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An unusual book to read about two characters who have a lot in common. There was a lot of description about the areas they visited which l enjoyed. It was nice that the book had a happy ending. I do recommend that you read this book.
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I hate giving a negative review. I really, really do. I take it personally when such a talented author takes a wonderful premise and plot and dumps into an alternate reality.
This book had it all!!! The heroine had turned her deceased mother's hobby of flower arranging into a plant nursery because her mother liked having a variety of flowers. The heroine's father, before he passed and left her his debt, secretly mortgaged her nursery to a money lender. She has 3 months to come up with the money and the only way is to find a rare flower. The hero, is an adventurer, and the son of the money lender. He makes his money finding animals for zoos and collections that would otherwise be put down or slaughtered because they have limiting injuries. The animals he brings back would not have survived in the wild, so he feels that they should be used for educational studies and then received pampered lives.  The couple meet and they are both drawn to each other. The heroine has a chance to look for rare flowers, something she has always wished to do. The hero is there to help her. Then the story turns into the alternate reality. The heroine makes one dumb, illogical decision after another. And we are only a third through the book. I ploughed through, and it was just the same. Beautiful, descriptive writing of the settings and surroundings of colonial Australia, with a wonderful premise for a great book and then a heroine that is stubborn and selfish to a fault. She drags two elderly servants with her, and instead of letting the hero plan the trip, which he has vast knowledge of doing, she meets a stranger and her husband and go off with them. That is so unsafe, stupid and illogical!! So as we read more, she wanders off into the wilderness, at dusk and is surprised to find herself lost in a mountain. And the hero has to find her again. For a heroine so full of being a smart woman who can depend on herself, she keeps making the wrong decisions. She get kidnapped and the heroine has to save her, and she was almost kidnapped twice already. And as many times as she pushes the hero away, he should get a clue and find another woman who actually wants him for him and not want him to change to her desires. She gets the hero into even more dangerous situations, where he almost dies and the only thing that kept him alive was her promise to marry him?  I wish this was better. I have to give it 2 stars and a severe warning that this is not romance, and read at your own risk.
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Lilwen Jones is taking care of her late father's nursery but dreams to be a plant collector and enjoy freedom by traveling to different places. Unfortunately, she has to pay her father's debts to be able to do what she wants. The money lender's son, Sawyer Thane is a hunter that hunts animal to be put in a zoo. Their first encounter is very funny and thrilling. Soon, Lilwen and Sawyer travel to Tamasnia to search for white waratah and Tamasnian tiger.

I like Lilwen's personality. She's outgoing and a feminist, even though it's a bit irritating when she rejects some of Sawyer's advances. It is still tolerable since she doesn't want to feel trapped by marriage. It would be great to know more about the relationship between Lilwen and her father. That way, we could understand why Lilwen dislike him so much. Nevertheless, Lilwen and Sawyer are very cute together.

Overall, I enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
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