creating protection circles, etc.

Overall, the themes of the book are about feeling alone and finally finding family.

What I enjoyed:

- The different kinds of magic each sister was skilled in 

- Reading about the different kinds of teas the women drank

- The library of lost things

What tripped me up:

- The pacing was a little slow at times.

- I was listening to the audiobook, so this may be present in a print copy… but a family tree would be great. I usually make one when listening to audiobooks… I definitely would have benefited from making one.

I would have loved to have more backstory on the characters. Much of it was in the present day but their histories are so complicated. Especially Dorian and the sisters from the past.

The second half of the book was definitely more action-packed than the first half. I did find myself getting overwhelmed and confused by the different characters and their connections to each other. If this is you too, I highly recommend making a list of characters to help you keep track.

Overall, an enjoyable, witchy read. Lots of characters that I wish I knew more about. A take on witchcraft that felt very current. Narration was solid, accents well done.

Thank you, Netgalley and Macmillan Audio, for the opportunity to read and review The Orphan Witch.
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