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This Is Your Destiny

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This Is Your Destiny is an incredibly creative approach to manifesting and astrology. 

I would never have thought of these two interests meeting each other in a crossroads, it was so neat! I thought this was a unique approach that I felt was fun and valuable.

Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is Your Destiny by Aliza Kelly is a fascinating look at astrology and manifestation and how they can affect your life. I felt that the book focused more on the manifestations, and while I would have preferred that it was more on the astrology I still found the information useful and I walked away with several of the rituals that Kelly describes. 

The book follows Kelly as she finds her place with astrology after a series of dead-end jobs. Finding this has been a huge shift in her life.  She discusses clients’ very relatable astrological issues and offers insight and manifestation solutions to those in similar situations. 

In many ways, I think if you dropped the astrology portions it would reach much like any other self-help book. I mean that in the nicest way because astrology can scare people sometimes, but I think there is a lot for someone who is not necessarily into the astrology portions. 

I was thankful to read the book and I took many of Kelly’s exercises away with me to use in the future. It’s a great read for anyone a little lost.
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As an avid astrology student and Manifestation coach I really wanted to love this audiobook, and was really looking forward to two of my favourite topics fused together,  but i just couldn't finish listening to it. I got to chapter two and found that its just a lot of filler and stories and antidotes, many of which i didn't find relevant.  Also, the intro with all the covid talk also put me off and i found greatly unnecessary.  

I had really high hopes for this book. One thing i realize this isn't the type of book you want to listen to. It would be better to have a physical copy so i could just skip over these parts and get to the meat of the subject.  My time is too valuable to be wasted listening to the author talk, for what seemed like for the sake of talking. 

Maybe if i had a physical copy instead, i'd feel differently. But with that said, maybe consider a different version for audio that makes it a bit friendlier to listen to.  In my experience reference type books are better in paper so you can find what you need quickly.  I can't imagine trying to find something i needed to reference in an audio version.

Thank you to  Macmillan Audio and Netgalley for the ALC
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I liked this book more than I was expecting. I found it interesting and informative, yet entertaining. The only negative aspect is that I got the audiobook and I would have liked the book better. I will definitely be coming back to this book when I'm studying my chart.
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